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  1. Use the logging option on the meter. Then connect to your PC/Laptop and download the logs using the SMART software. Let me know if you need me details.
  2. Is your neighbour closer or further away from Moombil? Are they in alignment with with Moombil and your place? Do you have a Masthead Amp? If so, do you have any details about the AMP? Is the antenna UHF only or was it also used for VHF analogue? This will give you an idea what LED lights can do. I'm guessing you're in the lower area on the western side of Orara way - Coldwater Creek / Nana Creek Road. Can you message me your address (or approximate address)?
  3. How strong is your signal? Where are you located in Nana Glen? 7:45-8:45pm, I'd put my money you have a marginal/weak signal and getting interference from some crappy led light.
  4. It was the first part I wasn't able to find - thanks for the link.
  5. MLXXX - I can't find the post you're referring to, can you post the which discussion it was in so I can have a read (and laugh)? James - I haven't previously read your post about SFN - very informative.
  6. Agree, sometimes using VAST is the cheaper / more reliable solution. Only problem is the ads are for sheep dip in Mt Isa ;-)
  7. I wouldn't rely on the level in these maps as it was a hack I did. Also, they are based on omni directional pattern which isn't the pattern at each transmitter. Since i last looked, the ABC have updated their reception maps. http://reception.abc.net.au/Reception.aspx
  8. Hi James Check these plots out I did back in 2009. You'll be able to see why it all depends on the location in Springfield as to what is the best option. Bouddi (West part of Springfield is in the shadow of Mt Kincumber) http://www.dtvforum.info/uploads/monthly_10_2009/post-88880-1256426165.jpeg Forresters (May be possible on the eastern side and the higher western parts. http://www.dtvforum.info/uploads/monthly_10_2009/post-88880-1256426206.jpeg Rumbalara (Most of Springfield is in a shadow) http://www.dtvforum.info/uploads/monthly_10_2009/post-88880-1256426265.jpeg Regards Colin
  9. Where in Springfield are you located? Did you try getting a signal from Sydney?
  10. My house had a direct lightning strike around 10 years ago. TV/ DVD/Blu-ray/Laptop/Computer/Radios. Insurance = NRMA Location = NSW The NRMA requested I take all items to a repairer for assessment. I think one of the things they use the repairer for was to provide the exact model number of each item. From the model number the NRMA knew the specs and last/current RRP for each of my items. From there they provided the details on what they believed was a suitable replacement. For some items I was extremely happy with the suggested replacement (Codan radio I had purchased second hand for $600* they provided a brand new $3000 Codan radio). At the same time for the $600 Bluray I had purchased a few years earlier I was offered a $149 unit (same manufacturer). I felt like I was being ripped off, however once I check it out I realised it was actually a lot better than my unit. For some items the suggested model was missing some thing I required (Original TV had 3 AV input, suggested only had 2, Laptop offered didn't have built in serial and parallel ports). I pointed out models that were suitable (whilst they were more expensive, I was reasonable) and after a bit of haggling they accepted my suggestion. All Insurance companies have different fine print. As has already been pointed out get the PDS for your policy and read it carefully. * NRMA was informed of this.
  11. Hi Alan, As this question is more generic than WA specific, you might want to post the question in one of the other forums ,eg "Antenna & TV Distribution Systems" as there may be other people like myself who don't normally look in the WA forums and have missed your post.
  12. Alan, You have 3 options 1) Get the answer from the ACMA. You made a submission, surely they would point you to the actual outcome. 2) Source out someone in one of the areas which is using VAST as the source for re-transmission and check the wartermark on ABC1 / see if their TV displays the details. 3) Contact the owner/sponsor for one of the VAST sites. I'm sure they can put you in touch with the installer.
  13. BTW, you corrected me that the ABC don't run the transmitter (which I already knew as I have a mate who works for BA). Take a look at your statement - You want to find out what the ABC has done at the remote community sites...you then go on to tell me the ABC don't run transmitters and have nothing to do with them. MPEG4 to MPEG2 off the shelf Transcoders are available. Try contacting one of these providers, they should be able to provide a block diagram showing how the site is bolted together. http://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Broadcast/Spectrum-for-broadcasting/Broadcast-planning/list-of-digital-self-help-transmission-licensees-1 If you do get any details from one of the "Self Help Licencees", please post it as I'm a little curious how these sites are "bolted" together. From the ACMA http://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Broadcast/Spectrum-for-broadcasting/Spectrum-digital-television/digital-television-terrestrial-self-help-retransmission-services "To access program content for retransmission services in central and eastern Australia sourced from the VAST satellite feed, self-help providers will need to seek authorisation from Eastern Australia Satellite Broadcasters (EASB). Self-help providers in Western Australia will need to seek authorisation from WA Satco. EASB can be contacted at easb.admin@sca.com.au."
  14. I understand the ABC doesn't run the transmitters, I would have thought some of your former colleagues would know how the remote sites work or at least know who they could ask. I'll ask my mate who works at Broadcast Aust. However, I don't think you're talking about sites looked after by BA. I'm pretty sure some of the BA sites get there feed via satellite. This means the SD ABC1 should be available via satellite at these sites. Maybe the ACMA have a policy that any "community" transmitter have to take its feed from VAST. As VAST only seems to have the ABC1 HD channel, I don't believe it would be easy (or possible) to remove the HD in the watermark. If this is case, ask someone in one of the areas of interest if the ABC in SD has the HD in the watermark.
  15. Further to the previous post, can the HD in the watermark be removed if the ABC are using the HD VAST stream for retransmission in SD at remote terrestrial transmitters or would the SD Terrestrial stream still have the HD watermark?
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