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  1. 20% off JB order arrived quickly! Retail pressing of Chunky Shrapnel, this will be my playing copy and I'll keep the limited Flightless pressings safe. And in boring black so they don't get vinyl pics. Traffik Island was from ebay, I found the limited green Flightless pressing in the UK and have ordered it too. haha
  2. King Gizzard order arrived today. The three Flightless pressings of Chunky Shrapnel.
  3. I received a cool order today. King Gizzard's Polygondwanaland "remastered" in 8-Bit. Also, a NES Cart with 14 "remastered" King Gizzard albums.
  4. I've just pre-ordered the new Beans (formally known as Baked Beans) album All Together Now from Flightless Records. Their previous album Babble was great.
  5. Been a while since my last post, bought a house, moved, etc. Hasn't stopped me buying some music though! haha Not many purchases as I've been looking at getting earlier/first Flightless pressings, pre-Flightless Stonefield releases, etc. I'm keeping my eye out for earlier King Gizzard Flightless releases (Pre Mind Fuzz) but they're commanding high prices these days. Donny Benét ‎– Mr Experience (Fruit Punch colour) Kikagaku Moyo ‎– Kikagaku Moyo (4th pressing Clear with Green Splatter) Kikagaku Moyo ‎– House In The Tall Grass (6th pressing Creamy Red Splatter)
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