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  1. Magic Eraser... NOT the bathroom one-it has cleaning chems in it. Get this one: https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/207919/chux-magic-eraser-spot-cleaner
  2. Have you checked your tracking weight? If it is tracking a bit too heavy the soundstage can collapse. Recommended range is between 1.6g and 2.0g... Stay within that range trying say 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 1.9, 2.0g and see if one sounds better. Too light and bass is light and treble a liitle forward... Too heavy and soundstage collapses, bass is thick and treble is not airy... Find the right balance and the 2M Blue should sound great.
  3. Shure V15mk3 Great classic Shure Cart. You can get a replacement stylus from Jico (elliptical is V.good... SAS is excellent) and enjoy!
  4. I agree that the Melody Mate fluid is fantastic. I use it undiluted in a Knosti and then leave the records to dry in the supplied drying rack. If they are ex-dj or old records I will wash them a second time in fresh Melody Mate. (I get to double wash 30-50 records with 1L bottle of Melody Mate). Re-sleeve the now clean records in MoFi inners and good to go. 👍
  5. Hi Nick, The Bronze brings a big change to soundstage depth, width and instrument seperation... It also is a fair bit more expressive in the mids. I suggest finding an Ortofon dealer with an Ortofon Cartridge Lab as they are set up to play you the difference.
  6. Sounds like your turntable is picking up the vibrations of your speakers... You will need to isolate the Project from the surface it is on. Try Audioquest Q feet or Vibrapods.
  7. 70 dB gain and 100 ohm setting should sound great. The Denon is a nice deck too. Make sure that your turntable is dead flat (use a little spirit level... or at a pinch an app for your phone). I would also suggest good isolation from the surface you are putting the deck on. Enjoy
  8. Sumiko Pearl is a great MM cart Ortofon 2M Bronze (as long as your headshell weighs under around 9 grams) audio Technica AT95 with upgraded stylus
  9. I have tried several audio interfaces (and still have them) but ended up turfing the idea of computer near everything and causing grounding issues.... so.. I got a 24/96 hand held battery operated pro recorder that works a treat! Sony PCM - M10. http://kenrockwell.com/audio/sony/pcm-m10.htm http://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Excellent-Sony-PCM-M10-B-Audio-Linear-PCM-Recorder-EMS-Free-tracking-ship/152635739977 I bought a 16gb Micro Sd (i don't think it takes 32gb) and am happy as Larry (it does have 4gb internal memory too). Cheers, Simon.
  10. Would love this, as I am just in the process of making the jump into the world of MC carts and have got a tonearm with the SME collar fit detachable headshell to make swapping carts easier in that respect... but for an alignment tool that isn't just an A4 print off the internet for alignment to optimise set-up.. Fingers crossed for winning this
  11. I have tried several phono stages in the $400-1000 and found the Primare R32 to be the best match for my set up (Sp10mk2, Technics EPA100 arm in constrain layered birchwood plinth). It is reviewed well, and costs less in Australia than Europe or America.
  12. I own the Primare, and it plays louder than my amplifier's inbuilt phono (and the Primare sounds better too). Don't worry about the volume setting, as long as there is low noise and low distortion it is normal for different phono pre-amps and cartridges to output different levels. I have found the Primare to be very low in noise and distortion amd also relatively high in gain...this is in fact good news [emoji3]
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