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  1. Hi zero1, What area of Melbourne are you located? Cheers
  2. Hi Folks, Long time reader, first time poster Living Room setup is a 60" Panasonic Plasma, with a 3.1 setup via Denon X2000 receiver, Monitor Audio Silver 10 floorstanders and Silver Centre, and PSA XS30SE Sub. Movie Room setup is a Sony HW40ES Projector, with a 7.1 surround setup via a Yamaha RX-V681 receiver, Monitor Audio BX5 floorstanders, BX Centre and BX2 & BX-FX surrounds, with dual SVS PB12-NSD subs. I'm already seeing 'gaps' in my systems, so the upgrade train will be departing the station repeatedly I expect. Cheers, geebas
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