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  1. Just an update, I spoke to Brad Serhan who confirmed that these are the Mk1 version of the Metaphor speakers, apparently there are 3 versions and also what was said to me was Ralph Waters (Richter Speakers) suggested to him that he should make a value for money speaker line to try and increase Orpheus’s market share as at that stage he was a little too up market. The price is negotiable to interested parties and a quick listen is possible.
  2. @Sebastian Long if you have both speakers and amp to repair then you can drop your gear off @Len Wallis Audio in Lane Cove as they also use The Speaker Hospital for client repairs and have an in-house technician that can perform the work on your amp etc. for you.
  3. Thanks @pete_mac for the heads up 👍
  4. Sadly I don’t know much on the history of Orpheus Speakers.
  5. Further information: http://serhanswift.com/awards These speakers seem to be pretty rare, I can’t find any information of them on the internet except for a minor mention in the above webpage where they earned a Highly Commended in the Sound and Image Awards 1992. The speakers are fully functioning with black vinyl veneer that has a few marks which is to be expected with speakers close to 30 y/o but the music they make more than makes up for the cosmetic issues. Kiat from Orpheus confirmed the model (Metaphor) and added that he has no specs on them. Dimensions are 250mm deep, 190mm wide and 400mm tall.
  6. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rogers-LS3-5A-Monitors-One-owner-since-new-Excellent-Cond-Best-Avail-/303566102511?hash=item46adf31fef%3Ag%3Ay-wAAOSwISJeupP9&nma=true&si=4stPQAGzMSvmRMtSDvra25BBVNs%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Schiiiiiiitttt!!!!! I wasn’t expecting that price for LS3/5A’s
  7. @djlenny I have given up for the time being but after I sell some more audio stuff I might start looking again, sorry for the late reply too.
  8. Thanks @Cono28 , I kind of gave up on finding these so I took a left field approach and got a pair of Sony B5’s instead, my wife wasn’t happy 😬. I wish I had more money and space to hoard these too!!
  9. I’m really liking this The Mark of Cain album, in particular Battlesick (song 3). Funny, I was never a fan back in the 90’s....
  10. R.I.P little Richard, I will always remember you in Down and out in Beverly Hills, Thank you for the happy memories.
  11. You could enquire at Speaker Hospital 02 9797 1800
  12. Saw this old brochure from 1978, interesting how the LS3/5A faired better than say the JBL L19 from an investment point of view.
  13. Yes, handsome looking beasts in the classic sense!
  14. @Sub Sonic maybe they are predecessors to the monitor 250’s I’m guessing...
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