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  1. I agree. I was going to say that your A system is most likely clinical ( $17k great with Hi-Res recordings but highlights recording flaws ) where as your C system is probably very forgiving of bad recordings combined with that nostalgic feeling.
  2. Jesus they look nice! I would love to get my (audio unfaithful) hands on a set
  3. Not sure if this might be compatible with my CD player.
  4. I could lend you something, I’m in the next suburb to you. PM me if you are interested?
  5. I too have a high frequency ring in my ears that at times can be annoying, so I went and had a hearing test done and the results were not what I was expecting. The lady said that I have the hearing of someone in their 20’s ( I forgot to ask her if that was with or without headphones in ) and that I am 1 of the few people where she didn’t need to see me again. So I went back to the GP and got a referral for an MRI, and again all clear.... I am puzzled, I thought with my background in the printing industry that I would be suffering more loss, then I read a few articles about dentistry...... anyway I will let the article do the talking and please make your own decision if you feel this article has or has not got merit. Dental Work And Tinnitus | Arches Tinnitus Formula WWW.TINNITUSFORMULA.COM There are many stories about the negative impacts of mercury dental fillings. Find out if these stories are true and if fillings can affect tinnitus.
  6. If you can get them cheap then YES! Hopefully it’s just a bad connection with the woofer (check out US eBay for single woofer prices and factor in $$ conversion and shipping if the woofer is cactus or enquire with Speaker Hospital here). Good Luck if you do go ahead
  7. Krix neuphonix mk 1 This bit of information is very handy, helps us keep an eye out on the speakers for you at least. And, sorry to hear of your misfortune!
  8. Currently listening to Repo Man, Iggy Pop is good but the Suicidal Tendencies trumps all artists on this album with ‘Institutionalized’(my view only)
  9. Nice job on the 4311a’s @monts71
  10. This was a dodgy pic of L26’s I took in Hard off that I didn’t add to the Buying records in Osaka Conversation. The reason why my pics are crap is that some shops don’t appreciate people taking photos of stock in their store’s. Naughty? Possibly....... I just wanted to share and maybe someone might get the inspiration to visit Japan and buy something whether it be records, cds, cool toys audio (2nd hand jbl would not high on my list as they can be quite pricey).
  11. I don’t know why but the tweeter reminds me of the 1 used in a cheap pair of NS-5G speakers and the woofer looks like it came from the NS-555 speakers.
  12. You’re right too, if you as a foreigner spend over ¥5000 ($65aud approx) and you will need to have your passport with you at the time of purchase then you can claim back the gst at the participating store. ( in short, you don’t pay the gst). your passport will be loaded with paperwork that you’re only allowed to remove once you’re at the airport, you are to place the paperwork in the gst bin that gets sorted after you leave the country.
  13. I can’t/don’t remember if the prices include gst which increased from 8%-10%??
  14. 73.5 is what google is giving me, I had my eye on the 4306 but I’m looking around the $1000 mark plus shipping. Sad thing is I don’t have much cash and even less time to stop and look.
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