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  1. Item: Krix SEISMIX 7 SUBWOOFER ( active ) Location: Unley, SA Price: $2,995.00 Item Condition: Totally Brand New & recently serviced and totally refurbished by Krix Loudspeakers Factory including totally new respray in Piano Black 2-pack paint and new grilles Reason for selling: Downsizing Payment Method: Bank Transfer or COD Only Extra Info: I am exceptionally fussy and with no children at home have kept this amazing Sub in totally brand new condition, buyer will not be disappointed in either condition or performance. 400W RMS Amp driving a 15" Driver Dimensions: 77cm L x 50cm D x 52cm H Review "Krix have done it again with this speaker. A 400WRMS capable 15 inch driver housed in a large, dual vented enclosure, this sub really kicks arse! I have simply never heard any domestic product deliver such astounding power before. Having said that, the sub always maintains detail and composure, as with all Krix speakers. Auto power on/delay off, soft clipping, extensive tonal/phase/rolloff frequency controls, stunning craftsmanship and asthetically pleasing design, add to the long list of positives for this unit. Krix as a company, started, and are still in the forefront of the commercial cinema market, I assume this is why they designed the Seismix 7 on such a grand scale." Pictures:
  2. Im not sure, I think it might not be. I compared it to the latest Confidence Platinum and couldn't see any difference in the speakers
  3. I use an RTI Remote to control all my Hi-Fi, TV etc http://www.rticorp.com/
  4. Item: Dynaudio Confidence Centre Speaker in Maple Location: Adelaide SA Price: 6,000.00 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: House Reno, extremely regrettable sale Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Cash Extra Info: Dynaudio Confidence Centre Speaker in Maple Sensitivity: 88db IEC Long Term Power Handling: 300W Frequency Response (+/- 3db): 45-22,000 Hz Impedance nominal: 4 ohms Weight: 20.6 kg Dimensions (W x H x D ): 800 x 270 x 380mm Pictures:
  5. Thanks aab before the Esoterix I which was a 3 way Krix made the Esoterix II which was a 2 way, but could handle more power. My Esoterix II were based on this but were the Mk II design. It was a Shame they didn't release them as they are really fantastic and I don't want to sell them, however they just won't fit in with our renos they have around 50% more power handling than the Esoterix I , and I think they might have been too expensive to produce and release to market. cheers, Dave
  6. Item: Krix Floorstsanding Esoterix II Mk II Location: Adelaide Price: $2,100.00 Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: remodelling house Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: 500 watts RMS power handling American Rock Maple veneer Pictures:
  7. Hi Grizzly, Thanks & thanks for your reply. I have a Bryston 2 Ch powering a pair of krix Esoterix II Mk II ( I believe these might be the only pair they actually made of these ) I have also a Bryston 4 Ch to power the 2 rears leaving 2 Ch spare... My thoughts are that seeing the Krix Seismix 7 Sub has L + R Speaker terminals on the back that maybe the bridged 2 Ch of my Bryston might do a better job ... I currently have a Dynaudio Centre Speaker but will need to sell it as it wont fit in to our new room layout. Thanks, Dave
  8. Recently I used Adept Electronics, Blair Athol in Adelaide. Good service, good work and fast turn around.
  9. Hi, Firstly, thanks for allowing me to join your forum. I currently own a Krix Seismix 7 Sub which has its own Amp built in I also have a Bryston 8BST 4 Ch Amp ( 120W rms per Ch ), so I could use 2 Ch for my L + R rears and then bridge the last 2 Ch to power the Seismix 7 Sub Im not going to have a centre speaker in my new set up, just Main L + R, Rears L + R & Sub Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  10. Hi, Im a newbie on here, this has been a good read for me, thanks
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