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  1. 21 minutes ago, curious1 said:

    I'm still waiting for my 65A9F, was supposed to be here Monday 10/12 but just got a reply today saying the Sydney warehouse expects stock tomorrow. Your story doesn't fill me with much confidence, will make sure to look how it got transported when it arrives, and I hope they don't try to palm your faulty unit off to me.

    Coincidentally my replacement is one of their last two A9Fs this side of Xmas they reckon, getting delivered to the Sydney warehouse tomorrow . I'm guessing yours is the other one. 


    I had a long chat with the warehouse manager, he assured me everything is done right from their main warehouse. TV stays upright. 

    I only had issues as my first TV was sent from their Jamison town store.(penrith way) and the stores must not follow same process as main warehouse. 


    I'm still considering driving to eastern Creek to pick it up though, as I've lost confidence in them. 

  2. 5 hours ago, DoggieHowser said:

    My C7 from JB came in a small private courier van but was upright and the delivery guy asked me to check the “tilt sensors” attached to the box to confirm that it had not been laid on one side or angled incorrectly.

    Didn't realise the boxes had sensors! 

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll see if the Sony box has it also, doubt it though. What did it look like? 

  3. On 05/12/2018 at 8:54 PM, dcathro said:

    Very Nice!!! Congratulations!


    I have the Sony AE1 and love it. Yours should be better still.


    Please report back on what you think of it.



    Received it last night and only got to play around for a few hours. 

    Initial impressions :

    - 4k hdr dolby vision on Netflix looks amazing

    -fta HD channels look great

    -fta SD channels look like absolute ****. The old 1080p plasma definitely did a better job. For the obvious reason of having a much lower resolution closer to the SD source. Only reason this matters is that I pretty much only watch the sbs food channel on fta

    - Android TV is fast and easy to use

    - ran test slides and pretty much perfect panel at 5% greyscale. Even below 5% it's solid. 

    - very slight physical bend on top edge of panel

    - slight red tint on the lower left quadrant of screen, which affects full screen white and yellow slides as far as I can see. Eg those colours look non uniform 


    The muppets at Toll delivered the TV flat on its back in the back of a Ute. 

    So I'm likely getting it replaced with a new panel, which isn't bent. 


    Hopefully will have same level of perfect uniformity(banding) and fix the red tint. 


    I do realise it's a gamble and the next panel might be worse in all aspects. Just not feeling right about a panel that travelled from Penrith to Sydney cbd flat in the back of Ute. 


    Fingers crossed! 

  4. On 07/12/2018 at 10:31 AM, IviewHD said:

    Personally I would have gone for the LG C8 65" for under $4K but whatever floats your boat.The big question for me is why hasn't the price of the 77" LG C8 dropped by even a single dollar since the day it was released?To me it seems to be way over priced.It sells for $5400USD on Amazon US which is $7500Aud.Even if you add gst that only takes it up to $8250 so why can't you get one at JB for $8k Aud?

    Yeah you've been spruking the LG for a while in this thread. It's also the oled you bought if I remember correctly? 

    I'm happy with my purchase. Each to their own :)

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  5. 9 hours ago, curious1 said:

    I also picked up the 65A9F yesterday, was waiting for an ebay sale and was very surprised to get it sub 5K from JB.


    Anyone know a good calibrator in Sydney?

    I'm probably going to go with Avcal from Melbourne.

    They do Sydney trips. Seem to be pretty well respected.


    But I'm open to good Sydney suggestions as well?

  6. Item: Pioneer LX-508a Plasma TV
    Location: Sydney (CBD)
    Price: $450 ono 
    Item Condition: Used - hasn't missed a beat in 10 years.
    Reason for selling: Purchased a new TV
    Payment Method: Pickup - Cash only 
    Extra Info:

    No delivery. Average TV usage - 3-4 hours a night. Great condition, screen is immaculate and no scratches.

    Body has usual wear and tear, nothing big or major.

    I can take more detailed pictures if requested




  7. After following this thread since inception back in 2011 (felt old when I realised how long this has been going for), I finally made the jump and bought a Sony A9F 65 inch today. 


    Arrives Monday - to say I'm excited is an understatement :D


    JB has a 20% off sale(and another 5% for signing up to newsletter) til midnight tonight to anyone who is interested. 


    Will be selling my old Pioneer 508 to any of the retro lovers.

  8. 51 minutes ago, thathifiguy said:

    If the NAD has a toroidal transformer, that can generate a low level buzz, but that is typically from the amp, not the speakers.


    Could the noise you're hearing be due to a gain mismatch between the NAD and the Parasound?


    The NAD has a toroidal transformer, but the buzz is 100% coming from the speaker. I can only hear it if I stick my ear close to the tweeter, otherwise not audible in listening position.
    It's only when I chain to the Halo in HT bypass that the buzz gets loud enough to hear from listening position.

    Not sure how I would find out if it has gain mismatch and how to adjust it. Let me do some research on that. 

  9. One thing I want to highlight is that the hum\buzz exists on the NAD - although very faintly - prior to adding the second amp to the chain.


    So the issue I guess is that the NAD has hum\buzz without any inputs plugged into it, and no other devices\antennas plugged in.


    What could cause this?

    The NAD is brand new(a few weeks old). Is it possible it is an amplifier fault? 



  10. Let me preface this by saying I've been doing a fair bit of research and reading into how to fix this before I posted here.

    Need help please! It's a long post but wanted to make sure I cover everything off.


    I have what I believe is speaker hum(50-60hz) 


    Troubleshooting setup and steps:


    - All inputs disconnected on both amps

    - Same two speakers used for testing

    - Both amps plugged into the same power rail - to eliminate ground loop - no other devices plugged into that socket or rail

    - Amp 1(Halo integrated) when used on its own no audible hum\buzz on any input

    - Amp 2(NAD T777 v3) when used on its own very faint audible hum if I put my ear to the tweeter section of the speakers, otherwise not audible at the listening position


    Issue is when I run the preouts from the NAD to the Halo, and then run home theatre bypass on the Halo:


    - Hum is now audible from listening position

    - Hum is audible from all speakers(not just the tweeter section)

    - If I add a sub to the system, hum is also audible from sub

    - Hum only occurs on the home theatre bypass mode - if switched to another input on the Halo - again no hum


    To me it seems as though there is an initial faint non audible hum on the NAD, which is then made louder by adding the Halo into the chain and passed through the theatre bypass


    The only other piece of troubleshooting I haven't done is to use different cables for the NAD preouts to the Halo home theatre bypass inputs, as I don't have any others currently.

    I'm using fairly cheap but well rated component video cables for thishttps://www.spacehifi.com.au/cables-and-connectors/component-video-cables/2m-component-video-cable-space-saturn-series


    Appreciate any help or advice

  11. 7 hours ago, Snoopy8 said:

    Why not the T758V3?  Yes, lower power, fewer HDMI ports, no ethernet but significantly cheaper than T777V3. And Dirac Live is better than Audyssey for room correction.


    Have not heard the Marantz so cannot give you compare. While I have a much better dedicated 2CH system, I could live with the NAD for music and movies if that is all I had.

    The higher power and additional hdmi ports are the main reason I've decided on the T777 over T758. Even with the T777 I'll probably run out of hdmi in ports. 


    Whatever option I go with I'm predicting my existing parasound halo integrated will give me better 2CH music quality. 

  12. Need some advice please.


    My main question is am I better off getting AV separates or an AVR based on the specs listed below.

    The amp power from both options is about the same, so the question is more around the audio quality differences between the NAD AVR and the Marantz preamplifier


    The secondary question is will I get cleaner power from the Rotel amp vs the NAD?


    Current setup:

    Fronts: B&W CM9 S2 - run by Parasound integrated stereo amplifier - this will continue to power the fronts in 5.1 config

    Centre: B&W CM Centre S2 - not currently powered

    Surround\rear: B&W CM5 S2 - not currently powered


    I'm looking to set up a 5.1 system initially, with a view to the future for 5.1.2 or 7.1.2

    50% music

    50% movies


    Option 1: AVR

    NAD T777 V3 

    - 80W x 7 channels all channels driven @ 0.08% THD

    - ~ $4000
    - BlueOS built-in

    - Modular design for future tech to be added

    - Dirac Live 


    Option 2: Pre Amp + Amp

    Marantz AV7703 + Rotel RMB-1066

    - 60W x 6 channels all channels driven @ 0.03% THD

    - ~ $3700 ($3200 + $500 second hand amp) 

    - More bells and whistles on the Marantz than the NAD 

    - Separate preamp\amp








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