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  1. Item: Peachtree Nova 65se in Rosewood Location: mentone, melbourne Price: 850 ono Item Condition: perfect, as new Reason for selling: financial hardship Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, bank transfer Extra Info: Hey guys got a Peachtree Nova 65se in the rosewood finish for sale in as new condition, approx 6 months old. No marks or anything, as new. Only parting with because I've sold my ls50's. Comes with box and all packaging etc. Can send some picks if needed. Located in Mentone. Thank you! Pictures:
  2. Haha thankyou mate, they are a nice little combo i'm thrilled with them. Have a good one
  3. How would I connect the sub to my Peachtree Nova?
  4. Sorry I've just read your ad completely and see that you propose a 50 dollar shipping fee. I'm an apprentice carpenter on a moderate wage and have just dropped a couple of thousand on gear in recent weeks so probably won't be ready to purchase for another week or two. Let me do some research on the sub and i'll let you know.
  5. I'd be interested mate only problem is is that I'm in Melbourne
  6. Ooo haha! Sorry i'm very new to this forum business and had absolutely no idea what was going on there.
  7. The LS50's only reach down to around 50hz. I listen to music that has content below that and want a bit of support below 50-60hz, not a massive amount.
  8. Hello there friends. This is my first post to the forum and I'm quite new to the game of Hifi. My system currently consists of a Peachtree Nova 65se powering a pair of KEF LS50's on my desktop, nearfield, in a small room that is 2.7m x 3.3m. I love the ls50's but I now have the nagging need to purchase a sub to accompany them. At the moment my two choices are the REL T5 and the SVS SB-1000. I need some advice and opinions on the following. 1.) I know the REL T5 can be connected to this system, but can the SVS? 2.) What would be the more suitable sub for this application, obviously the subs are quite different, 12" vs 8", with the SVS being quite a bit more powerful at 300w vs 125w for the T5. Even though it is such a small room would the more powerful option still be the go? 3.) the two subs are the same price as far as I can tell, at $999, so are we dealing with a difference in sound quality? Any input would be great, thanks guys.
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