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  1. Have you tired searching eBay and Gumtree for second hand parts? If none available, I'd just go new OLED.
  2. I see someone on WP got the Sony X9500G 85" for $4999, that would be a good option i think, if you were happy to up the budget a little.
  3. My IQ4 has been great, no issues at all with it, unlike the early IQ3 days. Touch wood of course....
  4. Quite a few HN's have them, at $5495 🙄
  5. Apparently hurts the black levels, bringing it between a VA and IPS panel. I was keen on one till i read that and I've never been an LCD fan.
  6. Rather than a new thread, thought I'd re-open this one. I have a HDMI splitter/extender over Cat6 that has been OK but i use to get quick picture drop outs a fair bit and it's currently only working intermittently. I've just changed to an IQ4, what unit's are best for this now? Won't be going to a 4K projector for awhile but will be getting an OLED soon, so down converting to 1080P is fine for the projector, unless there isn't much price difference in a set up that can extend 4K over Cat6.
  7. I saw the 950 as JB's a few weeks ago, they are way behind though.
  8. I wish they'd hurry up and release them!
  9. Yep, they do ☹️ Only reason I'm getting a new TV.
  10. Is that a mistake with the 65" 1000 and 1500 with the same RRP?
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