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  1. Serentity

    New Epson TW 9400?

    Looking forward to see what the street price will be on the 9400, as if its only a minor upgrade over the 9300 (Still a major upgrade over my 9000) it might be worth looking at second hand JVCs in the new year.
  2. Serentity

    New Epson TW 9400?

    Bugger I was hoping the '0.74 inch with MLA (D9)' was getting upgraded to!!
  3. Serentity

    New Epson TW 9400?

    I also believe they have a new 3LCD chip in the new 9400 model?>
  4. Serentity

    New Epson TW 9400?

    The New Epson Projector models should be available in Australia soon, Key features EH-TW7400 EH-TW9400 EH-TW9400W 4K-big screen experience ● ● ● PRO-UHD technology ● ● ● UHD BD & HDR support ● ● ● HDR formats HDR10 HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma, 4K/60p HDR with 18Gbps support HDR10, Hybrid Log Gamma, 4K/60p HDR with 18Gbps support Powered lens shift of +/-96.3% vertical and +/-47.1% horizontal ● ● ● Equally high White and Colour Light Output of: 2,400lm 2,600lm 2,600lm High contrast ratio for deeper blacks 200,000:1 1,200,000:1 1,200,000:1 Motorised focus and zoom (2.1x) ● ● ● Supported Colour Space (DCI) ● ● ● HDMI x2 (1x HDCP2.2 & 1x HDCP1.4), RJ45, RS232c and Trigger Out ● ● ● 4K WiHD Transmitter – 4K over Wi-Fi x x ● 2D & 3D capable ● ● ● Enjoy exceptional image quality with Epson’s 3LCD technology ● ● ● All the detail enhancement features of our existing range, including: ISF ● ● ● High-speed motion response for crisp images in fast-moving scenes ● ● ● Large screen size – up to 300 inches ● ● ● Long lamp life of 5,000 hours in ECO mode ● ● ● USB rechargeable active shutter glasses for 3D viewing (not included) ● ● ●
  5. Serentity

    New Epson TW 9400?

    Earlier the better, looking forward to see what the new model can do.
  6. Good luck with the Sale Al, very nice projector. If I could talk the wife around it would replace my trusty old Espon 9000. Whoever buys it is in for a treat..
  7. Serentity

    Epson TW9000w Vertical Purple Line

    I have the Epson TW9000w projector, and I never heard of the purple line of death on Epson Models, but after a quick Google search it has effected other models and brands and it appears to be either the Bulb or Board/Chip. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than me could help you more on your problem.
  8. Serentity

    2019 projector releases ?

    Thanks, good read.
  9. Serentity

    2019 projector releases ?

    Unless I missed it, has the Aust price for the new Espon 9400 Projector come out?
  10. Serentity

    SOLD: FS: OPPO 105 Signature Edition Upgrade

    Great Price, Highly recommend Oppo Products. Good Luck with the Sell.
  11. Serentity

    Which Power Amp to Buy?

    Serpeant, can I ask were you got it from? I'm looking at getting another power amp to power my rear speakers. For the record I love my Elektra power amp but I think buying another for the rear speakers and future ceiling speakers could be a overkill.
  12. Serentity

    Buying & Selling Online - Guidelines

    Good read, Thanks al.
  13. Serentity

    JVC DLA Z1 Arrives..

    Very Nice Woof, Congrats on your purchase..
  14. Serentity

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Very Nice Wags, Enjoy the T.V
  15. Serentity

    Panasonic 65"/75" EX780

    Looking Forward to see what you think of the 75EX780 once you get it home.