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  1. Does anyone know of a retailer that specialises in selling height-adjustable wall speaker brackets? What I’m intenting to do is lower my Left Surround speaker by ~600mm when in use, & then raise it back up to its current position when not needed. I would then permanently mount the Right Surround to the lower height, seeing as it’s in the corner of the room This would improve the separation between my surrounds & Atmos speakers. Any ideas?
  2. This stuff here... https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/studio-acoustics-16g-speaker-cable-12-0m They’re the same cables that were run to the rear surrounds years ago by professional installers, & have lasted, so didn’t think anything of it. I think they should be ok? I just used the same lengths that were feeding the upfirers (just long enough for the in-ceilings). Thanks. That’s strange how I can’t get them working on any of my devices.
  3. Ok! Atmos speakers went in this arvo. System’s soundin great & living room’s lookin neat (sans upfirers). Played a couple of demos from the Dolby website & some Gladiator....very nice. But the below demos kindly posted by N_R couldn’t play via the TV/UHD Player/AVR/PS4 USB ports as the audio format wasn’t supported (only video played). Maybe I need to convert them with file converting software? Anyway, I’ve got plenty of 4K discs to watch. 😏 Some shots of today’s proceedings... By night...
  4. Had time to measure & position the templates for the in-ceiling speakers. I think their locations should be fine & the roof space above them is clear, but I’ll be triple-checking that, hopefully tomorrow... The blutack I purchased last week for other reasons did the job in providing a visual with the templates... Also splurged on more Atmos content (bar Rambo), thanks to JB’s Buy one get one free sale... 😁
  5. Don’t tempt me, Betty Boop! 😂 You’re right. My surrounds should be lower. This is where the compromise is - the SL is in a heavy traffic area, so it needed to be lifted above typical head height. I’m not sure how else to avoid this headache - I’ve tried speaker stands with my prior surrounds (currently sitting on the FL/FR), but the new recliners block them & the stands got annoying to use also. It’s the struggles that come with this layout of open living/lounge areas. 😆
  6. Oh ok! I was aware of those titles (own a few of them too 😏), but weren’t sure if they made the best use of rear Atmos activity. I’ll need to check them out again (planning to watch 2049 again....what a film/transfer to UHD BD). Great to know I have a few that take advantage of the full Atmos soundstage - will definitely put the 2 channels to the test & expose them if they can’t provide convincing rear Atmos effects. Much obliged.
  7. Hey BB. Just wondering what the best UHD BD movies (or UHD demo discs) are that test rear Atmost effects (ie behind seating position) - I’m curious to know if having 2 Atmos speakers will be enough to handle front & rear Atmos effects convincingly. Thanks.
  8. They said they had a few. Btw, mine just arrived today. Very fast (& free) shipping.
  9. Yeah, i've been up there a few times for running phone/data cables through the house, so I should be able to find a couple of clear spots for the speakers. Thanks, betty boop. Hope we kick some goals! & if the experience is better than expected I may add another 2 in-ceiling's behind the seating position. Thanks mate. Yeah, as mentioned, if 2 Atmos speakers surprise me, I may add another 2. Do you think with how i'm planning to position these first 2 Atmos speakers that they're in a good spot for a 4-speaker Atmos setup?
  10. Hey there. Planning to add two in-ceiling Atmos speakers & placing them roughly FL-FR spacing apart & the depth as marked below... What do you think?...
  11. Yeah those ceiling joists are what I was worried about, though as you say, even if positioning is out by a little it shouldn’t matter as the AVR’s speaker calibration should allow for it (is it has for my existing off-centre surrounds). Appreciate that. Yeah, how I was planning to install them, had them just out of view I think - I’ll post a pic of proposed positioning in my build thread later to show it. Yeah mate that makes sense & lines up with my thinking. 👍🏼
  12. Just purchased the 706’s 😁. Any recommended install guides for a novice?
  13. Ended up getting a quote today of $790 for the ICW6, so the 706 are much better value. I understand the 706 are 10 year old models (like my current Focal speakers), so i'm wondering if they were manufactured with Atmos in mind back then & will they do the job adequately, or were they made as inconspicuous, in ceiling surround speakers? I guess if they were the latter then they should deliver with Atmos tasks anyway right?
  14. Oh you mean same RRP. Yeah the price of the 100 series was what I’m waiting on from Stereophonic as I’m sure they mentioned a model that worked out better priced than the older 706 series. I’ll give them a call tomorrow & weigh things up.
  15. Yeah I spotted that deal. Looks good. How would they compare to the newer 100 series? Would any difference be noticed with two Atmos speakers? & if not, I guess I should just take up the better deal?
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