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  1. Further information: 1080p, 58” Plasma Television. Kept in excellent condition, with original remote, documents & box! There isn’t a better kept TV of this age around. Stand hardly used - TV was wall mounted for the majority of the time. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  2. Noticed this in two shots! Heh. Was dialogue ok for you, BB?
  3. Jaws screened tonight 😁. I’m glad I’ve finally got this classic film in my collection, having not owned it on any format. As a 4K release, its picture stands up & so does its audio, for the most part, but where it fails is crucial imo – dialogue. In the first 20 minutes, it was so weak & drowned out to sound effects, that I felt detached from the characters. This comes & goes throughout, with me needing to pull up sub-titles a few times...a personal gripe of mine. So I’m torn with this release. So much hype, & I think it lived up to it, visually, but I know every time I play this in future, the dialogue will stand out for the wrong reasons 😬
  4. Yeah if you like those style of films. & it’s meant to be a brilliant transfer too. Minor spoilers....they’re not really, but just giving an insight into this type of film...
  5. Good idea. I have three titles off the top of my head. All are available through AmazonAU via third party sellers, so the costs are higher, but they can be found at least... Shadow [4K UHD+ Blu-ray] https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/6317815151/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_ELi6EbJDQMJZ5 Rambo [Blu-ray] https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07VHY7DC8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_WKi6EbJ6683QE How to Train Your Dragon https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07KLFK8LK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_4Ji6Eb3FT827 They just sit in my cart, & I keep an eye on them, hoping they drop in price enough that they fall into my budget (under AU$20 delivered)....
  6. Picked up my original trilogy individually in the recent B1G1F minus extra discounts & voucher....worked out to ~$8 each. With the decent reviews of the latest trilogy, I may grab those on the next sale. But the prequels can be erased from memory imo, hence why I could never buy the 9 disc set...
  7. Yeah, there were many reviews commenting on the bass being clipped. Many with capable subs may notice the difference, but most shouldn’t. I thought my sub would expose it, but after comparing the two, I couldn’t tell. I mean they both had an equivalent impact from the main seating position, so my smile was beaming.
  8. A personal fave sci-fi film of mine. Couldn’t wait for it to be transferred to UHD/Atmos. Impressions... I’ve compared some scenes on the HD BD & 4K BD discs following the viewing of the 4K BD recently. Firstly, I was shocked at how much they cleaned up the film, visually. I didn’t expect to see such an obvious difference. It was almost as if the HD BD was a DVD in comparison. I never really go back to the HD BD after getting the 4K BD, so it took me by surprise. There was still grain (as Spielberg intended, which I have no problem with), but it was refined & didn’t take away from the detail at all, whereas in the HD BD, it stood out more – think grains of rice on the HD BD & grains of salt on the 4K BD. The HDR, on the backdrop of the dreary colour palette, was even more pronounced & enhanced the 4K BD more than many other titles I’d say. For eg. The Tripod’s eye as it rises out of the ground was much more blinding & made the viewer feel the impact just as the characters did in the film, so Dolby Vision did it’s job. After comparing the two audio tracks, I’m was very relieved to hear no detrimental editing of the low end during both the lightning storm & the Tripod emergence scenes. They were as face-smashing as each other, only the Atmos on the 4K BD was more enveloping. They were the only two scenes I was concerned with, as I distinctly remember their impact when I first heard them on HD BD & thankfully I think that impact hasn’t been compromised. The rest of the film sounded just as aggressive as I remember, only with a more involving Atmos soundtrack that relentlessly shackles the viewer in their seat for 117 minutes of terror (& fun). So overall, WotW is going to sit right up there as one of my treasured UHD BD titles that has undergone a significant overhaul in video & improved audio (over an already demo track on HD BD).
  9. Just watched this last night. All the reviews have got it right - such a clean image from start to end. We shouldn’t expect anything less than this for all new films. Audio’s brilliant too. There’s no real need for Atmos for this kind of movie but its mostly subtle use complimented the rest of the soundtrack nicely. Great release.
  10. Surprised this hasn’t been mentioned. A massive release for the format. Impressions... The Atmos soundtrack is the stuff of dreams! This is why we gear up & spoil our ears...To be bombarded from all angles by alarmingly accurate special effects & planted in that pilot seat with the characters on screen. It’s just seamless how every sound moves around you & flows from one speaker to another, enhanced by an onslaught of bass. There are zero issues here with the sound. Everything compliments each other – & what’s more stunning is the clarity of dialogue mixed in with the barrage of chaos happening at the same time. Demo. Visually, you can tell they put in some effort to bring this up to 4K standard. This film’s from the 80’s so we know not to expect reference here, but it’s definitely worthy of the format. There were no ordinary scenes. Very solid with great detail throughout. Can’t help admiring old mate Tom Cruise when watching this. He’s been in this caper for almost 40 years & still remains relevant. He’s at the top of his game here & seeing Val Kilmer rising with him + Michael Ironside, Tom Skerritt & James Tolkan still have the impact in their roles, overall, makes this a highlight UHD BD release in my collection. A release that was born for this format, & Atmos especially.
  11. Does anyone know of a retailer that specialises in selling height-adjustable wall speaker brackets? What I’m intenting to do is lower my Left Surround speaker by ~600mm when in use, & then raise it back up to its current position when not needed. I would then permanently mount the Right Surround to the lower height, seeing as it’s in the corner of the room This would improve the separation between my surrounds & Atmos speakers. Any ideas?
  12. This stuff here... https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/studio-acoustics-16g-speaker-cable-12-0m They’re the same cables that were run to the rear surrounds years ago by professional installers, & have lasted, so didn’t think anything of it. I think they should be ok? I just used the same lengths that were feeding the upfirers (just long enough for the in-ceilings). Thanks. That’s strange how I can’t get them working on any of my devices.
  13. Ok! Atmos speakers went in this arvo. System’s soundin great & living room’s lookin neat (sans upfirers). Played a couple of demos from the Dolby website & some Gladiator....very nice. But the below demos kindly posted by N_R couldn’t play via the TV/UHD Player/AVR/PS4 USB ports as the audio format wasn’t supported (only video played). Maybe I need to convert them with file converting software? Anyway, I’ve got plenty of 4K discs to watch. 😏 Some shots of today’s proceedings... By night...
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