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  1. I use bluray.com’s My Movies App (on IOS, but should be on Android also). Seems to work well & supports many types of media.
  2. Rapt to grab the LotR trilogy for under $60. The Coles gift cards sales did their job.
  3. Ahh I wonder if my Coles gift card can the used for online orders?..
  4. That’s my plan! Ring around. There might be some left at other stores.
  5. I was this close to buying the Skywalker Saga films this weekend in JBs sale. I’ve seen (& enjoyed) The Force Awakens, despite the cloned conclusion. I saw The Last Jedi on FTA TV, & the spammed commercials just ruined the flow of the film. I don’t think I got a true indication of whether I liked it or not. Haven’t seen The Rise of Skywalker, due to me losing interest in this trilogy as each title came out & the absolute caning this film got... Ended up skipping them, even if they were $14 per UHD disc... Might need to rew
  6. That’s why I mentioned that I was hoping the trilogy would be released a day prior to its official released date - so that it may be included in the sale. I won’t get my hopes up though!
  7. Reviews are VERY positive. Hoping this sneaks in JBs sale, a day prior to official release.
  8. Yep, if you want both LOTR/Hobbit + remastered LOTR Blu-rays & more extras. All the box sets above contain both Theatrical & Extended. ?
  9. How great was this news - LOTR coming December 1 (November 30). I don’t normally go for steelbooks, but this version seems like the perfect set for what’ll most likely be my final physical purchase of this trilogy... If that does end up being ridiculously priced though, the regular box set will do... Then there’s the Amazon gift set for those after a little merch... https://www.highdefdigest.com/news/show/lord-of-the-rings-4k-the-hobbit-4k-coming-december-1st/45490
  10. Dune & A Quiet Place 2 are probably the only films I’m looking forward to this year. One description of Dune got me interested - that it’s aimed to be the Star Wars for today that we should’ve gotten...Not that i’m rubbishing the new SW trilogy...
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