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  1. Thought so. What are your thoughts on the TV, Kazz?!
  2. Hey there. Admittedly I’m no expert on Atmos, & don’t have anything to compare my up-firing speakers to as they’re my first attempt at creating Atmos effects. In saying that, I have noticed additional detail, but as to their positional accuracy, I doubt I’m getting the best from them because (a) they’re not proper “Atmos” speakers & (b) they’re not directly above the viewer.
  3. Congrats. Yeah I ordered a couple of 2m HDMI cables from Selby Acoustics. Under $15 & free delivery https://www.selby.com.au/hdmi-cable-high-speed-with-ethernet-ultra-hd-1080p-4k-3d-hec-arc-cy4356.html
  4. Some screens of a tremendous movie watching (& listening) experience on the GZ1000U...
  5. Yeah I was looking at those on the Dolby website too. Would having the 2 in-ceiling speakers take care of sounds moving behind the listener? Looks like having them in the locations suggested would allow them to handle effects in front & behind?
  6. Here’s a review of the 65GZ1000U... https://www.trustedreviews.com/reviews/panasonic-tx-65gz1000 Should I buy the Panasonic TX-65GZ1000 4K TV? The fact that the GZ1000 doesn’t represent the zenith of Panasonic’s OLED line should give rival manufacturers pause for thought. It combines sensational image processing with a refreshingly sensible approach to HDR. HDR10, Dolby Vision or HDR10+, this set plays ball with them all. Only Philips promises the same level of compatibility. Overall usability is high, and build quality fine. We rate the TX-65GZ1000 as an outstanding premium OLED screen.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m debating whether 2 or 4 ceiling speakers would suit such a room with little depth though. Would it matter if the two rear ceiling speakers are behind my rear surrounds? Also not sure if having rear ceiling speakers would collide with my already high rear surrounds (which can’t be moved), hence the thought of only using 2 ceiling speakers.
  8. This looked & sounded amazing. I’m so glad I decided to connect a couple of extra speakers for Atmos before giving this classic a spin. It really makes me want to go the full Atmos experience, with 4 in-ceiling speakers. Audio highlights were the scenes with the sentinels & the EMP. So much happening, yet every detail dispersed accurately. What do others think? Does it rate top 3 in your UHD collection for overall picture/audio/film? It’s only the second UHD BD I’ve seen so it is for me 😏
  9. Thanks, Irek. If I do end up putting the ceiling speakers in, Focals would be on my list. Have you used them yourself? & do you have a recommended model? Viewing distance is about 2.6m iirc, so it's pretty 'in your face'. 😏
  10. Hey Ray. Yeah I’m loving the natural picture the GZ series produces. The are a lot of settings options for people who like to tinker with them though. I just leave it on THX Cinema myself. I’m yet to test it for gaming, but it handles movies & sport very well - UHD BD’s are what it craves of course, but Foxtel’s 4K sports channel looks pretty amazing. The remote is of high quality too, though my Harmony’s ‘learnt’ all the necessary commands from it, so I won’t make use of it myself.
  11. Yes very happy. The upfiring speakers worked surprisingly well when watching that opening battle in Gladiator - the flying arrow effects were more prominent. Are there any recommended Atmos demos available for download? I’d love to hear them! Oh, it’s just too much for a lounge setup. Though, the photos do make the 65” look smaller than it is when seated - the 2nd last photo is closer to the mark 😏 Found a couple of great Atmos demos that I’ve just Airplayed to the Apple TV. Very impressed with the up-firing speakers. https://www.dolby.com/us/en/guide/dolby-atmos-trailers.html
  12. Hey people. I’ve just about completed a setup conversion from 1080p to 4K & today also tagged on some up-firing Atmos speakers. Specs are in sig.
  13. Well to my surprise, i've managed to get Atmos working through the HDMI2 (ARC) port of the GZ1000U. Netflix Atmos content now gets detected by the AVR. I didn't have the front presence speakers activated, so once they were & then plugging in a couple of book shelf speakers, Atmos is now transmitted. I realise it sounds silly to expect Atmos when I didn't have any Atmos speakers set up, but prior to these changes, the Apple TV4K was sending Atmos & the AVR was picking it up no problem, with the 5.1 set up I had...
  14. This was my first UHD film on the first UHD TV purchased recently (TH-65GZ1000U - an upgrade from a ~10 year old Plasma). What a great intro to a non-gimicky (cough*3D*cough) generation of home theatre. Everything looked/sounded so natural. Panasonic have nailed it with their OLED's this year. What was your first UHD Blu-ray?
  15. Thanks, Happy Sacks. Sorry, what do you mean by “3/4”? Reading my question now, it does sound silly - of course I’d need Atmos speakers for Atmos to work. But can you explain why the AVR displays “Dolby Atmos” when watching Atmos programs via Netflix? That’s what’s caused my confusion.
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