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  1. Thought I’d update with photos of the matt black skins for the AirPods Pro... They’re ok, but they don’t cover as much of the white sections as the OG AirPods skins do... I also don’t like how the top edges of the two bulb sections don’t line up, but after chats with APSkins (very helpful on Messenger), they say they were able to line them by stretching the skins. I’ll need to try again. You can see I messed up the right skin around the button, but you get a 2nd set incase this happens (I actually got 4 complimentary pairs as I offered to trial this design for them). Despite those complaints, I’ll keep them on as they’re better than the stock white imo.
  2. Yep. Even after being told it was from a 1 day sale from weeks back....& also despite the “expired” message on that page. JB’s could only do $2995 😂
  3. Good Guys. This helped... https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/518090
  4. Relative’s grabbing the 65” GZ1000 this morning for $2495. Bargain of the year.
  5. Is that from 2016? Although, after reading the bad news yesterday, I feel they’re getting out of it completely eventually. Sad stuff. Edit... The HZ flagship model was announced at CES... https://www.avforums.com/news/video-panasonic-hz2000-oled-full-details-and-specs.17048
  6. Yeah, this does make things easier. I’ve also removed the unused inputs from the GZ menu, for a minimalist list. I just wish we had a PICTURE button on our remote so we can change from a day time picture mode to a night time picture mode quickly. I’ve managed to assign Sequences to a couple of the Harmony remote buttons which work well (with delays in between commands), but it’s just not as sleek. Weird how Panasonic have two different premium remotes for the same TV in different regions (Aus & Europe)...
  7. Hi Phil. I don’t use my TV input at all, so can’t say why it’s not working for you. Have you tried getting the Harmony remote to ‘learn’ the TV input command? My IQ4 handles all the FTA channels I need, so I just use the TV’s HDMI inputs (via the AVR); HDMI 2 for IQ4, ATV4K, PS4 & Netflix from the TV’s inbuilt App (using ARC on HDMI 2)...& HDMI 1 for the UB820 video only. I went from the IQ2 to the IQ4 & prefer it for sure. There’s only one 4K channel in my package (Sport) & it looks stunning on this TV, despite the fact Foxtel have made it look better than the HD channels by reducing their bandwidth... If you have a satellite Foxtel connection, then the IQ4’s the best box you can get. I waited for a free upgrade promotion & jumped on.
  8. So far so good. The two sections did overlap slightly, which had me worried about them peeling away over time, but I’ve worn them frequently over the last 2 weeks (work, gym, out & about) & they’ve remained as good as new. That lifetime replacement warranty covers you in case they peel away anyway, so I’d recommend them, for the price I paid for sure. You do need to be patient applying them though, as you may know already from the set you’ve demo’d. These ones would be thinner than the Xtreme Guards I reckon as they slide into the case easily. Photos...
  9. Hey. I jumped on a deal on these...at the time, it was ~AU$10 delivered... Airpod Skins Protective Wraps - Newest Model – Free Lifetime Replacements WWW.EBAY.COM.AU ✔ MAXIMUM COVERAGE AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET – Our new total line gives you the most AirPod coverage of any skin on the market. Look great while defending your Apple AirPods from... Lifetime replacements sealed the deal. Actually came with 2 sets too.
  10. Got these yesterday. All tips sizes tested fine, but the small size protruded less so out the side of my ear & sounded great so stuck with those. I really didn’t want to pack away the OG Airpods after skinning them in Matt black only a week before the Pro’s were announced, but these improve on them in every area & add much needed versatility with the Noise Cancelling, so I’m left with no choice but to retire the OG Airpods. They served me well, but I now welcome the Pro era!
  11. Interested in your views once you get them. I guess since they’re new, our only option is to source them from overseas?
  12. Anyone heard of these? Getting a few very positive reviews...
  13. If they’ve dropped to just over an hour for phone calls & ~3 hours for music, then call up Apple Support & see what they say. The advisor I spoke with suggested I leave the Airpods out of the case overnight & check their charge in the morning. They mentioned if they dropped to a certain level, then I should take them into an Apple store, for further tests. At least this way, you go into a store with an incident number & proof you’ve had another Apple Genius look into the issue. Hopefully the in-store tests come back with further evidence of severe battery degradation & they’ll swap them with a new pair. My case wasn’t swapped, which didn’t bother me, as it had no issues. They did test the case though, so I’d imagine they’d swap it too if it was also defective. Good luck!
  14. The OG Airpods are the best smartphone accessory of the last 5+ years for me. Helps when they link up to all your devices via a user-friendly ecosystem. The Pro’s are this years most exciting product for me. Cannot wait to grab them. FYI, Aussies can have Airpods with depleted batteries replaced within 2 years, thanks to our consumer law. I did that with mine after 22 months - first called up Apple support who did some testing before they suggested I visit an Apple store, where I was in & out within 20 minutes with a new set of Airpods. So, for $400, for a much improved product that I’ll be using every day, for much of the day + a free change over, should the batteries degrade within 2 years (which they will), I think it’s worth it.
  15. Amazing how clear it is in daylight. They should’ve ‘camouflaged’ it by displaying the background on the set, proving how life-like an image can be in sunlight, on a panel.
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