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  1. Good Guys were saying they expected them either by Friday (2 days ago) or if not, Monday (tomorrow). Had one JB store tell me they weren’t even sure if they were getting them in, or not many if any...stating their new cheaper brands are where they were heading, which concerned me greatly. But that was only one branch - other JB stores were just saying Panasonic stock was late & they expected normal stock numbers...
  2. Congrats. Way to get rid of blank wall space 😏
  3. GZ1000U in stock & available for delivery at The Good Guys... https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/panasonic-65-inches-gz1000u-4k-uhd-smart-oled-tv-th-65gz1000u $5k is $1k more than I’d hoped to pay. I’ll bide my time 😏 Also available in store at Westcoasthifi for $5799... https://www.westcoasthifi.com.au/product/panasonic-65-inch-oled-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-tv-th-65gz1000u/
  4. Oh, should’ve posted yesterday - was on the phone with Westcoasthifi & they expect the Panasonic’s in store by next week. Are poor sales the reason behind them pulling out of the USA? Hope we don’t see that happen here! 😬
  5. GZ950B 65” unboxing. It doesn’t look like Australia is getting this model though.
  6. Yeah I was just looking at that one. At ~$600, it doesn’t seem worth the extra $250 over the Sony UBP-X700 just for HDR10+... Let’s hope the 850 comes out with all HDR decoders, as I don’t want to buy another player after this one.... Edit... Just discovered that the UBP-X700 can’t Auto-detect DV sources & that you have to manually turn it on/off. Wonder if Logitech Harmony remotes are able to have a button sequence set that turns DV on/off with the press of a button? Does anyone know?
  7. Yeah, I’m realising that I may need to invest in a decent player now to avoid wasting the DV/HDR 10+ features of the TV I’ll purchase this year. The Sony UBP-X700 review looks great, but I don’t think it supports HDR 10+ which is a shame. So the upcoming Panasonic UHD players may be the only ones which support both DV/HDR 10+? Edit... Well this is disappointing - only one of the players in this list support both DV/HDR10+...The Panasonic DP-UB9000 https://www.techradar.com/au/news/video/the-best-4k-blu-ray-players-you-can-buy-right-now-1321481 How can the UHD player market be so bleak, when hardly any of the models support all picture formats that reward those who are investing in the technology?...
  8. The PS5 is rumoured to fully support UHD playback. 🤞
  9. Hmm, it supports SACD. Sounds like a decent investment for those looking to delve into Hi res audio. Wonder if it also supports DVD-A & BD-A??
  10. Thanks, bb. The PS4 Pro’s had a quieter fan than the regular PS4, which is also quieter than the PS3’s. Like you, I noticed the PS3 whirring, but the PS4 Pro is near silent. I use my Harmony Hub remote (physical & App), which definitely improves on the PS controller. As for Tone Mapping, the picture on my Panasonic plasma got my thumbs up - THX is a great ‘set & forget’ picture mode, which I was happy to leave un-tweaked. Hoping to find a similar mode on whichever OLED I end up going with.
  11. What did you find lacking in the consoles? Personally, the PS3 did the job with Blu-Rays for me. & because my HT is in the lounge, I prefer to keep it minimalist, with the least devices as possible, hence the aim to have an all-in-one console/UHD player. Yeah, I thought that may be the case. Just wanted to confirm. Thanks.
  12. Go back in time then - I just watched Equilibrium & he just commands each scene. Great performances all round & (still) jaw dropping fight scenes.
  13. Hey there. Just wondering what budget UHD Blu-ray player is recommended around here (if any)? I haven’t fully dived into 4K as yet - still need a TV (planning to purchase in a few months), & thanks to Sony, my PS4 isn’t going to keep my home theatre’s minimalist setup as the PS3 did during the Blu-Ray era (now I understand why many were angry at Sony for this! 😡) Anyway, until the PS5 is released, I’m after a ‘stop-gap’ UHD BD player that does the job, but also doesn’t have excruciatingly slow menus + is supported by Logitech Harmony Hub remotes. Oh & it doesn’t need to be region free for Blu-rays. As for UHD BD’s, are they region locked? If so, then additional recommendations for a budget player that’s region-free for UHD BD would also be appreciated. I may just end up going a region-locked player, but it’d be good to know price differences to see if it’s worth it. Though, it’ll only be used until the PS5 comes out, so it isn’t a huge factor. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  14. Good to see both Owen & MLXXX still posting. They always provided a wealth of knowledge on DTVForums.
  15. Let’s ignore that. 😏 What juicy sources are you throwing at your C9? How are 1080p Blu-Ray’s upscaled? (I have a decent collection of BD, but will of course start grabbing UHD titles once I decide on a 4K set). Also, are you a gamer & Foxtel subscriber? How do these look? & is there one picture mode that handles them all (my Panasonic has a “THX” picture mode that handles everything & saves me switching between them).
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