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  1. The Selby mounts come with various sized bolts and the mounts are adjustable to allow fitting of just about any TV. If unsure, give Selby a call and they can guide you.
  2. How about: Digital music hardware and software Streaming hardware and software Music Discussion
  3. Snoopy8

    Dual Sub Woofer Question - Blending?

    I would go SVS and Paradigm because I have a preference for tight bass. This is the easy part! Much harder to integrate the dual subs properly.
  4. Snoopy8

    Anthem ARC clarification

    The microphone should have a serial number. Enter it here and software and calibration file can be downloaded: https://www.anthemav.com/support/latest-software.php
  5. Snoopy8

    Dual Sub Woofer Question - Blending?

    The purpose of dual subs is to even out the bass in the room. It is not that critical which sub you select for movies but tighter bass is better for music. What is more important is positioning the subs and measuring the impact. Some ideas here:
  6. Snoopy8

    FS: Primare i32 Integrated Amplifier Silver

    You are totally missing the purpose of this forum. This is a community not a business nor is it a buy and sell for profit platform. It happens to have a classifieds section that members can trade. And just because someone made a profit from your goods does make it right that you exploit other people. Any exploitation in the forum should be called out, whether it is a new or long standing member.
  7. Snoopy8

    Community Reputation

    But what about a long time member who has not traded but made many useful posts and helped others (& appreciated by them)? Do you not buy from them when they sell their first items?
  8. Snoopy8

    Community Reputation

    Not saying it is perfect. You can get a feel about the member from their posts and reactions particularly when new to the forum. Are they posting useful things that help others? Is it appreciated by others? Combined with their trading feedback, I will then decide whether to buy from them. What else would your use?
  9. Snoopy8

    FS: Primare i32 Integrated Amplifier Silver

    As the owner, you can sell it for any price you want and state whatever condition. However, your advert goes against the ethos of this forum and community to help one another, NOT profit!
  10. Snoopy8

    Community Reputation

    Click on the number and you will see more details on how that person earned and gave reputation points. I think it is a good idea to get a better feel of that member, especially when you are trading..
  11. Snoopy8

    Community Reputation

    Just noticed a new feature: Community Reputation. 👍 You have been busy Marc!
  12. Good question. Sonos has average AQ but compared with many cheap wireless systems is still good. Its ease of use still stands out and I think it is still the market leader. Maybe Heos, Bose or Bluesound has better AQ?? Guessing here. Check on your NAS whether there is a setting to disable SMBv1. On Synology DSM : Control Panel, File Services, SMS Advanced Settings. Also check your MicroRendu. On my SMS-200 Ultra, they changed the Library Config setting, at my request (👍), to define which SMB version to use. Sorry, do not know Mac.
  13. Yes, a bit disappointing in their response. Sonos had been good with their previous support response when I had issues, even when warranty had long lapsed. Yes, Sonos has average audio quality but when I bought 5 years ago, Sonos was by far the best wireless sound system.
  14. From Sonos support. They know about it but choosing not to do anything because of older hardware ! 😠 Meantime they leave their customer's NAS vulnerable. Not sure why they cannot enable SMBv2 for hardware that supports it and leave older hardware on SMBv1 ???
  15. Snoopy8


    Thornbury much closer than Hallam for me. 👍