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  1. Out of the box, not multi region. A kit would need to be fitted.
  2. to the forum. Given your focus is on music and some movies, suggest you look at a stereo system rather than a home theatre AVR from the likes of Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo (but they do sell stereo gear) which compromise music. You should be looking at a stereo integrated and there are many choices. You need to determine features required, especially what connections you need for TV and other devices. And a budget. With the $1K, suggest skipping the sub for now and spend it all on getting a good pair. Most importantly, listen to some speakers because it can depend on personal taste. You also need to consider sources. If you do not own many CDs, skip the CD player and jump straight into streaming devices with a DAC. Are you open to buying from the Classifieds? If so, you may be able to get better value.
  3. Both the Lumin T2 and Ayre QX-5 are streamers plus DAC, which allow you to control and manage the music stored anywhere, on disc drives, NAS. Adding an Innuos server will complicate the setup because it also controls and manages music. What you need is to look for other Streamer DACs which also have USB and AES/EBU connections.
  4. As the seller, you have the call on whom you sell to. You have given the buyer the courtesy of waiting beyond the agreed time. Buyer has been rude in not following through (and I suspect not a regular member here?). Time to move to next person...
  5. As they say, any publicity is good publicity! 😃 We now have 155 voters, not many polls get this far!
  6. Garden variety AVRs and prepros will have cutover, typically between 80 and 300 Hz, mono sub output, some with dual mono outputs. The better ones will have room correction software like Dirac, Anthem Room Correction (both which I can recommend). So, to answer your question, filters do exist in all AVRs and prepros and can be set manually. They will not do 800/1000 Hz cutoff. The only way to do that is get a seperate DSP device. Or look for a Pro audio processor, which I am not familiar with.
  7. It was impossible to guess what your context was based in your initial post! We now know it is for an elderly family member and budget less than USD9K Applying what you do with your stereo to a HT system is not the right approach. Especially for an elderly person to do both HT and stereo. A garden variety AVR will do the job, but there are NO AVRs or prepros which can do what you want based on your specs. Having stereo woofers for HT and cross overs at 800/1000 Hz does not make sense. There are no stereo bass tracks in movies and bass will not integrate well at such high crossovers. Integration of dual subs is best done with mono to improve the bass and easiest with package software like Dirac. You can use full range speakers for the fronts and not use subs, but subs give the movies the additional punch.
  8. I am puzzled by why you want to spend a lot more for a prepro than using say a MiniDSP 2x4HD?
  9. You are quoting me out of context. I did not suggest putting the cheapest electronics in front of the most expensive speakers. I could equally quote you out of context but what does it achieve??? There is a balance and it is the matching of components which is just as important.
  10. As a rough guide, spend at least 50% on your speakers. You have not mentioned about your room and where your setup is positioned. The room has the greatest impact on the sound.
  11. I agree with your point about not assuming, but I doubt I can borrow 3 SOtM cables to try. Buying 3 new is out of the question at $2,850, and it will be a long time before 3 turn up in the Classifieds (assuming they were long enough!). If I was going to experiment further, I would firstly upgrade to DOS2 which would eliminate the Dialog and reduce cable count to 2. I could then experiment with 2 uber cables or a second EtherREGEN (which I may be able to borrow).
  12. I posted previously that I did not like the sound of the SOtM cable and found that the WW Starlight created a slight smearing. It is of course a personal preference on my setup. Yes, it would be expensive to use uber cables to each of the Phantoms but, fortunately for the wallet (!!!), the EtherREGEN made it unnecessary.
  13. I tried both the SOtM Cat 7 (1 m) and Supra Cat 8 (1.5 m) between the ER and Dialog. I did not have 3 Ethernet cables (ER to Dialog & 2 Phantoms, each at least 2.5 m) to test the alternate.
  14. to the forum. Suggest swapping left and right channels, swapping cables. If the hum moves between left and right, then likely to be AVR (what is make, model?). Also, can you try another input to LS50W?
  15. to the forum. It is good that your are familiar with some speakers and know what you like and don't like. What is budget? Open to buying used? What is room like? What are your sources?
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