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  1. One was the dCS Network Bridge and the other a Weiss. Both native Apps came across better than running Roon.
  2. The Isoaccoustics stands reduces the smearing of instruments and makes them pinpoint in the sound stage. They are also cheap! Also, they work better than sand in the stands (not filled). Nothing wrong with sound stage, mids/top end. Been using this angle for a long time and I think toe in is a personal preference. By way, one of the articles said that that 7.5 degrees toe out is the best!!!
  3. My Kii Threes are in an open plan family room, with some room treatment. Out of the box, they delivered in spades, with a wide and deep sound stage and clarity and detail. You may notice that Kii Threes are sitting on top on Isoacoustics Aperta 100 stands, which removed the smearing of instruments. I re-used them from my previous setup, based on advice directly from Isoacoustics. They recommended GAIA feet if the speakers were mechanically fastened to the speaker stands, or Aperta/ISO stands if not. Streamer is an Intel NUC with music on a NAS. The ethernet side has an Uptone EtherRegen, an audiophile switch designed from the ground up. It is connected to an Ubiquity Edge Server with ethernet over fibre optic Together they provided a darker background with more details and clarity plus a wider sound stage.
  4. Am going against the tide. Trialled but not using Roon. User interface was so, so and found the music management not compelling enough. Also, on 2 seperate occasions on 2 different setups, found that Roon's sound quality was not as good as the native App of the streamer.
  5. Please check again as there are a number of Marantz units with analog inputs...
  6. https://kleinnovations.com/kle-innovations-klei-products/klei-qseries/klei-qseries-usb/klei-qflow7-usb/ I am looking for more user feedback on the KLEI USB cable and what streamer and DAC it was used with. And any comparisons with other cables like Curious, Audioquest Diamond etc. Last time this thread went OT and was closed down. Please keep to topic.
  7. One box solution, it is. The challenge with most AVRs is the lack of power. The exception is Arcam, but they are more expensive. If you do not mind the recently superseeded range. suggest this: https://audioconnection.com.au/products/arcam-fmj-avr550-atmos-receiver-90wpc
  8. The Anthem MRX 720 is likely to be better than the Yamaha for music, Anthem Room Correction helps with music. The MRX 1120 will not improve music; it has more channels. An Anthem AVM60 will improve music because it has better analog circuitry, but will need power amps. Other AVR brands known to be better for music are NAD (Dirac Live), Arcam (Dirac Live) and Marantz (without Audyssey, good for movies,not so good for music). An AVR should only be considered for music if you are after a one box solution (due to space limitations, WAF). How serious are you with music? If so, get a decent integrated amp with HT bypass.
  9. to the forum... It will be better to run the main channels with the Elektra because it has a lot more power and use the Anthem for the surrounds. Another option is to get the AVM60 and get another multi channel amp. Anthem Room Correction is excellent, as good as Dirac Live which is my other suggested software...
  10. Sorry to hear what happened. On top of insurance, suggest photos of the items before closing the packaging as well as the carton. If possible, add a second heavy duty carton on the outside. And more ticks for Star Track, Couriers Please and Australia Post as per my original post...
  11. +1 for Holton DC blocker @mwhouston makes this http://retro-thermionic.blogspot.com/2018/07/dc-duffer-black.html?m=1 Note that a DC blocker can also be used for TVs, gave my plasma TV a boost in the colour!
  12. +1 You may be surprised what everyday items can be help with the sound. The biggest challenge with the current position is having the left size of the AV system open to the rest of the room. Unfortunately, no amount of room treatment can counter that. I have a similar problem in my open plan family and compensated by using a dual sub arrangement for my home theatre. With stereo, it was a bigger challenge and I ended up turning it 90 degrees to point down the length of the room.
  13. Sorry, I was the confused one. Here are some steps to get into the NAS world, using Synology as an example: Select a NAS using NAS selector, likely case for you is file server and synchronisation Decide how much redundancy you want in case of a disk failure; for many people, 2 bay with RAID1 is enough Purchase NAS and disk drives Install disk drives into NAS and follow instructions on how to install DSM; you will need access to a browser Copy music files to NAS You need to enable SMB on NAS and BlueSound will then see the music on the NAS.
  14. Perhaps you should restate clearly what problem you are trying to solve? e.g. want to manage 200,000 songs to feed a non-usb DAC without a computer? Am not technology savvy but comfortable using an application on a phone etc..
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