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  1. Snoopy8


    But don't forget that your ears are the best judge, even as a beginner. If it sounds good to you, do not be afraid to say so as you go progress...
  2. Ideally, should use REW with a calibrated microphone to get a measurement of the room.
  3. Have not been able borrow Standard Ultra. However, can say with certainty that the voice delivered by Neo is better. Listening to Diana Krall right now and her voice is superb 👍 SPS-500 compare to be scheduled...
  4. Snoopy8

    learning to listen

    Why? Throwing negative words is easy but you should at least explain your reasons.
  5. Let your own ears be the judge, if they sound good on your system, end of story... Not everyone will enjoy the details revealed by some of the systems. Had a guy who stormed out of the Martin Logan room when his CD, with a home recording (?) sounded distorted.
  6. Am another laggard with 4K. With Atmos, updated AVR, but not yet put in ceiling speakers. Voted quite satisfied earlier but did not post. The number who voted here is typical of polls, unlike your very successful one on the stereo setup @audiofeline
  7. Snoopy8

    learning to listen

    🤣 I am listening to Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble: Officium while writing this. I think that is closer ! 😁 I certainly do critical listening when doing comparisons e.g. the piano note or the snap of the fingers, width & depth of sound stage. But at other times, I tend to get absorbed into the music. Is that mindful listening? Not quite paying attention to say Jan Garbarek's Saxophone but listening to the wonderful reverb in that church and with the Hilliard Ensemble in tow.
  8. Have made a series of updates to the SMS-200 Ultra in the past few months which are positive: Upgraded to Neo which improved the voice playback. Upgraded officially (i.e. warranty still valid) by Sublime HiFi in Perth, which means it does need to go back to SOtM in Korea, less time, less hassle.A number of reviews in posts further down Upgraded Ultra power to Gieseler 12V 4A PSU If using 9V SMS-200 or SMS-200 Ultra, can recommend Gieseler 3A multi voltage PSUAm using the 3A PSU which improved the Iso Regen connected to my Ultra
  9. Just wondering anyone changed their vote after attending the HiFi show? I kept my vote as quite satisfied, maybe nudging more towards very satisfied, but not enough to change my vote.
  10. Should have no issue. Each adult is allowed AUD 900 of goods duty free.
  11. Snoopy8

    Gieseler DAC Reviews & Impressions

    Sorry, I think I posted in other thread but not this. Could not do comparison, was not able to get the Fein. Maybe when Clay returns from holidays?
  12. This is actually an impressive poll relative to other polls that I have tried starting. It has more votes than most polls. We have a theoretical 148,000 members but I suspect only a few thousand are active...
  13. Did the Hifi show help or hinder with your deep questions?
  14. Suggest looking at the NAD T58V3 with Dirac Live.