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  1. Marantz does present a dilemma. I would have said Japan, but Marantz Wiki says otherwise! You can vote either! Technically American but I suspect most people would vote Japanese. This is what makes this discussion of heritage interesting and fun...
  2. I have always thought it started as British and the NAD Wiki said the same thing.
  3. Then tick all the boxes ! 😁
  4. I have been using country of origin. Eg. NAD is British designed, made in China, now Canadian owned. Hence, I ticked British...
  5. Added Dutch (Primaluna) to my stereo vote. 86 people have voted. For stereo, majority have American (50) and British (45). Rounding the top 4 are Japanese (37), Australian (32). There is a spread votes among countries which reflect the diverse nature of 2 channel gear. In contrast, HT is dominated by the Japanese with 37 out of 54 people (32 do not have HT gear). Similar to 2 channel, American (16), British (17) and Australian (19) round up the top 4.
  6. Currently own a 5 year old Panasonic Plasma who has excellent viewing angles. Am investigating whether to upgrade to a 75" TV. However, the 77" OLEDs, with good viewing angles are way, way over budget. Reasonable priced 75" LED TVs tend to be IPS panels with better viewing angles but poorer blacks, contrast compared with VA panels. Voted viewing angle as important in poll.
  7. Many TVs have a published viewing angle but this is largely a manufacturer's interpretation. There is however an interesting independent measure of TV viewing angles here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tests/picture-quality/viewing-angle The article has a good explanation of viewing angles and what to look for. It is a pity that Panasonic is no longer selling in USA; otherwise, the measurements would be even more useful here. For many people, the viewing angle is not important because they sit in front of the TV. For others, and I suspect a smaller minority, viewing angle is as important as other factors. So how important is a TV's viewing angle when you buy a TV? Please vote and post your thoughts.
  8. It is a simple to use bass management system. For more, read this http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/dspeaker-anti-mode-20-dualcore-digital-signal-processor/ @colinm1 using all caps is considered shouting...
  9. Am I correct in assuming your DAC does not have USB and has only S/PDIF inputs? If so, then the schiit audio option below is one way. The Singxer SU1 is popular here and another option. Agree, look at classifieds. @Tats46 not sure whether you want to go down this rabbit hole, but getting a new DAC with USB input and a good usb interconnect could be another way? Ideally, borrow a DAC and a USB S/PDIF converter to compare?
  10. Snoopy8

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    You will be going backwards, with an over complicated setup. If you look at the article: The bass management is done by ARC.
  11. Snoopy8

    New uses for Oppo players?

    On your AVR, you can select the input to use. For movies, select HDMI, for music, select the analog input (plus direct mode).
  12. This is because the DAC and interconnects are not a high standard Given you are happy with the sound into your DAC, have you tried getting a good interconnect to feed digital from iMac to your DAC?
  13. Snoopy8

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    to the forum. The sub can only be fed by the MRX-310 sub preout. There is no way to re-assign an existing speaker output to be a line level sub output. And ARC assumes that the sub output is the sub preout.
  14. Fully agree it is the room and location of speakers which are the most important. And yes, room treatment is the best first step. But, many of us do not have the luxury of a dedicated room. A shared room limits the amount of room treatment, locations to put system, all subject to WAF. Room correction makes a big difference in situations like this. Am using Dirac Live for HT and bass management for 2 channel. P/s can cite examples of many brands having reliability problems. The NAD T58V3 is value for money and is highly rated in SNA's review.
  15. Have you tried room correction software such as Dirac Live or Anthem Room Correction? It makes a big difference!