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  1. For 2 subs, I prefer feeding to a DSP to sum (less 6dB) and provide mono to the subs.
  2. I assume you are trying to add the left and right signals to mono??? Have a read of this: http://silentsky.net/wordpress/archives/624
  3. The preouts will output the left and right signals, not mono. The sub should add the signals and convert to mono.
  4. Here's some: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejTOe7s1r30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cy58d5Y4J_s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7mq_RDiROI The last is Bod Stuart, the inventor, being interviewed by Darko. There are NO videos on the technical aspects of MQA. MQA (the organisation) have chosen to keep things well hidden. GoldenSound's video was the first one who have done a detailed spectrum analysis. Archimago's review' was the other comprehensive look. In both cases, MQA declined to give a written response; there was a phone chat after Archi
  5. I often suggest getting a streamer/DAC combination because it simplifies things and sound good. But many people enjoy the chase of getting separate streamer and DAC, plus connecting cable. If you get a BluOS enabled streamer/DAC e.g. NAD C658 or NAD M10, you can easily add a BlueSound wireless speaker. There are some streamer DACs that can have a hard drive added e.g. Auralic, Innuos. However, most streamers will read off USB hard drives. Your Oppo 105 can rip SACDs, along with a number of players https://hifihaven.org/index.php?threads/rip-sac
  6. to the forum... After you have made a few more posts, you will have access to the Classifieds. If you have no need for the latest features, there are some bargains there. When you are ready, please post on the AV sub forum your requirements. Do tell us more about your room, what features are mandatory and what are nice to haves, and what is your current setup. Lastly, but not least your budget. Hope you enjoy your time here...
  7. Fully agree, speakers are very much a personal choice and an audition is a must. @Sounder10, at the risk of making choices messy, have you seen this?
  8. To date, have only mentioned in passing, MSO's ability to integrate multiple subs in a home theater environment. It is especially helpful in a multi seat, multi row HT setup because some people will be seated where the bass is not that good. In my shared room, there were 2 subs, one in the front and another to the right side of the sofa. When combined, they appeared as the red line in the graph below. Responses were offset to improve clarity. The combined response was OK, within a 20 dB range and no big troughs. The left of the sofa had the m
  9. Suggest getting a tape measure and checking your AVR calibration distances.
  10. Was intending to educate OP that getting an MQA DAC to do unfolding is not necessary, and that Tidal have been deceiving users. If you believe it is inappropriate, please remove.
  11. I suspect that Tidal have been using poorer masters, and lower volume, in their non MQA music, so that people think MQA is better. That could be why Qobuz sounds better than Tidal?
  12. Have you actually compared MQA tracks with equivalent (same master, volume matched) CD tracks? Please don't say Tidal because they often use better masters and increase the volume of MQA tracks.
  13. Curious if anyone have done comparisons between MQA tracks and CD quality tracks that are volume matched and using the same master recordings? Using Tidal for comparing is not reliable because often the masters are different and volume is all over the place.
  14. Some people enjoy the chase (merry go round)! +1
  15. Sorry to hear about your Toll experience; have not used them and now unlikely to do so. I am surprised March Audio has not said anything to you. While technically not their issue, it creates a poor customer experience...
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