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  1. Snoopy8

    Good Value Wireless Access Point

    Will not save a lot getting a wireless N router. Suggest the TP-Link AC1200..
  2. Snoopy8

    Good Value Wireless Access Point

    Depends on what you want to spend. I have found TP-Link wifi routers to be good value. A TP-Link AC1200 is about $50, AC1750 about $90. The other thing to consider is how capable are your devices that connect to wifi; no use getting the fast ones if your devices, especially old ones, do not use the latest protocols.
  3. Snoopy8

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    MSO itself is a computer program to calculate the DSP parameters and these parameters are entered into a DSP e.g. min-DSP 2x4 HD For my setup, feeding from my preamp a second set of left and right signals to a Behringer DCX2496 which does summing (less 6 dB) and applies MSO parameters including cross over, delay, gain and PEQs. Mono signal is then fed to the 2 SVS subs.
  4. Snoopy8

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    Mono, co-located with the mains, all in the front (to accommodate WAF!).
  5. Snoopy8

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    I did put in as much soft materials as I could, including stuffing sound absorbing foam under the couches, nooks and crannies. Lots of pillows plus heavy set of curtains at the back. More people - a bit difficult? Can't see the better half agreeing to me inviting our neighbors every time I have a serious listen! 😜
  6. Snoopy8

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    I have my system in the family room and bass traps are definitely a no, no. If integrated correctly, should not hear the bass coming from the subs. The bass should be coming from the location of the instrument e.g. the double bass in a jazz piece (i use Diana Krall's My Love Is as my test piece). Am using a program called MSO to integrate my dual subs. If you have any questions on MSO, better if you post it on that thread.
  7. Snoopy8

    QNAP tvs i7 for Roon and storage

    Have you gone through this? https://kb.roonlabs.com/Roon_Server_on_NAS
  8. Snoopy8

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    Good subs can help with 100-200 Hz dip. Should do the following: measure the room, treat it for bass, position subs and apply DSP. If too hard, hire an expert...
  9. Snoopy8

    Dayton 18" UM shipped to AU

    2 gives you better bass because it can help even out the dips with careful placement (& DSP if required). Unless your room is treated for bass, there will be issues with uneven bass. 2 smaller subs reduces the uneveness which comes across better than 1 large sub.
  10. Have heard the MRX-1120 (big brother of 520 with toroidal power supply) with Krix Harmonix, 1120 with my active speakers and T758V3 with my active speakers. AVRs cannot compete with very good dedicated 2 channel systems for music. However, I could live with either for music if that was all I had. Prefer T758V3 to the MRX-520 because it has more power, and Dirac Live is better for music than Anthem Room Correction. Not sure whether you have considered multi channel music, but the extra power in the NAD puts it ahead of Anthem. And should you get more into movies in the future, the T758V3 has far more capability e.g. 7 amp channels, Atmos etc. Regarding the speakers, try finding a retailer which has both and audition them. Speakers are often a personal choice and you may prefer one to the other.
  11. As @:) al mentioned earlier, have a look at Bluesound Node 2, currently seeking in many places at a touch over $800
  12. Correct, no need for PC, and better audio quality because PC has noisy power supply Yes, most people use a phone, Android, IOS app. Can also use a PC
  13. Snoopy8

    Gieseler Power Supply owners thread

    Dual PSU's no longer available. You will have to get 2 standalone ones...
  14. For people not familiar with the SMS-200, please have a look at this: GLWTS...
  15. Let me see whether I understand your requirements. You are using your phone to access Tidal and want to send the music via bluetooth to your system. And you will be getting a Bluetooth receiver to plug into your Rotel which I assume has a digital input and can do DAC duties. Is this correct? And what is your budget?