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  1. No, not a typo... https://www.theage.com.au/technology/what-to-do-when-you-need-a-tv-for-a-mansion-resort-or-superyacht-20180420-p4zaox.html
  2. Found a bug, just reported to SOtM. If you specify more than 1 library in "Library config", only the first library will show up. Definitely works on 4.17 and have reverted back.
  3. Try rebooting your surface pro (yes, am running out of ideas!)
  4. I meant reboot of Eunhasu...
  5. You are seeing only the DLNA services. Suggest reboot
  6. This is on my Win10 Dell laptop XPS15 Eunhasu is listed as a computer and media device (MPD, DLNA enabled). Have you tried rebooting the SMS-200 since you changed sharing?
  7. Version : V0.4.18 - Date : 13-04-2018 - Add the SMB function to library config page(to use Windows shared folder) - Add the Buffer control function to mpd config page - Update shairport to 3.2d29 - Fixed bugs that native DSD does not play when using squeezelite
  8. Your SMS-200 is showing up as a media device, not as a computer (in my case). Not sure what you are running, but suggest stopping everything on Eunhasu. You should see Eunhasu as a computer, and it should appear under Network - you only have your desktop listed.
  9. Snoopy8

    Introducing me, myself

    the rabbit hole gets only deeper here!!! 😜
  10. On Euhasu, check that you have shared folder enabled
  11. On Win10, Control Panel, Network & sharing centre, advanced sharing settings, ensure that network discovery is on You should be able to see the Eunhasu folder structure (not using usb drive, library on a NAS, can still see sample folder that came with unit)
  12. MP3Tag is a good tool and if you download it from a reputable site, it should not have malware. I continue to use Foobar2000 for tagging, used to be my player until the SMS-200 came along! I recommend Exact Audio Copy (free) to do the ripping, no issues with tags produced.
  13. Snoopy8

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    to the Anthem AV owners. Suggest you also contact Anthem AV, they appear to have fixed their poor response time to queries.
  14. Have you updated to the latest Eunhasu version? I had to use DOP last year, but in the versions this year, could use native DSD with the Gieseler Groß DAC. SOtM updated the Linux drivers and that made it possible to run with native DSD. 😃 And native DSD sounded better than DOP!
  15. Snoopy8

    Camera and Photo chat

    Oh dear, another one to bite the dust? Looks like I may have to switch to something else