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  1. It does depend on the equipment and how they are designed. @Gieseler Audio DACs could either use 12V AC or further improved with 12V DC. I'll let Clay explain why it works on his DACs.
  2. We need to support our local retailers by giving them our business when pricing is reasonable. This is not intended to start up the moaning and groaning about price gouging here, but without specialist Hifi retailers in Australia, we will all be poorer. Don't forget about warranty and the need to ship back if that happens. No complaints please if you are unlucky and get the extra Customs charges (they do know how to use the Internet!). It will be about 20% of total purchase price (product + shipping); 10% GST, 5% duty, customs charges.
  3. Yes, it uses BluOS, one of the most user friendly Apps around. And it looks really good on a tablet, nice on phone. If you look at that owner's thread, you will note that Dirac Live is the game changer here. Plus you are simplifying the music chain, no need to get a good cable connecting streamer to DAC.
  4. +1 Given you want better detail and clarity in a shared room, a steamer/DAC with room correction is the way to go. Software such as Dirac Live is especially helpful in mixed purpose rooms. BUT you have to double your budget to get the NAD C658. There are many happy owners here Sorry, blown the budget. Maybe this step for much later?
  5. I did watch it ** A New Hope after Rogue One ** and it worked well. I even voted Rogue One as the movie to introduce the Star Wars franchise...
  6. @R-Y74. @Pasic007. I believe you can use MinimServer + BubbleUpnp Server (for OpenHome emulation) on NAS and BubbleUpnp App on Android to run a Lumin streamer.
  7. Like all lists, I score very low, having only 18! . Highest was Fleetwood Mac Rumours at #7. Going back under the rock... 😉
  8. I suspect MinimServer is scanning a very large folder and finding lots of music files with incorrect tags. When you run MinimWatch, check the logs. Also, in Properties, you can refine the folders, tags, how to display info etc.
  9. MinimWatch runs separately on a PC. https://minimserver.com/downloads/index.html
  10. Have you installed Minimwatch on the PC to configure and setup MinimServer? MinimServer normally runs quickly.
  11. to the forum... You do have a sophisticated setup that many here will find interesting. Don't often hear about feedback on Heos in a multi room setup, so will be interested in yours...
  12. You are not the first to say a native App sounds better than Roon. I know of 3 other non-Lumin owners who have said the same thing.
  13. Accidentally found a bonus today. My Arcam AVR 550 remote works on the Kii Three, controls volume, mute and can change inputs.
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