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  1. For people who have read the books, the Extended version is IT! It filled in the details that readers were expecting. For me, I enjoyed the Extended version even more than what I saw in the theatre. I did watch every LOTR release in the theatre and enjoyed it a lot. Cannot say the same for the Hobbit, which was a pure money making exercise, saw them once on BD.
  2. Thank you for the posts, especially the measurements. Kef won't be the first, nor last vendor, to exaggerate things. Agree that they should have said 18 to 200.
  3. When I mentioned "bigger is better", it was in reference to your perception that a bigger driver is better irrespective of technology. It is, of course, "bigger is better" when you compare the KF92 and the KC62. Best of luck in your search...
  4. So anything bigger = better ??? I think you have missed the advantage of the design with horizontally opposed drivers. I used to own Devialet Phantom Golds with a similar geometry, about the same size. Nothing out there could match the bass nor go louder....
  5. The bigger KF92, released 6 months ago had similar frequency response. What HIFI tested it and their results were not that far off https://www.whathifi.com/au/reviews/kef-kf92
  6. Your answer @Andre28 is the Kef KC62! https://international.kef.com/products/kc62-subwoofer 246 x 256 x 248 mm Driver Unit: 2 x 6.5” Frequency Response: 11Hz – 200Hz Max SPL: 105 dB
  7. Interesting that KEF have made much more noise about the KC62 than the bigger KF92 (came out mid 2020). For comparison (from Kef website) KC62 246 x 256 x 248 mm (63% smaller in volume than KF92) Driver Unit: 2 x 6.5” Frequency Response: 11Hz – 200Hz Max SPL: 105 dB Optimal Room Size: 5 – 50m2 KF92 353 x 330 x 361 mm Driver Unit: 2 x 9” Frequency Response: 11Hz - 200Hz Max SPL: 110 dB Optimal Room Size: 10 – 100m2 The KC62 is certainly impressive, delivering incredible performance for such a small box!
  8. Someone whom I know well had a dedicated line put in just for the stereo. He had an old house with old wiring. Found no difference. Same person heard differences with better power cords. And I ended up with the same power cords. @mfforever, anything to do with power, conditioning, filters etc. Is a contentious subject. Some people found improvements, others dispute it. Only way is to try for yourself....
  9. What is the difference between a DAC with an Ethernet port and streaming DACS like a Lumin X1, Auralic Vega G2, Innuos Statement etc? The Nadac uses the Ravenna protocol and you will need a sources which uses the same protocol.
  10. to the forum... When you are ready, post in appropriate sub forum your requirements, including budget. The more information you provide, including room, what you like to listen to, sources etc. the better the feedback. Once you have a few more posts, you will have access to the Classifieds, where there can be bargains. Lastly, audition as many setups as you can. Trust your ears...
  11. Many people believe that it is possible to solve a bass problem by simply getting a larger sub which can go down low and loud. It is more important to even out the bass in the room, firstly by room treatment (topic for another day) and then by using multiple subs. A room with even bass is what delivers the thump. Hence, my suggestion to keep the Thor and add a second sub (PB1000 is good). Don't forget the Classifieds which is good place to get value with a limited budget.
  12. Can you please post more details of your rabbit hole adventures in the EtherRegen owners thread; what worked, what didn't. It will be good to get a perspective from someone who has found that a simpler ER setup is enough.
  13. That is how many people are using the miniDSP HD. But not many people realise that the analog input and output stages are not that good (as per that modder's post). Ignorance is bliss! I was just as ignorant, using my unmodded DCX2496 to feed my SGR active speakers and dual subs. But the mod kit opened my eyes and ears; there was a significant improvement after the upgrade.
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