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  1. Give 2L free samples a try. 2L places instruments behind in a non traditional manner and makes excellent surround demo material. http://www.2l.no/hires/
  2. lossless player advise

    A micro SD card is cheap and gives you flexibility to expand, swap etc. Your first item far exceeds your budget ? The eBay players may have good specs but what do they sound like? FiiO is a well known brand and you can check the reviews. And local warranty.
  3. lossless player advise

    Would a portable music player work for you? Eg. Fiio X1-II https://www.aussiehifi.com.au/products/fiio-x1-high-resolution-audio-player?variant=45077310599#shopify-product-reviews Need to add a micro SD card, but they are cheap.
  4. To answer your question, yes DAC will definitely improve your listening experience. You will need to get a DAC plus a moderately priced usb cable (not the one you use for printers) to feed the signal from the notebook to the DAC. Have a look at the classifieds and your may be able to pick up something to suit your budget.
  5. How to handle multi Subwoofer setup

    If you are considering using a Mini-DSP, then have a look at this: I used MSO to optimise my dual subs for both the HT and 2 channel setups.
  6. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    I did find an improvement after 30-40 hours use, but not sure whether this was me getting used to the presentation. And where is your review? I agree with the word "addictive". Been listening to it for extended periods for 2 weeks now. ----------------------------------------- NOTE: have updated my review with additional thoughts. Hope Clay does not mind me pre-announcing that there is now new firmware (was the guinea pig!).
  7. Hello from Melbourne

    Good to hear about your background, many people here share your love of tube amps. When ready, let us know what you are looking for in the DAC sub forum...
  8. Pebo

    Do tell us more about your passion, what particular areas interest you more than others...
  9. DAC as a Pre Amplifier.

    There is a 9V AC input from a supplied transformer to feed internal low noise PSU. Beyond that, you got to ask Clay, my knowledge on the internals rather limited.
  10. Multichannel DAC

    I think you have answered the question yourself. Multi channel DACs = pre-pro or AVR . The newer AVRs, pre-pros are coming out with better DAC chips which begs the question what a multi channel DAC can offer extra. And what about room correction which I think is essential for multi channel music? If you add room correction to a multi channel DAC, it is starting to look like a pre-pro...
  11. DAC as a Pre Amplifier.

    Was using a preamp with a DAC ( Audiolab 8200CDQ) before the Groß DAC. Was not using any of the preamp inputs, so decided to go DAC direct into CX3Bs. One less component in chain and SQ is superb.
  12. DAC as a Pre Amplifier.

    Perhaps Clay @Gieseler Audio can explain why his Groß DAC can drive a power amp, but others struggle to? I think it has something to do with the output transformers used as described here
  13. DAC as a Pre Amplifier.

    Been driving my SGR CX3Bs using GIESELER Groß DAC. According to Clay, the Groß DAC outputs 2V RMS and can thus feed power amps & powered speakers directly.
  14. The supplied usa to oz adapter is a joke, not even stable. Had good results with Gieseler PSU at 12v.
  15. SB2000 (I have one plus SB13U) is tighter for music and excellent for movies. It is also smaller than PB2000 has more WAF. Given your preference for music, SB2000 is my suggestion. Understand no curtains and limitations on what you can do. My system is in my open plan family room, have timber floors, high ceilings, but managed to get curtains for the glass sliding doors behind sitting position. Add as much soft materials as you can. Regarding subs, placing in front corners is a good start. Third sub could be on left wall between chair and sofa? (if allowed???). The idea of using multiple subs and placing it in various positions is to remove some of the bass nulls in the room. (Note: ideally room treatment first, but not possible in shared room). To get the best of your subs, you will need to learn how to use measuring software such as REW and buy/hire a calibrated microphone. Otherwise, pay someone like SNA member Paul Spencer from Red Spade Audio to do this. It is some effort, but done well, will make a significant difference. After the subs, should look at either upgrading the AVR to a more powerful one or get power amps. Lots of people here will recommend the latter, but space constraints and WAF may mean AVR upgrade. Hint: ignore brochures on power per channel, look at total power consumption as better indicator. And you can run room correction to improve audio. Even further down the track, can look at improving music. Synology DS Audio is convenient but you can do better.