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  1. You will need to have a few more posts before the Classifieds are open to newcomers..
  2. @rantan @dirktoggler . I did forget the amp bit! If I was going to do the same thing, I would look at NAD M10 or Naim Unity Atom, both way beyond budget..
  3. Not sure of your budget, but if you like BluOS, suggest the NAD C658 https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/nad-electronics-c-658-streaming-dac-preamp-review And you may not lose as much on quality either..
  4. Sorry, I like my EM1 !!! I do not expect to get rid of it anytime soon. The option of the grip is useful while traveling.
  5. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/pictar-pro-dslr-your-smartphone#/ I like cameras with a good grip, but phones fail this test! However, this particular grip is well thought out and will make phones feel like a real camera. With rumours that the next smartphones will have 5x optical zoom, the Pictar Pro grip and smartphone could become my competent travel camera, instead of the Olympus EM1.
  6. to the forum. Lovely part of Vietnam you are living in, particularly Ha Long Bay. Hope you enjoy your time here...
  7. Just to add to Hi-Fi Whipped's comments, AVR brands which are better for music include Cambridge Audio (which he has), Arcam, NAD, Anthem and Marantz. Better to avoid the others...
  8. That is true of any new gear you get! Suggest auditioning the C658. Using this https://nadelectronics.com/dealers/ Don't know whether this is correct, but it lists Noeledge Systems, Shop2, 65 Muldoon Street, Taree Probably better if you visit Audio Junction in Hamilton https://audiojunction.com.au/about-us/ They have Cambridge Audio and NAD.
  9. It is indeed strange that there are no NAD dealers in Perth. Other than finding someone here who can let you listen to their own setup, it looks like the Marantz or Anthem.
  10. I have my doubts that the C658 will be in same category SQ wise as the M10, but it will not be too far away. BluOS is another plus, easy to use, nice looking App especially on tablet. Any chance you can take a (long?) drive to audition both? P/s hope bush fire situation ok for you...
  11. It depends on what you mean by value! That is why I have the NAD T758V3, which I consider a value for money AVR.
  12. If Dolby Vision is a must have, then skip the NAD. Yes, it does not have many HDMI ports, but if that is important, then have to go up to more expensive T777V3. Instead of a FM tuner, it will use BluOS to tune to local radio via Internet.
  13. Your challenge is the last sentence, which I have highlighted in italics. 50/50 mix will require a more musical inclined AVR which means either the Marantz or Anthem. To help with a shared environment, you need to consider room correction. Hence, Anthem MRX 720 should be on top of your list. Curious why NAD T758V3 did not make your shortlist?
  14. Not sure what you are referring to? Are these usb adaptors to the PC?
  15. This just got published https://www.stereo.net.au/reviews/nad-electronics-c-658-streaming-dac-preamp-review A good combination involving decent components, BluOS and Dirac Live room correction.
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