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  1. Agreed... Aside from trying different DACs, you should also try different interconnects...
  2. Closest is this Konverter was released before the Groß DAC...
  3. Last guess, maybe on front panel, the button may be stuck? Otherwise, probably too expensive to repair...
  4. to the forum... Maybe you have a stuck button on the remote?? Try covering it up.
  5. To answer your question, there is no difference for music streaming between ethernet and a perfect wifi link. Wifi affects audio quality only when signal is poor, there is interference or is slow. You happen to be lucky with wifi, with a strong signal and little interference and no dropouts.
  6. A wifi signal is subject to external interference, slower and has more latency than wired. 5G wifi is affected more by walls than 2.4G. Please have a read of this: https://www.howtogeek.com/217463/wi-fi-vs.-ethernet-how-much-better-is-a-wired-connection/ Use wired when you can. Otherwise, try to improve wifi coverage as best as you can.
  7. In the early days, there was a moise issue with the Atmos channels V1 board, but not on every board. The local ones still have the V1 board. NAD are responsive to support issues and have constant firmware upgrades. A few more things for the T758V3. BluOS and Dirac Live do improve the 2 channel experience, though it will not match dedicated stereo equipment. Sorry, do not know a Perth retailer which sells it. Perhaps wait for Klapp AV sale in Mlebourne (free delivery) ?
  8. It is a good site but need to remember some brands like Panasonic are not in USA..
  9. I have the NAD T758V3. The 2 things that make it better is the power (60W when running simultaneous multi channels) and Dirac Live room correction.
  10. If you look at some of the new AVRs, there are some with a lower height, designed more for lifestyle (i.e. looks) and are often under powered.
  11. Seems like an integrated with HT bypass is a step for later consideration when you get serious about music. You have to make a decision whether you want to go to an AVR brand with more music ability such as Anthem, Arcam, NAD and Marantz. The NAD T758V3 is within your budget and so are some Marantz (but pls avoid slimline models as they are under powered). Talking of power, ignore the marketing BS about power per channel because most do not quote power when multiple channels are driven simultaneously. Look at total power consumption as a proxy.
  12. Are you clear in your own mind what you want? Specifically, what do you hope to achieve with a preamp? And what issue are you trying to solve? A preamp adds yet another component. Or is push towards simplification getting stronger? I went down the path of getting a detailed setup and used a preamp to add warmth without sacrificing detail. As you know, I now have a highly simplified system. Looking back, I spent far too much effort, time and money chasing the next improvement to the next component and not enough time listening to the music. My analogue tube preamp was my last major upgrade before I went the simple route but it was not the impetus for change. The chain with the preamp was relatively simple but feeding it was extremely complex. I hope that my journey will prompt you to look at how a preamp can fit into your music chain or whether it is time to simplify?
  13. Perhaps https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/stream-box-ds2-t/ If you want to simplify things, Pro-ject Audio have boxes with a DAC. Or a CA CXN or Bluesound Node 2
  14. Laptops are not ideal, built to a price and are a compromise. Transport as in a CD transport? Get a CA CXC transport instead. Laptop CD drives are flimsy and built to a price. SPDIF not common in laptops, probably can get a USB adaptor. But why not use USB? Or do you mean as a music server? Probably better getting a dedicated music server, even an Intel NUC.
  15. This an example of a setup that brings the best of both worlds. You share the main speakers between movies and music. For movies, the L&R of a movie are sent via AVR preouts (not all AVRs have these unamplified outputs) to a stereo Intgrated amp with HT bypass. The HT bypass amplifies the signal at a fixed volume with no other processing for the mains. All other channels of a movie are managed by AVR. Volume control on AVR. For stereo, use the Integrated amp with 2 channel sources.
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