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  1. to the forum. Most pre pros (pre amp usually refer to stereo) are aimed at the higher end and built better with quieter and better components. If you are happy with the SR7008, why change?
  2. Good question! You can take streamer/source tweaks to the extreme. Let the ears be the judge, limited of course by the hip pocket. All too often, people forget that and starting chasing the last few percent, going ever deeper down the rabbit hole...
  3. Suggest dual subs as well and with DSP as well. The challenge is to even out the bass response in the room and it will be easier to do that with 2 subs than 1.
  4. There is a debate over whether a powered usb direct connected is better or worse than a network router connected music source e.g. see SMS-200 thread where Bilbo preferred the powered USB while I used an ethernet connected source with a twist. I directly connected my SMS-200 Ultra to the 2nd ethernet port of my NAS, bypassing the router which could introduce noise. There are many rabbit holes that you can chase with a streamer e.g. cheaper vs better streamer, usb vs optical vs ethernet, cables for usb/optical/ethernet, powered usb regen/reclock, linear power supplies for streamer/router/usb regen, external clocks etc... It can get stupidly complex and expensive! Best to draw a line on budget. As long as it sounds good, suggest avoiding the esoteric expensive solutions. So, there is merit with an all-in-one of source, streamer, DAC...
  5. Please have a read of my SMS-200 primer. While it is written for the SMS-200, you can substitute with any streamer and the concepts will generally apply. Some streamers have a DAC built in. The software players may also vary depending on the streamer. Tidal is a music service that the streamer can access. What is not shown is the control app on iOS, Android and this varies widely depending on the software player selected. If you need a better diagram, please tell me what streamer you are considering, what music services you are looking at and where your music is stored. Also, aside from the iPhone, what other control devices are you planning to use?
  6. Correct. BluOS only works with compatible devices (Bluesound, NAD) and also with Airplay. Does not work with UPnP 😕
  7. Sorry, did not realise you are using iOS. Maybe iStreamer (but have not used it). BluOS is very good, easy to use and looks good (& looks better than BubbleUPnP!).
  8. I have the old version of the Koss KSC75, lasted me a long time (but not sure about it being kid friendly??). Some more ideas here https://headphonesaddict.com/best-cheap-headphones/
  9. The 8200CDQ, DAC with CD player, pre-amp and head phone amp is very different to the 8200Q! The 8200Q is the successor of the 8000Q series of pre-amps. Bloody Audiolab making it confusing for everyone. p/s I also owned the 8200 CDQ and nearly replied with a similar answer!
  10. Not all streamers benefit from a linear PSU and the same applies to DACs. With my SMS-200 (std), a Gieseler 1.5A PSU was a significant jump over the wall wart. Used the same PSU when I upgraded to the SMS-200 Ultra, but that 1.5A PSU was shaded by the 4A version. The 4A was better but the jump was smaller. How much an improvement depends on streamer. Sometimes, the improvement is also debatable. Suggest you set a budget, then pick a streamer and see whether others have used a PSU with it. Good PSUs are not cheap (recommend Gieseler) and it becomes a cost vs benefit discussion.
  11. A simple workaround is to note the volume setting of the amp while using for movies (with all channels about the same loudness).
  12. I do not recommend Foobar2000 for Upnp (& am a long time user!). The Upnp plugin does not support even 16/44.1, let alone high res and stutters on my decent laptop. MathAudio is ok when there is no other option. You will need a microphone and measurement software like REW. If you have not done a convolution filter before, suggest using the step by step procedure written for Roon users. Setting up convolution in Minimserver is relatively easy. Please post if you need help...
  13. With that budget and decent room correction, Colin has suggested probably the only AVR (MRX 520) that fits your requirements. If you want an update on room correction software, have a look at this. Anthem Room Correction and Dirac Live are rated the best, and I have used both. However, if budget becomes a priority and you still want some room correction, next best is Audyssey found on Denon & Marantz. Room correction falls away for the other budget AVRs.
  14. Have not heard the Cyrus Stream X (which is what you posted earlier). My earlier suggestion for a streamer ... I did listen to the same NUC with Audio Linux and thought that the SMS-200 Ultra Neo just pipped it. However, the difference is small. BUT the NUC is less than 1/3 the price!!! ----------------------------- @cobraj once you get to a certain level, the law of diminishing returns apply to streamers (like all things audio). My next paragraph contradicts my earlier post and I hope it does not confuse things further. If I was starting new now and with limited budget, I would be tempted to try an Intel NUC (i3 OK if not intending to anything fancy) with SnakeOil and/or AudioLinux. They provide similar software players to commercial offerings, requires some setup and configuration but deliver sound quality close enough for a considerably less $$$. Or if you don't mind getting more hands on, Pi streamers are even cheaper...
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