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  1. Snoopy8

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Congrats! Those are settings for the AVM60 itself Dave is spot on. You need to run ARC on your computer. It guides you though steps. Also, have a look at some of the info in the first post of this thread and post questions if stuck https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/231088-anthem-av-owners-thread/
  2. 2 of the 4, including mine were because of we were simplifying systems (we had our Marie Kondo moment!). It was a coincidence that we closely followed your sale. I no longer own a standalone DAC, so maybe it is safe for me to say that Chord DACs underwhelmed me...
  3. Snoopy8

    Bose, who'd have thought it...

    If you look at the Bose website, you will find it full of marketing jargon and crap, many of which do not deliver audio quality. It is a lifestyle company first unfortunately... Unfair? Perhaps not if audio quality is foremost? It took me perhaps 4 or 5 noise cancelling headphones later before I decided to purchase a Bose one. 2 things stopped me from getting them earlier : Bose name and Bose pricing. However, the overwhelming good reviews finally convinced me. Even then, there was always the whinge about the Bose sound not quite matching good headphones. People keep forgetting that in noisy environments like a plane, lifelike reproduction of music is not a priority.
  4. Snoopy8

    Kia Stinger

    Sime, found something to get you started on Stinger Armageddon ! https://www.devialet.com/en-au/story-symbioz-demo-car/
  5. Snoopy8

    First Home theatre

    Posted with tongue in cheek, definitely keep for 15-20 years ! 😁
  6. Snoopy8

    Roon software

    Thank you. Did not realise Roon could do all of this. Without compromising audio quality, it sounds like it can be be done in a PC with a built in linear power supply, sound card with RCA ( for dual subs) and optical out for left and right?
  7. @frednork has an interesting option for using Roon DSP with the Phantoms. Note that the Phantoms are Roon Tested which means a Roon end point is required. The one box solution below is one possibility frednork, I assume that Roon server and end point in same box will impact audio quality? Been reading that the Roon end point is critical for quality and typically has a linear power supply, and often does not have an optical output. I suspect it will be better wth a 2 box solution? ------- I have been investigating various room correction hardware options including using dual subs. Will post about the various options soon.
  8. Snoopy8

    Roon software

    Interesting, may borrow box. Currently working on getting MSO going with Phantoms. Let's continue this discussion elsewhere, we are going OT again...
  9. Snoopy8

    Bose, who'd have thought it...

    The "B" word does attract attention! Even their noise cancelling headphones, among the best around, get knocked because of the name. I will probably be excommunicated with you for declaring that I own 2 pairs of Bose cans! 🤣
  10. Snoopy8

    Roon software

    No airplay, not best way to feed Phantoms. Will use optical which is only external feed port available. Apologies to OP for taking this off topic..
  11. Snoopy8

    First Home theatre

    Then go MA Silver and be done with it!
  12. Snoopy8

    Roon software

    I did investigate getting Roon for DSP, but sadly the Phantoms required a Roon end point which meant additional 2 boxes. Cannot match Sonos for ease of setup and use. It consists of downloading App and plug the Sonos in. Plus surprisingly good customer support from Sonos years after purchase. Sonos is just ok for sound quality.
  13. Final price drop to $3,000 before it goes into storage...
  14. Snoopy8

    Rel T7i - Big enough upgrade?

    Done right, dual subs will even bass response, making the system superb. Agree that continuing with dual subs is better than getting a larger single sub.
  15. Snoopy8

    First Home theatre

    Choices, choices, choices... 😁 You now have some reference points and can ask how does this compare with say, MA Silver etc..