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  1. http://www.acoustic.ua/st/web_absorption_data_eng.pdf Can I use my children as room treatment? YES! 😁
  2. It is also good for comparing formats using the same master. For example CD 16/44.1 vs 24/96 vs SACD DSD64 vs MQA.
  3. Agree you need a mix. All curtains = dead sound because it absorbs the higher frequencies but not enough of the bass. Suggest paying more attention to room and positioning of speakers in room first. For example, down length of room, away from walls, corners. Where should the listening position relative to room and speakers.?Next, learn how to measure room to find out what the problems are. Also read up on what each type of room treatment does and how to position them. E.g. Bass traps are most effective in corners of room, not just in front walls. What are you wanting the diffusers to do? Where should the Wavewood and polymax be? Given the amount of room treatments you have suggest learning how to optimise things. I suspect you do not need curtains at all.
  4. Clay uses a Amanero USB board which is excellent and caters for DSD (which is available on the AKM DAC chip). Amanero are constantly tweaking the firmware to improve things and there is a software tool to upgrade it. No personal experience with S/PDIF and reclocker.
  5. The best source for DSD is still a rip from SACDs. There are not many good non classical SACDs, often a remaster of old favorites. And they often cost way north of $30. P/s best Brothers in Arms is the MOFI SACD stereo remaster. Beats the 20th Anniversary version easily for stereo, but 20th has 5.1
  6. Do you have a DAC which can do MQA (Tidal Masters) and/or DSD? If not, then suggest not bothering. MQA is dying and DSD is niche and expensive. I found MQA to be no better than CD and DSD to be sightly better than CD. But often superior mastering is what makes things better. Also, some DACs are better in some formats. As I said earlier, if you starting now, suggest getting a DAC which sounds good with CD quality FLAC files and not bother seeking one which can do MQA and/or DSD. You will save yourself money and angst chasing questionable improvements in SQ...
  7. It is good that you are using total power consumption as a guide. NAD T758V3 definitely has 7x60W simultaneous power (& stupid they do not publish power consumption!) Nothing wrong with Onkyo power. You wanted superb surround sound and better dialog. Please read the room correction software link which covers many packages and educate yourself. Both Yamaha and Onkyo have poor room correction. Denon and Marantz have Audyssey which is much better and is a better choice than Yamaha and Onkyo. If you are serious about sound, please don't buy based on price and list of so called features.
  8. I assume conversation = the dialogue from movies. Room Correction Software will solve this. YPAO is not good at this. Onkyo has nothing. Audyssey in Denon and Marantz is good for movies. Dirac is excellent for room correction. NADT758V3 within budget when on sale but may not have enough channels for both ceiling and zone 2. Also, you mentioned 2nd room and the Onkyo models. Please check the manuals to see how Room 2 is connected. Are they powered or just using preouts?
  9. I have no regrets going from a multi components system to a pair of Phantoms (and I am not offended if you do not like the looks!). It has been liberating not thinking about the next upgrade component and just enjoying the music. If the Kii Three is not to your liking either, then perhaps a simplified setup? Maybe a Naim Unity Atom with normal speakers or a NAD C658 with active speakers? Don't dismiss simplification as a concept going forward. Getting synergy in the music chain with mix and match components is a lot harder than people admit.
  10. We have been reading people involved in the spirits industry doing it. Never thought a turntable manufacturer could suddenly switch to hand sanitisers so quickly, but good on them!
  11. If your primary use is for surround sound, then you should be using an AVR. If music is far more important, then use a preamp. In your case, an AVR should be way to go. What are your speakers (name, model) and how many are you running for surround? I assume you are running 2 speakers with Zone B for the outside. ----- You will find that there will be posts for just about every brand of AVR. What are the important things that you need? Are you happy with Yamaha? Or do you want to switch to other popular brands like Denon or Marantz which have a slightly different sound? For great surround sound, I believe Room Correction Software (old but relevant article) makes a difference.
  12. With 79 votes cast, let's look at the results by taking the votes from the best and subtracting the worst votes Best Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back: 23-0 = 23 Episode IV: A New Hope: 25-3 = 22 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: 8-2 = 6 Worst Episode VIII: The Last Jedi: 1-12 = -11 Episode II: Attack of the Clones: 0-13 = -13 Episode I: The Phantom Menace: 0-26 = -26 Not surprised that Empire Strikes Back and New Hope are rated the best. Am slightly surprised Rogue One came third, but I did like it. Phantom Menace rightly belongs at the bottom. Am surprised Attack of the Clones was disliked by so many because I saw it as an antidote to Jar Jar Binks from Episode 1. Last Jedi rounded off the bottom 3, been criticised by quite a few here.
  13. Can you please provide a sketch of your room, where your speakers are and your sitting position. Yes, everyone has room limitations and WAF consideration in a non dedicated room. But NO speaker will sound good if poorly positioned, especially for bass.
  14. Fully agree. All my CDs (plus all SACDs, some music on DVD, Bluray) are on the NAS (which has RAID, backed up on old NAS, plus external drive). Spent a lot of time and effort cleaning up tags (recommend MP3tag). Not using Roon, have under used Tidal, which I may drop. You get what you put in...
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