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  1. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    Need to be careful and stick to the facts, no threats etc. Unfortunately, forum rules still apply and we do not want SNA exposed. Some may say "let him sue!" but not sure we want to go there... Publicising his shady deals here may slow him now, but in 3 to 6 months time, when this thread is no longer active, he will be back to his old tricks again!
  2. Gumtree Seller - NS2000, Diatone, JBL 4344

    What I do not understand is why this guy has got away with this for such a long time? Surely someone would have reported him to consumer affairs? Or is he too small a fry for them to bother?
  3. Price check on 65”plasma TV

    JB HiFi had the Panasonic OLED 65" for $3600 (am guessing you paid a lot more for your VT???) last weekend. That may have tempted die hard plasma fans and further depressed used plasma prices. Not sure whether you have seen this 3 year old Whirlpool thread, which discussed similar things.
  4. subwoofer

    Not sure (and I have SB2000, SB13U), but I believe it is universal. The manual has a drawing of the back which says 220 - 240V! Email SVS to confirm; usually prompt with replies.
  5. Price check on 65”plasma TV

    Not sure you will get much, given how cheap TVs are. Will be difficult to find someone willing to pay a premium your VT model. Plus you will have to sell it as local pickup and someone will need a ute/van/truck because it cannot lie flat. However, no harm listing it in the SNA classifieds; you are more likely to find people here who can appreciate how good the Pana VT plasma is.
  6. Suggest you try the following ARC tweak: set mains to full, max EQ frequency 300 Hz. Also try Anthem mode to Anthem Logic music, which may improve bass. I can get half decent stereo from my MRX 710, not as good as the DAC running without bass mgt, but certainly can listen to. It is likely your room has bass dips, so your focus on room treatment is the right approach.
  7. Hello Craig, Have you looked at Geeks & Super Geeks Guide to tweaking ARC Anthem AV Owners thread ? Maybe a separate ARC profile for 2 channel? I agree with your gut feel not to change the D2V. DACs have improved since the D2V and 710 came out but I think you will get more improvement by using a HT bypass and a separate DAC. My personal preference has always been to separate stereo and multi-channel. My MRX 710, with ARC tweaks, still sounds very good for 5.2. The GIESELER Groß DAC is better than the MRX 710 DAC for stereo. Both 5.2 and 2.2 share the same mains and subs. The subs are managed using a Behringer DCX2496, with different DSP settings for 5.2 vs 2.2. More details are in the link, maybe it can provide you with more ideas. Regardless of what path you take, treat the room if you can. Regards, Snoop
  8. FS: Clearaudio Concept turntable

    Good Luck With The Sale
  9. Hi from Melbourne

    and do tell us more about your system. There are many 2.0 guys here who share your passion and many vinyl fans. I am in the heretic 2.2 camp and also do 5.2 as well.
  10. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    Below was a question and Clay's answers over several posts on the Gieseler PSU on whether to leave things on. I think it equally applies to the DAC. I turn mine off.
  11. GIESELER Groß DAC Review

    Not sure you need to run in the unit much? Just sit back and enjoy the music...
  12. No problems; glad to hear you are enjoying the unit. If you are listening at moderate levels, the small speakers should be able to cope. Plus you have off loaded the bass to the subs. Generally, it is better to have the amps more capable than the speakers, than the opposite. You have head room which means that there is less chance of distortion. Unlikely for damage to occur unless you blast the system... Have a look at this article which discusses using ARC Quick Measure: http://www.pooraudiophile.com/2017/07/whats-best-location-subwoofer-room.html ** Also using ARC Quick Measure for placing speakers (long article, discusses tweaks as well) https://hometheaterhifi.com/technical/technical-reviews/geeks-guide-using-arc-2-advanced-panels-room-correction-optimization/ Quick Measure produces results in real time. Looking for flattest overall frequency response .
  13. Amp, DAC, CD choices.

    The Groß takes a 9V AC input and has multiple internal low noise PSUs. Other DACs can often benefit from replacing the wall wart power supply with an external 9V DC linear PSU but not required for the Groß. You may yet regret going down this slippery slope of upgraditis !!
  14. Amp, DAC, CD choices.

    No need, they come with very good internal power supplies.
  15. Amp, DAC, CD choices.

    I doubt it but no experience with dedicated SACD player. Not much DSD 126 material around and personally have found slight difference between DSD 64, 128, 256. I'll pass, see previous comment. Hope you enjoy it.