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  1. Greetings

    When ready, post in the relevant forum with as much information as possible, including current setup, budget, whether wanting new or second hand.
  2. Help

    On top right, you can open menu and click on add-ons. It will bring up a tab called add--ons manager. Am using Firefox Quantum as well. I do not use fluid view, so have not come across the issue. If you have cleared cache, and deleted the cookies, then maybe a bug that @Marc may have to resolve. To help us, can you please describe the steps to reproduce the problem.
  3. Have a look at Anthem info here:
  4. Help

    Also, options, history, remove individual cookies, look for stereo.net.au, remove them
  5. Help

    How about another browser? Also, what Firefox add ons do you have? Maybe you have been hijacked?
  6. Help

    Try logging out, clearing cache (Options, Privacy & Security, Cached web content clear now)
  7. Most interesting @Bilbo. If you had to rate on the various tweaks and upgrades that you have done, where would this higher current come in? I assume the biggest improvements came from std to ultra, std power plug to battery. You also tested powered usb vs not, network, 9V vs 12V plus other things I may have missed.
  8. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Same Harmony model. Sequence depends on your equipment. My plasma tv is very slow in starting up, hence is first and I added a delay before switching to hdmi. In your case, suggest AVR first, make sure it switches to correct input. It may help because your wife may not be pointing the Harmony long enough for it to complete its sequence. To make changes, go into My Harmony, select the activity, customize this activity.
  9. Given you are in Melbourne, lots of retailers to visit and test a few of them. I prefer the Denon sound to Yamaha but you may differ. That will help with narrowing the options. Also, look at power consumption (higher the better) of AVRs to give a better idea of ability to drive speakers; claimed power per channel is marketing bs. I assume you are keeping the existing speakers, so you will need to include 4 ceiling speakers in your budget. Suggest looking at Krix. Not sure whether you have considered it, but a second sub improves the HT experience. However, will blow up budget. The other thing to consider is room correction which puts the Yamaha and Pioneer behind. Denon, Marantnz have the superior Audyssey, and upgrade to the better version if available.
  10. Camera recommendations ~$1000

    While I prefer my Olympus EM1, I am finding that I have been taking as many on my phone (Note 4) simply because it is on hand and can be shared immediately via WhatsApp etc. I like a camera with a grip and the phone fails miserably. Yes, phone is poorer quality, cannot handle low light etc. For decent & planned shots, will always pick up the EM1. But the convenience of the phone trumps this in every day situations because the phone is usually nearby or on me. Just as important is the sharing of the photos. Having all the good shots on camera and on the computer but not seen defeats the purpose of taking them in the first place. Using the phone camera has taught me to quickly share my shots via the EM1 wifi, no post processing. A multi step process but others can enjoy the better photos almost immediately. So, OP has to make a decision on whether a phone camera is good enough. Also, does OP want to learn to use the controls on the cameras suggested above?
  11. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Been using a Harmony remote with my 710 and no problems. Your better half may not be pointing the remote long enough at the unit? Try adding a short delay and teaching the wife to point the remote longer. The confusion is due to Anthem numbering. The 310 became the 520 and the 510 became the 720...
  12. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    @yamapro The 510 and 710 are identical other than additional power for 710 & toroidal power supply. Please have a look at MRX-510 Specs, MRX-710 Specs. Check also MRX-510 gallery and look at the back panel; it has 7 amplified channels : Surround R & L, centre, front R & L, Back R & L (and looks identical to MRX-710). You can use the front L & R pre-outs to feed your 2 channel power amp.
  13. When I mentioned the 720 upgrade from a 710, it was in the context of using 1 box for both stereo and HT. I have been recommending the 710 to anyone who wanted a one box solution and it was that review that suggested the 720 is a bit better. The street price for the 720 is a lot less, so may get it within your budget. The thing that won me over on the Anthem of Anthem Room Correction (ARC), especially you have an untreated room. You can read my journey of using ARC in the owners thread, but I used it in 3 different rooms, and it made a difference. Have not compared 6012.
  14. 710 has additional power (90W, 5 channels vs 75W 5 channel) for 510 and a quieter toroidal power supply. As an aside, I started looking for the 510, but ended up with the 710 because it was offered at a few hundred dollars more than the 510. And I did not need the additional power because I use active speakers! Correct, the 510 is more aligned with the 710. Old series was 310/510/710. New series is 520/720/1120 (1120 has toroidal power supply). Have a look at calibrate dual woofers with ARC (Poor Audiophile). Have a read of Everything Audio Network MRX-720 review which said that the better DACs on the 720 made it better than the 710. If I was running my stereo on the 710, I would be sorely tempted to upgrade, but my stereo is a separate system. And comparing a 24 vs 32 bit DAC is not enough; equally important is the analogue circuitry. Have you asked Blackwood Sound or Vision Hifi whether you can demo the Anthem 520/720? It will give you an idea of what the Anthem sounds like, but obviously you have to guess what the 510/710 can do.
  15. Am using one of these: PM Clay @Gieseler Audio