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  1. Have a great time y'all, Taphouse has a marvelous beer menu where it definitely pays to order pots, not pints, so as to get further through their list before falling down. I found myself booked at another event and am sad to miss the chance to meet up with a roomful of merry drunken audiophiles. Trip.
  2. Item: Open sided glass rack Location: Melb Ivanhoe Price: 100 firm Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Too few shelves for main rig and 2nd system vetoed by SWMBO Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Reluctant sale as I think this is a really attractive look for a minimalist system, with no risk of amps overheating. Looks amazing against a dark background (but impossible to photograph) Very heavy steel U-pipes and plate glass, I had a 20kg amp in there previously Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. I've had my Triangle EZ Australe speakers for 18 months now. I believe my system has 'magic', it amazes me how good it all sounds. I can actually put a price on such 'magic', since it has only materialised quite recently. It represents a 5 year accumultion of changes/upgrades and expenditure of at least 8K on top of the speaker price (and that's not counting many components that I have previously cut adrift). I could guess that 'magic' might be had for much less money, its just that I couldnt manage to do it. I have no idea whether my experience of 'magic' would translate to the ears of others, since I tried to respect all the hifi 'rules' but ended up breaking just as many as I followed. The particular rules that I broke in respect of my speaker set-up are all detailed in the first page of this thead, above. Far from having what might be regarded (on this forum) as representing an 'end game' system, I merely consider that I've persevered long enough to reach 'Entry level magic'! Still, that is quite good enough for me after years of solid tinkering and constant wondering if I could ever get a system sounding as nice as it now is.
  4. Yes that must be it! That approach only works for the non-descript black boxes in the rack 🙂
  5. i thought it looked a beautiful match too...tough audience you have at home! GLWS
  6. Hi i notice that you have your PMCs on the market, so must have found what you wanted, may we inquire as to what you settled upon? Thanks Trip
  7. Nice sounding speakers, watcha upgrading to if I may enquire?
  8. Hi I read online that these are rated at 150W... or 10W Class A. Perhaps this just means the first 10 W is Class A, but then the amp is badged as 'Tube class A', not Class AB. I cant see any selector/button to choose the bias, do you happen to know what the rated output/Class is? Edit: So based on info for the Shengya equivalent I now understand that they output pure class A for the first 10 watts and only switching class at that point.
  9. I see that Addicted to Audio have these at $1400 but only in Silver. If they sold the black (which is available in the States) I'd probably take a punt on a unit, with a view to grabbing two if I liked it. But since they dont, I'll just wait and see.
  10. OK, delete that request, having visited your site I now realise that Legend also make active speakers, at least some of which use the Hypex NC500modules, so I am happy to take that as an implicit recommendation, without meaning to 'put words in your mouth'. The Big Red speaker looks very interesting. Trip
  11. Thank you Sir! $1900 or so for a pair is probably within my financial reach. Interesting how little heft there is, belying the quoted output (400 W into 4 Ohm).
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