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  1. Just ordered a doz each of those three wines and another of the Vasse Felix which Mendes recommended. Sip N Save... Thanks!!
  2. Now that's the sort of sage advice that one expects from their hifi forum πŸ˜€ Love margaret river cabernet!
  3. I understand NBN performance is area-dependent, but I would say that my local area is impatiently waiting for 5G. In fact I couldn't wait and now pay for 2 separate broadband connections so that we can share the pathetic bandwidth among family members. It's a third world service at first world prices. 😭
  4. Be not alarmed... My wine fridges are out of camera shot, so I have at least a year's worth of backup supplies πŸ™‚ With enough wine and a reasonable stereo, one should be able to ride out any pandemic πŸ™‚
  5. Sorry to lower the tone slightly, but many of us have taken a salary hit... this was 9 bucks delivered in the time of plague from Vinomofo and is a perfectly respectable wine, somewhat on the sweet side for my taste... but then I can put the savings towards something more upmarket πŸ˜ƒ
  6. Always good to hear the outcome of these discussions, even if the result wasnt really that satisfactory for you, thanks for updating! Good luck with the next round. It'll be worth it in the end and TBH knowing now what u r looking for is 'half the battle won' !!
  7. Very good! I wonder if u have tried any Heartwood whiskies from Tassie, they are not cheap but are also rather special
  8. This is quite nice. Fellow Victorians, have u noticed that u are drinking more lately? If not, why not? πŸ˜ƒ
  9. What an unbelievable collection of knowledge is found here on this forum!! 😲
  10. Getting into the lockdown frame of mind with my beloved. This was our opening taster. Some quite pleasant depth to this drop and I think it was around the $12 mark when I bought it from the cellar door, great value.
  11. I have many happy memories of Rutherglenn wineries πŸ˜„ still, I didnt even know Warrabilla made a zinfandel
  12. You are safe as you havent posted in the single malt thread! Many is the time I've snuck in a quick scotch & dry to take the edge off - puts one in a better frame of mind to appreciate something superior later in the evening!
  13. Guilty as charged. I might add that my system is a very modest one by the standards of this forum - and I can offer in my own defense that at least I don't crave any more than I already have. So I dont require rehab (just yet) πŸ™‚
  14. While I think that does reflect the premise of the opening post, my experience is that this is true in one sense but false in another sense. When I had a low cost system I really loved music. My love hasnt changed with a more (10x) expensive system, but of course I cant say I love music 10 times more - so arguably not much gained for my outlay πŸ™‚ But it's actually much worse than that, since listening to music on a poor system now results in an unpleasant feeling (anxiety?) that is relieved the instant I get back listening to my own system. So in the end I'm like a drug addict that has spent bucketloads of cash (and missed out on other avenues in which I could have invested my time)...all just to keep feeling the way I did before I first started haaaaaaa!!! Do I regret it, nope!!! (which probably makes me seem even more stupid) πŸ™‚
  15. That's extremely interesting, thanks for posting! On a related topic, does anyone know if speaker crossovers, or even an ordinary 'rumble filter' for that matter (which contains capacitors, as far as I know) count as a 'capacitive load' and, if so, is the resultant effect on power factor likely to be modest or extreme? Thanks...
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