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  1. So if 500M turns out to be better after all, then we are back on the merry-go-round (which moves us into the billions?)! Fingers crossed its worse hehe!
  2. I am so glad that threads like this exist, though I doubt I'll be implementing anything very soon, as my dear little RPi wont be up to the task. I find it reassurring somehow that the ultimate 'limits' of audio reproduction are being explored and defined in the public domain... and may even be $ attainable for the common man. Thank you @Ittaku !!
  3. i would like to add my support for the hifiberry digi+ hat, i have the pro version but from memory the pro just provides for i2s out, all the clocks etc are the same, awesome product for the price
  4. Ur advert headline says LDR3 but pics show LDR1B, might be worth clarifying which you are selling...
  5. OK so mystery solved. I contacted Selby to find out what their story was. It seems that their distributor agreement with the Australian agent (a well-regarded NSW-based company) does not allow them to sell triangle products online (that is, 'add to cart' type purchases). So you can either go to one of Selby's shops or if you already know what you want you then could ring 'em to find out what they can do for you. Anyway, sorry to be hogging this thread, that wasn't my intention 🙂
  6. hehe i like to look after my friends but this paticular device has now left the building, it was a good unit and I hope that it finds a happy home.
  7. Item: XSP1 Gen 2 Preamp 2.2 channel (current model) RRP $2k Location: Melb Price: 800 Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: No longer used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I now perform volume control in the digital domain so no longer use a pre amp. I am the original owner, purchase date 26/10/14 so 9 mths left on warranty (I purchased direct from USA since Emotiva only introduced overseas distributors in 2015). This unit features HT bypass, XLR in/out, 2 subwoofer channels (2xRCA, 2xXLR), optional high pass/low pass, optional tone controls, 12v trigger out . It is a brilliant way to integrate a 2 channel system with home theatre. It also has the best remote control I have ever used. RRP (current) is 2K. Cheapest price I can find is $1599 (sale price) at Klapp. I am lazy organising shipping plus I like to audition anyway, so local pick up only, please. If no interest close to the price I will probably just give it to a friend. Pictures:
  8. ...assuming we are talking about an LVDS* i2s signal and assuming u r connecting two components using the same wiring protcols then a short (say 0.5m) std HDMI cable will be fine. In my own case, I had to hand wire a HDMI cable due to incompatible wiring protocols with my components. *if it is native i2s format then all bets are off. I wired a native i2s connection as well, but it has to live inside a shielded box
  9. ...So perhaps the problem with making a passive XLR speaker would come down to $$$ to manufacture XLR conversion modules robust enough to handle the high voltage levels needed for the speaker drivers yet also ridiculously sensitive (that is, sensitive to cable interference, otherwise they would be pointless). As a concept, XLR headphones seem like overkill, though long headphone leads combined with the comparatively low voltage levels might just make environmental interference a possibility.
  10. My understanding is that an unshielded line-level signal could 'conceivably' be affected by stray environmental currents, but any affect on a much higher voltage (post-amplifier) speaker-level signal would not be audibly discernible. Edit ...others have pointed out that XLR expresses the difference between two voltages but isnt the key here that XLR operates on a single (+, - ) terminal output and seeks to cancel any difference on the basis that such must have arisen within the cable. I know very little about such matters actually.
  11. I have followed an entirely different sonic trajectory, having pursued a sound signature optimised for red wine, so 40 degree days and sweltering evenings like now are difficult times for me.
  12. Oh the coax itself, yes Id imagine it would want to orient itself in a dead straight line. Hmmm. Thanks for the insights!
  13. aarrggh... not the accursed soldering iron!? Not that Ive tried, but I cant see why the coax couldnt be connected directly to binding posts
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