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  1. This one wasn't cheap ($80 at Dan's) but a very nice Piedmont nebb.
  2. At home with Mrs Tripitaka and still going strong at midnite, strange things happen when on holidays!!
  3. Nice to see some great celebrations happening👍
  4. Nice layout... and the meat thermometer? Also would have preferred to see something in the glass - I believe that you would be familiar with the title of this thread by now😀😀😀
  5. I agree with others that you probably need a new amp. In terms of your visit to ya mates place, I daresay you could capture that sound easily enough for some modest $outlay, but my caution might be that you can be sure he played music that suited his system, and so even if you bought his exact system it might not turn out as satisfying for other types of music (not to mention room size/type effects in your own house). I have been blown away by mates' systems but then later found them underwhelming once I understood what strengths those systems were showcasing. Which just goes t
  6. This young Heathcote wine is most enjoyable, it has good fruit impact, develops in a pleasant savoury manner and with a lovely bright tannin finish. Almost an iridescent purple colour in the glass. 10 bucks from WineStar, which is becoming my 'go to' purveyor.
  7. Found some of this under a pile, had it for the best part of a decade, quite a lovely drop, on the more savoury end of the spectrum🍷
  8. Don't look at me 🙂 I'm slurpin' it down as fast as I'm able.
  9. There's an SNA shirt ?😯😯😯
  10. This budget Durif has improved nicely after a coupla years storage. I do have some of their premium Durif 'The Doctor' somewhere about, which will be worth trying I think. Have expanded the fridge area, though still too many boxes of wine stacked up behind the bar 😊
  11. A little sweet for my liking, but there are certainly some redeeming flavours within this southern italian wine, goes tolerably well with cheeses especially of the blue variety.
  12. Looks like an inviting drop👍 you seem generous here with the ice, or is that to bring the abv into the normal range?
  13. Beautiful looking room and system
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