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  1. Hi I read online that these are rated at 150W... or 10W Class A. Perhaps this just means the first 10 W is Class A, but then the amp is badged as 'Tube class A', not Class AB. I cant see any selector/button to choose the bias, do you happen to know what the rated output/Class is? Edit: So based on info for the Shengya equivalent I now understand that they output pure class A for the first 10 watts and only switching class at that point.
  2. I see that Addicted to Audio have these at $1400 but only in Silver. If they sold the black (which is available in the States) I'd probably take a punt on a unit, with a view to grabbing two if I liked it. But since they dont, I'll just wait and see.
  3. OK, delete that request, having visited your site I now realise that Legend also make active speakers, at least some of which use the Hypex NC500modules, so I am happy to take that as an implicit recommendation, without meaning to 'put words in your mouth'. The Big Red speaker looks very interesting. Trip
  4. Thank you Sir! $1900 or so for a pair is probably within my financial reach. Interesting how little heft there is, belying the quoted output (400 W into 4 Ohm).
  5. Hi Rod, could you name a couple which you have tried? Pretty sure I heard you mention at the hifi show that Class D had only very recently become good enough to compete with top level A/B amps and I'd be interested to see where this idea might lead (especially in terms of $ ) Thanks Trip
  6. Well I have had my Gustard X20Pro for 2 years now, I think it is an excellent unit. My concerns (posted on this forum) about the high output levels have actually now turned into a blessing after I dispensed with a preamp altogether, thereby losing 12dB of gain. I have even introduced an additional 10dB of in-line attenuation on my amp inputs, for theoretical improvement in the noise floor. The trick has been to use a programable remote for volume control on the DAC, to compensate for the awful remote that came with the unit. My DAC input signal is DSD (over I2S) and the digital attenation is perfect, at least as far as I am able to tell. Of course, there would presumably be 'bit stripping' if using the DAC volume control to attenuate a PCM signal, which is why I don't try to. I notice that Gustard has now released their X26 (their second attempt at a ESS 9038 implementation), which is being very well reviewed, but I'll be sticking with my existing unit for the forseeable.
  7. IMO choice of power suppy is important for streamers, so if u r looking at DC-powered units then you might need to allow a bit in ur budget for a linear power supply.
  8. So if 500M turns out to be better after all, then we are back on the merry-go-round (which moves us into the billions?)! Fingers crossed its worse hehe!
  9. I am so glad that threads like this exist, though I doubt I'll be implementing anything very soon, as my dear little RPi wont be up to the task. I find it reassurring somehow that the ultimate 'limits' of audio reproduction are being explored and defined in the public domain... and may even be $ attainable for the common man. Thank you @Ittaku !!
  10. i would like to add my support for the hifiberry digi+ hat, i have the pro version but from memory the pro just provides for i2s out, all the clocks etc are the same, awesome product for the price
  11. Ur advert headline says LDR3 but pics show LDR1B, might be worth clarifying which you are selling...
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