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  1. Great thread question and a brilliant set of responses👏👏 I suspect one can't really listen to a single artist on heavy rotation, to the exclusion of all other music, for more than a few months without going mad. I think one's best hope is an artist that crosses as many different genres/styles as possible. But of course, nobody crosses 'em all, which I would require for eternity😀
  2. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention, but did you inform us that the 2016 Bin 389 was cracked? Or did U just sneak that in one quiet nite listening to your beautiful system...😀
  3. Mid-winter sunshine here in Melbourne, into the garden I go
  4. Looks cooked to perfection, BBQ'd seafood yum. I'm heading out into the garden now with a bottle of something red, I explained to my wife that we do need some Vitamin D.
  5. Somebody should be keeping count how many times you have already said this in this thread🤣
  6. Looks lovely... but what are you drinking? Soju? Sake? And something else pink? 😃
  7. Ah! Yes that's the way to go👍 keep us informed of your future drinking endeavours
  8. Well after all that, Bubble seems to be behaving itself quite well now on my android phone, which I can only put down to a fortuitous combination of app settings, possibly something to do with deactivating any battery optimisation. But I will happily take this, until I can organise a permanent solution👍
  9. Well, while I'm on a bit of a roll 😀 Quite like what she does on (edit) these ones as well 🙏
  10. I'm stickin' with Alice tonight, this is another good 'un, where she boldly tackles her hubby's Favourite Things
  11. Thanks for going to the trouble of joining here to give this away, someone will be pleased I am sure👍
  12. Alice Coltrane, with Pharoah Sanders back in 1971, a few Indian sounds creeping in there, nice👍
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