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  1. I've bought a bit of stuff from them (cables and bits and pieces) and I can't fault them. Never bought any big and expensive things there, but I can't see that would cause any difference. They often get mentioned on here without criticism, so that's something else in their favour, too. As an aside, when I first came upon them, they seemed to be mainly an accessory type of place, but now seem to have expanded into a full-on Hi-Fi shop, and good on them! I think they are a member on here, too, which is a good reason (at least to me) to consider them.
  2. Try reposting your question in a more appropriate section like "Purchasing Advice", say. Better chance of a response if you do.
  3. I would like to add my small voice of thanks to @Marc for his rapid, decisive and comprehensive actions, on a weekend no less, to keeping us all safe. There must be some pretty scabby "people" in the world to carry out such an attack. Also, to those who put grumpy faces in their posts on this subject, you oughta all piss off.
  4. Probably best if you re-post your question in, say, the "General Hi-Fi Discussion" section. More chance of a reply if you do. Oh, and welcome to the group!
  5. Have a browse around, and check out all the different sections. You might find a more relevant section for all questions, or you might put a different question in each relevant section; a post in amplifiers, another in speakers, and so on. Whatever takes your fancy. You may not get an answer, but you are almost guaranteed to get an opinion!
  6. Good evening to you! You'd be better off if you posted your questions in a more appropriate section ( "Beginners & Purchasing Advice" perhaps ). Usually get a lot more views there, and hence a bigger range of answers.
  7. Just a thought, but if you're good with your hands, you might glance at http://www.theloudspeakerkit.com/. They have a range of stuff that may be suitable. Probably lots of other sites like that around, too.
  8. Welcome to the group! Your best bet for information about your speakers is to find the " Speakers,...." subheading, and chuck out a question or two. Very rare that someone won't chime in with some relevant response. Good luck.
  9. From the depths of my memory, I think he went under the name SKA, and sold DIY kits and stuff. That was a long time ago, though, and he's probably long since moved on. Best I've got, sorry.
  10. Stealing a thought from @Irek in a different thread, a Schiit Loki might be applicable to your situation. You'd have to look into it further, though. It won't break the bank, either.
  11. Welcome to the group. Certainly, if you need a hand, ask away. Only thing, though, is to try and make your post in the most appropriate section.
  12. Welcome to the group. Nothing wrong with just reading about what interests you, but if you find something you would like to know more about, chime in. We're a pretty reasonable lot, in the main, and won't shoot you down for asking a question, or making a comment.
  13. Welcome aboard! Head over to the "Beginners & Purchasing Advice" section and flesh out what you're looking for with a few more details and/or questions, and see what turns up.
  14. Good evening to you! Regarding your question , you'd do much better if you reposted it in a more appropriate place, the "Beginners & Purchasing Advice" section, say. It will attract more eyeballs and should thus get a larger response.
  15. Welcome to the group! You'd probably do better if you re-posted your question in the "Beginners & Purchasing Advice" section. It will get far more views there, and with that will come a greater chance of getting an answer or two.
  16. Has anyone mentioned " I've Never Been To Me" by Charlene? A major emetic.
  17. May we ask what you intend to plug it into?
  18. A somewhat more focused question over in the digital/dac/computer section will probably get a more worthwhile response! Hello, as well.
  19. You can get a Topping D30 for $160 from Amazon Australia, and give it a try over both your situations (player and tv). If it works, you could get another one for your television, and still be close to budget. I have one and, to these old ears, it does an admirable job.
  20. I think that sounds like a good plan. Who knows, you might find that turns out to be just what you want. Whatever, it gives you a firm foundation from which to expand later on, if the fancy takes you.
  21. Might be worth having a look at The Loudspeaker Kit website. Could be something there that would suit you. Maybe Soundlabs as well.
  22. You'd pay a fee or tax or something on a product, and get one or more stamps to that value to show that you had paid. It's where the term stamp duty comes from, but, sadly, you don't get a stamp anymore.
  23. Ask away, but remember to choose the most appropriate sub-forum/heading for your question.
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