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  1. I'm a bit late to the party with this, but I just read that Leon Redbone died at the end of May. Bit of a pity, really. He certainly followed his own path. Didn't mind a bit of Leon every now and again.
  2. I've been considering this for a while myself, although I have yet to do anything practical about it. So far, I've been looking at the software solutions of "Spin It Again" by Acoustica, and "Golden Records" by NCH, both of which you have to pay for. They appear to be easy to use, doing most of the work for you, which I like the sound of. Probably lots of other solutions out there, some free ones as well, but this may give you a starting point, at least.
  3. Cast an eye over the range of turntables at Selby (selby.com.au). They have lots of stuff in the price range you're looking at. Give you an idea of what's out there.
  4. Unless you're confident to take on the job of tracing the fault and having a go at fixing it, then don't muck around, take it to a professional. For some suggestions on who might be in your general area, have a trawl through the "Recommended Repairers" thread in the General Hi-Fi heading.
  5. This might be worth a look. Not seen the product myself, just had a vague memory of it from a catalogue or somewhere. https://www.jaycar.com.au/floor-or-wall-cable-ducting/p/HP1226
  6. I'm not terribly competent on the hardware side of computers and all the bits and pieces required to make one run as it should, so I will be updating to Windows 10 just to keep current. I think that many of the people who don't like to upgrade, or simply don't see a need, are, to a large extent, quite clever at making their machines run in the way they would like. That is a good skill to have, but me, I'm just not that confident. Also, I will be making a full backup of local disc C using Acronis True Image, so if it all turns to poo, I should be able to go back to what I have now. I'm not dissing anyone here, or being nasty, simply explaining myself. Cheers, Puppy.
  7. I, too, am intending to upgrade to Windows 10 in the near future, and will probably go down the path of installing it over Windows 7, although I will make a back-up of the hard drive so I can re-install the old system if things go wrong. Consequently, I've been looking around for a copy of Windows 10 to buy, and have found that most computer shops have a price of around the $150 mark, as does Amazon Australia, whereas the price on Ebay Australia seems to be around $90 to $100. That seems to be a big disparity, and it makes me wonder if the Ebay ones are pirate copies. Is there any way this can be checked? I don't want to get a bodgie product!
  8. Are we talking about the same product here? I've got some of the De OxIt from Jaycar (the pack with 2 little bottles in it), and although the website description says nothing about Caig Labs, their name is on both bottles, as well as the cardboard insert of the packaging, as is the statement " Assembled in the USA from foreign and domestic parts".
  9. I would suggest that you go to the "New Member Introductions" heading, and read the two pinned threads, particularly the second. It'll set you on the right track.
  10. Hello, and welcome. The DIY thread under the "Other Discussion" sub-heading might be just what you're looking for.
  11. That's better! Welcome to our ever expanding community.
  12. Are you saying you can't use your stuff until you change the plugs? If so, maybe you could get a travel adaptor or two, that would allow your current plugs to fit an Australian outlet. That way, you could still use your gear while looking for a more permanent solution. Please note, though, that I don't know what quality of construction you would find in a travel adaptor, I simply suggest it as a stopgap measure. I'm happy to be shot down in flames if this is a poor idea.
  13. Don't recognise the CD on the left.
  14. In that case, why not replace your boring old F with a nice picture of him?
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