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  1. The " Wanted To Buy" section is your friend.
  2. Don't think you'll get a powerboard with a four metre cable anywhere, irrespective of price.
  3. Good afternoon to you. You stand a much better chance of getting a reply if you post your question in the Home Theatre Forum on this site, maybe in the General section. Good luck.
  4. If I had one of them near me, it would be nudging "PEAK" all the time.
  5. Hey, @Ittaku, I thought I read in a different discussion that the bloke behind rk cables had died, and the business was closed?
  6. I'm fairly sure Yamaha make a range of "all in one" systems across a range of prices, although they probably don't include a turntable in the package. Hardly an insurmountable problem, though. Worth a look. Probably find many other of the big companies do a similar thing. No need to spend a lot of money and time on it if it's mainly for background to exercise.
  7. Welcome to you. Better chance for a reply if you jump over to the Home Theatre section and put your question there.
  8. G'day and welcome. Reckon you should start a new topic in the Beginners & Purchasing Advice section, explaining your position. Get more views and hence the chance of more replies that way.
  9. Good evening to you! Need help with a pre-amp, then your best bet is to pose your question in the Stereo Amplifiers & Pre-Amps section.
  10. From memory, Tough Audio in Adelaide(?) sell Mogami cable. As @Bill125812 says, Canare make a damn fine cable.
  11. I have a vague memory of speaker cloth being sold by Soundlabs. Could be worth a look.
  12. Hello and welcome. You stand a much better chance of getting a reply/answer if you move your question over to the "Vinyl and Turntable" heading.
  13. Perhaps a roller shutter on the outside of the window? The option of letting light into the room when not in use is appealing.
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