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  1. mikes875

    Satori 2019

    I am building something similar except with the sub in the same enclosure at the bottom. I ended up dropping out the bottom 24P (equivalent) as it all started to get too tall. Are you getting around this by putting the sub/lower base in a different box?
  2. mikes875

    Satori 2019

    Looking good. Are you going to port the WO24P’s and seal the mids? Are you designing your own crossover. I have been looking at the Satori for my next project. The specs and build quality look impressive. Will be interested how you go...
  3. Looks great must take some patience tuning the cross over. I am cheating going active. I have the exact same Vincent amps. I was using the pre with a NAD power amp and then managed to find a near new sp331mk. They really do go well together can certainly recommend. The 331 introduces a small amount of tube sound yet with plenty of power if needed. It made the decision to go active difficult as I am going to switch to a multi channel d class
  4. Thanks “abstract” look forward to seeing photos of your progress
  5. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    I swapped out the 25uF for a 12uF. Didn't actually make much difference, cutting off completely at 300 now instead of 200, anyway is well outside the active crossover point. Applied filters in the active crossover and got a lot more respectable result. The tweeter is surface mounted at this point too, so hardly ideal. Purple is with the 2700 Hz 24bB L/R applied, other is without
  6. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    And the D2908/7140. It has a 25uF capacitor attached to protect it, looks like it is impacting the lower frequencies as expected, and well out of the range that I need it for which is good. Could probably get away with a much smaller capacitor
  7. Yep, lots of routing and associated dust to cut out the approx 100 of those 25 mm rings to build it up like a big sandwich, but worth every minute!
  8. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    Results, UMIK mic about 30cm from front of 22W 8851. Blue is with no filters, purple is with filters applied to flatten. One full freq sweep, the other is zoomed into relevant section. This is in my bedroom with speaker only about a meter from the bed so far from ideal testing situation. Although it does show that it is not having any problem within the range I need
  9. I have been busy building 4 way DSP Active speakers with Scanspeak drivers (photos below). It is a WMTMW configuration with 5 drivers each side 8+4+1+4+13 Drivers Upper Bass - ScanSpeak 22W/8851T-00 8"Revelator Woofer Midrange - ScanSpeak 12MU/8731T-00, 4" Illuminator Midrange Tweeter - ScanSpeak D2908/7140 Beryllium Dome Revelator Tweeter Midrange – Another 12MU/8731T-00 wired in Parallel with the one above (MTM) Lower Bass - ScanSpeak 32W/4878T Revelator 13" Subwoofer miniDSP 4x10 HD takes care of the crossover digitally Amplifier is a 8 channel Hyper NCore with 4xNC502MP It is 500w into 4 ohm for all 8 channels (450w 2 ohm, 350w 8 ohm), an overkill, definitely... Only just ordered this so waiting for it to be built. Still testing, so far really happy with the results. It is going to be slanted backwards and then forward again at the top, still building the wedges so for now the 3 sections are just stacked on top of each other. Also haven't recessed the drivers, chambered the baffle or added felt damping etc, just couldn't wait any longer to start trying them out. Also have only built one so far so have a Dynaudio Contour 1.8 as the left channel. I have painted the inside with Bitumen paint and stuffed with some raw Merino fleece. Also spent some time wit REW tuning the crossover to a flat response curve. My wife wasn't so happy with the size initially, a bit cliche, but her response when she heard them was that if she closed her eyes she thought the singer was sitting in the room. She doesn't normally pay any attention to my speaker projects, she has also gotten over the size too so I take this as a win. Now to get the second one to the same point and take to the next level. Build photos below.
  10. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    I got a good deal on the Be domes so decided to keep the r2904/7000 which I bought second hand for my next project. I also have a set of ScanSpeak 23W/4557T subs that go down to 33 Hz in a 27 litre enclosure and can probably cross up to 400 Hz . Next plan will be to find a suitable mid and make a 3 way out of them with the R2904. All drivers sealed so low volume/size. Perhaps with Hypex Fusion plate amps when they come out. Got to get these ones done and then spend some time with the family first[emoji3]
  11. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    Still very much in the testing phase with lots of sub optimal areas. Drivers are not recessed, only one speaker is built etc however already sound awesome, pretty confident the end results will be worth it. Will do a separate thread with build progress and test results on the 22w. Have been playing with a cross between 700-1000. Very happy with the D2908/7140. Well worth the high cost IMO. My wife doesn’t normally pay any attention to my speaker projects although this time she said that if she closed her eyes she felt like the singer was sitting in the room. The Mid & Tweeter is to thank for that I think. Only issue is the physical dimensions are large 120mm. The same size as the 12MU mid. Makes the MTM a bit more spread out than I would have liked
  12. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    Looking great, very serious crossover you are designing there, I am cheating going active I am afraid. I see your point on the amp front, I am now looking at a 8 channel NCore amp as my existing ones are not really up to the job. When I said missing, yes I did mean it sounded better with, the 22w produces very clean bass sealed, well damped and crossed reasonably high at 170 Hz. You are right, there are so many differences between our projects so my observations don't necessarily correlate to yours (e.g. T01 v T00, passive v active, ported v open etc.). Just thought I would let you know my results. as with the active it is very easy to try different settings and see how it compares without having to rebuild the crossover. Sorry you probably could have done without the seed of doubt if you are already fixed on your design. When I tried with out the 22w I didn't spend much time tuning the response curve (as I did with it) so it is probably not really a fair comparison anyway the more I think about it. If you are ever it Sydney you are always welcome to come and have a listen
  13. mikes875

    Scanspeak 22W/8857T-00 8" v 22W/8851T-00

    How is your project going? I got one of mine going last weekend with the miniDSP crossover. I ended up with the 32w 00 sub version + 22w 8851, the same 2x 12MU as you and D2908/7140 Beryllium Dome Tweeter. Crossed 170, 900, 3000 (still experimenting with cross freq). Sounds awesome, can’t wait to get the second one ready to test. The 22w response in a sealed chamber is unbelievably flat, like a ruler. I tried crossing at 230 as you did without the 22w and it was quite noticeable that it was missing. Just thought I would let you know in case you wanted to consider another driver to fill the gap. Yours is the 01 model so will do a better job of the higher end of the range so probably works better
  14. They look interesting, especially these versions FusionAmp 3 channel models: FA123, 2x125W + 100W Tweeter FA253, 2x250W + 100W Tweeter FA503, 2x500W + 100W Tweeter A FA253 per side with my existing NC400 NCore mono blocks for the subs should work well, only problem being I spent hours making the boxes curved so a plate amp wont work so well In progress testing photos.
  15. I actually have one of those in storage but it is only 2 channel unfortunately. Very good amp for the money. Didn’t realise they made a 4 channel version