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  1. Thank you for the suggestion measuring power supply voltage. Ah... Another super dumb question.. Are you referring MJE13009 transistor? if so, how do I measure supply voltage?
  2. My My... Why I could not find this when I do research.. Dumb question.. Does it have to be tubes installed? I am a bit worry about tubes getting damaged during measurement.
  3. After Pass ACA Amp Kit Build, I thought that I can handle this but I was mistaken. This is a different league of its own. There is so certain manual came with it and had to look closely finished build photo and do some google research. After spending many hours, finally finish building it but there is no sound.😨 Here are things that I checked so far. + 3 x 12AX7 Tubes. Checked with 2 different sets (each set 3 tubes) and result is same so no tube issues. + Signal In and Out cables (RCA sockets to PCB Joints) are checked with Multimeter for conductivi
  4. Further information: The enclosure is made of solid hardwood with CNC Machined and fine grinding. Inside have the Crossover Capacitors so can be connected to amplifier or main speaker binding post direct. This would be ideal companion with full range speakers that is lacking ultra-high tones and this will cover upper high frequency and add clarity and wider soundstage. Tweeter installed is unbranded strong neodymium magnet soft dome tweeter and easy to upgrade with higher end tweeter by unscrewing existing tweeters installed (3 screws on each) and rep
  5. Further information: REL Strata III in Matt black is in excellent cosmetic condition. SpeakOn Connection cable is included. Please see specs below: True 100W (continuous) discrete direct-coupled MOSFET amplifier Downward firing 250mm long-throw driver with cast chassis Ultra-rigid 30mm cabinet ® Improved ABC® filtering circuit with 24 musically correct semi-tone increments between 22Hz-96Hz. Four position mode selector: line/LFE (0 degrees phase and 180 degrees phase) Audiophile grade toroidal transformer Gas-tight Neutrik hi
  6. Item: Sennheiser HD599 Open Back Headphone Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Thank you.
  7. Yes, 3 is fine. Await for your photo. Thx..
  8. Item: 12AX7 Tubes (3 or 4) Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for 3 or 4 x 12AX7 tubes. I bought 6N2P tubes from eBay which I thought that it is compatible but does not seem compatible when I test them. No need fancy vintage exotic ones. Any modern reasonable quality ones are fine since it is to be used with cheap DIY phono board. Thank u.
  9. Wow.. This is a lot of speaker for the money. Great seller and buy with confidence. GLWS.
  10. Gorgeous looking speakers. If it was Melb, I would not be able to resist. GLWS...
  11. Item: 230 Various vinyl records - FREE Price Range: FREE Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Accumulated old records that I do not listen to and it would be a waste to throw all of them away. Condition is vary but most of them are okay and some are poor condition. Genre is mostly classical and old pop (50~70's). It would be like $1~$2 cheapo records that Record Shop sells for and try to get rid of. New owner can take whole and pick whatever they like and pass the rest to others or donate to Salvos. I will give them to the person who can collect so
  12. Item: Computer Monitor 27" or up Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for a good budget computer monitor 27" or larger. If you have one to clear it away, shoot me a PM. Thx
  13. Further information: Letting go all 3 items in one go. 1) Sony MDR-MA 500 Open Back Full Sized Headphone Little brother of Sony MDR-MA 900. Unique Design that has Outer ring earpad as well as centre earpad on the driver. Good balanced sound and condition is very good. Earpads are cleaned for new owner and good condition so no need to replace them any time soon. Cable length is 3m. 2) Audio Technica ATH AD700 Open Back full sized headphone. Great for vocal (especially female vocal) and super comfy. Original cable was 3m and reduced to 1.5m and 3.5m
  14. Got some enquiry about the distance so here is more info by measuring Dr Feikert Protracting tool. The mounting hole is currently 40mm diameter. A - Spindle to shortest edge of hole is 275mm B - Spindle to center o hole is 295mm C - Spindle to furtherest edge of hole is 315mm 290mm mounting distance arm should be fine without any modification. The hole should be large enough. If hole needs to be come closer or further, it should be easy because thickness of the tonearm hole board area is 20mm thick where all the other plinth thickness
  15. Further information: Garrard 401 with custom plinth. It is massive plinth with wooden vinyl with gloss varnish on top. Motor runs very smoothly without any noise whatsoever and speed is accurate. New Solid height adjustable spike feets with base on all 4 corners attached so should be easy to adjust and level. Tried several Idler TT and this was the quietest and smoothest running one for me so far. Cosmetic Condition: Motor unit has minor wear and scratches but overall very good condition given the age. Plinth is also a bit old so recently
  16. Further information: Got this TT recently for third system setup but decide not to proceed with setting 3rd setup. Excellent condition and fully working. Comes with manual. Original RCA plugs just been replaced with much better gold plated ones. Other than that, it is all original. Dustcover polished thoroughly for new owner. Specs and user reviews can be found here. https://www.vinylengine.com/library/yamaha/yp-b2.shtml Cash upon Pick Up Please. Photos:
  17. Item: Thorens DC Servo Motor from TD 104, 105, 110, 115 or 126 MK3 Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Does anyone have any of above mentioned TT that is not working but motor works fine? Or have separate motor for sale? My Thorens TD126 MK3 DC servo motor is playing up and looking for replacement if possible. Shoot me a PM if you have one to offer. Cheers.
  18. Further information: One of my personal favourite turntable. It is not a good looking but works good and sound great. Had this over 4 years now and I put solid 45mm thick timber plinth around and spray painted black. The paint is a bit worn now so may need another coat of spray paint on later in the future then it should look good. The chassis plate has minor rust on them as shown on the photo. The motor has been lubricated inside out 8 months ago and runs smoothly and quietly. Main Bearing is good and the heavy platter keep running
  19. Great looking amp. Looks very well constructed. Out of curiosity, what is the clear tube that connecting between tube and RCA sockets? is it an exotic signal cable with clear tube? GLWS>
  20. Yep.. The chassis are made in Italy and ship from there and there were major delay due to more than anticipated demand so it took almost 3 months to receive them and part of delay is caused by me due to change of colour from silver to black which put me to the end of queue. 😪
  21. Further information: 1) 2 sets of PASS Amp Camp Amp Pure Class A Power Amplifiers for Dual Mono Bridged or 2 sets of Stereo Operations. These are brand new and completed unit. It is the latest version 1.8. The new version has slight modification from previous version and also has labels printed on back panel for easy connection. I was going to use this but it took too long to receive them and I got another amplifier while waiting so these are surplus now. It has just been tested and works perfectly. LED light are chosen for Blue so it matches wth Preamplifier
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