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  1. Spider27

    Signed CD raffle

    Awesome. Thank you.
  2. Wish there is a way to bring it down to Melb. GLWS
  3. Spider27

    FS: Allnic Verito Z MC cartridge

    Looks stunning and love the wooden artistic box. GLWS
  4. The tonearm looks similar to VPI JMW tonearm and both TT and tonearm looks stunning. GLWS !
  5. Fantastic work. It looks better than some of well known cables in the market place.
  6. Just told that another local guy got this instead. Whoever the person is, congrats. I always wanted to try top loading CDP with tube buffer and lost chance again. 😥 i might have to give up on digital and stay with vinyl after all...
  7. Keen to take Raysonic128CDP. PM sent.
  8. Sold. Pending payment.
  9. Item: VUE VU-1 Custom USB A to B Cable in 1.5m Location: VIC 3030 Price: $75 + postage $8 nationwide (RRP $178) Item Condition: MINT Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Superb USB cable. I tried quite a few USB cables and this one is so far the best one that i tried. Dead quiet when I connected between my computer and DAC and this eliminated my use of ISO USB regen that I used to have. I wish I keep this but I no longer use USB connection but use SPDIF only and it is a bit too long for my desktop setup. Hope it goes to another member who will make most of it. "The VU-1 wraps the 5 volt DC line that computers use to power a USB peripheral in its own foil shield to isolated any noise that the power line may be carrying out of the box. The data lines are also isolated in their own foil shield to protect them from radiated EMI or electromagnetic interference. By the way, foil shields are just that; a gauge of aluminum foil a good bit thicker than what you’d wrap your turkey in. The attention to detail doesn’t end with individual shields. The data lines are then separated from power by a plastic spline so the two foil shields are not touching each other. This eliminates any “short circuit” between the shields that may occur, which would, electrically speaking, negate the whole separate shield scheme. It also reduces the capacitive coupling of noise from one shield to the other, as the farther apart they are, the less coupling. The VU-1 then has a third foil plus braided shield – stranded wire knitted into a tubular shape – around the entire cable to further isolate the data from outside EMI and the massive radio frequency (RF) noise that is generated by switching power supplies and the digital circuitry being powered. As with all the VUE range, ROHS–compliant silver solder is used to terminate the wires at the USB plugs." Here is the review that i could find from the web. https://www.hifizine.com/2014/04/bits-are-bits-or-are-they/ Happy Listening... Pictures:
  10. Yes, sold long time ago. Forgot to mark it sold and will do now.
  11. If I understand correctly, "PM sent Intention to Buy" means that he is keen to purchase and he sent you a private message already to discuss how to proceed further.
  12. No worries at all. I have SL-120 + SME 3009 hence curious how it differs SL-1200 early version that this Ad is related to because it looks exactly same other than tonearm. To Op, best luck on sale. It looks very good condition.
  13. The TT shows as SL-1200. Does it mean that it is SL-1200 MK1? Is there any difference between SL-120 and SL-1200 early version?