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  1. +1 on what Geoff offered, Cyrus One or One HD. Very good amp and one box solution covers pretty much everything which is important for desktop setup. Good luck..
  2. Further information: Selling nice condition of Michell Syncro Turntable. It has fitted with brand new Audio Technica Tonearm (from LP-5 TT) and fitted with Nagaoka MP-110 MM Cartridge (has abt 200~300 hours on). Audio Technica Tonearm base is exact same dimension as Syncro tonearm mounting base so it was good match. Only downside is that tonearm does not have VTA adjustment functionality like Rega Tonearm so if VTA needs to be adjusted slightly then either using different thickness of platter mat or using headshell shim. At present, it is set up to go with Nagaoka Cart
  3. PM sent. Keen to give a crack at it and hopefully bringing it back to life.
  4. Great gesture, Jon and can you share the link for FB Group so those who are not into the vinyl still can donate for the cause?
  5. Item: Compact CD Player Price Range: TBC Item Condition: Used Extra Info: New Rega Brio model that has half width would be ideal but it is too expensive for me so looking for alternative CD player that has similar footprint. Any model would be okay as long as it sounds good and width is half of the rack so does not take full space. If you have one, plz shoot me a PM. Thank you......
  6. Even grey euro cheapo copy, the price is reasonable not alone reputable label. Definitely worth a gamble in my humble opinion. Great find @RankStranger
  7. Superb exemplary work... The cabinet with lighter colour than original looks much better to me. GLWS....
  8. Further information: John Farlowe era of Exposure XX Regulated integrated Amplifier. All original and works and sounds great. Cosmetic condition is good for the age. There are a few scratches on top edge but nothing major and overall very good cosmetic condition. Exact same as XV version without phono input so all input are line level. Review can be found here. https://www.stereophile.com/content/exposure-xv-integrated-amplifier [BONUS] I will also include a pair of used Cable Talk 3.1 shotgun style speaker cables in
  9. I guess that it looks like this at the back and inside? If so, it looks more like tube amp with point to point soldering.
  10. Hi Mike. I think that I found the issue. I was tightening the torroidal transformers too tight which too tightly pressed against the chassis and stray magnet field makes it vibrate. I loose the bolt a bit and it is now much less noticeable. I might try sound deadening rubber material underneath to see if it further helps. Thank you for your suggestion...
  11. Further information: Selling Arcam Solo all-in-one: Amplifier + CD player + tuner. All functions works and read CD fast. It covers pretty much everything except phono preamp but for phono, it is always better using external dedicated phono preamp for vinyl playback. In my opinion, this is excellent CD player with bonus good amplifier built in. I have used as dedicated CD player, CD transport (optical out), Integrated Amplifier, Preamp for my dedicated power amp and also used as dedicated power amp to test several preamps. Only part that I have not used is Tuner which I
  12. Good to know that Full Digital Amp is getting popularity. I see the strong potential. If my main source was not vinyl record playback, I would dig deeper into digital rabbit hole for sure. ☺️
  13. Thank you for your interest. Yes, shipping to France can be a challenge indeed. If I am willing to ship to France, will definitely come back to you. Not sure why but most of reviews on this amp that I found come from France.
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