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  1. Spider27

    Power Amp Voltage Conversion with Fuse

    Thank you so much. Good to be checked because I was thinking to replace fuse and give a try. It would blow fuses inside.
  2. Hello, I got QUAD 99 power amp and it is 115v so using it with USA stepdown transformer. When I look at the back, it says "115V T6.3AL Fuse. 230V T3.15AL Fuse" Does this mean that it can be converted to 230V just by replacing a 6.3A to 3.15A fuse, or it still requires step down transformer even if fuse is changed? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. They should be able to do that. Plz PM me to proceed further. Alternatively, Joseph (Needlestein at Audiokarma) is also good re-tipper and he offers good price for re-tipping.
  4. I think that stylus is almost impossible to find.. Hence, retipping is recommended. Sorry.
  5. Item: Audio Technica OCC ML170 MM Cartridge (without stylus) Location: VIC 3030 Price: $50 Item Condition: Cart looks Fine external and internal. Broken cantilever so Retip would be required Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I had this Cart for some time and original plan was re-tipping this vintage MM Cart. However, I could not bother doing that since I have too many cart already. It has not been inspected by professional in person so cannot guarantee 100% working but I showed closed up macro photos inside and outside and was told that retip looks doable by any professional re-tipper. I saw a couple of cartridges (ML150 which is one level lower than ML170) without stylus are currently listed over $200 on eBay so hope the listed price entice new owner enough to re-tip and re-vamp this vintage cart to life. Thank you for your interest. Pictures:
  6. Spider27

    WTB: XLR interconnect Cables

    Thank you. Await to hearing from you. Cheers.
  7. Item: AntiCable Level 2.1 - a pair Speaker Bi Wire Cables + a pair RCA Interconnects Location: VIC 3030 Price: $75 Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling well used 1 x pair of Anticable Bi-Wire Speaker Cables + 1 x pair of Anticable RCA interconnect cables. AntiCable Bi-Wire Speaker Cables + Length: 1.2m excluding termination + One end has ETI Research Bayonet Banana Plugs, The other end is bare wire AntiCable RCA Interconnect Cables + Length: 1.0m excluding termination + Both ends have ETI Research Bayonet Bullet Plugs. Wire itself are excellent condition. termination (Bayonet Plugs and bare wire) is well used and has sign of usage. Still works fine . Pictures:
  8. Spider27

    WTB: XLR interconnect Cables

    Item: XLR Interconnect Cables Price Range: Cheapo Item Condition: Used Extra Info: For testing purpose, I am looking for 2 pairs of budget 3 pin XLR cables. 1 pair with 1.5m ~ 2.0m and another pair with 0.5m~1.0m. If you have some XLR cables laying around, please PM me. Thank you...
  9. Spider27

    GIESELER Groß DAC short loan

    Doesn't Clay offer 7 day No Questions ask - money back guarantee so buyer can try it at home and return if not satisfied?
  10. Thank you for suggestion. Yes, I used to own LS50 passive version and had mixed opinion on the speaker. In my humble set up (NAD 3020 as preamp, Coda Class A/B 250w power amp), the bass was AMAZEBALL and loved the bass quantity coming out of it. I found that it was Fantastic with modern music (modern pop and EDM). However, when I play with acoustic, jazz and blues/roots, there was something unnatural/artificial about treble region and i mainly listen in that genre hence moved on. It could be my matching system issue at the time but did not have any other amps to pair with.... I only auditioned LS50W briefly (for 15~20 minutes) at Addicted to Audio in Kew a few months ago and could not find any fault with it and it was nice overall. I am too lazy and willing to bypass the joy of speaker-amp pairing journey. Hence, my upgrade path will be more likely to Active speakers. My shortlist will be HD6, LS50w, Elac Argo.... Dynaudio Focus 20XD would be nice but it is out of budget. 😅
  11. Great to know. KEF passive speakers also comes with 5 yr warranty but active is only 1 year. Hope ELAC does offer at least 3 years warranty on active.
  12. Just watched the video and very interesting indeed. analog active vs digital active... Like the idea of analog active so external dac and preamp can be used. The Elac Argo price would be more or less similar to LS50W. Great to see more and more all in one solution speakers becomes available in marketplace and hope Elac's one has better warranty period than LS50W. Again, thank you very much for sharing the news
  13. Good to know. I was thinking to use my own DAC if I go for LS50W and it might not be such a good idea and better use internal DAC instead.
  14. @Sator Thank you so much for sparing your time to write up such an extensive comparison. They are very helpful to understand between the two. For me personally, I use Oppo 105D for CD and streaming, and often listen Vinyl so might not need to use internal DAC on either of them. I previously considered HD6 but I was a bit skeptical after watching below youtube video review a year ago so went to passive instead. I would reconsider and love to try out HD6. Volume control & Amp built into speaker seems no brainer if it matched correctly. Again, thank you very much for detailed comparison.