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  1. Isn't Australia using 230v? I thought that 240v in AU was very long ago from internet source. The nominal low-voltage level in Australia is now 230V. Chris Halliday of the Institute of Electrical Inspectors outlines the levels that electrical appliances and equipment may receive, and the implications for electricians when testing. The nominal voltage in Australia was set at 240V in the 1920s.22 Oct 2012
  2. Thanks for asking. Yes, I am looking for manual cueing lever/tonearm lifter. NOT automatic tonearm lifter that lifts arm at the end.
  3. Hello, my friend. Sorry, no idea. Those new spikes came with the stands when i got them awhile ago.
  4. Further information: Overall condition is okay and structurally very solid with some cosmetic wear. This Yamaha Stands are originally designed to go with floort-sanding speakers to increase height and lift up from the ground or carpet so should be able to accommodate most of floor-standing speakers. These would also suit well for desktop speakers or small headphone rig rack meaning put compact DAC inside and tube headphone amp on top so neatly put them together on limited space on the desk. Dimension: + Top & bottom panel = 28cm wide x 29cm deep x
  5. Oh...that would be handy. Yes, this is stackable so can be added on top. My initial idea was getting another 3 tier one and make it 6 tier rack but could not find one for long so decided to go with 4 tier one now and letting this go... A local member keen to take it and pick up today. If it does not happen, I will dismantle it and pack carefully and send it to you, Steve. 😊
  6. Very sorry, Steve. This one, I may have to stick to Pick Up Only. 👃
  7. Further information: Very versatile rack. Height of each tier and width can be adjusted. Overall good used condition. Rear left top corner plastic black cap is missing so I put black tape on and tiny hairline crack on that area which does not affect and hold strong (See attached photo to compare the corner with the others) Just in case new owner wants to put spikes, brand new spikes will be included. If class A amp or tube amp that requires lot of ventilation around or need to access bottom of turntable to adjust suspension of springs then this m
  8. Further information: Many people wonder which one would be better between V15 MK3 and MK4 and here is a chance to get them both. What's included: 1) 1 x Shure V15 MK3 Cartridge with stylus - Bottom of body has slight scratch but the rest of body and stylus are excellent condition 2) 1 x Shure V15 MK4 Cartridge with stylus - Body and stylus are excellent condition 3) 1 x Original V15 MK4 stylus with brush guard - I include this but cantilever is not good condition so need retip or just discard this if not needed. Also comes with matching
  9. Further information: Selling both Technics EPC-205C II-L Moving Magnet Cartridge as well as EPC-207C MM Cartridges. EPC-205C MK II-L Cartridge has new 3rd party elliptical stylus which ran only very low hours and sound great. EPC-207C Cartridge has original stylus and it is due replacement and there are plenty online to get replacement. The stylus are interchangeable between two carts and exact fit. They are often overlooked but when they are mounted with matching Jico-SAS stylus, they become superb MM that beats many MC carts. U
  10. Does anyone know if ES70 stylus would fit this cartridge? According to the photo, it seems that it is exactly same without stylus guard. If it does fit, then Excel ES70S (Conical), ES70E (Elliptical) can be a good alternative replacement stylus.
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