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  1. @Bill125812 @BATMAQN @Batty A Quick question if I may... What temp do you set for normal circuit soldering? Is it 350 degree celcius correct temp?
  2. Further information: Selling 3 pairs of 100% Genuine Aurealis AUX Phono Interconnect cables in good condition. They are packed into 2 separate boxes and ready for shipment. Item #1) A Pair of Aurealis RCA to RCA phono cable with ground wire in 1m length. This cable is made of Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Pro with genuine ETI Research RCA Bullet Plugs for both ends and ground wire is terminated with spades. High inductance so perfect for tonearm cable. Packed with original Aurealis packing box with cotton bag and business card. Item #2 & #3) Two Pairs of Aurealis R1 UPOCC Silver and Copper wire Aux interconnect cables in 0.75m length The model number is R1 with genuine ETI Research RCA Bullet Plugs are used for both ends. Price includes shipping anywhere in Australia with tracking for peace of mind. Thank you for looking. Photos:
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I happen to have DeOxIt D100L which is brush type. I applied all of joints and gap inside pots but does not make any difference. However, it is not spray type so could not reach deep inside the pot so it may make a positive difference with spray can type. When I pass the city next time, will get one to try. However, I feel that it is more likely transistor or solder joint. The reason for this assumption is that the crackling noise is now on the left channel when it was on the right before replacing the signal transistors.
  4. Item: Soldering Iron Set Price Range: TBC Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I was using cheap soldering iron that I got from JayCar and thinking to upgrade to better quality one because I want to use it more often and do better soldering job if possible. If you have a nice one sitting idle, please shoot me a PM. I am not sure which one is good and with a quick google, Hakko FX888D is good candidate but open to others. Thank you....
  5. I am not sure about the pots and switch because they are cleaned quite thoroughly. When I test turning every switch & knobs up and down, it does not affect crackling noise at all. Doesn't it affect crackling noise when switch/knobs are turned up and down if pots and switches are dirty?🙄 YES.. Thank you.👍
  6. Just completed replacing BC550 transistors with new ones. And, sound output is now back to normal. 😅 The crackling noises are still there though. I guess that these crackling noises are coming from old caps. Hope it is not noisy transistors but caps because do not want to replace same transistors again....
  7. I actually watched this video to understand how transistor works and how to do diode test. Checked all of transistors that I could see and they seem all pass the test. TR807 and TR808 did not pass the initial test so I was excited that I found the defect ones. However, I found that those two are PNP type when all others are NPN so had to do opposite and they also passed the test. 😓 I got some extra brand new BC550 transitors and will replace all 4 of them later today to see if it helps.
  8. Thank you for the info and Very likely. Is there a way to check if the transistors are damaged before replacing all of them with new one? I have digital multimeter but not sure if I can use it to check if it works or not.
  9. Hi Pete. I double checked pin configuration and yes, it is correct position now after initial mistake which cause no sound at all. Actually, Headamp section TR601 and 602 already have C945 transistors instead so did not replaced them with BC550. However, I am not sure if headamp section would make difference for speaker out section. Only thing that I have not done is replacing capacitors which I am still working out finding correct size and value. I was going to do that once crackling noise and volume output sorted out. Maybe i am too novice after all and not cut out for this task 😭 (my self-confidence level is dropping down rapidly now).
  10. Thank you for the info and great to know that I did not get wrong BC550. (relief) I will do another thorough cleanup pots. Re: checking cracked solder joints, any particular area (Main Amp, Control amp or Head Amp section) that I may need to look out for? The crackling noise starting to coming back up after running about an hour this morning but not all the time but come and go. I am based in west suburb (Werribee) of Melb. Thanks again.
  11. Hello, @pete_mac May I double check if BC550 is similar value as 2SC2240 and KSC1845? I noticed that you suggested the other two transistors for AU101 thread and just wondering if those 3 are all similar or AU101 and AU222 are two different amps so different transistors required?
  12. Fully trust @pete_mac and other members who made suggestion on this thread. There is no trust issue there. My question is if there are different types or sizes of BC550 to check if I got correct one. If it did, then what normally causes sound output level drop substantially? I got the transistor from JayCar and here is the link for datasheet. https://www.jaycar.com.au/medias/sys_master/images/images/9373003317278/ZT2160-dataSheetMain.pdf
  13. Here is a quick shot between old transistor (2SC871) on the left and new transistor (BC550) on the right. The size is quite different. Not sure about the value... Is it possible that changing transistor change the sound output level substantially?
  14. Just resoldered those transistors to correct pin out and I now get the sound out.. Crackling sound on the right channel has reduced (still there but less). However, sound output level is noticeably less than previous. (scratching my head)....
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