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  1. Spider27

    FREE RAFFLE - Xmas With A Conscience

    Just Chipped In (Joo Oh)
  2. Spider27

    FS: REGA RP6 turntable

    Look so sexy.... 😍 This would go so well with KEF LS50 in Red..
  3. Spider27

    SOLD: FS: Hifi Rack

    You must have a lot of components if you have two of these. ☺️
  4. Spider27

    SOLD: FS: Hifi Rack

    Keen to take it. PM sent.
  5. Spider27

    FS: MAGICO S3 Floorstanding Speakers

    My dream speaker. Hope to have it when I have space and coins for it. Best luck on sale. It seems super bargain given how much it is currently selling at retail.
  6. Spider27

    FS: Wednesday Vinyl Sale

    i will take this if available. John Themis - English Renaissance
  7. Spider27

    Dynaudio Audience vs DM ranges Speakers

    Thank you very much. If Audience is earlier version of Excite, then DM is earlier version of Emit series? Not sure how the hierarchy works in Dyn family and it sounds like Excite is higher than EM series? 🤔
  8. Hello, Friends I am thinking to get either Audience or DM budget range of small bookshelf speakers and wondering if there is much difference between the two models. If I understand correctly, DM series is later model of Audience and DM series is 6 ohm and Audience is 4 ohm impedance. Does anyone have experience in Audience 42 and DM 2/6 models? Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and impressions in advance.
  9. Spider27

    Half decent 12V hi fi system for a caravan

    How about this option? Raspberry Pi based player https://www.allo.com/sparky/katana-player.html Matching Amp (2x60w) https://www.allo.com/sparky/volt-plus-d-amp.html
  10. If new owner wants to put the speaker behind the desk, I will throw short height stand that I used for nearfield set up. The height is about 30cm tall so it provides ideal height and put the speaker drivers to ear level when you sit down in front of desk. Photos will be added on original Ad. Not a looker but quite handy and much better than putting on the ground. Hope it is useful.
  11. I hope not 😅 but I am pretty certain that new owner will not.