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  1. Thank you very much for the suggestion. I will try it soon and put it on my top priority of upgrade choice. I was a bit hesitant to try this one because I read somewhere on internet that some people prefer plastic pulley instead. I guess that no product satisfy everyone...
  2. Item: TEAC PD-H570 CD Player - Kallax Friendly Location: VIC 3030 Price: $215 + Postage if required Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Friends, Bank Transfer Only Extra Info: Selling TEAC PD-H570 Reference Series 7 Disc CD Player. A high end Japanese made CD player. If you are looking for great sounding CD player that does not take space and even fits nicely inside Ikea Kallax cabinet, this is the one. You can even put this CDP and another device such as Headphone Amp or Phonostage on same shelf of the rack to save space. You can put one CD or put upto 7 CDs to avoid constantly changing CDs and save time and effort. It is fully working and in excellent condition and comes with original remote. Analog out and digital out all works and sounds great. Color is pale gold on faceplate (almost silver) and dark grey on body which looks very premium and goes well with either silver or black components. SPECS Disc format: CD Digital converter: PCM1710U, 1 bit, 8 x oversampling CD Mechanism: HOP-M3A Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB Total harmonic distortion: 0.02% Line output: 2V Digital outputs: optical Dimensions: 285 x 131 x 292mm Weight: 5.7kg Thank you for your interest. Photos:
  3. Here it is. Choose Thorens one instead of Rega. https://recordclean.com.au/srm-motor-thrust-bearing-for-linn-rega-thorens.html If you have eBay coupon code, then this could be a good alternative. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SRM-TECH-THORENS-TURNTABLE-MOTOR-THRUST-BEARING-/273797142713 Hope it helps. Cheers.
  4. First of all, thanks to @myskylab suggesting SRM Tech motor bearing kit. I applied onto back of the motor and it reduced knocking sound/noise noticeably and now it runs quiet. It does not solve pulley wobble but reduce noise. I still see motor pulley wobble a bit but it does not concern me since I now could not hear noise from the motor and be able to enjoy listening without background motor or pulley noise. If anyone has noise issue from motor or pulley, this could be a great solution.
  5. Noted well and thanks for the suggestion. I will try that in the future. At present, it is dead silent so no urgent need to make any change. I am not sure what the common ground is. Sorry mate. I am not tech savvy. What I know is that each RCA has separate ground and not connected together.
  6. I tested a few more ideas and solved the issue. Here is my dummy trial and errors and hope this helps with anyone who has similar issue and save their time and effort. Test #1) Completely seal the box with aluminium foil but looks very ugly. It worked with a condition which I found later. Test #2) Shield inside box with aluminium foil completely instead of externally. It did not work somehow. Test #3) Put small cardboard box to cover preamp section only and covered the box with aluminium foil. The reason that I did put cardboard box first is to prevent shorts in circuit and covered the cardboard box with aluminium foil. However, this also did not help. 😓 Test #4) I replicated Test #1 but this time, I could not solve the hum issue. I dig deeper and found that it only works when aluminium foil touches one of RCA plugs. 😲 Test #5) this time I soldered a small wire between one of ground socket of RCA female plug and ground wire socket. I google searched and it is actually poor shielding on signal wires inside phonostage and this method completely eliminated the hum and dead silent now. Thank you for those who shared ideas in this thread.
  7. I think that I found the solution. It seems that it is caused by some kind of electric field. I thought that it might be crazy but just put aluminium foil wrapped on the phonostage and put power cable and input and output RCA interconnect at the back and buzz/hum disappeared. It looks stupid at the moment covered by foil. One thing that I am not 100% sure is if it is because covered interconnect RCA plug or phonostage itself but I strongly believe that it is phonostage. Does anyone know how to shield case internally instead of externally to avoid this stupid look?
  8. I am aware of that phono input usually has more noise or hum than any other input because of the higher gain, they do have higher noise levels but not necessarily hum or buzz. I recently got DIY phonostage and it sounds good but it has higher level of buzz/hum than other phono-stages that I have tried before. I am trying to reduce the hum/buzz so enjoy listening records with the phonostage. Here are a few findings after trying various troubleshooting. Buzzing noise goes up and down with volume. At normal listening volume level, it can be heard when there is a pause or lower background music. When tonearm cable unplugged from phonostage, then not buzzing but lower level hum gets very loud so it is not tonearm wire that causes. When RCA plug either input or output from phonostage at the back are touched, it changes the tone of buzzing. Not necessarily lower buzzing, but touching RCA plugs makes difference in buzzing. Trying several different RCA interconnect cables for input and output from phonostage, does not make difference. I do not have very high quality but decent enough to test but did not make noticeable difference. I also tried plug phonostage into different power outlet and it does not make noticeable difference either. In my opinion, these findings indicate either power supply noise leakage or a ground issue with the electronics. However, not 100% sure and how to tackle further. If anyone have any suggestions to check or possible solutions that could shed light on the cause of buzz, please do share and be my saviour......
  9. This is heavy mass tonearm works with low compliance cart such as Denon 103 or Ortofon SPU. Mounting distance is under 210mm. The far end weight has screw to be taken off and leaves main counterweight only. Then, tonearm mass gets drastically reduced down to medium mass suit most of MM cartridges that I had. The max mounting distance would be around 230mm. There is large tonearm mounting hole in the plinth but I only cut top plate abt 3cm further back (Refer attached shot). In short, this is ideal for 8~9" tonearm at current setting.
  10. I took it to JayCar this afternoon and the sales person told me that they do not carry exact same type in any of their stores and suggested me to cut them off and put other type of Molex connectors instead since there are literally hundred different types of connectors and hard to find exact same one. Not a bad idea at all. Alternatively, just solder the connecting area and forego connectors after all. I am not sure why there are so many different types of connectors which just confuse people and it would been much better to have just few universal one to use instead.
  11. I got old 2 pin electrical wire that is terminated with this connector and not sure what this is called. Can anyone help me to find out the name of this connector by any chance? I searched on internet but could not find out the name so purchase new ones (male & female set). Thank you very much in advance..
  12. Item: Goldring Lenco GL59 Turntable with Walnut Plinth and NEAT tonearm Location: VIC 3030 Price: $795 Item Condition: GOOD Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Friends Only Extra Info: Goldring Lenco Gl59 turntable fully checked and refurbished, Ortofon SPU ready NEAT tonearm (SPU is not included), walnut plinth. Looks awesome and works great. Fully refurbished including a complete strip down of the toplate which was then resprayed to match the original grey and the platter has had a coat of gloss white. The main spindle bearing as been serviced with a new pom thrust pad and ceramic ball bearing fitted, the old wobbly plastic idler wheel has been replaced with a serviced 2 hole aluminium idler wheel , this along with a serviced motor produces a silent running turntable. The turntable is then fitted into a heavy birch ply/MDF plinth veneered in beautiful real American walnut and finished to a high standard with many coats of finishing oil. Ebony wood spiked feet are fitted along with a black perspex RCA plate for the tonearm, also the turntable has been wired with the toplate earthed and a IEC power socket fitted. Sad to see it go and this would be my last idler turntable that I have but need some funds after big Christmas shopping. Here is what's included: + GL59 unit with walnut plinth + NEAT tonearm with original headshell (headshell is old and just okay) + New Technics Headshell with cable + 4G Headshell weight (brand new) for extra weight Thank you for looking. Photos:
  13. I believe that John Darko use this to hook up both of his 2 turntables at the same time. Very handy that it can be connected 2 turntables at the same time. GLWS.
  14. You mean facebook group? Not sure what bookaface is.
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