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  1. Just received one that I ordered. It does not have retail packaging but just the unit with manual & 2 short cables (micro USB to micro USB and Micro USB to USB). The size is very similar to my thumbnail USB drive. Actually thinner. It is about half thickness and 2/3 length of Dragonfly Red that I used to have. I will do a few hours burn in before listening... My quick 5 min impression is a bit less resolution but similar output as Dragonfly Red. I am amazed how this small size unit can drive full sized headphone effortlessly.
  2. Spider27

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    If you ever do, do you mind sharing your impression? Love to hear your thoughts.
  3. Spider27

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    Great to know. Thank you. Have you also tried XLS amp not only for bass but as 2 channel stereo power amp?
  4. It looks fantastic. solid aluminium enclosure looks super premium. GLWS...
  5. Spider27

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    Thank you so much, Andy. Now, understood.
  6. Spider27

    LH Labs no delivery at AS

    Their product is very good but delivery & service are terrible in my humble opinion. (I am still using their portable dac/amp but I guess that I am lucky case). Hope not many SNA members got into trouble getting product from them.
  7. Spider27

    Sony PS 5520 Turntable + Bonus 60 LPs

    My dumbness. The automatic drop off for 7" & 10" are now working fine. I just did not know how to use it (I do not have any 7" & 10" LPs so never used it) and read the operational manual, understood how it works and all auto functions works fine now. Happy to demo to new owner (if there is). 😓
  8. Spider27

    Pro audio power amp - anyone using one?

    Keen to try class D pro amp such as Crown Audio XLS series (not for sub but 2 channel stereo). Has anyone tried it before? And, May I ask one dummy question? I have not touched pre/power separate but integrated amp only and I was told that turn on the gear in source -> pre -> power sequence and when turning off, do the reverse so power -> pre -> source. I saw some users of Class D power amp never turn it off but leave it on 24/7 basis since it takes so little voltage when it is not playing. If it is left on 24/7 basis for example, how do we turn off active preamp? I guess that passive preamp can be just turned the volume right down but not sure about active preamp without turning off power amp first. It is safe to ignore the sequence and just turn the volume right down and switch off active pre without turning off power amp? Thank you in advance.
  9. Spider27

    Sony PS 5520 Turntable + Bonus 60 LPs

    I am not sure. I made 3 ~ 4 different changes by reducing price and adding bonus etc and start losing track of it. if you are keen to take it, send me a PM . Cheers.
  10. Spider27

    Sony PS 5520 Turntable + Bonus 60 LPs

    Added Bonus 60LPs. Maybe good starter kit/combo ? 😅
  11. Spider27

    loudness wars 2019

    Does it include digital radio stations over internet?
  12. I think that seller means that TT + tonearm only without cartridge.
  13. Wow. He is way ahead of game. When I was his age, I only had Sony Walkman, Cassettes and crappy earbuds.