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  1. I heard his setup and it was amazing. It must to the trick with Spider’s Spensor too
  2. Sorry, my friend. We both spider so our taste/preference must be similar.
  3. I will take Consonance PW 3 Power Board . THank you.
  4. What I particularly intrigued is 2nd one, "Usually, things sound better on 240v" Does anyone know why it might be? And, good to know that 220v without conversion can reduce performance and shorten the life. How about 230v? Does it need to be converted to 240v to make most of it?
  5. Found a page from ClarkeAudio (source: http://www.clarkeaudio.com/) and below is a quick summary; Can foreign components be modified for 240V? => About 95% of the time, yes. Does voltage conversion affect the sound? => Usually, things sound better on 240V 220 Volts is close enough to 240, right? => Not really, running some 220V units on 240V can reduce performance and shorten their life considerably! What if I buy something that can’t be converted? => Most units that can’t be converted directly will work with a suitable step-down transformer. Will I have to use a step-down transformer? => Only if it can’t be converted to operate on 240V directly. Will a step-down degrade the performance? => It depends on the component but this can be minimised by selecting the right transformer
  6. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Yep. If I do not ask, I would never learn and understood the difference now.
  7. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Thank you. I was really asking since i had no idea and now understood.
  8. Yep. I am thinking about Bryston Inte amp to give a try since price for used one is reasonable. I noticed that B60R for instance does have dual primary windings on power transformer, so it should be able to be converted to 240V by changing to specific fuses but might require a few rewiring to be done by professional I guess??
  9. Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Great to know. Dumb question to ask.... I thought that Studio sent tape to other countries to create Vinyl back then... If that case, is the tape studio used much different to Cassette Tape in terms of sound quality?
  10. Great to know PS Audio Power Plant does frequency adjustment and stepdown..
  11. Thank you. Great to know. Yes, it is hassle and risk getting audio gears from overseas and rather get local ones. Just in case there is one that is hard to find locally and cannot resist temptation of trying the amp. Possible hum and noise can be serious issue though.
  12. I did some reading and found that most of amps after 1998 uses "world power supplies" and need to change the fuse and rewire to 240/220v cap. Does anyone know any company or person who does this in Melbourne by any chance?
  13. Thank you so much... How about Bryston B60R Inte amp? I see used ones occassionally pop up now and then on eBay USA and it is one of few i am eyeing on...
  14. Thank you very much for the info. If the amp has following spec, 120VAC/60Hz/215VA for instance, what kind of step-down transformer would I need? I only used step-down transformer for imported refrigerator so not sure which one to get for audio gear. Again, thank you...