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  1. At this moment, interested in selling as one lot. If I split, will come back to you accordingly. Thank you.
  2. Item: 2 x Chromecast Audio Devices Location: VIC 3030 Price: $60 + Postage Item Condition: GOOD Reason for selling: Want to try Raspberry Pi route Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling 2 sets of Chromecast Audio Devices. I lost original packaging but can be shipped safely. What's included: + 2 x sets of chromecast Audio devices + 1 x short 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect cable + 1 x Google Chrome Power Adapter + 1 x Original Micro C USB Cable. Photos:
  3. Had a chance to listen this speaker at Op's place and sounds GREAT. Surprise to see you are selling the speaker. Best luck on sale.
  4. Looks so nice and well looked after. Best luck on sale..
  5. First & Final Price drop. It is now $250. Hope it goes to good SNAer before being withdrawn. Thanks for looking.
  6. Item: LH Lab GEEKOUT 720 USB DAC/HEAD AMP + (Bonus) Bitstream BTS-300 USB Dac/Amp Location: VIC Price: $95 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Excellent Portable USB DAC and Head Amp. It has two 3.5mm jack outputs. One for sensitive IEM and the other one is for hard to drive full sized headphones or use the port as Line Out. Here is my quick comparison with Audioquest Dragonfly Red (that I used to have). In terms of OutPut: it is pretty much equal and drive upto 300 ohm headphones. I was using with HD650 and was happy with the pairing. Re; Sonic quality, I found that this sounds better than Audioquest Dragionfly Red. It provides better resolution and touch of warmth from class A. This has better DAC chip inside (ESS9018K2M instead of ESS9016 from Dragonfly Red) and this runs pure Class A. Yes, it means that it gets hot. When you touch the aluminium chassis, you will feel quite hot but not burning hot. It can work as hand warmer during cold winter and designed to be plugged all the time and best sound comes when it is warmed up after 15 minutes or more. Re: build quality, this one is made of aluminium for chassis, and when you hold it, it feels solid and premium when Dragonfly Red feels a bit cheap and feel plasticy. Re: Decoding Capability, Audioquest Dragonfly Red only support upto 24bit 96kHz. GeekOut support upto DSD or 32 bit with 64 volume control. Okay.. what is the downside? 1) Unlike Dragonfly Red that can be used with mobile phone, this one is designed to be used with laptop or desktop. iPad or Mobile Phone will not be strong enough to power this so if you are looking for USB Dac/Head amp to be powered from your mobile phone or iPad, this is not a good option. 2) This one is about 2 times bigger than Dragonfly Red. If you put two Dragonfly Red parrarel to each other, then it would be similar size to this GeekOut unit. Still very small but not as small as dragonfly Red. Description & Specification from manufacturer. GET READY TO RUMBLE You just dropped a fat stack of cash on bumping cans and can’t wait to try them out. Sadly, your laptop’s integrated set-up doesn’t have enough power to accurately process digital signals and drive your high end headphones. A pint sized solution with a knockout punch, the Geek Out 720 USB DAC/Amp is a true contender. LOSSLESS LOVE Once you plug in and bypass your computer’s DAC, digital signals from your device are converted into clear, undistorted analogue signals, giving you the realistic sound quality you expect from high end headphones. Powered by triple layer buffering, 32 bit decoding engines, and 64 bit volume control, the Geek Out is capable of three dimensional spatialization, precisely recreating sounds without losing quality and amplifying the output volume for a more satisfactory listening experience. LOW-KEY LUXURY While this USB DAC/Amp is only the size of a thumb drive, it produces massive sound. Designed for professional level cans with up to 300 Ohms of impedance, the Geek Out offers 720 mW of power. The dual 1/8” analog outputs let you connect multiple sets of headphones or speakers, so you can easily switch between devices or listen with a friend. A breeze to use, the Geek Out has onboard volume control and indicator lights to simplify your listening experience, offering you audiophile quality at minimal cost and maximum convenience. SPECS LH Labs T6061 aluminum enclosure 3 layer buffer 384 kHz / 32 bit and DSD 2 decoding engines 64 bit volume control 3D specialisation DAC chip: ESS9018K2M Input: USB 2.0 (asynchronous) Output: Dual 1/8 in (3.5 mm) analogue Output impedance: 0.47 Ohm Maximum drive output: 720 mW at 16 Ohms Maximum output voltage: 3.4 Vrms Amplifier type: class A THD + N: 0.01% Maximum native sample rate: 32 bit / 384 kHz Maximum native bitstream: 6.144 MHza [BONUS] Bitstream BTS-300 USB Dac/Amp. Cheap but good sounding USB DAC/HeadAmp. New owner can compare the two and feel how good GeekOut sounds. Or Use this BitStream Dac/Amp for Portable Use and GeekOut for Laptop/Desktop use. Thank you. Photos:
  7. Thanks for the offer. At this stage, prefer local sales but will seriously consider your offer. Cheers.
  8. Item: Technics SL-Q2 Turntable with Shure SC35C Cart and Cork Rubber Composite Platter Mat Location: VIC 3030 Price: $270 -> $250 Item Condition: Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling my beloved Technics SL-Q2 Direct Drive Turntable with New Shure SC35C cartridge and New cork Rubber composite Mat that I purchased brand new recently. Technics SL-Q2 Turntable Great turntable and slim form factor with auto-return function. Unlike SL-D series with plastic chassis, Q series has metal chassis just like SL-1200 does. Here are customer reviews for reference. https://www.vinylengine.com/turntable_reviews.php?make=Technics&model=SL-Q2 It is surprisingly heavy and solidly built. Comes with original 45 RPM adapter. All functions and speed are spot on and working perfectly. Cosmetic condition is good. There are some paint marks faded but not very noticeable as you can see from the photos. Overall, good fully working condition. I have original dustcover but it is dirty and cannot locate hinge (I stored somewhere but could not find hinges) so consider them without dustcover. I never use dustcover but use hard-foam platter cover which looks much better and protect from the dust getting on the platter mat. 240V so just plug and play. New Cork & Rubber Composite Platter Mat I also newly added cork rubber composite mat which is much better than original rubber mat which is also included so you get both platter mats. Shure SC35C Cartridge Great budget cart and newly replaced stylus so good to go for many many hours of enjoyment. Thick Rubber Rings on ToneArm tube I have applied 2 x rubber rings on arm tube to further reduce resonance and vibration on the arm tube. This would be great starter turntable for someone who starts vinyl journey and real workhorse turntable. Hope it goes to a good home. Photos: .
  9. Added another into the lot without extra. Now, 8 albums in total in the lot.
  10. Item: 8 x Heavy Metal Rock Album LPs in one Lot Location: VIC Price: $120 -> $110 Item Condition: Excellent. Hardly played Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Post with bank transfer or Paypal Friends Extra Info: Selling 8 albums of Heavy Metal LPs in one Lot. They are all excellent condition and hardly played. (As New) Apocalyptica - 7th Symphony, Sony, 2010, LC23292 Russian Circles - Empros, Sargent House, SH067, MoFi sleeve Ufomammut ‎– Ecate, Supernatural Cat, CAT017LP Ghost BC - Opus Eponymous, 3984-25005-1, Picture LP Ghost BC - Infestissumam, B0018287-01 Slash - World on Fire, Roadrunner, (2 LP Set), RR75581 Iceage - Plowing into the Field of Love (2LP Set), OLE-1068-1 (Very Good) Hagar, Schon, Aaronson, Shrieve - Through the Fire, GHS-4023 Thank you. Photos:
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