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  1. Currently running re-furbished JBL TL8 3 way. They are pretty efficient at 91 so I do not need a lot of power for my room size. Guess I will keep looking. Maybe something will turn up here. Thanks guys.
  2. Given the reviews of this unit and the build quality for the price being asked it seems awfully hard to resist. If I could find a decent integrated for $500 to $600 I would probably go that way. Trouble is everything I look at that appears decent is out of my price range or I don't know the product.
  3. Starting to have too many issues with the old dear. The volume pot is giving problems and is no longer available plus have too many bad connections on the board.
  4. I have been offered a yamaha rx-v1 in immaculate condition and was looking to replace my old Onkyo A-8500 and use this for just 2 channel audio. Would this be a wise investment? Cheers.
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