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  1. Looking at the specs in the manual the wifi is only 2.4ghz which is the older slower standard. Your modem is likely on the 5ghz standard and that is why it is not picking it up. solution is enable the 2.4ghz network on the modem and then try on the stellar again.
  2. Same here I had the same car and that was my intro into McIntosh. The system did sound good but eventually the CD changer died so I replaced everything with an aftermarket system. When I remove the head unit there was sticker on the back "Made by Clarion". The aftermarket system sounded better though but it cost quite a bit al new speakers, head unit, DSP processor, amps and sub. Fast forward to today and I got myself a C2700 and MC462. Source I am using is a Holo May KTE and to me it sounds great. Crystal clear, huge soundstage and imaging. Compared to the C2700 internal DAC
  3. I can vouch for Muzza as a top seller and his gear is well looked after. I bought an Ares2 off him last year no issues. This Venus though is like brand new so price is reasonable.
  4. Let your ears decide which is better. On my Yamaha Pre if I didn’t use pure direct on some songs I would get distortion. Always on the high treble region. This was with an external DAC running XLR to the pre.
  5. On you Denon AV select pure direct mode and try again. This bypasses all the DSP circuits in the receiver which can add distortion to your analogue input. I had to do this on my Yamaha Pre until I got myself a dedicated 2 channel system.
  6. What video playback app are you using on the shield. Suggest loading Kodi and try with that if they can see you files.
  7. You can check here https://www.stereo.net.au/brands/luxman
  8. Hi Dennis, If you give me some of the track names you have issues with I can perhaps see if I can replicate it on my system with my CM5s. Hopefully Tidal will have the tracks. I'll just need to swap some wiring and turn my chair around to face the back of my room. My CM5s are up on the back wall as height speakers.
  9. The Holo May does not do MQA decoding. So currently when listening to MQA thru Tidal I only get the first unfold with Roon. Now if I compare it to a non-MQA version I have the non-MQA sounds better. The MQA version just sounds lossy to me. So now I just avoid MQA and I am patiently waiting for Qobuz to come in April so I can use that instead. Agree too that 16/44 files (Non-MQA) sound fantastic on the Holo.
  10. My L3 was considered a custom order which they have to build. Took about 3 weeks from ordering till I had it.
  11. Not me. The Mola is 2 x price and Bartok 3 x price so didn’t really consider either of them.
  12. Hi Dennis, if you like the B&W sound then probably stick to that. See if you can get hold of a 2nd hand CM9 or Cm10 if you can stretch that far. I used to have the CM9S1 and they played good and from what I can recall didn't really set a crossover on them to stop them distorting.
  13. Congrats Nick it will not disappoint. im still enjoying mine immensely even more so this week as we are in lockdown.
  14. Do try some form of foam plug as this will dampen the low frequency response. See pic from the owners manual to help.
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