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  1. 1m, 2m, 3m and 5m now sold out ...only 4m available.
  2. Link: https://m8audio.com/product/sc-4-speaker-cab-t6s-banana/ How to buy: Send me a message here on SN and we'll work out the details Australia shipping: $19 Express shipping Australia wide HiFi Choice Review: https://m8audio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/SC-4-Hifi-Choice-7-2018.pdf Further information: These fantastic Speaker Cables from ViaBlue are known for great value and made in Germany! During these trying and unusual times of Covid-19 we are heavily discounting this very last brand new SC-4 speaker cable in stock. SC-4 Silver Series Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs 3m set: was $571 reduced to $399 This offer is exclusively available for SNA members and is valid for stocked cables only. SC-4 Silver Series Speaker Cable w/ T6s Banana Plugs 3m set 896 individual strands ViaBlue SC-4 Silver Series loudspeaker cables have a combination of silvered braids optimised for the high frequency range and tinned OFC copper strands to allow unhindered current to the bass range. This cable lets the natural timbre of the music stand out without restricting detail or dynamics and presents a bass that is exceptionally powerful and seems endlessly deep. Balanced sound Each of the four 4 mm² leads are made up of seven multi-stranded bundles with a total of 896 individual conductors. Two of the four leads are silver plated OFC copper and the remaining two are tin plated OFC copper. This gives the high and low frequency content of the signals optimum conditions to reach the speakers without degradation in either extremes of the frequency spectrum. The exceptional thick cross section of 2 x 8 mm² makes the cable ideally suited for longer cable runs, or where absolute control of demanding speakers is required. The SC-4 cables are braided with the ViaBlue Cobra protective sleeve. Actual product photo:
  3. Link: https://m8audio.com/product/kr-2-silver-usb/ How to buy: Send me a message here on SN and we'll work out the details Australia shipping: $19 Express shipping Australia wide Further information: Upgrade your digital USB audio cable to a High-End solution from ViaBlue During these trying and unusual times of Covid-19 we are heavily discounting the entire stock of High-End USB cables from ViaBlue This offer is exclusively available for SNA members and is valid for stocked cables only. Current limited stock with special prices: KR-2 Silver USB Cable 100cm $104 reduced to $74 (Sold out) KR-2 Silver USB Cable 200cm $122 reduced to $86 (Sold out) KR-2 Silver USB Cable 300cm $139 reduced to $98 (Sold out) KR-2 Silver USB Cable 400cm $155 reduced to $109 KR-2 Silver USB Cable 500cm $174 reduced to $122 (Sold out) KR-2 Silver USB Cable Serving digital signals in the best possible way ViaBlue™ KR-2 Silver USB Cables 2.0 A/B provide high-end USB connections for digital audio and video applications. Silver-plated strands provide for the quickest transmission of audio and video signals. The triple insulation serves to completely block any external interference and prevent distortion of the frequency of the transmitted signals. Metal USB connectors The use of high quality ViaBlue KR-2 USB Metal Plugs, Type A and Type B, with 24-karat gold-plated contacts, make it possible to provide a connection with the least resistance possible. Signals are transmitted by the silver-plated wires at high speed. Signal transmission is protected from external interference by ViaBlue Triple Shield (triple insulation).
  4. @Eagleeyes To my knowledge such an adaptor does not exist. Though if you have the pinouts for both ends I can have a cable custom made with the terminations in any configuration.
  5. @mjth Hi Matt, For the DAC in questions and for sale in this thread: DiDiT DAC212SE The I2S/HDMI connection will in fact work with gear wired for the PS Audio standard. However you will need to reverse the analogue output connections since Left and Right will be swapped. To mitigate this and to get 100% compatibility the HDMI Pin7 and Pin9 need to be swapped. I can supply such an adaptor made by the manufacturer at no extra cost to you. This will take a little time to get delivered but the above L+R output switch should work fine in the interim. Mark
  6. If your receiver/pre amp has a sub out, then it's a mono out and all you need is a single cable. If your pre only allows stereo out then you need to provide the stereo signal to the sub that will then sum the signal to mono.
  7. It is a single cable intended for a single subwoofer. Mark
  8. Since there is no real I2S standard the I2S is causing many probs for all. Even when pinouts are supposed to be compatible sometimes they don’t work. So I am waiting for the manufacturers confirmation and may take a few days to make sure there is a good solution to avoid problems. The DAC212SE (in this thread) is almost pin compatible and we should be able to get full comparability with an adaptor, though work still ongoing to check what is not pin related behind the scenes.
  9. @mjth clarification still pending! Sorry for the delay... I2S is quite complicated but I will get back as soon as I have accurate information. Mark
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for the compliment on the DAC at the show. It really is quite special. I am travelling in Vietnam and Indonesia at the moment, my apologies for slow response. I need to get a response from the manufacturer to be certain that I'm giving you accurate information. Thank you for your patience. Mark
  11. Item: DiDiT DAC212SE DAC/PreAmp/Headphone Amp Location: Melbourne Price: $4495 (saving of $2480 off the RRP of $6975) Item Condition: Ex Demo Payment Method: Bank transfer, PayPal Extra Info: As new condition. Includes remote, XLR-RCA adaptors and original packaging DiDiT DAC212SE State of the Art Digital to Analogue Converter, Preamplifier with input select and Headphone Amplifier. Fully remote controlled. True Differential Output-stage Double CMR at each halve of the circuit Differential in > Differential out No inverters Made in the Netherlands Tonal accuracy The DAC212SE is probably the most intelligent digital pre-amp available today. Quite simply the perfect integration of audiophile technology and intelligent software. The unique software lets you configure the DAC212SE to suit your needs and requirements, without degrading the audiophile performance. Every effort has been made to keep the signal path short and a very compact circuit with only the most essential components to guarantee the best possible performance. The DAC212SE uses a fully balanced internal architecture, and all the benefits of a balanced design including Common Mode Rejection (CMR) are fully utilized. Audiophile Technology A true differential design allows the opportunity to design the signal path as a tightly coupled pair. This implies that the two magnetic fields partly cancel each other out, which results in a lower inductance design. In turn, this contributes to lower distortion and a purer signal transmission. True Balanced Design There are several ways to achieve a balanced or differential output. The DAC212 incorporates a not very common true differential circuit combined with “Virtual Grounding and balanced interfacing” this results in a very clear signal, free from interferences and conveying the music in its purest way. This requires very advanced 4-layer PCB design. While only true balanced circuits are superior to single-ended designs, they are sparsely used (even in high-end audio) due to the extra amount of components. In our balanced design we take this even further, as the entire output section is true differential. Thereby gaining double the CMNR benefits compared to regular true differential design. The effect is unsurpassed musical performance! HD audio compatible the DAC212 was designed to accept almost all high resolution standards of digital signal. Regular PCM up to 192kHz via the SPDIF inputs, and 384kHz and DSD512 via USB. It will easily connect to your Roon endpoint or any other digital source. Audiophile Headphone output The DAC212SE is fitted with a very powerful output stage that drives any headphone with ease. The low impedance output stage is capable of delivering an enormous amount of power. While maintaining absolutely stable under all conditions. No additional headphone amplifier required! DiDiT HighEnd website: https://didit-highend.com/ 6moons Review: https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/didit/1.html DAC212 on M8audio website: https://m8audio.com/product/didit-dac212se/
  12. Item: ViaBlue NF-B Subwoofer Cable RCA 5 meter length Location: Melbourne Price: $165 plus postage $129 including Australia wide delivery Item Condition: Ex Demo Payment Method: Bank transfer, PayPal Extra Info: As new condition, box not included NF-B Subwoofer Cable RCA Specifically designed low frequency interconnect cable with RCA connectors Oxygen-free copper conductors 24K Gold-plated T6s Metal RCA connectors Soft ultra-resistant PVC jacket Ferrite Filters suppress high frequency electromagnetic interference (EMI) Durable outer polymer mesh sleeve Made in Germany Optimized Subwoofer Interconnect Cable ViaBlue NF-B subwoofer interconnects are specially designed low frequency cables which transmit the bass signal range with complete authority. The capacitance between inner conductor and screen is maximized using a very thick inner conductor. To further increase capacitance LDPE thermoplastic is used as insulation. The result is a staggering 128 pF/m. This cable design ensures you can run long lengths without signal degradation. It is therefore no problem to place your subwoofer(s) optimally in the room where system integration and sound quality is best. The triple shield constructed from a double, reverse spiral wound sheath and the LDPE semi-conducting layer shields the massive inner conductor. Terminated with T6s RCA connectors with 24K gold plated bronze pins. High contact pressure ensures a low resistance connection for optimum sound quality. The NF-B cables are braided with the ViaBlue™ Cobra protective sleeve.
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