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  1. Thanks for all of the recommendations thus far. Given everyone's feedback and based on reviews that I have subsequently read, I am deliberating. Between the Dynavector 20x2H/L and the Hana SH/L. I hadn't planned on buying a separate phono stage, but a few people have suggested that the integrated phono stage in the Elicit-R is not doing my system any justice. In the case that I do buy a phono stage, I will then go with a LOMC. I haven't been able to find any reviews directly comparing the 20x2 and the Hana S, only that I have been able to find one comment from a guy who owned both cartridges and preferred the Hana. Does anyone have thoughts on which cartridge is better. Also, given that the Hana is approx $500 cheaper than the Dynavector 20x2, I could put this $500 towards a phono stage. Any thoughts on a phono stage for either cartridge? I've been thinking of the Rega Aria, Dynavector P75 Mk3 (perhaps would suit the 20x2 if I go down that path), or a Primare R32 (there is a used one for sale for $700 in apparently mint condition). Any thoughts on a phono stage? Thanks, Gareth
  2. Hi,I recently discovered that the stylus on my Rega Exact cartridge is bent. So rather than replace the cartridge with another Rega Exact (even though I receive a 20% discount off the price of a new cartridge), I have decided to upgrade my cartridge and would appreciate any suggestions. There are not a large number of hi-fi stores in my area, so demos are out of the question.I am running a Rega RP6 with an RB303 tonearm (stock standard with the RP6), Rega Elicit R amp and Monitor Audio Silver speakers. With the Elicit R, I am limited to MM cartridges; however, I believe that I can run a high output MC cartridge through the MM input. My music tastes are varied, with vinyls ranging from Otis Redding, to Simon and Garfunkel, Cold Chisel, Fireigber, Van Morrison, Eagles, Bee Gees, Steve Nicks, Fleetwood Mac etc.Cartridges I have been considering are:- Ortofon 2M Black (although some people state these are overrated)- Nagaoka MP-500 (apparently selling for more than they are worth)- Goldring 2500- Dynavector 20X2H (high level output MC, which I believe will work on the MM input of the amp)- Grado Refefence Platinum 2I am not tied to any of the above cartridges, so any feedback or recommendations are most welcome. If you could also include your reasoning for certain recommendations that would be appreciated.Thanks,Gareth
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