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  1. Further information: Have had these headphones for quite a while (roughly 4-5 years) so they are well used as apparent in the photos. They have been in storage for roughly 2 years. They are sonically and structurally fine with no driver issues. Would definitely recommend replacing headband as the foam is essentially gone, and also replacing the earpads as they are beginning to peel. Will be sold with the original carry case only, I do not have the 1/4" adapter any more unfortunately. PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing wha
  2. @lonewolf Excuse late reply, I didn't use Bluetooth often but never had any issues with it. No problems with audio sync on anything I watched either.
  3. Further information: Like new (refurb) Yamaha YSP 2700 soundbar, used for a short while before deciding it wasn't adequate for our room configuration unfortunately. It plays very loud and the surround effect does work well and can be tweaked once tuned for accuracy. Was used for a few weeks before being replaced by another surround system and sitting in storage since. Has no damage at all, only some outlines from stickers on the top of the soundbar itself which could be removed with a bit of buffering (see image 6). Originally purchased from Excel HiFi Ebay store, still has warranty until
  4. Further information: Had these speakers for many years because I enjoyed them so much, used with secondary TV at home. The sub is excellent and gets very loud, I lived in a town house and only ever dared to keep it at around half volume. No issues with them and they are in pretty good condition considering the age but have since moved to a new place so have no need for them anymore. Photos:
  5. Further information: Bought in May last year for use in my office at work. Has absolutely no issues and is in excellent condition but have since upgraded to a Vincent amplifier...for now. Includes original remote control only. I could possibly ship if someone is interested, however it is quite a large unit that i dont have a box for so would prefer local pickup. Photos:
  6. Further information: Bought these late last year to use as desktop speakers, have since upgraded to a nicer setup so have no use for them anymore. They come with the original remote and original speaker cable for joining the two together. Both speakers in basically brand new condition apart from a little dust and have had minimal use (maybe 20hrs max). More details: https://www.edifier.com/au/en/speakers/r1280db-bluetooth-bookshelf-speakers-built-in-amplifier-coaxial-optical
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