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  1. I had a CD12 too & the Kenwood is better but the CD12 has collectable value for what reason I don't know. Not everything more expensive has to sound better as it comes to personal taste but I can tell you the Kenwood is a very good sounding player. I had the matching LA-1 integrated amp & compared it to the Marantz PM95 which I also had at the time as I was the only person to have one in WA & I can tell you the Marantz PM95 in class A mode was better then the LA-1 but again not much better.Kenwood was at it's peak in sound quality when LA-1 & LD-1 was manufactured.Thanks
  2. I have owned this player myself as well as the Kenwood L1000 series. This player is very good as a transport as the dac is a little outdated but it has a very nice analogue sound similar to the Marantz CD94 & CD12 but better.It does need really good interconnects to make it shine.GLWTS
  3. Hi Robert & welcome to SNA.I use my ears to learn since I was 17 yrs old listening to live bands & listening to Audiophile records & cds.All my audiophile friends say I have the best ears in town & can pick on their system more then listening to the music.I should of been a sound engineer so that new recordings of today would sound even better.Anyway life goes on at nearly 50 years old & love helping people with their audio systems in Perth & in Australia & of course I keep everybody I know systems private & confidential.
  4. That's it really otherwise Mike Lenehan should be able to answer the question
  5. This should answer your question about what is the difference between MLT3 & ML3 from a SNA member.GLWTS
  6. This is an amazing power amp for the money.When I used it on a pair of Genesis G501 speakers it sounded effortless so I believe it will drive the most demanding speakers with ease.Eg:Dynaudio,PMC,ATC & B&W. GLWTS
  7. I have heard the SF Amati Homage against these & these are very close in all areas without spending the extra $10k on the Amati Homage. Of course the Amati is another beautiful looking piece of art but these are too.GLWTS
  8. Item: Primare 34.2 power amp Location:Perth.WA Price: $1250 includes post & insurance Item Condition:Excellent condition Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank Deposit Extra Info: Comes with original box & owners manual. Will send anywhere in Australia Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Fantastic speaker with amazing bass from a sealed cabinet.Very musical & doesn't need much power to get them going.They sound amazing on ultra linear valve amps but hi current solid state amps would be good too.GLWTS
  10. Wow someone's going to get a bargain.I heard alot about this amp from my international audiophile friends & sound engineers that I know.TAD & Tannoy owners you need to buy this.It will leave amps 3 times the price for dead!!
  11. ATC is one best amps I have heard on Gales as I had a ATC spa2-150 on Gale 401s before which was amazing sound so you should be happy but set up the Gales the way Thomo said as this is the right way to listen to them.Thomo is very experienced with Gales
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