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  1. I've owned Linn Isobariks,Kans & Sara's & to me the Keilidh are more forgiving with an overall presentation.You don't have to use linn amplification or naim to make these speakers sing.Valves will make them amazing because of their efficiency.I really love the tweeters on this speaker & bass is more then enough
  2. I heard about this amp & it's very hard to beat for this price.What speakers are you using on this under rated gem?
  3. That's exactly what I said in my comment 🤣
  4. No sorry you are wrong.Electa Amator were under the Extremas. The Electa was replaced because Dynaudio would not sell the Esotars to Sonus faber anymore.That is why Sonus could not do better in sound without going to a 3 way which was the Amati Homage & the Strats.I know alot about Sonus Faber & I have 2 people in Perth who have the Amati Homage & Extremas & Strats.
  5. I can tell you that I have heard both the Electa & the Electa Amator.The difference is night & day.The Dynaudio Esotar tweeters are still considered to me the best dome tweeters in the world & still sell second hand for around $1000pr if you can find a pair that is.Sonus faber could not use the Dynaudio Esotar tweeters anymore because Dynaudio didn't want to sell them to anyone so the Sonus Faber Electa was made to really replace the Amators but wasn't as successful. Extremas to me are still considered to be the best Sonus Faber 2 way speaker in the world ever.That said the Electa Amator is a bargain at $3000 considering the stands alone are worth around $1500 if you can find a pair.GLWTS
  6. Item: 1pr Mark & Daniel Maximus Speakers Location:Perth.WA Price: $2200 including post & insurance Item Condition:Brand new unopened Reason for selling:Not in use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal or bank deposit Extra Info:True hiend 2 way Speakers from the USA.I have 2 pairs of these for sale.1pr on Ebay which 3 people are watching atm are used & done around 200hrs.This pair that I am selling on Stereonet are brand new & the new model now retails at US$4800.I have heard & compared these to Dynaudio,PMC,B&W,ATC & JM Lab as well as your Sonus Faber & Lenehan fans & to me the Mark & Daniel speakers are more hiend from top to bottom & have the best bass I have ever heard from any 2 way speaker without going to a 3 way.They need good stands & at least 100w per channel of high current amplification as they have a sensitivity of 85db.They work really well on valve amps too.The pair in the photos are on Ebay & I am listening to atm & enjoying immensely.I have owned around 400 different hiend speakers & to me Mark & Daniel speakers are an audiophile bargain. If you have any enquiries please pm me. A donation for the brand new pair will be given to Stereonet when speakers are sold.Thanks Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Love this preamp when it was mine. Had to sell it to John for him to be more happy & now he is more happier with his higher model ATC preamp.The CA2 and cannot be beaten for this price.GLWTS
  8. Item: Technics SP10 MK2 with power supply Location:Perth.WA Price: $1500ono Item Condition: Original condition few scratches(See photos) Reason for selling: No use for it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal or Bank deposit. Extra Info: Attention Technics lovers.I have for offer an example of a beautiful top of the range rare collectors Technics SP10 MK2 with power supply.Has a few scratches(See photos).Will post anywhere in Australia with insurance. Will be giving a donation to Stereo Net Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Item: Naim NAC82 & Hicap Olive Location:Perth.WA Price: $2500 ono Item Condition:Excellent condition Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal or Bank Deposit Extra Info:Attention Naim Audiophiles.I have a Naim NAC82 & Olive Hicap for offer.This combo was around $12000 new when sold in Australia.Naim Nac82 comes with original power supply,remote,owners manual & original box.Hicap comes with Snaic lead & original box.If interested please pm me.Will send anywhere in Australia with postage & insurance.A donation will be given to stereonet. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Yes B&W 802D go down to 2ohms & if Betty Boop said it sounded great on his B&Ws then the amp can handle 2 ohm loads
  11. Item: Musical Fidelity A5cr power amp Location:Perth.WA Price: $1500 plus postage Item Condition:Very good Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only or Bank Deposit Extra Info: 255w per channel at 8 ohms 415w per channel @ 4 ohms Current peak to peak 200amps Damping factor: 170 Weighs 20kgs Very good value for money power amp from Musical Fidelity & very hard to beat at this price.Was bought originally for $2500 s/h around 5 years ago & has not seen much use & was used with Gale 401s & ATC SCM40 speakers.Also used on Dynaudio C2 & the sound was fantastic with plenty of reserve for inefficient speaker models Comes with original owners manual but no original box.Will be sent in double packaging.Thanks Pictures:
  12. Item: ATC SCM40 mk1 & ATC SPA2-150 Location:Perth.WA Price: $7000 (RRP $22000) Item Condition:Vgc Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:A very rare combo all you need is a preamp of yours to use with this fantastic combo.The SCM40 mk1 are in excellent working condition but have a few scratches on side of one speaker cabinet but not that bad.The SPA2-150 is also in excellent working condition & has no visible marks.This power amp is the top of the range model at the time when ATC launched their passive speakers.I have heard this combo against the range of ATC active models including SCM50A & I personally prefer this passive sound.Depends on your application.No postage & sold as combo only.Auditions are welcomed but real serious buyers only.Thanks Pictures:
  13. Wow I used to have a pair of these. They were & are fantastic from top to bottom & very good with hi end valve amps even if I used solid state at the time.These are very efficient & the bass is very fast from the 15" woofer.A true 4 way speaker at the time.GLWTS
  14. Always loved these speakers they have a soft spot in my heart as they were one of the best bookshelf speakers in their day & still give alot of speakers of today a run for the money.GLWTS
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