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  1. Conrad1970

    FS: Diatone Ds2000 speaker system

    Heard these against the NS1000 & JBL 4312 MK2 when I was in Vietnam.The Diatones are better in bass & go very low as well.They like power as well like the NS1000 but if you are thinking of buying a good all rounder without spending big money & are better then NS1000 in most areas then these speakers are the way to go. GLWTS
  2. These are very hard to beat for this kind of money.One of the best electrostatic speakers ever produced & easily competes with Martin Logan & Quad. The thing I love about these speakers is they have very low bass in such a small box because of their isobaric configuration & is seamless with the rest of the speaker.GLWTS as these are one of the best speakers I have heard under $10000 & was meant to be a wife pleaser at the same time.
  3. Conrad1970


    You will have to go to Japan to hear the Paragon Joe as the last one went to Japan around 20 years ago & that was the one I heard in Perth before it went to Eastern States & then was sent to Japan.Possibly the only one in Australia before it was sent to Japan.No JBL Studio model compares to the Paragon,Period
  4. Conrad1970


    Have you heard the Paragon? Alnico magnets are only found in the oldest JBL models.K2 was not a replacement of the Paragon or C60 it was a speaker that JBL manufactured to celebrate the JBLs anniversary at the time.K2 does not use Alnico magnets but there crossover was very hiend.It substituted the K2 for the loss of quality of the alnico magnets found in the Paragon & C60 model.In other words all of the components of the Paragon & C60 are the best JBL made.
  5. Conrad1970


    I don't think really that the K2 would be much better then this model from JBL. I was one of the luckiest people in Australia to hear the Paragon which has now been sent to Japan but I thought the Paragon was fantastic in all areas especially playing live jazz & one of the best top 10 speakers I have heard but the C60 would be pretty hard to beat for this kind of money.GLWTS
  6. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: Densen Beat - B110 Integrated Amplifier

    Love Densen.Miss Densen.Wish I stuck to Densen.Very hard to beat for this money.GLWTS
  7. This is one of the best integrated amps I have heard.Partnered with the right speakers it has a fantastic sound 5 times the price.GLWTS
  8. It would say MK2 after SP9 on the front fascia but this is a mark 1 which means it's the original.If it is not on the front fascia it will be on the rear where it says SP9 which proves in the photo it is a SP9 mk 1 which means it's the first version.
  9. Conrad1970

    Tannoy eaton hpd295's

    One of my top 50 favourite speakers in the world.I would say for this price they will go very quick.GLWTS
  10. One of the best integrated amps I have heard.I compared it to Accuphase & Luxman models & to me the Electrocompaniet was more musical. GLWTS
  11. Conrad1970

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    One of Cambridge Audio's best value for money dacs.GLWTS
  12. Conrad1970

    FS. Syd Cambridge Audio DacMagic

    One of Cambridge Audio's best value for money dacs.GLWTS
  13. One the nicest sounding preamps in it's day & was expensive around $4400 in 1990 in Australia.Sounds really good with Bugle boys,Siemens or Ampex valves.Electro harmonics is just not good enough.for this model.GLWTS
  14. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: ATC CA2 Preamp Vgc RRP$3500

    Sold pending payment
  15. Item: ATC CA2 Preamp with remote Location:Perth.WA Price: $1500 including postage & insurance Item Condition:Vgc(few scratches on top but none on fascia) Reason for selling: No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:ATC is one of the best preamps out there in the world.We know they make great monitors for recording in studios but they also make excellent pre,power & integrated amplifiers.This is one of the best preamps I have heard & being remote control is very handy for changing sources.It has alot of inputs for different sources.It can be used as a hiend headphone amp as it has a headphone socket at the back.It has XLR preout but you can use a XLR to Rca adapter if your power amp doesn't have XLR.This particular preamp doesn't have a phonostage built-in but can be easily bought if needed from ATC distributors or retailers. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://positive-feedback.com/Issue16/atcca2.htm&ved=2ahUKEwjfxZ7T8_XeAhXEM48KHdQhDjg4ChAWMAN6BAgHEAE&usg=AOvVaw09U_3W7ARQH1qmMMBMnG-p Pictures: