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  1. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: Oppo UDP-205

    This is interesting especially for a worldwide company who cease to make them again & why we do not know but in the end of the day it's still a dvd player with a pretty good dac.I believe that is the right price for this model & anyone who thinks it's worth more then $1600 is only ripping each other off.Oppo are smart for discontinuing this model & they did it for a reason.
  2. Conrad1970

    SOLD: Spendor BC1 with original stands

    One of my top 50 speakers I enjoyed in the 80's & still a fantastic speaker today especially for jazz or classical lovers.An absolute bargain at this price.GLWTS
  3. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: Diatone DS-1000HR

    These are a fantastic speaker for this price & give Yamaha NS1000 speakers a run for their money.I heard these when I was in Japan against the NS1000.For $1200 I would rather have these.They still need a powerful clean amp to make them sing like the NS1000.You will have to spend double to find a better speaker then the Diatone.GLWTS
  4. Item: Naim Nap250 Olive power amp(SN:168385) Location:Perth.WA Price:$1350 inc postage & insurance Item Condition:Vgc for age Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:This amp is in vgc for age.Comes with original owners manual & original box. Does not come with Naim XLR to din cable but does come with XLR to rca cable for preamps that use rca.Please note this amp is a 230v model but this does not effect the performance in Australia. This amp was previously sold to an SNA member but he didn't respond or pay. Pictures:
  5. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: Benz Micro SHR Gullwing RRP$3600

    It has now been sold.Thank for your enquires
  6. Item: Benz Micro SHR Gullwing Location:Perth.WA Price:$1500 incl postage & insurance Item Condition:Excellent condition Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:This was bought before brand new from a fellow SNA member & done around 100hrs.I bought it from him about 1 month ago thinking I was going to use it but didn't get around to finding a turntable to go with it.I will still stick to cd format for now & will give someone a bargain with this beautiful hi end high output MC Cartridge.Comes with original wrapping in photo.Serial number in photo & specs in photo. Pictures:
  7. I had around 300 pairs of speakers from around the world & these are in my top 50.With the right amp they are so clean in all areas you would think they bigger then what they are.I used a Naim 250 which I still have & used Naim 135 which I still have & the Kans get better & better.Have compared them to ATC speakers which friends have got & find ATC over rated.Have a soft spot for ATC10A but 😁 GLWTS
  8. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: GALE 401c Speakers

    I had to spend $10000 s/h on other equipment to find out.In that equipment were some excellent condition Classe CAM-200 mono blocs but then after hearing them on the Gale it was a different sound to the original amp I was using.So I stuck with that & haven't looked back.
  9. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: GALE 401c Speakers

    One of the best sounding speakers ever produced by the English to compete with the American competition at the time & to me they still produce a sound that is hard to get today in most speakers I've heard.I have had around 300 pairs of different speakers from all over the world & the Gale are in my top 50 & still a keeper with some of my friends.Most people don't know what is the right amp for them.I tried around 20 different amps till I found the right one. Excellent speaker at this price. GLWTS
  10. Sold pending payment.Thanks for your interest & enquires
  11. Well I can't see any blemishes on the perspex.What I can see is lots of scratches on the perspex but it isn't too noticable.This must of happened when the tech was doing all the work.Other then that everything else looks good. This was is still one of the best preamps Electrocompaniet has built & to me still a very good sounding preamp because of all the upgrading of capacitors this preamp has
  12. It's not a remote model
  13. Item: Electrocompaniet EC-3 preamp Location:Perth.WA Price: $700 including postage & insurance Item Condition:Good condition for age Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Has built in MM phonostage.This preamp has been refurbished by a local tech & SNA member(Rockeater) with $300 worth of components spent just on capacitors & it's sounds very nice.One of the best sounding preamps around for this price.Has XLR input & output as well. Pictures:
  14. Conrad1970

    SOLD: FS: Naim Nap250 Olive power amp

    Sold pending payment.Thanks guys for your enquiries
  15. Item: Naim Nap250 Olive power amp Location:Perth.WA Price: $1350 incl postage & insurance Item Condition:Excellent condition Reason for selling:No longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Excellent condition for age.Comes with original box & owners manual.Does not come with XLR to din lead but will give a XLR to rca cable that was with power amp that works well with preamps with RCAs.Please note that this is a 230v model but it doesn't have any effect on Australian voltage. Pictures: