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  1. Ah, I can see how that would be helpful. Thanks for jumping in to help me clarify! Currently I'm looking for open or closed for use at home. The budget is for amp and headphones but cam be stretched. I like detail and clarity, but I listen to metal, jazz, female vocal, classic rock. I'm not sure I can get a setup that works great with Tool and Korn and then Fiona Apple and Miles Davis? In that case, I'd use my kefs for the warmer jazz stuff and keep the headphones for the heavier harder metal stuff. Sound right? This setup is for home, I'm thinking I might separately get som
  2. At this point I'm looking at a Musical Fidelity X-Cans and Sennheiser 6xx. Would welcome any input from the SNA alumni
  3. How would these compare with Sennheiser 6xx? Anyone got an opinion?
  4. Fair enough. I got my Yamaha from them on sale and was happy with it. Any recommendations on what I should be looking for in the amp or headphones?
  5. Yeah, although there is a thread here about some iffy pricing by A2A on B stock. I get lost in all the iems and start wondering if they would be better than headphones...
  6. I'm looking to get some good headphones and a headphone amp to connect them to. I could just plug headphones into my Yamaha R-N602, however I want to explore and hear the differences in various set-ups. Also my Kefs don't have the bass for a lot of my 90s and 00s music I'm finding. Trouble is I have no idea where to begin or what to look for. My local hifi are pointing me at a second hand $450 Musical Fidelity X-Cans headphone amplifier, but I'm not sure if that's the right brand and device to go for. Not to mention, would still need some headphones to go with it.
  7. I picked up the Yamaha R-N602 and am very happy with it. I got it from addicted to audio and was advised that the higher models weren't worth the higher cost. Take that as you will, I never compared the two on a technical or subjective level. Think the DAC is the same in both models.
  8. I like that you are planning ahead and deciding what you need from your gear. Having said that, I would recommend starting with working out what speakers would suit the music you like and have the sound that you want to hear. Once you have determined your speakers, you can then research what amps sound best with those speakers. Personally I think $600 is low for an amp, but I'm new to the hobby as well as having snobby tastes. Definitely keep an eye on the classifieds here for something that fits your requirements. I'd also recommend checking local hifi stores or websites for trade
  9. Welcome to SNA! I was in your position six weeks ago. SNA got me vintage speakers 2nd hand, helped me pick an int amp and streamer, and gave me a lot of info to decide on my TT. Whole system was under $2500 and I'm enjoying some great sounding vinyl. See you on the forums!
  10. I liked their input on earbuds/bluetooth speakers, consumer grade stuff. Are they bad on hifi gear? Whats a more reliable site?
  11. Let me throw this one in the mix... https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/musical-fidelity-roundtable-turntable-last-one-red-ex-demo.html
  12. If I had a car I'd take it. I'm sure someone else will snap this up in no time.
  13. Ha, welcome to hifi as a hobby... 😅 I'm loving my P3, hope you have the same experience 😀
  14. Yeah, that's how I would classify my setup. I didn't want to spend heaps on high end cables that would outclass my setup and be a waste of money. I know high end cables have a place, I just don't think that place is between my fono mini and my Int. Streaming Amp! I'll start with some cheapies from jbhifi and upgrade if I have any issues I reckon. Thanks for your help!
  15. https://lenwallisaudio.com/2020/01/rega-planar-3-repack-special/ This is the deal which made me decide on the 3. Fantastic price.
  16. @aussievintage So standard no frills RCAs from anywhere would suffice. Awesome, that frees me from my analysis paralysis!
  17. He might consider the Yamaha R-N602. Surprisingly capable and feature packed. Just no xlr option.
  18. The hard wired cables on the planar 3 are too short. I don't want the turntable so close to the amp and speakers.
  19. Just got my rega fono mini to plug in between my planar 3 and Yamaha R-N602. But I'm confusing myself with analogue/digital cables and prices and balanced or not. Recommend me a 4m RCA cable that is appropriate for my entry level hifi setup please!
  20. As a newbie to vinyl I'm loving my planar 3. I got a great deal on a repack with a slightly scuffed lid that made it a no brainer. Now I can sit back and wait for a vintage bargain to pop up in the classifieds.
  21. I bought the R-N602 recently as my first amp. Its a great bit of starter kit, and works very well with my Kef104ab speakers and rega planar 3.
  22. Thanks wen, I appreciate that. I'll stick with 4-8ohm!
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