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  1. Found some great records at a stall in Dirty Jane's in Bowral. Lovely couple that run it said there isn't really anywhere else in the highlands. Paid $85 for a Black Sabbath - Paranoid in VG+/VG+ and I'm calling that a win.
  2. Hey all, I'm heading down to the Bowral/Mittagong/Moss Vale area for the long weekend and was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to look for vinyl?
  3. Item: Stax SRD Pro Price Range: $400-$600 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I have a pair of Stax SR-L500 mk1 and I'd like to use an SRD in my setup to switch the signal between speakers and headset. Require the PRO bias to work with my headphones.
  4. I'm going to just jump back in with an update: Yamaha referred me to Electronics Today who told me over the phone it was all perfectly normal to have power running through the front panel and the RCAs. When I explained the issue with the Stax he told me to take the Yam back to A2A and have them plug it in. I'm going to do some testing with different sockets and powerboards tonight. If that is inconclusive, I'm taking the yam and the stax to a friends place and trying there to eliminate any issues in my apartment wiring. If there is still problems I'm going to Electroni
  5. @jeromelang You nailed it. With everything disconnected still feel the chassis leakage on the front panel of the R-N602. Will be looking up your mono rca solution and applying it.
  6. Standard 2 pin plug. Sorry for misleading everyone earlier, I was looking at the plug next to it in the powerboard. So Im thinking I need to run a ground between the stax and the yam and see if that fixes it.
  7. Thanks, I was just checking that in the manual. The RCAs are still buzzing though. Any ideas on that? Possibly from the network connection or the turntable? My layman's guess would be different circuits for the yam and the stax creating a ground loop? But I only understand half of the sentence I just wrote. Nothing has been replaced, that's straight from the manufacturer No Sir! Wouldn't dream of doing that.
  8. I'm somehow experiencing this and I'm hoping you more electrically educated SNAers can help me. Yamaha R-N602 with 3 pin and stax 727 with 3 pin. Both plugged into 3 pin power boards. When I connect the two via rca, the Yamaha says speaker short circuit, and when I hold the RCAs and touch the chassis, I can feel the vibration of the current. Not sure what I can do.
  9. Quick and simple solution? Nobsound Little Bear MC1022 Mini 2(1)-in-1(2)-Out RCA Stereo Audio Switch Audio Switcher Passive Speaker Manual Selector Splitter Box Audio Sharing https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07CKK7J2L/ref=cm_sw_r_em_apa_i_R3GYEbW34NDH1 Mine is arriving in two weeks. Will update here.
  10. Going to order and try a 6.35mm TRS to Dual XLR(m) - Headphone Signal Splitter Cable from Swamp. Seems weird to run a headphone amp from a headphone cable, but i think it solves my problem.
  11. After some playing around, looks like the rca cable from the 727 to the R-N602 is carrying an electrical charge. Possibly a ground loop?
  12. Need some sanity check on what I'm trying to do and how to do it... I'd like to run my Stax 727 off my Yamaha R-N602 so I can switch between my TT and Spotify. Thought I could keep Kefs as Speaker A and run the Stax as speaker B. I thought I could do this with RCAs, but then realised the R-N602 has banana plugs. Jaycar told me I could use a 2xRCA into 1xRCA cable, cut the 2xRCA off and install banana plugs and this would work. Yamaha is now alerting to a speaker wire short circuit. Is what I'm trying possible? Can it work without a preamp out? Is my homem
  13. Great setup! I'm still finding the bass too lacking for me. Even with an AQ dragonfly red. But my biggest peeve by far is the short stiff cable. So awful to wear.
  14. Might be chasing a unicorn here. I kept my hifi headphones and my gaming headset separate. PS gets the razer Man O' War, Yammy gets Stax and Focal Elegia.
  15. I saw in the other thread for Focal that the elegia improves after 50 or 100 hours or so. Think I will break mine in over a few nights and see if that improves things. Otherwise it's the ifi hip dac or an m11 dap for sure.
  16. Here's a decent TT and price to start... https://www.melbournehifi.com.au/products/pro-ject-debut-carbon-dc-2m-red-turntable?_pos=1&_sid=22b93b32d&_ss=r+utm_campaign%3Dfacebookmarketing_1584880133&utm_source=ad&utm_medium=facebook
  17. @gwurb I've got the luxury headphones but not the luxury of time to listen to them! The elegia I need to spend more time with. Initially I like the clarity but the bass may not be as strong as I prefer. I have a big head, and the fit is good. Clamp force might be a little strong until I wear them in. Leather would be preferable to the suede used for the ear cups. The case is beautiful and really gives the unboxing a special feeling. The stax are amazing. I don't know if it's because they are my first open backs, but they are incredible. Wide open soundstage, strong but
  18. I was keen on closed back, and the salesman said the clarity and range was better on the elegia.
  19. What a day... I feel like I graduated from neophyte level in the hifi hobby. I headed to LWA to talk about the X CAN and walked out with a Stax SR-L500 and SRM-252S for $1400. I listened to the 500s in the store on the SRM-727mk2 and it was a revelation in head fi. Just couldn't stretch the budget to include the 727 for $3k total. Already regretting it 😂 I then went to ATA and walked out with Focal Elegia and dragonfly red bundle for $749.
  20. @Mike13 thanks for the detailed breakdown of your experience, sounds like we are going down a similar path.
  21. I planned to go to ATA this arvo, so thanks for the advice. I was really unsure if the price difference for the focals over the senn 6xx was worth it, will give them a trial and decide what my ears like!
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