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  1. Item Condition: 8/10
    Shipping Options: Pickup available and you can audition.
    Suburb or Town: Artarmon
    State: NSW
    Payment Method: PayPal, Cash on Pickup
    Reason for selling: NLR

    Further information:

    Was bought for my aged mum a couple of years ago. She barely used them and then bought BT headphones and a smart TV 🤷‍♂️


    Fantastic condition, just a little dusty from disuse. Great for non technical users who can't navigate menus. 


    I'd rather they had some use before they end up in the tip. 







  2. Item: Integrated Amp with phono
    Price Range: Up to $150
    Item Condition: New or Used
    Extra Info: Trying to setup a basic system to get my friend into HiFi. I have an old Akai AP-B20C and Wharfedale Delta 90 3ways, just need an amp with phono to get the juices flowing. He's out of quarantine on Sunday so I'm hoping for a local pickup. 

  3. Hi All, 


    With Google Music discontinued, I've decided to go the pi server route. It's all a wonderful new world to explore and learn, however I'm keen to get some shortcuts from you wise chaps. 


    I'd like to set up a pi4 at my work desk. With a DAC, remote, and maybe a touchscreen. 


    Any circuit boards/HATs/cases that would be recommended here? 

  4. 14 hours ago, JukKluk2 said:

    How many times would you want to upload your entire music library

    That's kind of why I'm against the NAS. Maintaining a Raid configuration to prevent data loss when hard drives fail, and backing it up to the cloud is too much time and effort for me. 

  5. @JukKluk2

    I'd rather not invest in NAS hardware and redundant backup drives and the time to maintain them, when I can use a cloud based service instead.


    I guess I was hoping there was another google music service that allows me to upload my own music files, organises them and does album covers etc and is free. Damn, google music was good. 

  6. I haver plenty of vinyl, and far more music uploaded to Google music. With YT Music taking over soon, I'm not happy with the offering. 


    My general plan is to get a DAP and rotate music on it. I'm just wondering if there is another cloud upload solution similar to Google Music, or if I need to use Google Drive maybe? Or do I need to go down the route of multiple hdds and backups in the home... 


    My main objective is to not subscribe for a music service to listen to my own files. 

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