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  1. Anyone got thoughts on how these would compare to my Kef 104aB? Especially interested in your opinion if you can justify why I should have both sets of speakers.
  2. Yeah, unfortunately I'm not keen on paying YT for what I got for free from Google Music.
  3. @Bunno77 Any ads? Are you subscribed?
  4. Beautiful bit of gear here. Perfect starter amp at a fantastic price.
  5. Cheers, some nice kits in there to play with!
  6. Hi All, With Google Music discontinued, I've decided to go the pi server route. It's all a wonderful new world to explore and learn, however I'm keen to get some shortcuts from you wise chaps. I'd like to set up a pi4 at my work desk. With a DAC, remote, and maybe a touchscreen. Any circuit boards/HATs/cases that would be recommended here?
  7. @ollie_08 That would be helpful if the services were comparable or if YTM even remotely fit my requirements. As it is, I'm planning to go off line and run an m2 stick with NAS backup to move my library around and add to it.
  8. @hazzac181 While the uploads haven't changed, enough has that it is not suitable for me anymore. #1 is that I can't play music on my phone with the screen off or if I'm using another app. For the rest: https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/06/08/google-play-music-to-youtube-music-making-the-switch/
  9. I picked up an AKGY50BT a few years ago on clearance for $150. It's still my measure for all other headfi. Sound, build, fit, battery, features, ease of use are all fantastic. I prefer them for casual use over my focal elegia. Close second would be my new Noble Audio Falcon TWS. Great bit of kit for reasonable price. Just wish they fit my ears a little better.
  10. @Cardiiiii True, I hadn't considered it because I hate Apple. Might have to take another look
  11. That's kind of why I'm against the NAS. Maintaining a Raid configuration to prevent data loss when hard drives fail, and backing it up to the cloud is too much time and effort for me.
  12. @JukKluk2 I'd rather not invest in NAS hardware and redundant backup drives and the time to maintain them, when I can use a cloud based service instead. I guess I was hoping there was another google music service that allows me to upload my own music files, organises them and does album covers etc and is free. Damn, google music was good.
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