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  1. I too have dealt with Willmax and can recommend him.. I am also loving the philips hue lighting effects in the Rolling Stones vid 😁
  2. I had my kuro serviced in Melbourne a couple of years ago after the dreaded pulsing power light of death. Cost me $600. As good as new again. I can dig out the service centers details if that helps anyone?
  3. I have an unused stand to suit in SE Melbourne. Happy to provide free of charge....if that helps.
  4. Thanks Snoopy. Have already picked up one from an expired post here in the classifieds, and have been watching ebay/gumtree and amazon. Interestingly, Dymocks sell SACD via their website and their prices are not as shocking as you might expect.
  5. Item: SACD Disc Price Range: up to $100 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Having recently purchased a Universal Disc Player I want to expand my collection of SACD Discs (from one ). I am open to most genres, with the exception of punk/heavy metal/rap 😱 I can pickup in Melbourne surrounds, and/or am willing to pay for post. TIA Jeff
  6. For those that may be interested. Powermove distribution have provided the following info regarding availability of the UPD LX500 I have now received confirmation after many delays that the Pioneer UDPLX500 4K UHD Player is shipping and will be available to ship from Powermove after Feb 18th. There is only 35 units coming on the first order with another 105 coming at the end of Feb.
  7. Has anyone actually got a lx-500 player? Ordered one before Christmas. Was then told that it would be available by mid Jan. Now Feb and no update.
  8. Very noice speakers. GLWS ps I have an a pair of the same speakers in need of repair. Can I ask where you had them re-foamed, or where you got the parts if you did it yourself?
  9. I have a older/cheaper version of this remote, with the hub. Picked it up when Dick Smith still had brick and mortar stores (shows how old it is). As others have said, with the macros and access to remote codes for many many devices it is easy to setup. My better half is quite happy with it as well. I also have the app installed on my phone. I had fun with the grand kids by changing channels on the Fetch box while in another room. I can also use it to turn down the volume down from the master bedroom when the better half falls asleep in front of the TV
  10. I should clarify this. I am now waiting for West Coast HiFi to get a LX-500 in stock and then ship it to me on the east coast.....hopefully around Mid-December.
  11. Just picked up a LX-500 from West Coast Hifi for 20% off their already discounted price as part of the Black Friday sale, which is still running today. Wanted the universal disk functionality rather than separate blu ray CD/SACD players. UB9000 available for $1319 after discount applied, and includes free shipping. Ask for Mike Kench (Cannington Store).
  12. Picked up a Pioneer UPD LX-500 from West Coast Hifi for 20% off their already discounted ask price. Now I just have to explain to family members that I spent money allocated for their Christmas gifts on myself.
  13. As was I. Until I saw that Westcoast hifi have discounted the LX500 😋
  14. Hey all, Was on the Pioneer Aust website last night and noticed they have a 20% off online purchases for Black Friday. Note it is for the period of 23 November to 26 November inclusive Note that it is not site wide. You have to look at each product individually. If there is an 'add to cart' option you can buy it online for the 20% off. Seems that they have excluded the higher end stuff. There are no terms and conditions for the sale, which would have been handy. I have sent the Aust distributor asking for clarity, but no response so far,
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