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  1. Hi Mert, Another Kiwi living in Aus here. Welcome to the obsession!! Jeff.
  2. Hi All, Following this thread as I too have a pair of 80s EV interfaces in need of some love, including the tweeter foam. Mine were powered by a Harman Kardon PM660 amp back in the day. Still have it gathering dust in the garage. Jeff.
  3. Yes please. I will send you a private message re this and the Sam Cooke CD. Jeff.
  4. Yes pls, Will send you a private message re this and the 2 Miles David SACDS. Jeff.
  5. Dynamatted the doors of my early model MX-5 while I was fitting a pair of Morel component speakers. Overall, more bass. In saying that at highway speeds in an opened top car there is impressive midrange, but most of the the lower register is lost. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
  6. Thanks Field. The disc arrived safe n sound via the postie this morning. Am currently listening to it now. This was my first album purchase in around 1984. Brings back memories. Jeff
  7. Poo. If I wasn't in Covid central and there wasn't a closed border between us I would be on this in a flash GLWTS.
  8. Thanks kdjjdk. I'll give the harmony hex codes a go.
  9. For a recent example, you don't have to look far. A Oppo 205 was listed in the classifieds just last week. Asking price was $2500. Took 2 days to sell.
  10. Just realised that I left out a key word in my above update. The word being "didn't" yes, used the info button. 1. Press the display info button then release the display button. 2. Wait between 3 and 7 seconds 3. Press and release the <, ^, <, >, and power buttons in sequence. When I push the power button....the TV drops into standby
  11. Just as an FYI for anyone else wanting to put their Gen 9 Kuro into service mode. The above instructions didn't work for me. Tried a few times now that the blinking standby light issue is resolved. J.
  12. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right sub forum. Please move if appropriate. I have a older Pioneer receiver with Internet Radio. I already have a number of stations set up, but now want to add more. When I search for stations most seem to cater for online streaming via apps or through a PC. I'm looking to do it via the receiver. Most of the stations I already have a using URLs such as or http://www.smoothchoice.com/128.pls Are there still many stations out there with these type of URLs? TIA Jeff.
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