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  1. Definitely want to take this Pioneer masterpiece. I will be using our Subaru Outback to collect it. I actually have this same TV, however it has developed some vertical lines on the screen that are driving me batty. When is a good time/day to exchange some cash for said tv? Jeff
  2. Hi, I'm interested in the TV, if still available. Just have to work out how to get it from Preston to Chelsea standing up. Jeff.
  3. Hi. I am interested. PM with intent to buy.
  4. Just to close the loop. Had a call from the service centre today. While the receiver initially failed to power on, it resolved itself. They were unable to replicate the issue. They suggested that it be heat related and to ensure that it has sufficient ventilation. I have been running it for years sitting on its side with the base against one wall of the cabinet. Might see what I can do when I pick it up tomorrow.
  5. It is Monday. Plugged the beast in and got the same insistent flashing blue light. Looks like a visit to a service centre is called for. Hopefully it won't be too expensive.
  6. Thanks. I did disconnect the speakers this arvo before trying to turn it on. Will leave unplugged until Monday and try again.
  7. Hi all, My Pioneer SC LX-73 HT receiver shut itself down last night. The standy/power button now flashs continuously. Does not seem to be a particular code....just non-stop flashing. No other lights that I noticed at the time such as the MACC or Ipod indicator lights. We were watching TV at the time, with just normal volume level. Mild weather conditions so shouldn't have over heated. Today I have done the following. Checked the back panel. No sign of any loose speaker wires touching, or the like. I have removed all input
  8. Hi, I'm interested in this listing and the acoustic/live listing as well. Jeff.
  9. Hi, I'm interested in this and the audiophile CD listing as well.
  10. Further information: In late September I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease I sold a number of video/HiFi items to raise funds as part of The Walk to D'Feet Motor Neurone Disease Vic. I will ask the buyer to deposit the money directly into the MND Victoria Walk to D'feet MND site https://www.mndwalk.org.au/my-fundraising/2388/jeff-brown These three speakers were built by me a number of years ago using a combination of prefabricated parts, and parts that I bought separately and were used daily since being built. T
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