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  1. Rega Dac

    Sunday Bump.
  2. SOLD: FS: free DVD players & DVD recorder

    I wouldn’t mind picking one up.
  3. Rega Dac

  4. Moderators, I can not seem to mark this as sold. Can you please assist?
  5. Rega Dac

  6. Rega Dac

    Weekend Bump.
  7. Rega Dac

    Location: Melbourne 3152 Price: $485. I am firm on this as it is what I paid off GT inclusive of shipping from QLD. Item Condition: Pretty decent to me. No imperfections I can see. The only question I had when I got it was if the power cord was an original or not. Didn’t phase me though. Reason for selling: Impulse purchase as I do not see these come up for sale... makes me wonder should I move it on. Having said that I was weak and forgot my rule of trying to keep it simple. Payment Method: Pick up preferred however happy to post if needed. Preference given to local pick up. Cash, PayPal or bank transfer. Extra Info: Happy to audition at mine if required. Happy Shopping!
  8. Belkin Bluetooth Receiver

    Location: Melbourne Price: $10 Item Condition: Pretty good. The box corners are a bit creased. Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Happy to post if needed, however have not done so prior. Cash on pick up, PayPal or bank transfer. Extra Info: Bought this initially off GT to experiment with and worked out a better way to do it... enter Moode and Raspberry pi3. Same item below, looks like I got ripped off for mine as I am pretty sure I paid $40 for it not that long ago. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/belkin-bluetooth-music-receiver/p/7887482/
  9. Location: Melbourne 3152 Price: $80 Item Condition: Nearly new Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Prefer pick up, as I have never really posted anything however happy to give it a go if required. Cash, PayPal or bank transfer. Extra info: Got this off another member not that long ago and the add is shown below. SOLD: FS: iFi iPower 5V 2.5amp low noise power supply https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=46070&share_tid=127616&url=https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/index.php?/topic/127616-SOLD%3A-FS%3A-iFi-iPower-5V-2%2E5amp-low-noise-power-supply&share_type=t
  10. FS: Muse mini Dac

  11. I picked up my pair of Linn’s off BATMAQN and drove from VIC and met him halfway so that I could get my hands on them. I enjoy driving and music so nothing but positives out of the day. Thank you for the speakers, listening to them right now.
  12. Hi Mate, I had a pair made by bill recently. Welcome to try them out if you like. I’m in Wantirna and work in Mulgrave. Cheers Keith
  13. FS: Muse mini Dac