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  1. Everyone likes to talk about what they want from Hifi as if it's the same thing everyone else wants. I'm not sure that's true. Motivations I've observed/experienced include: - accurate sound (whether or not it's pleasing) - pleasing sound (whether or not it's accurate) - pride of ownership - new experiences - spending money - not spending money - bragging rights - a hobby to enjoy with others - a hobby to enjoy alone - the furtherance of audio science - effecting change in the audio industry - nostalgia - conv
  2. I like it - it's especially good for subwoofers and universal disc spinners like Oppos, neither of which ever seemed to be where you looked for them.
  3. Well, I'm new to this, but here it is. Currently powering some Special Forties far better than I'd expected.
  4. I'm late to this, but appreciate the topic and the conduct of those engaging with it. I answered 'mostly objectivist'. To expand on that - at one stage I was studying to become a psychologist, so with that background in mind I have the following thoughts: I think that everything can, ultimately, be measured. The issue when dealing with subjective experience (qualia) is often one of external vs internal validity - i.e. the more you attempt to control for confounding variables and measure precisely the thing you intend to measure (internal validity) the less the test scen
  5. Since last visiting this thread I've jumped on the Special Forty bandwagon, so I thought I'd pop by and see if anyone has any advice or experiences they'd like to share re: getting the most out of them. So far, I've found: - these are not nearfield monitors, nor are they laidback - they will take your head clean off if you let them - they want more room than some floorstanders - I've found around 35cm from the front wall to the port when full open is the bare minimum, and in reality they probably want double that (not practical for me) - BASS!
  6. One of the prettiest things Monitor Audio has ever made - I get the feeling anyone with a pair of these spends as much time looking at them as listening. Absolutely gorgeous. GLwtS!
  7. Great little speakers, these. They don't need much room despite the rear port, and tend to make everything sound great. GlwtS
  8. Agree - it's a handy feature for sure.
  9. Ah, completely understand. Fair enough. (for those wondering - my post was originally a separate topic that has been combined with a very similar one I'd overlooked that answers my question)
  10. Not to completely atomise the categories and make more work for people, but I've noticed a couple of times recently where almost all of the components and speakers have been pushed off the all important first page because someone is selling half a dozen interconnects separately, or is offloading a supply of tubes. Not their fault, of course - they're doing exactly what they're supposed to within the current guidelines - but it does tend to make it harder to see the meat and potatoes stuff. Anyway, just a thought. Thanks for your work!
  11. Here's the conversation I saw: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/magnat-transpuls-1500.9390/ And here's the review linked within that discussion: https://www.hifi-voice.com/testy-a-recenze/reprosoustavy-podlahove/2264-magnat-transpuls-1500 You'll need to google translate that second link.
  12. I read something about this a while back - while the individual drivers were computer modelled, the resultant speaker design and response was not (i.e. if you're a measurements person, the measurements are not great). That said, 15" is a lot of woofer cone and the resultant low frequency response would definitely be fun, if not accurate. No replacement for displacement and all that.
  13. There's the stuff that's a sure bet to sell in the classifieds, or at least garner a lot of positive comments: - KEF LS50s (not sure how the release of Meta will affect this) - Dali Epicon 2 - Dynaudio Special Forties (although for them to become a classic Dynaudio would have to stop making them, which they are showing no signs of doing) - Rega Brio R - Rega RP8 - Harbeth Super HL5+
  14. Currently having an interesting time getting to know my new Dynaudio Special Forties with my Marantz PM8006. Bass is a bit wild and the lower treble has a very slight edge to it. Either these speakers need more room than your average floorstander, or the pairing is a bit more boogie than I'm used to. I wonder if I'd have had better luck with the more neutral sounding Contours.
  15. I was thinking about this a while back when I was considering the Krix Esoterix Altum, as I'd seen a photo of the speaker in pieces at Krix HQ and a Kippel poster on the wall in the background. Sadly, I couldn't find anything. They clearly measure it, but publish nothing. It hurt them a tiny bit in the end, as I bought some Dynaudio Special Forty instead (personal, subjective verdict still out on those at the minute). That said, I get it, to some extent. Speaker design seems to be all about engineering compromises - and compromises are something internet forum-goers attack like fre
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