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  1. Played that track via YouTube just now and the 2 year old came over and started waving her fists in the air and smiling. 🤘
  2. If you don't mind my asking, what prompted the change in direction? Sound, size, price, other? I ask because both ranges of speakers interest me, but it seems Revel have been swaying more than a few people recently. GLwtS
  3. I didn't grow up with anyone who listened to metal, so everything old is new to me. Sometimes that's a lot of fun. Metal Church - Metal Church
  4. Feature set, mainly. Topping prices tend to scale with the features provided - perhaps because they know how their typical customers weigh their purchase decisions. My D50s costs double what the D10 costs, but has Bluetooth, additional inputs, etc. If I wanted it to have an internal power supply and balanced outputs, I would need to pay double that for the D70s (and forgo the Bluetooth). For the whole shebang, there's the D90 (which, being the AKM chip, avoids the whole 'ESS hump' thing). That all seems reasonable to me, even assuming they all sound the same.
  5. Here's where we understand things differently. You see the DAC as the source. I see the digital signal as the source and the DAC as a signal converter. This is why I want evidence that the signal integrity has been maintained. You can't actually listen to a digital representation of an audio signal - you can only hear the result of the conversion. Measurements are all we have to go on that is directly relevant to what the DAC does. An analogy: you receive a text message from a friend. You can't actually read the 0s and 1s your phone receives, and so it helpfully converts that back into text. Now, you may prefer that your phone automatically corrects your friend's atrocious spelling as part of that conversion, but that would not be accurate. It's your friend who needs spelling lessons, not your phone.
  6. 🥳 Yay! Seriously though, it's not the job of the DAC to reproduce the sound of an instrument or a voice. The DAC is there to turn a digital signal into an analogue one as accurately as possible. That done, if it doesn't sound like an instrument or a voice by the time it hits your ears, the blame lies elsewhere in the journey from recording to your listening position.
  7. How do you find the P50? Does it heat up much? I'm happy with the switching supply I have at the moment, but if I get the A50 I'll probably want the P50 to consolidate supplies (rather than any belief that a linear supply is better or worse).
  8. I'd be curious to hear the D90. I currently own a D50s and it does exactly what it says on the tin, without fuss. My only complaint is that it's not much to look at in silver. The little joystick selector is pretty cheap-feeling, too. I'm currently looking for a headphone amp for my set up, and while more expensive stuff looks pretty slick, I'll probably just buy the A50 to match my DAC, unless the D90 gets an A90, in which case I might get that stack - mainly for the extra features rather than sound. I assume the sound will be excellent for the money. Re: ASR, I think it's a good counterpoint to a lot of the nonsense that goes on in the industry - that nonsense being mainly that price and exclusivity are used as heuristics for quality and performance, and that heuristic gets exploited. ASR is good at reminding people that you definitely do not have to mortgage your house to have decent sound. I think that's a good service to provide for free, even if Amir can be just as snooty about it as everyone else in this hifi bizzo.
  9. @deafenears I think the tape out for the phono might be best, as another of my plans was to ditch my current external phono preamp and run directly into the Marantz Phono stage with a SUT. With the Y splitters, wouldn't that halve the gain and therefore have the effect of raising the noise floor? Taking another tack entirely, is the main problem with the headphone out on the the Marantz the impedance mismatch? Would I achieve reasonable results by just going for higher impedance headphones (like Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pros)?
  10. Ah. Okay, that's what I wasn't understanding. Makes sense now. Sorry, it's been a long day. That also makes sense, although I'd like to avoid the mixer scenario if possible, as it's a bedroom setup and simplicity/neatness is the aim. Does this hiss problem extend to integrated amps with a dedicated headphone amp inside? I would thought it'd be a waste of time to include that sort of thing if it's just going to sound garbage anyway. Or is it just a marketing thing, making your amp seem like a one stop shop? Now that I've understood what you're saying about the balanced to RCA cables, yeah, it seems less appealing for the money, for sure. I've seen them come up in the classified for around $700, but that's still pricey. The only real draw for me is it's silver, and the other stuff isn't. Not super keen to deal with Drop on the regular, so maybe the Smsl or similar might be worth a look. Cheers.
  11. @sly_bastard Interesting. I guess my primary question would be "why is switching via a mixer any better than just running the line level out from my amp into a headphone amp as in option 2"? I'd like to keep the two systems fully operational rather than have one fully hooked up and the other not, and I don't really care about balanced, if that helps. The only other option I've seen is to get something like the Luxman P-200, which has 2 analogue RCA inputs, and run everything through that before passing out to the Marantz.
  12. Hi all, I've been looking at adding a headphone setup to my bedroom system, and was just curious about which of these setup configurations people think is best, or if there's an alternative that's better, and if so why. Current system Amp: Marantz PM8006 (has a headphone jack, but not a dedicated headphone stage, if that's the right term) Sources: Marantz CD6003, SL1210mk2, Chromecast Dac: Topping D50s Headphones: currently Audio-Technica ATH-A700X, although they're really only the headphones that I bought (ages ago) to have headphones. I'm looking for a headphone setup that will help me drive a wide range of headphones, not just these. The Chromecast and Bluetooth are run through the D50s - everything else is RCAs to the PM8006. Headphone Setup Option 1 Just plug the headphones into the headphone jack on the Pm8006 (this is how it is currently, and the A700Xs sound a bit hot and spitty vs how I've heard them sound with other amps). Headphone Setup Option 2 Buy a dedicated headphone amp and run line level audio out to it from the PM8006's Rec Out (i.e. the PM8006 becomes a very large input switcher when not using speakers). Headphone Setup Option 3 Buy a dedicated headphone amp to run off the D50s DAC (like the Topping A50) and just listen to digital - i.e. run the CD player into the coax in on the D50s and forget about vinyl on headphones (not my first preference). Headphone Setup Option 4 Replace the PM8006 with an integrated that has a dedicated headphone amp - i.e. any of the the higher Marantz models ($$$$). Thoughts?
  13. Thanks for this, @metal beat. I've been out of the loop for quite some time, so this (and the attendant alternatives posted here) will come in handy. As for all the curmudgeonliness - it might be helpful for people to view these lists as recommendations rather than validation? The only thing I'd say in the negative is that sometimes the trendier lists can become a little backloaded - full of stuff from the past year or two whose shine hasn't quite worn off. The Pitchfork list does seem quite 2018 heavy.
  14. Does that mean the tweeter opens up and a smaller super tweeter pokes out? 😂 I got a sort of stylised, futuristic plate armour vibe, personally.
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