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  1. Interesting. I suppose that lends credence to my feeling that it might be a shortcoming of the Marantz amp architecture. Yeah, apart from that issue, it's a good, solid amp. Sounds beautiful, drives any bookshelf easily - it's just a big hunk of silver-gold stupid bereft of the kind of circuitry that makes my Rotel more reliable (if less elegant). The kind of circuitry that corrects issues rather than just sort of going 'eep'! I get the feeling that the amp is really one half of a PM8006/ND8006 whole and isn't meant to be purchased separately. I imagine the ND8006 (the brains of the operation) would wake the amp for you if the remote i/o is connected, removing the issue entirely. When I eventually get an ND8006 I'll spend some time with them together and then post a long review. There aren't many reviews of either around. This was actually pointed out to me recently by fellow SNAers in another thread, and I was able to source those exact attenuators via a WTB ad. They work exactly as described - they drop the volume by pretty much exactly 10db at the same point on the dial (effectively turning the volume down by about 2 hours). Excellent little devices, and part of the reason I'm less miserable about the amp now. $50 well spent! 😁 In the long term, I think that the ND8006 should fix that issue too - I suspect the fixed output will be tailored to match the amp, and even if it isn't, there's a variable output as well.
  2. Yeah - the ad I linked to has been deleted already. Gumtree seems to redirect to the closest item (note where you end up doesn't match the link posted). Either way, the amp was clearly snapped up quickly.
  3. An old Lux(man) valve amp for $100. Looks like it'd need work, but still... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hurstbridge/stereo-systems/lux-valve-stereo-amplifier/1214313356
  4. For anyone who stumbles across this thread, I just took a look at these in the flesh. They're a toy. Didn't even get to plugging them - they seem aimed at a novelty/nostalgia market. The cabinet quality looks like garden variety Yamaha surround sound speaker build (think NS-E56 or similar). They're cute, but probably not worth $1499.
  5. https://www.stereophile.com/content/klipsch-reference-premiere-rp-600m-loudspeaker-measurements 6.4dB down. Ouch. That said, the subjective review is extremely positive.
  6. Definitely a beautiful sound. I bought a pair of these for my dad, and upon hearing them wished I had a pair for myself. Wrong state for me, sadly. GLWTS!
  7. I have the 1592, and can tell you it is a worthwhile investment, and absolutely not overkill for speakers like the 603s. I use mine with KEF Q700s - which are a 15-150w floorstander that dips below 4ohms on occasion - and it drives them perfectly. I think the 1572 would fall short. And, as @Cafad has said elsewhere with regard to integrated amps, overkill is the very best kind of kill. 🤣
  8. Here's the thing - this might all be solved by getting the matching ND8006 network player and disc spinner for my amp, which I had planned to do anyway. Not only do they bang on about it being "perfectly matched", the ND8006 also has a variable output, just in case my idea of perfect doesn't match theirs. That unit is actually a hell of a lot of stuff I need all rolled into one box; cdp, USB and optical DAC, USB isolator, headphone amp, network player, internet radio, etc. etc. Still, the attenuators are a cheap solution to tide me over.
  9. I had a feeling that would come up. A Stereophile review of the aforementioned speakers will be up soon, so it'll be interesting to see how far off they are.
  10. Condolences for your friend, and GLWTS. They look like beauties.
  11. I had a feeling there'd be a solution involving a resistor, but knew I wasn't savvy enough to deduce the correct specs. I might still go for the attenuators for the sake of neatness, however. Thanks for the option all the same. 😊
  12. The great thing about this attenuator discovery is that it gives me the option of speakers with even greater sensitivity if I so desire. The new Klipsch RP-600M bookshelves, for example (which I know from experience are a very good match for my amp at much higher volumes), would have been completely untenable, being well above 90dB sensitivity. They are now back on the shortlist. This is all very exciting. 😁
  13. I can understand that - you'd imagine the original gain spec was decided upon as part of a wider design decision and messing with it might have unintended consequences elsewhere.
  14. I had no idea such a thing existed. That's possibly the most useful answer anyone has ever given me to a question posed here. Very much appreciated. Something like this, yes? http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/rothwell-in-line-rca-audio-attenuators-pair/ I mean, the current speakers were always a temporary measure, so I may yet replace them with either of the options mentioned in the original post, but this is obviously a much simpler solution.
  15. The reason I'm asking this question is because I want to use a particular amp for relatively low volume (65dB ish) listening in the bedroom, and at the moment it's not working out too well. The amp (a Marantz PM8006) has four audible steps in volume on the dial before it reaches 9 o'clock, at which point it acts normally. The speakers (old Monitor Audio B2s from 2003) are rated at 90dB and it seems that optimal listening volume with this combination is right between one of these volume steps. My theory is that if I want to keep the amp for the bedroom, I need to pair it with far less efficient speakers (Spendors or Dynaudios come to mind). My reasoning is that speakers rated at 84dB will take 4x the power to reach the same volume as 90dB speakers, and this will hopefully push these volume steps down to inaudible levels. Does that seem logical? Have you ever had speakers that were too sensitive for a particular system? If so, what was your solution? NB: This amp has other quirks that I don't love, and have detailed elsewhere, but I do like the sound otherwise. So I'm not exactly for the idea of replacing the amp, but not dead set against it.
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