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  1. twofires

    Google Chromecast Audio Discontinued

    FWIW, I've just connected one of those UGreen Ethernet Adapter thingos people talk about to my Chromecast Audio. Connection time for casting halved immediately, and I've experienced zero dropouts. Hooray for low latency!
  2. @Andre28 Yeah, I saw that. It looks like there's still some A1s in stock, however I'm not sure I'll have the funds together in time to secure a pair. And even then, I'm not sure how they sound. This is the crappy thing about researching while you're still saving, you get to see all the cool stuff that will be gone by the time you're ready to buy. Ah well.
  3. @Andrews_melb So I went to Selby and listened to the Triangles at length through their Vincent monoblock setup. Transient response was incredible, and imaging was better than I expected for a horn loaded driver too. The sticking point for me, however, was the treble - it's very in-your-face. Probably a little too much for relaxed listening in the bedroom, at any rate. I can see what you see in them, and think that if I had the option of a wider array of speakers they'd certainly be one of them, but unfortunately they don't fit the bill at the moment. Not with my ears, anyway. Interestingly, I learned that the current distributor is no longer distributing Triangle, and there's no-one replacing them as yet. If you want Triangle, the stock that is in the country is all there is.
  4. @Jack Thank you for the detailed response! I've read the same sorts of things about the Spendor A series- the difficulty is that there's none locally, and I don't want to chew up the outgoing distributor's time with too many woolly questions that can only really be answered by my ears. That's what I have you lot for. 😀 Seriously though, with the difficulty in tracking some of these speakers down, this thread is mostly just me trying to figure out which speakers are worth the effort. I would agree that, based on what I've been reading, it's looking more and more like the P3ESR if I take this classic monitor route. Mainly I'm just surprised no-one has piped up about ProAc (for, or against).
  5. I suppose I should add Vandersteen VLRs to this list. Anyone heard these?
  6. Hmm. Another interesting one. Internet opinion seems neatly divided between "unappreciated design you'd be lucky to own", and "over-hyped". There's a pair within driving distance on eBay for $770, but for that sort of money I'd want to give them a good listen first. I'll see what my options look like once I've scraped some coin together.
  7. @Andrews_melb Yeah, I'm definitely going to have to give them a listen. 🙂
  8. I have to admit that I haven't quite caught the Sansui bug yet, but I think that has more to do with exposure and opportunity than anything else. Given enough time on SNA it seems inevitable! For the moment, due to space constraints, I need to make do with the amps that I have. I'm encouraged, however, by the fact (rumour?) that Harbeth have used a lower model modern Marantz at Hi-Fi shows to demonstrate their "amps don't matter much to us" shtick. Without wanting to get into that argument, it at least suggests Marantz isn't a terrible choice. While these are both a different construction to the type of speaker I'm leaning towards, the Triangle looks fascinating, and gorgeous in the gloss white. The rear port is a potential issue, but Triangle seem confident that 40cm is enough wall clearance. There's a dealer quite close to me, so I'll keep that one in the back pocket for later. Thanks! Interesting. I've never seen any, but will certainly keep an eye out if there's value to be had. Cheers.
  9. I made there's mistake of looking up the price of the Grahams while drinking my morning coffee. 😅 I have no doubt they sound amazing, though. I think the Spendors are more realistic for someone of my means. Mostly I'm curious about how their budget "A Line" compares to their classic stuff.
  10. I'm thinking more of the classic BBC, full, vibrant, woody midrange sound than a modern clean British one, but failing any of the above options I'll certainly take the 3020s into consideration. The main thing is that it's clear without being shrill. I'm running older Monitor Audio Bronze 2s at the moment - the bass is too boomy for the position in the room, the mid-range is okay, and the treble is a bit rubbery, if that makes sense.
  11. Hi there, The amp is a Marantz PM8006, there's a turntable with an Audio-Technica AT33SA cart, an Emotiva phono pre that I may upgrade to a SUT down the road as I hear the phono stage in the Marantz is actually rather good, and there will be a matching Marantz ND8006 network CD player that may come before or after the speakers depending on what crops up. Due to space constraints, and the height of the bed, the speakers will be atop an Ikea Kallax unit, so speakers that are forgiving with placement are preferred. I am led to believe both the Spendor and the ProAc meet that requirement, but I'm happy to be corrected.
  12. Just curious as to whether anyone has heard many of these, and how they compare (or don't). I'm curious about the style of speaker for my bedroom setup, as the room does not require a lot of additional bass from the speakers, and they need to be close to the wall anyway, AND a "relaxed" sound signature suits the use case (i.e. me sitting back in bed listening to music to unwind). I've included my "on paper" impressions in parentheses for each speaker. Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary (looks like $5 drivers in a nice box, might be a bit too dull-sounding, based on reviews) Spendor A1 (right price, right name, right look in the natural oak, hard to track down in the wild, very few opinions online, are they too far down the Spendor hierarchy to be worthwhile?) ProAc Tablette 10 (price starting to get up there, seems good, current amp possibly too powerful at 70wpc into 8ohms, is this just for valve amps?) Harbeth P3ESR (everyone agrees these are great, but I'm hoping one of the others will be 2/3rds as great for a fraction of the outlay)
  13. Out of curiosity, is there an Australian manufacturer doing a thin cabinet BBC-style Harbeth/ProAc/Spendor sort of speaker? Or is the market only big enough to sustain those few? Seems like labour and material costs here would be the same as in the UK.
  14. Four things: 1) I'm sure brands do this color, width, and contours stuff purposefully to keep the more obsessive of us "in house", so to speak. Perhaps none more successfully than Marantz - with the silver gold you can mix series, even go back a few generations, but try putting a PM8006 next to a Yamaha CD S1000 and it'll look absurd (hence I'm currently saving for an ND8006 in silver gold). 😅 2) In spite of the above, I find mismatched silver tones can be smoothed over with a light source tending more toward yellow or orange than a bright blue-white. 3) I feel silver components demand speakers with real wood (non-black) veneer of some kind. 4) For what it's worth - and I'm heading off topic here - most here mentioning OCD are talking about OCPD. An example of Obsessive Compulsive PERSONALITY Disorder would be obsessing over the colour of components and feeling compelled to take notes and make plans and generally go to great lengths to adhere to (and enforce) a rigid set of personal rules regarding component colour, and in the end feeling that this is absolutely normal and correct. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, on the other hand, would be something like being obsessed with the notion that your partner will be run over by a truck, and feeling compelled to prevent this by always setting all volume controls everywhere to prime numbers, no matter what, even though you know these obsessions and compulsions are highly dysfunctional (and likely ruining your life). I have no doubt that some here would have an OCPD diagnosis, but I wouldn't wish an OCD diagnosis on anyone. They really need to better delineate the names.
  15. FWIW, even an in situ photo can reassure the potential buyer that: - you actually have the item, and they're not about to be mugged outside a random property somewhere (or more likely digitally mugged via dodgy money transfer) - the item is the model you say it is (this happened a few weeks back where a speaker manufacturer saw photos in the classifieds and commented that certain speakers were an older model than the seller suggested) - the item is in the condition you say it is in (when someone says "barely used" and the remote buttons are covered in sebum, for example, you know otherwise) - the item has been stored/used in a way that is acceptable to them (not an amp that has been starved of air while driving a difficult load, for example) You already know all this stuff, but they don't know you - photos help. Hell, a photo of your setup even makes you more relatable, which always helps a sale. All that said, I have the integrated version of this amp, and it's a beauty. Looking at this ad I've been trying to think of reasons I might need to bi-amp my speakers, but I can't quite justify it! GLWTS.