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  1. I know, right? About 2 months too soon, otherwise perfect.
  2. twofires

    FS: Denon PMA1600NE integrated amplifier

    Why always the exact right thing when I'm skint? 😛 Bargain, too. GLWTS
  3. I take your point. If an A-S1100 came up in that price range (once I have my pennies together) I would not hesitate. I need some VU meters in my life. 🤩 If the bedroom setup worked for me in the long term I'd probably upgrade the speakers down the line.
  4. Out of curiosity, what was the rest of the setup?
  5. So far the most surprising thing is that nobody has really said anything about the PM6006. I would have thought there'd be a few fans of Marantz integrated amps lurking about. Also, any thoughts on Yamaha and MA together? I know there are fans of the A-S2100s here - does anything of the character of that amp trickle down to their lesser offerings?
  6. I hadn't even considered the little grey box company. Interesting. No DAC, but aptX Bluetooth. Interesting. App control is actually a plus, as I'd likely be listening propped up in bed. Internet radio also a plus. This option has been considered to some extent, but ultimately the shape of the room makes that sort of solution difficult. As for fixing furniture to the wall, there's an extremely heavy 5x5 Kallax that I'll be doing that to shortly. It'd kill ME if it fell, let alone the baby. This kid is likely to chew the pointy bits off and ask for seconds. Any particular reasoning against the Brio (other than it doesn't have standby)? And no, the bedroom doesn't require the TT, but the TT requires the safety of the bedroom. It's either the bedroom or pack it into a box.
  7. Not a bad idea - although I've heard these really fall apart when you push them. I think I'd have to hear one in person to know if it's going to work for me. Thank you for the heads up!
  8. That's an interesting option I hadn't considered. I have no experience with Class D amps like that, but the form factor is certainly appealing. That said, the Yamaha R-N803D, while much bigger, does all that, with more power (Class AB) and had DAB+ as well. So it's a footprint vs. features question if I decide to go the 'feature-packed' route. Both seem great, truth be told. Thank you for the suggestion!
  9. It's a thought, but the kid has given us some indication that they are going to be a climber, so I'd sooner remove the TT from view altogether. The speakers in the living room are KEF Q700 floorstanders, and can't really live anywhere else - I'm going to have to leave the grills on and hope for the best on that front. The MA B2s were picked up for the bedroom specifically, where the little one won't be a factor. They are front ported, thankfully, which will make positioning much easier. I agree that ditching onboard extras can be better (leaves you to pick and choose better components to suit your tastes) but the truth is that space in the bedroom is at a premium, and compactness is going to trump fidelity to some degree.
  10. So, imagine you're me. You have a turntable, floorstanders, and big integrated amp out in the living room with your TV and HTPC. This setup has worked perfectly for you for a while now. Enter a very energetic and inquisitive 9 month old who is soon to be walking. At some point, your handsy child is going to find your turntable and try to figure out which bits come off when yanked. You need a bedroom setup, away from tiny, adorable destructo-hands. You also don't have a great deal of money, but might be able to scrape together a little over $1k before it's too late. You were able able to secure a pair of 15 year old Monitor Audio Bronze B2 bookshelf speakers for all of $90, and now you need something to power them. Being a bedroom setup, you'd prefer something modern with auto-standby to avoid waking up on fire. You'd also prefer new for similar reasons. Irrespective of whether new or second hand, you can see a couple of different directions amplification could take within the $500-$1200 range; Option 1 - Marantz PM6006 or NOS PM6005 Pros: You know that you like the sound of Marantz with Monitor Audio Cons: MM stage is useless to you, meaning an extra box in the bedroom to keep the MC cart Option 2 - Yamaha A-S701 Pros: A lot of power for the money Cons: Yammy might prefer a warmer speaker? It's big MM stage is useless to you Option 3 - Rega Brio-R (likely second hand) Pros: You've heard these powering Dyna 2/6s and have no doubt the power rating is conservative. It also sounded very clean. Everybody loves this thing Compact Cons: Expensive No DAC No standby You're not sure how much of the praise is just the Cult of Rega (no offense, but, you know) MM stage is useless to you Option 4 - Onkyo A-9070 (where still available) Pros: MC Phono! 3 digital inputs Decent power (75w p/c) Old model so shops might do a deal Cons: Onkyo might sound a bit brittle if pushed Outside your price range unless the deal is VERY good Just how good could the phono stage be? Huge Option 5 - Onkyo A-9150 (basically the A-9070 with better components and half the power, for slightly less money) Option 6 - Yamaha R-N803D Pros: Every mod-con you could possibly need Everything said about the A-S701 Cons: Too much going on in the one box? Everything said about the AS701 Expensive Thoughts? Bear in mind that $1500 would be the absolute ceiling. I know I'm losing the benefit of the MC cart by saddling it with mid-fi speakers and amps, but the idea is to move the turntable back to the main system once the little one is old enough to understand "don't touch that" (i.e. somewhere between 6 and 26 years). 😛
  11. This is very true. See also every second review of Audio-Technica headphones or Rotel amps. System matching includes your ears, so definitely audition before getting set on anything.
  12. I would agree that you don't have to buy the latest MA speakers - they've been iterations of the same basic idea since 2003ish, and all sound pretty good. To my ear, the MA Silver sound tends to be boosted mid-treble rolled off at the top, and a bit of a bass hump from the ported design. This makes them exciting to listen to, a bit jangly, and not entirely "realistic" (if that's worth anything to you). Having listened to them side by side in my own setup, I'd disagree that MA and KEF sound much alike - KEF is more clear through the midrange, if somewhat anaemic in the bass department. They image very well. If piano and acoustic is your thing, cabinet construction is important. Piano will reveal a boxy sounding cabinet. Compare KEF Q series with KEF LS50s to see what I mean - it can be worth going for a series up in a large bookshelf rather than a tower.
  13. Having been down this road, I have the following thoughts: 1) A centre channel will just rob you of opportunities to hear your nice tower speakers. 2) Skip the HDMI receiver altogether and get the best integrated amp with optical and a sub out that you can (Parasound do a nice one with a proper sub crossover). HDMI ARC is nothing but a source of frustration, and HDMI revisions will turn expensive receivers into Gumtree fodder in no time.
  14. Hell of a lot of votes for Sony here. That's seeming the likely candidate. Out of curiosity, had anyone heard the new KEF Space Ones?