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  1. I agree that second hand is pretty great generally, especially on speakers, but I've also been done a couple of times. I'm still way ahead without having ever lowballed anyone, but there are definitely some sharks out there. The problem with $4k on the right speakers is, in my view, you may miss the fact that the $2k speakers were the right speakers, they just dipped to 3ohms and your $1k amp couldn't deliver. I honestly believe that if you spend $4k of a $5k budget on modern speakers, your budget is actually going to wind up $7k pretty quickly.
  2. Based on my experience with a similar budget and taste in music, I can recommend three things: 1) Audition, and if possible audition amp and speaker together - you may find that your ears don't agree with everything you've read online. 2) At this price point don't be afraid to buck the trend and spend half or more on the amp - driving $4k speakers with a $1k amp tends not to result in as satisfying an experience as driving $2k speakers with a $3k amp, especially when you plan to crank it. In my living room I'm powering $2k KEFs with $3k of Rotel, and I doubt there's mu
  3. This guy does a lot of business on Gumtree - I see his ads often. Gear ranges from okay-ish to "how the hell did he come across that"? He's doesn't seem to be a flipper, though. I get the feeling he imports things through some connection he has, plays with them for a bit, and moves them on. They're never priced like he's in a hurry, but they're not ludicrous either. From memory he's had some nice Accuphase and Diatone in the past.
  4. I agree 100% on the TADs. I feel like that they need to live in a large study or library with floor to ceiling bookshelves, a chesterfield, and a selection of beverages that were bottled before Facebook was a thing.
  5. It's very easy to do. What's that orange amp? I like it.
  6. When I eventually get into head-fi, I think it's going to be a pair of these: And, then there's this. Can't decide if it's the most gorgeous bit of gear I've seen in ages, or a portable oven:
  7. Looks like a pair of lecterns with accordion folders jammed in.
  8. Just checked mine - a pair with serial numbers in the 107000s recently purchased from @erest. Exactly the same as the OP. If the range differs for AI.M I guess it's possible that over the decades the part used changed and serial numbers might tell us something about when?
  9. My bugbear is poorly executed wood veneer finishes that make the black option preferable. Here's an example: These Revel speakers sound fantastic, but the syrupy, uneven glossy finish screams "cheap, poly-coated 7-string guitar" to me. The black driver surrounds also don't suit the veneer at all. If they're going to do glossy wood veneer they need to take a look at some Monitor Audios to see how it's done.
  10. I was initially considering something simple like a pair of these lamp tables, which are 400x400x400: https://www.templeandwebster.com.au/Belgium-Lamp-Table-LT-000-TA-CENA1127.html?refid=GPAAU447-CENA1127_11543991&device=m&ptid=882004499010&PiID[]=11543991&gclid=Cj0KCQiA34OBBhCcARIsAG32uvO6zUXew4buVOMsnH4scJmJsASgICq7MoXyhE6MxQradvUstHFss80aAr2WEALw_wcB But there's no way for me to know if they'll withstand the weight without taking a leap of faith. The nightmare scenario for me is getting something too flimsy, the speakers crashing to the ground and the
  11. Hello all. So I'm a recent cult inductee and was wondering if any of you had recommendations for stands for the NS-1000M. Preferably something sturdy (so not a cheap lamp table), currently in production (so not SPS-500s), available in Australia (so not Hamilex or Deer Creek stands, as nice as they look), and involving minimal DIY (as I'm about as handy as an eel). Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  12. The person who bought the NS-1000Ms was me, and I am certainly tempted - just in the wrong state and a couple hundy short at the minute (due to buying the speakers). All that aside, it's a beautiful amp. I'm a sucker for meters, and silver for that matter. GLwtS!
  13. Hey Rob, From memory they deleted the second set of speaker terminals so there is no 'A/B' selector or provision for a second set. Not a great loss. There may be other things, but my memory is a bit hazy. Specs should be easy enough to dig up, though.
  14. Maybe prescriptive and descriptive are better terms than good and poor. Prescriptive Objectivist - things that sound good measure accurately Descriptive Objectivist - the things you like subjectively measure like this Prescriptive Subjectivist - things that sound good have the following subjective qualities Descriptive Subjectivist - the things that you like have the following subjective qualities
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