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  1. twofires

    Amp specs and what they can mean.

    I'm glad that it's not the case, as I've just spent a significant chunk of coin on an integrated that definitely can't do it (PM8006), but sounded better at moderate (80dB at 3m) listening levels than a similarly priced amp that very nearly can.
  2. twofires

    Amp specs and what they can mean.

    An old Rotel RB-1080 can manage a 1.9x increase from 8 to 4ohms, according to Stereophile, albeit into one channel. https://www.stereophile.com/content/rotel-rb-1080-power-amplifier-measurements
  3. twofires

    Amp specs and what they can mean.

    The wattage/impedance thing is always confusing for me. "wattage should double as the impedance halves", people say, and yet NAD specs will often say something like "200wpc into 4 or 8ohms" and no-one questions it. Edit: not suggesting they should, just that I don't get it.
  4. Blowing their own horn, so to speak.
  5. @jamiebosco So basically the reason the specs and recs don't add up is because they literally don't add up? That... was not the answer I was expecting. Of all I've read it makes the most sense, though. Question is, why lie? It's not like 91dB is bad.
  6. twofires

    Integrated Amp Help.. <$1500

    For reference, here are the settings in question on my Samsung TV and on my Panasonic Blu-ray player. I use both for Netflix, of and on, into a Rotel integrated (optical from the TV, Coax from the BD player) and everything is hunky dory. Admittedly the Panasonic does have a good analogue RCA out that I can use if all else fails, but so far, it hasn't proved necessary. I can also confirm that the Rotel has no ability to process anything other than PCM. When I first hooked up the Panasonic I was greeted with a wall of high-pitched static because the output was set to Dolby. Frantic remote mashing ensued.
  7. twofires

    Integrated Amp Help.. <$1500

    As mentioned above, check that your TV can force 2ch PCM. I did this with a 4-year-old Samsung and watch Netflix through my integrated every day. Either my TV transcodes it on the fly, or both streams are mandatory as with bluray, because I have never encountered something that wouldn't play.
  8. twofires

    Integrated Amp Help.. <$1500

    How much do you like bass? If the answer is "a lot", I'd listen to the LS50Ws before selling up. I used to think LS50s were where I would end up, but an extensive listen among other similarly priced speakers convinced me otherwise. They're not for everyone. Not sure if the Ws add anything in the bass department, but I can't see it making too much difference to the bass extension (vs bass control). Someone who actually owns them can probably set me straight on that. As for which amp if you don't go the LS50W route, I don't know the speakers other than that they need an amp capable of 4ohm loads. Streaming amps that come to mind in that price range are NAD and Yamaha, but I have no idea what the pairing would be like. As always, you can chuck a Chromecast audio on the back of a non-streaming amp if need be.
  9. It's interesting - today, I was demoing some integrated amps for my work-in-progress second system. In the room with these amps were the following speakers: Klipsch RP-600M KEF R3 KEF LS50 SVS Ultra and a few other things I didn't bother to listen to with the amps in question. Now, the R3s were the best thing in the room by a considerable margin, and considering the price jump that isn't surprising. But if I had to pick a second place, it'd be the Klipsch. And that's a very different experience to the one I had with the same Klipsch speakers at a different store a week ago. The difference? A week ago I heard them powered by a 50wpc Class D Pioneer, and today I heard them in front of two hefty Class AB units - a Rotel RA-1572, and a Marantz PM8006. Whatever the sensitivity, the Klipsch like a good bit of welly. Side note: the Marantz was the winner, to the extent the third amp on the list (a Yamaha A-S1100) didn't even get a look in.
  10. twofires

    Video Game Scores and Soundtracks

    I also enjoy most of the work done for Bioware's Mass Effect series. The first three game scores were released a while back on vinyl as a boxset - worth tracking down if you're a fan.
  11. twofires

    Video Game Scores and Soundtracks

    I wasn't aware FLA had done soundtrack work! Will check that out. Thanks! Classic FM definitely know which way the wind is blowing. Personally I think it's fantastic. My wife loves both the soundtrack and the game! I haven't played it but I do enjoy the music - wasn't aware it was on vinyl, I'll have to look out for it! I love the track that's on the playlist - I'll have to listen to the whole thing. The game seems fascinating too. I wish it wasn't PS4 only. 😕 Cheers, I'll check it out now.
  12. Hi all, I thought I'd share this video game music Spotify playlist (not mine) that I've been listening to lately, and see what else SNAers are enjoying in the medium. I must admit I haven't played all the games listed here, but based on the music I'm keen to. There's some fantastic stuff in there. Have a listen, and feel free to link any other video game music you'd recommend below. I'm keen to hear new things. Note that this isn't a thread to discuss the merits of music composed for the purpose of video game scoring, nor debate whether video games are art or not, etc. etc. If you feel the urge to sarcastically link to Pacman or similar, consider posting it in any number of "get off my lawn" topics across the internet. Try to keep the conversation here to video game music recommendations. Cheers.
  13. Keep in mind that a $59 Chromecast Audio will turn any integrated with a good DAC into a Spotify capable amp. With that in mind, I'm seeing a few places with the Rotel RA-1572 integrated on sale for roughly $2000. It has a very good DAC (with optical, coax, and PC USB inputs), heaps of power (120wpc @ 8ohms), a MM phono pre, aptX Bluetooth, and a subwoofer out. There's not much better at that price imo. Another (cheaper) option might be the Yamaha R-N803D. 100wpc, DAC, Play-Fi streaming, sub out with room correction (I believe), and even DAB radio.
  14. twofires

    FS Cerwin Vega E12 Towers

    I have to say, "It's like shooting Clapton out of a cannon" is now my favourite bit of Hi-Fi copy. I mean, picture it: [Clapton straps helmet on and climbs into cannon as Tears in Heaven plays] 😂
  15. @Primare Knob I haven't yet asked, no, but you've more or less clearly articulated my vague gut feeling about the whole thing. It doesn't make a lot of sense, unless "power" is being used as a heuristic for stability/quality so they don't have to get into conversations with customers (and manufacturers) about which amps are quality ones.