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  1. Greetings Fellow Music Lovers

    A lot older (and wiser) Skywalker now. Good to see some of the familiar faces are still lurking the SNA corridors. Hope that you are well.
  2. Greetings Fellow Music Lovers

    Hello Everyone, I have been a passionate music lover for most of my 40 years. My obsession with audio reproduction started during my teens with trips to Josef Riediger's Audio Connection in Bankstown and Ceto Sandoval's Audio Excellence in Drummoyne. In those dimly-lit, character-filled Hi-Fi Meccas my eyes were opened to the world of high end audio with the likes of Audio Research, Wadia Digital, Mark Levinson, ProAc, Thiel, Genesis, Apogee, Sonus Faber, Gryphon Audio, Sonic Frontiers, MartinLogan, and Infinity. I owned, and could only afford, modest equipment until I finished my PhD at which point I met an experienced audiophile by the name of Warwick Freemantle (when he was only importing ZYX cartridges from Japan). I ended up purchasing a used Basis Audio 2800 vacuum turntable with Vector 3 tonearm and ZYX Airy2 cartridge from Warwick. We struck up a friendship which involved almost daily Skype conversations about audio equipment and music. As a result we brought the first ZU Audio speakers to Australia along with the first Yamamoto Sound Craft single ended triode amplifiers. I shared my passion for efficient speakers and low-powered vacuum tube amplification with anyone who would listen in the very early days of stereonet, building lots of new audio friendships, and gaining a few detractors, in the process. Warwick introduced me to the good folks at SGR Audio and instantly I felt like part of their family. I upgraded to a pair of their early active speakers (which I still own and enjoy) and my subsequent overzealous promotion/defence of the product often landed me in hot water. With the help and guidance of SGR Audio, my system continued to improve beyond measure with digital gear from MSB Technology and an analogue front end from Brinkmann Audio. When I grew tired of the uncertainty associated with my research career at Sydney University I decided to hang up my lab coat for the uncertainty associated with owning and operating a small business. I went back to school to study interior design and colour before starting my own consulting business with a high end audio twist. I was sick and tired of seeing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in hi-fi equipment in uninspiring rooms and wanted to do something to change that. I made countless new friends in both audio and design along my journey until a job which spoke to my social and political values practically fell in my lap and occupied the bulk of my time and energy for the past two years. In this role I met the love of my life and married her in December of last year. We are about to start major renovations and an extension to our modest three bedroom home in the beautiful lower Blue Mountains. Construction will include a dedicated, purpose-built listening room incorporating sound isolation principles and tasteful acoustic treatments. It was my wife who encouraged me to once again pursue my passion for hi-fi and design which is why I re-launched my business under the name Vero Voce Audio Systems. Vero voce means "true voice" in Italian and is rather fitting given my own personal goals in audio playback. I have only ever asked someone to invest their money in a product or brand after I have invested my own money in the same as a consumer. This will not change and that is why my industry partners will always be a very short list. I did not come to stereonet to promote my business (although I may consider becoming a sponsor when I have a few extra dollars) but rather to share my passion for music and equipment of all different shapes and sizes. I believe that there are many paths to audio nirvana (active or passive speakers, sealed or bass reflex speakers, horns and vacuum tube electronics, digital and analogue sources, etc). I look forward, over the coming months and years, to learning more about the industry and hobby that I love and to meeting some of the characters behind the multitude of online profiles.