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  1. Thanks :)al for letting us know about this, very interesting.
  2. This was the last IMAX doco shot on 1565 film and projected in IMAX 1570 at Melbourne IMAX. It looked fantastic. I spoke to people who travelled from interstate to see this last hoorah!! They almost shed a tear (me too). This might be one of the better visual home theatre demos beyond your Samsara, Baraka, Hatefull eight et al. But proof will be in the 4k blu ray. It's interesting when you consider that IMAX have been around for nearly 50 years and most people haven't noticed that the original definition has been 6-8k all-along.
  3. So recently I was invited to see Dunkirk at my local multiplex. Enjoyed the movie a lot. Compared to the IMAX 15/70 version that I viewed some time ago it fell short on looks. It looked to be 1.85:1 ratio. (just a bit out of the IMAX frame) It lacked the grandeur of IMAX, particularly the aerial shots. Call me old school, I liked the bit in the credits where it says "shot and finished on film" So we have shot on 15/65 and 5/65 film, lots of craft and scullduggery in effects and editing then down rez it for my enjoyment. Hmmmm? The IMAX film version craps over the 2K DCP version and probably the 4K version. 120 years and film is still busting a movie! (sorry).
  4. Last week I visited the Melbourne IMAX projection room. The 1570 version (being a mix of 15/65 and 5/65 original) is mostly full frame IMAX with some 2.2:1 stuff. The 15/70 stuff looks great. The 5/70 not so great. The 8K laser DCP is similar. As for your local multiplex, DVD, BLU RAY or HD4K it will be letterboxed with I suspect some pan and scan in there. Bummer. (By the way I'm not sure if this post should go in TV, Radio & Movies, what do you think?, maybe wrong Forum)
  5. I’ve noticed that Melbourne IMAX are reinstalling the 1570 GT film projector for Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” along side the two 4K laser projectors. You will now have the choice of viewing the 4K version or the1570 Film version. Generally 1570 is capable of 8K+, but you will only see 4K resolution; If it was shot at 4K!. Apparently some scenes were shot with IMAX cameras. But I don’t know if the cameras were IMAX digital or IMAX 1565 film cameras. I’m assuming the later, similar to “The Dark Knight or “Transformers”. I think the only advantage here with 1570 projection is scene’s shot with IMAX cameras will go IMAX full screen 1.43:1 and the other scenes, standard scope, like “DK”. I will be interesting to see if the digital version is the same or 2.39:1 all the way. I say 2.39:1 but sometimes a little bit is shaved off the sides to get a slightly taller image. Not necessary as Melb IMAX is about the second biggest screen in the world after IMAX Sydney. I for one will be checking out the projection room when I go. (You can only ask) I think this will be the last time 1570 is run. (It’s a pity it's not 3D film; Now that would be an impressive projection set up to behold).
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