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  1. I've had my Cambridge CXA-80 since 2017 and it hasn't missed a beat. Cheers,
  2. Did you also make the turntable/ record cabinet? I am planning on making a sideboard style cabinet for my gear and some records in a light coloured timber like that. Would love to know what that timber is if you know it. Cheers, Russ
  3. My thoughts exactly. If anyone knows of a good version please do tell.
  4. I use the glue clean method. Takes a bit of time but is cheap and works great when you have it down pat. Plenty of info here. Once cleaned, I use carbon brush before every play and clean the stylus every few records.
  5. How timely, I bought the Amy Winehouse Back to Black album yesterday (Universal/ Island Records Group pressing ) from JB. It sounded absolutely terrible, distorted and harsh mids/ highs, and very little bass. I've never returned a record before but this was so bad that I would never play it again. Had nothing more to lose so went to JB this morning and was surprised to be offered a full refund or exchange with no questions asked! I grabbed another record, Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik which was selling for $18 more and they gave it to me for the same price. Considering
  6. Welcome to the family. Good to see another local on board.
  7. @Greg-K-Sydhave sent you a PM. Cheers,
  8. The only DS album i am missing. Bike ride followed by DS sounds great to me
  9. As you already ride you will likely pick up MTBing fairly quickly. Given your height and experience in the bush I would definitely suggest 29" (although 27'5 are fine too). I would also suggest a dual suspension over a hard tail. The duallies these days are fairly efficient climbers and are a blast on the trail whether it be single track or fire trail. Have a look in the 120mm-140mm travel range bikes. Stick to an alloy frame to keep costs in your budget. Something like the Norco Optic or Scott Spark as examples. Have fun. Cheers, Russ
  10. Item: Old turntable and receiver removed from sideboard Price Range: free Item Condition: used Extra Info: These were removed from a vintage sideboard. Pick up only, I am in the Wollongong area.
  11. Hi @dles1972, very nice work on these cables. I'm about to make myself a set and was wondering did you strip the outer insulation and twist the pairs on the full length or just the ends? Cheers, Russ
  12. Give Hayworth guitars Shellharbour a call. There is a guy that does all their servicing as well as apparently being good with turntables, I believe his name is Bill. I have never used him but a friend of mine has and says he is good. Cheers, Russ
  13. Have sent you a PM and can pick up if still available. Cheers, Russ
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