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  1. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Spent last week in India for work and got a couple of snaps, mostly from inside our car. Quite an experience...
  2. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Few shots from our trip to Bright last week. Only took the camera out on one day and opted for my 70-300 lens instead of my usual go to wide angle. Struggled a bit but managed a few keepers. Nice place.
  3. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Great shots. Would love to be able to capture something similar but haven't had much luck in the past. Don't think my D300 will like being pushed to 3200 ISO but I'll give it a whirl one of these days. Cheers for the tips.
  4. Thanks @JukKluk2, my finance manager wouldn't approve right now
  5. Rustee

    Currently Spinning

    It's cold. The fire is on. I have a glass of red and am really enjoying this album. Luther Alison Let's try it again - Live
  6. Rustee

    Any MTB / cross country riders here?

    Nice bike
  7. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    yep hss and shooting at 1/800 or 1/1000.. Pretty bright day so shots in the open still had a bright background, but the sheltered areas had quite dark backgrounds. Haha no that is a different rider to the first shot. I was running the flash at full power so wasn't able to get multiple shots of the same rider. Charge time just a bit too slow. One cool thing about that shot is that he's bars are already on the ground and he's still holding on! Reminds me of that frog and pelican cartoon, never ever give up! Edit - now you got me wondering about HSS and hypersync - still new to the flash world. I think it was HSS as the flash did appear to be less bright than I expected and took a while to recharge. Not sure that using the standard Nikon CLS on my old D300 supports hypersync, probably need triggers for this? More learning required for me.
  8. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    thanks! very true about the wider aperture. Finding (and shooting at) the correct focus point is a challenge when every rider takes different lines. Bigger aperature would have made this harder for sure. On average I shot at about 15mm mark but yes got quite close, too close actually a few times! Wide angles are fun, you can get some pretty cool angles!
  9. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Cheers mate. No didn't have to crop them much. I'll post a before and after crop tonight here. Main issue with the lens I used is that it's a 4.5 - 5.6 aperture, so something a bit faster would have been handy but it still did the job - just! Needed a bit of post sharpening to get them acceptable. I tried telling the riders to slow down for me but they wouldn't listen hehe [EDIT] @Peter the Greek sorry, forgot to post a before and after shot. This is an example of one of the more cropped ones. So yes, I guess in this example I did crop it a fair amount! Cheers,
  10. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Finally tried off camera flash for some mtb photography. Pretty happy with the results ( definitely a lot better than without the flash! ). 10-20mm Sigma probably wasn't a good choice but did come in handy for those close encounters ? Looking forward to experimenting more with the flash. Cheers, Russ
  11. Rustee

    SPL Readings - advice

    hmmm good point
  12. Rustee

    SPL Readings - advice

    Thanks, great info. This is re-assuring as I didn't think I was playing my system THAT loud and certainly typical of the listening sessions (albeit only a few) if not less, that I have been to. This is reflective of the results I got between dbA and dbC. Quite a difference between the two. I've got a pretty crappy phone that probably hasn't got enough memory to download the app let alone a decent mic, so I think I'm better off keeping the noise meter.
  13. Rustee

    SPL Readings - advice

    Thanks, I did notice that the peaks measured in dbC were during all the bassy parts of a song.
  14. Rustee

    SPL Readings - advice

    No definitely not! I would be well and truly deaf by now. My normal listening would sit around the 70-75 I reckon as most of the time the wife and kids are home. Those above levels were absolute max for a short squirt on a demo for example and even then readings over 100 were observed only for a split second. But knowing now how loud I was actually pushing it, I won't be doing it again. Don't like exposing my ears or speakers to that sort of volumes. I fancy keeping my hearing and speakers more than giving my friends a bit of a wow in a demo.
  15. Rustee

    SPL Readings - advice

    hmm yes you're not wrong. I think I'll re-evaluate my 'safe max' I just tested again in C and slow and had fluctuations of 88-103db with Private Investigations from Dire Straits which has some pretty intense bits. Turned it down to 80db and nearly fell a sleep! Glad I bought it, bit of an eye (or ear) opener.