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  1. Welcome, great to see another local. 👍
  2. Thank you, sounds like it would be a great album. Will put my feelers out for this one too. Thanks again gents 👍
  3. Second pick up for the day. JJ Cale - Okie Okie ( or is it just Okie? )
  4. Cheers for that, what a combo of guitarists! will definitely keep an eye out for it
  5. I’m late (as usual) to discover this guys work but am loving it. Picked up another 2 of his albums today and this is the first one I’m giving a spin. JJ Cale - Naturally
  6. One of my wife’s favourite bands. Have seen them 3 times now. We’re old enough to be the parents of 99% of the crowd. Sticky Fingers - Yours To Keep.
  7. Put the Monitor Audios back in duty and now spinning probably my favourite Dire Straits album. Dire Straits - Communique
  8. Happy belated birthday Mr Bowie. David Bowie - Tonight.
  9. Agree it’s a great album. Just need to get my self set up with a decent cleaning method. I think a DIY US cleaner is on the cards very soon.
  10. Second buy for the day. Now this is sounding clean and crisp. JJ Cale - Troubadour
  11. Hope you all had a great Christmas and are safe from the raging fires around the nation. Giving today’s purchase a spin, David Bowie - Low. Jap pressing in mint condition. Edit: maybe not so mint, looks mint but quite noisy. Ok Edit #2: so it’s not a Jap pressing, it a Taiwanese pressing. You live and you learn.
  12. Merry Christmas everyone. Giving my Christmas gift from my kids a spin. Grandaddy - Sumday
  13. Hi all, Kicking off a thread for any info or experience relating to Advent speakers. I have owned the pair of Advent/1 speakers below for about 18 months and am loving them more and more. I purchased them from the original owner (old neighbour) complete with all the associated paperwork from when he purchased them, and knew nothing about the brand when I got them. I had the foam surrounds replaced and the speakers checked and tested about a year ago. My main speakers are MA Silver 8’s but I tell you what, these Advents sound bloody great, there is definitely something unique about the sound of a vintage speaker. Would love to hear from anyone who owns, has owned, has listened to or has any info on any Advents. Cheers Russ Edit: I love how our Christmas snowman has photobombed the second last photo!
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