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  1. I have had these Silver 8’s from new. Sound and build quality is exceptional. They sound great with my Cambridge CXA80 amp, but when being powered through my Perreaux power amp they really come to life.
  2. Picked up so much goodness this weekend but don’t have my turntable [emoji22] Can’t wait to get it back from a full service and give the beauties a spin.
  3. I bought a replacement stylus for my Stanton cartridge recently from LPgear. Some info on this thread:
  4. Interested in this if above sale falls thru. PM Sent. Cheers,
  5. Working from home today and turning a few records while I’m at it. Gave this its first spin today. Top album and a great recording.
  6. A glue clean, a new stylus and a glass of red.
  7. Well my new stylus turned up last week and I have given it it’s first test today. Well there’s a definite improvement in detail and mids. Seems to be much better separation/ sound stage (maybe it's just clearer? )compared to the old one too. Very happy with the results. Thanks guys, next step is give this turntable a good service.
  8. Friday night, a bit of red and a bit of Rickie.
  9. Legend! thanks Jon, will try this on my next go.
  10. So I've done 7 records so far and getting better. Still have a bit of fine tuning to do with a coupe of minor things. One is that my tabs tend to float inwards so I have no tab hanging over the edge to start the peel. Also half the time my tabs tear instead of peeling up the glue. A bit more experimenting needed! Second is that I've noticed I get very small bits of glue getting left on the record on the outer edge. I think a bit more glue thickness should fix this. It's a great feeling when you bring an oldie back to life! Thanks again everyone.
  11. I've also had some work done by Will and have been very happy with it. Seems to really know his stuff. Cheers, Russ
  12. Most definitely worth it and no not all of them. Although my collection is still quite small so it is tempting to go through all but the cleanest ones.
  13. Second time round: got the record flat, let it dry properly and perfect! Results are amazing. On the negative I think I have just given my self a lot of work.
  14. Got a big soft spot for The Cars. Great stuff.
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