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  1. Rustee

    Fat Freddy's Drop

    hmm the 23rd is my birthday, hint has been dropped to the wife as a great presie idea. Would love to see these guys live.
  2. Rustee

    Show us your Ride

    Ah nice, I remember looking at these but went for a Specialized Stumpjumper at the time (which I still have). Yep it's a Sight A1, the top model in the alloy line. Bit on the heavy side but is very well spec'd for the price. Yeah I can't keep up with all the new models too, handy having a 18 y/o son who is a keen rider and guides me in the right direction, most of the time! If you're ever down the Gong way mate, shout out and I'll take you for a tour on the local trails.
  3. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Nice storm brewing on the way home. Taken with phone.
  4. Rustee

    Show us your Ride

    After riding XC bikes for the last few years I decided to join the cool kids and get something a bit slacker and bigger. Have had this for about 5 months and haven’t touched the XC bike since! Also means I get to ride more trails with my young bloke. Damn they are fun, if you’re on the fence DO IT!
  5. Rustee

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Working from home today and enjoying a few tunes.
  6. Rustee

    Monitor Audio

    I’ve had my Silver 8’s for 18 months now and absolutely love them. I found (as advised by the fine chaps here) that moving them away from the rear wall really improved tightness, clarity and greatly reduced the boomy bass. Despite the great bass I added a SVS SB1000 sub which is great for the really low stuff. Edit: day to day I have them as seen below but move them out to about 1m from the rear wall for listening sessions.
  7. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Yep I currently use leaded and intend to continue using it, i really should get myself a little desk top fan though... I have a roll of 1mm wire getting closing to finishing and was thinking about something thinner like around the 0.5mm, is this too thin for general purpose?
  8. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Thanks @Zaphod Beeblebrox that answered a lot of questions in my head about temperatures. I didn't have much luck with Rockby so I think I will bite the bullet and buy that Hakko.
  9. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Cheers guys. Had a quick look at the Rockby site and he does have quite a few tips. Will be worth giving him a call even if I do get a new one. Thanks again. Edit: Oh and my cable and connectors are ordered so getting excited. Also making some guitar leads for the young bloke.
  10. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Thanks for the valuable info, I'm definitely looking at getting a temp controlled unit and will now also look at a wire tip cleaner. I'm surprised I had problems soldering speaker cable if my iron is that hot and has a chisel tip. Maybe it was more due to poor technique. Cheers,
  11. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Fantastic, thanks!
  12. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Thanks for all the advice guys. What do you guys think of these? https://www.mektronics.com.au/hakko-fx888d-digital-soldering-station-esd-mat.html Or is there something else around that price that you recommend? Cheers,
  13. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    I did try soldering some speaker cable a little while ago and didn't have much luck. So what would be a good wattage to enable me to solder speaker cable ? If I'm going to buy one, I want it to be decent so I don't have to buy another for a while.
  14. Rustee

    Soldering iron tip advice

    Thanks @Zaphod Beeblebrox, if I did go down the path of a new iron, is it worth me considering a more powerful unit or is the 40W units plenty for RCA's etc..? Thanks @Batty, yep that's the tip I was after. My chisel tip has no shoulder like the one in your link, and is about 6.3mm / 1/4" all the way through. Like this one. Cheers.
  15. Hi DIYers, I have an old Weller SP-40-D soldering iron which has a 6mm chisel tip which I've used for years for general soldering and has worked well. I'm looking at making some interconnects for myself and guitar leads for my son and was looking to change the tip to a smaller conical/pointed tip but it seems they are no longer available for my iron. Can I modify my existing tip or buy something from another brand, or am I stuck with what I have? Any advice is appreciated. Cheers, Russ