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  1. May as well bring out another timeless classic. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours. On a side note, went to Aldi the other day and a young guy in a hotted up commodore had all his windows down blasting Fleetwood Mac. I missed the opportunity to give him the thumbs up. Good to see there’s still youngins out there with good taste.
  2. Sounding mighty fine after a glue clean. Dire Straits - Dire Straits
  3. Led Zeppelin- In Through The Outdoor.
  4. Sade - Diamond Life. Very umm smooth.
  5. The legend. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn’t Stand the Weather.
  6. Giving this a play after a glue clean. Sublime. Neil Young - Comes A Time
  7. Little Feat - Feats Don’t Fail Me Now Glue cleans aren’t always successful. Plenty of noise on this one.
  8. I have experimented with them but don't use them. If you are forced to run your speaker close to the front wall (say less than 20-25cm from rear of speaker) then you can experiment with them. I normally run mine at about 40-50cm from wall and occasionally bring them out further. Edit: just measured and they're at 53cm for daily listening. Any more and the wife gives me the evil look. But when she's not home....
  9. I've had a set of these MA Silver 8's from new for 3 years now (wow time flies) and wouldn't describe them as bright, at least not in my room/system, but rather a well balanced speaker as Rantan said. I initially powered them by a Cambridge CXA-80 amp rated at 120W into 4ohm and they sounded nice. I eventually upgraded the amplification with a pre/power combo with about 4 times the grunt and that had a huge impact in sound. Bass and mid-range were the biggest areas of improvement. So take your time and get the best amplifier you can, it will be worth it. Also, as they have dual rear ports, don't have them close to the front wall (if you can avoid it) as this will make the bass quite boomy and muddy up your sound. Can't comment on how they compare to the newer or older MA's as I've never had the pleasure of listening to them, but for 900 bucks you got yourself a quality set of speakers. Have fun. Cheers. Russ
  10. Welcome to SNA, enjoy the site!
  11. I'm also a Tool virgin. Where have they ( or I ) been all this time! + 1
  12. Next time you do a glue clean keep one of the peelings and cut it into strips about 2-3cm wide. It works perfectly. I only put one tab on now and have never had one break. Put a few drops on the edges to stop it shrivelling up. It was recommended by @Chigurh a few pages back it works a treat
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