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  1. Rustee

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Thanks. It's used, I bought it without inspection which I don't normally do only to get home to find a dirty big scratch on side B (or should I say side R) which is the acoustic side (yes, spewing), but to my relief it played well and without skipping. So pretty stoked.
  2. Rustee

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Todays acquisition
  3. Rustee

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Love Tuesday nights.
  4. Rustee

    Cheap phono preamp review - with photos

    Have had mine for 6 months now and no issues so far. Happy camper.
  5. Rustee

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Today’s acquisition. Well one of two anyway. But I can’t play the other as my 45 speed she no good.
  6. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    So true @awty! and thanks, I was in the mosh with my 2 kids. It was fantastic to be that close as I'm normally in the seats. Thanks @Kensell21 One thing that helps is taking photo's on the under-exposed side. This tends to reduce (at least I think it does - who knows what happens inside an iphone )shutter speed slightly and ISO which helps the image quality. Small lens, small sensor and low light definitely makes things difficult.
  7. Rustee

    Currently Spinning

    New Sticky Fingers album, even signed by the young lads. Wife is happy.
  8. Rustee

    Show us your Ride

    Ok something a little different. This was my Christmas present, a 30th anniversary Haro Master. A nice addition to my bike collection 😊 Was my dream bike well...30 years ago! Geez time flies. Still remember a trick or two. The quality and finish on it is amazing. Any other old school BMX'ers out there?
  9. Rustee

    No more riding for me

    Glad to hear the surgery went as planned. Hope you have a speedy but most importantly, a full recovery. Cheers, Russ