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  1. Rustee

    Currently Spinning

    It's been a good afternoon... again i know...
  2. Rustee

    currently drinking

    Dare I say it....super cheap at $32 a case.... Holandia beer!
  3. Rustee

    Currently Spinning

    First time poster on this thumping thread. Not sure if greatest hits are allowed (my son always gets up me for buying greatest hits but they can be great value) but it's what I'm currently spinning and it's a great listen. Queen Greatest Hits II
  4. Hope to get my self to one of these meetings soon. Have never been to a hifi show or audio club meeting before.
  5. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Reminiscing our red centre trip back in 2010. Timing couldn't have been better from a photography perspective as we got there a couple of days after the big rains. A great family trip, camping out of our 4wd for 4 weeks with 2 young kids and they loved it. And I still have the old Patrol, hasn't missed a beat in nearly 17 years, and still using the same Nikon D300 camera. maybe I should get with the times!
  6. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Thanks @awty . You have lot of skill to achieve that image that way. Great job. I'm afraid, if I got my film cam out it would be a trip to the developers (if I can find one!) to get my images.
  7. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Nice. Only time I played with paper and chemicals was when I started high school in '88. Was a great experience. I do have a Nikon FE2 which got given to me by a friend years ago which I need to take out for a play.
  8. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Thanks, yes I agree. Wasn't mine to move :-( I did get this one with no ute, but also no hut...
  9. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Managed to get away for a few quiet days before the Easter mayhem. Geehi camp area and the climb up to Kosciuszko.
  10. I too have an odd shaped room with many furnishings (our lounge room) and also bring the speakers right out from the front wall when the wife isn't home. I'm getting quick at moving them back into their normal position as soon as I see head lights in the driveway...no of course I'm not scared of her ...
  11. Rustee

    Hello from Wollongong

    Welcome from a fellow Gonger.
  12. Rustee

    A master class in speaker placement

    Great post, few things for a newbie like myself to try, particularly the longer triangle listening position. Thanks.
  13. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Hi @Rob181, cheers. I'm a big fan of ND grad filters and pretty much always shoot with them. This is the first trip that I decided not to use them and instead I shot at about a stop under (to avoid washed out skies) and then applied a bit of ND filtering on the sky in PP. Why? I always like darker dramatic skies, just a look I like in my images. Cheers Russ
  14. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    On board the Carnival Spirit
  15. Rustee

    Post some pics thread...

    Moreton Island