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  1. Great unit for the price. Bought one when I first got my turntable just to get me going. Nearly 2 years later and I’m still using it.
  2. Item: PS Audio PS IV Preamp Price Range: Dependant On condition Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for a dedicated preamp (currently using my Cambridge CXA-80 integrated a a pre), however if you have something of similar vintage I may also be interested. Preferably with a good inbuilt phono. Cheers,
  3. Today’s pick up, Miles Davis Miles In the sky Japanese pressing and sounding wonderful.
  4. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn’t Stand The Weather.
  5. Nirvana black compilation. Picked up from JB a few weeks back. Sounding great.
  6. This is one album I've been looking out for but still no cigar. Great album.
  7. Beautiful Pallas pressing of Love Over Gold.
  8. Working from home ALONE! Time to spin a few while I can. Started with Fat Freddy’s Drop - Bays. Now spinning The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky. Both glue cleaned and sounding great.
  9. Can’t go wrong with that combination
  10. My sons 20th birthday last week and being a huge Slash and Gunners fan I bought him the Use Your Illusion I and II albums along with a 7 inch single of Shadow Of Your Love. Giving Use Your Illusion II a spin, great album and a great son.
  11. Welcome to SNA. Lots of info on here and lots of people willing to help. Cheers,
  12. Happy to have you onboard, welcome to SNA. Cheers,
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