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  1. I've also had some work done by Will and have been very happy with it. Seems to really know his stuff. Cheers, Russ
  2. Most definitely worth it and no not all of them. Although my collection is still quite small so it is tempting to go through all but the cleanest ones.
  3. Second time round: got the record flat, let it dry properly and perfect! Results are amazing. On the negative I think I have just given my self a lot of work.
  4. Got a big soft spot for The Cars. Great stuff.
  5. Thanks gents, already did the whole side before seeing the last post. Lets see how we go second time round.
  6. Am I best to redo the whole disc or can I just glue over the patch and over to the edge?
  7. Got a sweet delivery today. One of two noobies to the collection. PF Animals. Monitor Audios have also taken a back seat tonight to my Advent 1’s. They might be old but they still sound great to me.
  8. Well it nearly went as planned! Most of it came off except one patch as seen below. Damn! Still able to test the first couple mins of the first track and what a difference! Now to remove this patch...
  9. Yep watched your helpful vid the other day but thought I'd get away without using the fan. Thinking about it now I probably would have had less glue running to one side if I had the fan going from the start. Live and learn.
  10. Thanks Jon, I shall go do that now, cheers mate.
  11. Have given the glue clean my first try today. I think I need to get myself a lazy Suzan to make things easier. Pics below were when I first applied but I have now come back a couple of hours later and found that the glue has gone to one side more that the other. First lesson, make sure my table is level. Looking forward to removal and test tomorrow. Thanks to all for info in this thread. By the way this gum glue cost 8 big ones at office works for 500ml. See how it goes. Cheers, Russ
  12. Got a nice package delivered today. I’m absolutely loving the sound quality on this. Thanks@candyflip I think I'm in love with Jap pressings.
  13. And for the fourth, no introduction required.
  14. It is a super album. And it is in mint condition so I am a happy chappy.
  15. For my third spin we have a classic from Steely Dan. Might be time for a whisky.
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