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  1. @Cloth Ears Straight home. Bought them off the back of some great reviews and some discussions with Mike.
  2. @Stevereds nice work and congratulations. Fantastic speakers and anyone looking at the Alec will be very surprised and happy at the performance at that price. I’m sure you will be looking to distribute to a few retailers here in Aus ??
  3. And just to clarify for any interested buyer, does it have Cirkus or Karousel ? Title says Cirkus, details says Karousel.
  4. This !!! I can play something one day and absolutely love it. Excited by the experience, play it all the same the following day and hate it. Unless it’s air temperature/moisture or power feed related then it has to be mental/mood. Same thing happens with my electric guitar amps.
  5. You could land a pair in Aus for approx $15K. This was the first pair in OZ, and to my knowledge the only pair so far.
  6. Yes for sure. Not many reviews on them but they are all glowing and very consistent. I’ve compared to Focal Sopra 2, and B&W 803...etc...and these are definitely on par with them
  7. Thanks Ray. Yeah bass is as you would expect, tight, and punchy. Manufacturer rated down to 32hz but certainly feel like they go lower than that.
  8. Now paired with the glorious Hegel H590. Loving the synergy between this amp and the speakers.
  9. Would love it if you could let us know how you go with GIK. I contacted GIK USA and they were just unwilling to work with me to use a more cost effective shipping option. I even presented a workable solution to them and to be honest, they were pretty rude.
  10. Hi haven’t pair it myself with Focal, but there are heaps that do on the Hegel Systems FB group who do and report that they sound great. Mainly anything up to the Sopra 3
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