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  1. @niterida haha. nice play in words. Now you mention quite a few speakers looks like Daleks. 😂
  2. Na not really. Mike Levy was very easy to deal with and he offered to help out a bit with the shipping costs. From memory I outlaid about $500 shipping.
  3. I’ve heard from other sources that it dramatically boosts the clarity of the mids (forming the impression that there is a massive improvement) at the sacrifice of everything else.
  4. Picked up a nice (mainly) Jazz collection recently. Been cleaning on the ultrasonic all afternoon and spinning as I go. This is about 5% of the find.....mostly Aussie first pressings so far.
  5. Would like to retract this stupid comment I made last May. I have since replaced the Peachtree with aHegel H390. the Hegel is just in another class....
  6. How well does this hold true for the jump to the H590 ?
  7. ...likewise with the Elysian’s. have you paired them with the LM’s?
  8. Now at the 200 hour mark, and these continue to improve.
  9. The speakers certainly live up to all the positive reviews on them. They come with real nice looking and very well made spikes, but I decided to treat them with some Isoacoustic GAIA II.
  10. Been enjoying these lovely pair of Alta Audio Alec speakers since the week prior to Xmas. Still in the process of running them in, but so far they deliver everything you’d expect from a mid/hi-end speaker. They are the first and only pair in Australia (at this stage). Dealing directly with Mike Levy (Alta Audio, CEO) was a pleasure and thoroughly recommended for anyone looking at a pair of Alta speakers.
  11. Further information: Listing is for 2 pairs of CARDAS Parsec 0.5m Interconnects. Willing to separate if need be. Photos:
  12. Further information: “Pressed at Pallas”, this and the 45rpm Pallas are by far the best sounding cuts of this classic. Photos:
  13. Further information: 2xLP, cut at 45 RPM on 200-gram premium vinyl, pressed at Quality Record Pressings, Analogue Productions. This is by far the best sounding pressing of this classic. Photos:
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