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  1. Just got the following reply from them: ”I hope that Roon is ready this autumn, however, as our engineering team are on holiday and/or working from home, I have not been updated on this since early July.”
  2. Reckon we will be waiting for quite some time.
  3. Have they provided an updated timeframe on Roon readiness ?
  4. @andrewjamesdean how is the H390 going ? I just ordered one and it’s inbound to me next week...so hoping I have the same experience you’ve had.
  5. Further information: Great BlueRay disc player that supports all the usual formats. I bought this primarily for its CD and SACD capability, which it’s does a superb job of. Original Box, Manuals, and Remote include. All features are 100% functional and unit/remote are in great cosmetic shape Photos:
  6. Further information: Fantastic pre-amp. Very transparent sound with a superb sound stage and instrument separation. This is the model with the MC and MM phono-stages. Perfect synergy with your other Linn components. I did however run this in a non-line setup for many years and it holds its own as a seperate pre-amp/phone-stage in any setup. Can arrange secure/cheap shipping if required. thanks Photos:
  7. Their first, self titled LP is at the top of the list for me. All others are pretty even. love some of the stuff Mark has done in his solo career too. my favourite guitarist for sure.
  8. Combination of both these looks like a great option. Why would the Allo produce better SQ ? Reduced electrical noise, especially with separate power supply? ....but then you have the extra wifi hop potentially intruding noise ?.
  9. There’s heaps theories out there. This one might be tru at a micro level...but my ears can’t hear it.
  10. Geez. I’d post in a flash just to help an SNA member out.
  11. @Ittaku @idiomatically this is getting hard. The model you listed certainly isn’t passive. I can’t find any passive/fabless NUC models, particularly 10th gen. Anyone want to help me out with a link, please. Thanks
  12. When you say passive, they still run a fan though ? This was pulled form the info on this model NUC10i5FNK
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