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  1. I had very similar experience when auditioning PMC 25.23 with Primare i25. Bit more expensive than Newprime IDA-16 though. BTW that Newprime IDA-16 looks really cool.
  2. All above mentioned CDPs and DACs are on the level of excellent. Only your personal taste can tell you which one is the best .
  3. It sounds a little bit like I am stuck with highest model of BMW.
  4. The best integrated class D for a reasonable price I heard so far was Primare i25 and it can be audition in Australia or even at home (depends on the shop).
  5. It's not a bad idea but it's hard to audition that combo. There are not that many integrated class D out there. Although they are going more popular recently.
  6. Currently I don't see why to spend so much on a CDP. The reason is that DACs are getting better almost every year. If you like Rega I would go with Rega Saturn R + external DAC and use both analogue directly to amplifier and digital to DAC - to enjoy 2 different sound signature.
  7. So 3 speakers + 1 subwoofer. Which model of electras and what is the room size.
  8. What's the full set of your speakers and sub? Top of the range AVRs are not really weak.
  9. I shouldn't use "always" as I haven't heard all speakers. My apologies.
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