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  1. I tried different methods, I also went to the shop and made a deal for return policy. I ended up with aperta stands for bookshelf speakers. Best solution is to try it at home. There is no point to agree or not agree with others opinion without actually trying the product.
  2. I would keep the Cambridge Audio Dacmagic 100 for now and concentrate on integrated stereo amp with HT bypass. There are at least 20 amps at the price of around $3000 to choose from. At least few of them are really good. The best way to find out which one is the best for you is to audition as many as possible. I would be looking for amp at the RRP $3000 - $4000 range. I prefer not to have DAC inside amplifier.
  3. Why not to try it at home, especially on timber floor. (puck) $70 per pair.
  4. I was buying amplifier recently. I decided to audition amps with my 30 kg each speakers at home. I had 5 different amps, long story. Currently I am using Exposure 3010s2d. It's very addictive, it's really hard to switch it off. The other option is to take speakers to any shop to try any amp. Those PMC .23 are not heavy.
  5. Exactly what Blakey said: "one very analytical for really good masterings and one maybe a little coloured to cover up imperfect recordings". PMCs are very reveling speakers similar as most $10K+ other brands.
  6. Everybody could hear the difference at Melbourne HIFI Show, clear A B comparison.
  7. Hi, it's always better to have 2 systems than 1. BTW the Exposure 2010 s2d is exceptional good for it's price but I have never audition them with PMC.
  8. Focal Dome Flax 2-Way Compact Sealed Speakers with Subwoofer REL T5I + Exposure XM5 Integrated Amplifier with USB DAC.
  9. Hi, That sort of mistake is more often than you think. We call it a journey. I would keep the amp for a while and get second hand floorstanding speakers. Something that brand new was at least $2000. At Len Wallis (Lane Cove) they had recently Focal chorus but they are selling pretty fast (for a reason).
  10. From practical, aesthetic point of view I would go with Dialogue Premium HP integrated. Less boxes, easier to use. More wife friendly. Instead of getting BlueSound Node 2i + DAC why not to get a better streamer at the first place? Something like CAMBRIDGE AUDIO CXN V2 .
  11. If Primaluna I would go with Dialogue Premium HP integrated or Dialogue Premium integrated + BlueSound Node 2i - analogue RCA to Primaluna integrated +Oppo - anolgue RCA to Primaluna integrated for CD playback +Oppo HDMI to Marantz for movies +Marantz preout analogue RCA to Primaluna HT bypass for movies (PL works as a power amp in this mode) +Marantz HDMI to TV +TV to Marantz optical if needed +halcro mc 30 power amp goes for sale +Marantz powering all speakers except for mains
  12. It means our snake oil is great and we would like you to buy as much as you can.
  13. Anybody need some boosters?
  14. You have to hear it to believe. Take your fast with complicated rhythm music (can be some muddy classical) and try it on PMC or Focal electra speakers with Rega, Naim or Exposure amplifier.
  15. Maybe they (Vaf) can make a custom size center speaker for you.
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