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  1. Irek

    Speakers for my naim system

    Focal and PMC are the most common to go with Naim.
  2. Android is a system made by Google that's why every software or hardware made or design by or for google works the best on devices with android system. As example google maps works much better on Motorola smartphones than on IPhone. Motorola used to belong to Google. The best or very popular software for music streaming from Laptops/PCs is Roon ($500). So basically besides Laptop + wifi dongle + DAC you need some software to use the hardware.
  3. Hi, If you have only 2 speakers than there is no point to get AVR. You need reasonably good integrated amplifier with DAC. Arcam A39 stereo integrated amplifier was recommended as a good match with LS50. The new Arcam HDA SA20 should be good as well and has a DAC build in. You can connect your Xbox and Nvidia to TV (HDMI) and from TV to amplifier by optical cable. It would be nice to have subwoofer for movies, something like Rel T5i is good for music and reasonably good for movies in small room. If you plan to use the integrated in the future as a power amp than you need HT bypass option.
  4. I use Hi-Fi Cast on my Motorola smartphone with a good result. + Yamaha 2100 DAC. I have quite large CD collection on my phone. Chromecast is pretty good for background music. I am using CD player for critical listening.
  5. Hi, safe yourself money, time and disapointment. There is no magic one box solution, only compromises. Some stereo components are multipurpose like Marantz 8006 CD/DAC/streamer. Also floorstanders most of the time are better than bookshelfs. Audition systems with your preferably music.
  6. HI, Naim Atom has a great sound but the amplification part is not good enough for aria 926 (in my opinion). I would suggest to go with NAIM UNITI STAR or Naim XS2 or Musical fidelity M6si , Musical fidelity M5si, Parasound Halo integrated.
  7. Irek

    NAD D3020 vs AV Receiver

    I agree with Snoopy8, "An AVR is designed for movies and will compromise your music... " If you think about easy solution for your wife then soundbar might be the best option.
  8. I think Focal 1038 might be too much for your room, 1028 would be better. Beryllium tweeter is very revealing so good amplifier and room treatment is necessary. I would even consider tube preamplifier.
  9. Hi, Any brand for around $40 - $50 will do the job.
  10. Irek

    Hi-Fi novice seeking advice

    I just realised the room is 180m². It's very large I would say.
  11. Hi, if you like KEF brand than go with LS 50 wireless or LS 50 + Arcam amp (A29 maybe). Forget about budget, buy something good so you don't have to upgrade in the next few months.
  12. Irek

    How connect sub woofer?

    Hi, Rel subwoofers come with cables for integrated amps. Take into account that switching to full range speakers is a better choice. Very good amplifier at this price range.
  13. In your situation I would go with 5.1.2 (quality over quantity). There are surround in ceiling speakers that I used in the past with a good result - something like FOCAL 300ICLCR5 IN CEILING speakers.
  14. Irek

    Hi-Fi novice seeking advice

    Hi, "the aim of using it mostly for music". AVR are mainly for movies. Music is recorded for 2 channel stereo system. The way to go is integrated stereo amplifier, preferably $3000+, preferably with HT bypass.