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  1. Your CD player and streamer is good enough for systems up to $10k. If you go over $10k than there are quite a few options.
  2. It depends on the system, purposes, amp. Is it for music or HT?
  3. Having Exposure 3010s2d for a few months now I thought I add 2c. I would say with my speakers that amp is really good at "prat" (Pace, Rythm And Timing) and dynamics. It's very addictive. With Focal aria 936 mids and heights are rather smooth but bass is strong and punchy.
  4. RCA from Cambridge to Rega, keep in mind those cables should be reasonable quality. Something from $40 - $100 or nbspeakercables.com.au/collections/interconnects
  5. It's a really good amp, great timing. You ll miss it few months from now.
  6. I think adding sub may not make a significant improvement but if it cost only few hundreds second hand than the risk is quite small. Definitely integrated amp 3k-4k will make a noticeable difference.
  7. I would suggest to get stereo speakers, active or with amp. There are plenty to choose from for every budget. The famous ones are Kef Ls 50 wireless.
  8. I would suggest to upgrade both. The AVR to new one with pre outs + integrated (second hand maybe).
  9. The pre outs in AVR will allow you to add power amp. Even 2ch power amp gives you better dynamics and strong bass from your main speakers. If you set up main speakers as "large" and in settings remove subwoofer then AVR will use main speakers to take over subwoofer duty. I think it's a good solution for apartments.
  10. Sometimes especially if you are on top floor the ceiling can be consider a fire separation ceiling. Which means sometimes it has 2 leyers of 16mm firecheck. The penetration of that type of ceiling is still possible/allowed but it's a little bit complicated. Can you check if your ceiling is made of plasterboard, judging by the light it might be concrete slab. I would hang the TV on wall and move sofa of the wall. 2m - 3m from TV. Ceiling speakers shouldn't be a problem for neighbours but subwoofer might. I think that AVR is not good enough for that set of speakers. I would recommend something with pre outs.
  11. Melbourne HIFI show highly recommended.
  12. There is no magic box that can do everything well. AV receiver vs stereo amplifier- not an easy choice. Also for large area you need usually large speakers to fill it up with sound, don't confuse it with loudness.
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