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  1. Irek

    $10K!!!!! Speaker Cables

    It's copper vs copper vs political correctness vs professional audio. It's very complicated, like religion.
  2. Hi, I would go with 3 or 5 channel power amp (Elektra was recommended) or better subwoofer or both.
  3. Irek

    $10K!!!!! Speaker Cables

    "The cable consists of 16 small gauge high purity copper conductors" Copper for $10K !!!
  4. Irek

    Any good Soundbars for $200-$300?

    Hi, if she wants a new one I would wait a little bit and try to stretch the budget to get Yamaha Music Cast BAR 400 with wireless subwoofer and the newest technology. Should be soon available for around $600.
  5. Yes, actually polyester has both thermal and acoustic insulation properties. There is sound insulation but I could'n find any difference except higher price. Additionally there is sondcheck 13mm plasterboard (CSR preferably ) or firecheck 16mm (any ). Firecheck is most commonly use even for acoustic purposes. You can go with double layer of firecheck on walls and ceiling + double glazed windows. If that would be not enough there are steel clips with rubber that can be attached to wall, those clips are for furring channels 28mm and they create framing with cavity about 40mm. On top of that frame you can fixed another double leyer of firecheck of soundcheck. Important thing to remember - firecheck as well as soundcheck are quite heavy so the timber framing (ceiling joists ) must be strong enough to hold that extra load.
  6. Hi, when planning a budget remember that good speakers have to go with good amplifier.
  7. Hi, insulation generally is not really expensive. I am using only polyester which is a little bit more expensive than fiberglass but it's much better product. If you have timber ceiling joists they are usually every 600 and the insulation goes between them. If you have steel furring channels, they usually goes every 600 and insulation can go on top of channels or between. The standard insulation in Sydney is R2.5 for ceilings, which is (after decompression) around 125mm in thickness. R3 (150mm) even better. There are few online stores with good prices, you just need to know the area , the R value, and spacing.
  8. Irek

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    Hi, I would go with 8" + subwoofer. You can always switched the sub off.
  9. Irek

    Dark horse speakers at $4k?

    Hi, I would definitely start with speakers + integrated amp with Ht bypass combo. Saying that at hifi show in smaller rooms I really liked bookshelf speakers from M8audio, Hulgich and Osborn .
  10. It's quite hard to audition Australian speakers in Sydney.
  11. From overseas second hand floorstanders for your room size with high sound quality I would go with PMC twenty.23 or twenty5.23. Saying that, at hifi show I was very impressed with Australian made bookshelf speakers.
  12. Irek

    Which speaker

    Hi, I would go with those: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Focal-Chorus-716-V-Hi-Fi-Floorstanding-Speakers-Made-in-France/123455765142?hash=item1cbe897a96 They work well with Musical Fidelity or Naim. Like always let the ears do the judgement.
  13. Irek

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    I 've been using aperta with my bookshelfs, then I decided to go with 2 separate systems. Short story long I am currently using floorstanders with isoacoustics puk (the puk is design more for studio monitors ). I heard gaia at hifi show. In my system the biggest difference was with bass - it got tighter, snappier, but not just a little bit. I am guessing it doesn't work the same way for every room/system but in my situation it improved the bass and overall sound like jumping from $2K amp to $10K one. Maybe once I get my second system I move the puks to bookshelfs and get gaia for floorstanders.
  14. Hi, if you want to achieve similar sound quality on multi channel as on stereo system than the AVR+ speakers need to match the stereo system. In other words it's quite expensive . Even with the same speakers my AVR $1500 cannot get even close to my integrated amp $3000 so I listen everything on a stereo system. With unlimited budget it would be a different story.
  15. Hi, the problem is that especially speakers choice is very personal. There are many brands, Australian and overseas . At the hifi show in Melbourne I heard only good or very good system. Once you choose your brand we can discuss details e.g. is PMC 25.22 better than PMC 20.22 or maybe PMC 25.23 ?