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  1. Fight to keep the amp and CDP. Let her choose the colour/size/design of speakers. Bookshelfes with sub maybe (2.1 system)?
  2. I have contacted Rel the other day and they said in their subs under $2k only the Ti series can be connected directly to 2 amplifiers with to different crossover settings. The Rel HT series can't do it. Usually the crossover for music is set at 60Hz ot lower. For AVR is usually somewhere between 80 - 100Hz. I have no idea if that works with other brands. I remember Primare should be connected to pre outs, never to speaker high level .
  3. I compare amplifiers to musicians. All good musicians at some stage have to practise with metronome to learn the sens of rhythm and timing. There is strong relation between metronome and articulation. "Articulation is a fundamental musical parameter that determines how a single note or other discrete event is sounded. Articulations primarily structure an event's start and end, determining the length of its sound and the shape of its attack and decay." "Staccato is a form of musical articulation. In modern notation, it signifies a note of shortened duration, separated from the note that may follow by silence." "Portato, also mezzo-staccato in music denotes a smooth, pulsing articulation and is often notated by adding dots under slur markings." - longer staccato. "Pizzicato is a playing technique that involves plucking the strings of a string instrument." - on other instruments it's very sharp staccato. Amplifiers are tuned to play either staccato (fast, engaging rhythm) or portato ( relax presentation), or something in between. Musicians to achieve higher speed they have to shorten notes , faster they play then shorten those notes have to be. Otherwise audience can perceive it as a muddy or slow sound. Amplifiers are very similar to musicians ,except those agile are trying accurately play that fast music and those slow ones are extending notes usually on purpose to create more relax non fatiguing presentation at the cost of unclear sound.
  4. At that price point you really should try it for yourself. Personal taste and preferences are more important than general "better" me think.
  5. For me "fast" relates to amplifier's ability to start and stop speaker driver on time so we can perceive music as a separate notes (clear sound) Slow amps can't stop the driver on time and we perceive music notes overlapping themselves (muddy sound) Timing on the other hand is the alignment between music frequencies. The main purpose for musicians wearing headphones at recording studio is the get the timing/rhythm and pitch/tuning right. Both types of amplifiers are playing exactly the same amount of notes at the same time.
  6. I'm pretty sure some of Australian manufacturers can build subwoofer whatever shape you need.
  7. I heard Hulgich Audio bookshelf Nina, excellent speakers.
  8. 100% correct. Very often it's hard to distinguish the difference between personal preferences and "better".
  9. Every amplifier has it's own timing and rhythm very often far from accurate.
  10. I believe in A/B test with certain rules and those rules are there are no rules. I was listening to 20 secounds fragments multiple times for 1 hour. PC, laptops are the best for testing , me think.
  11. or that one: https://www.krix.com.au/seismix1-mk6/
  12. I auditioned few weeks ago Focal Stellia Reference + Ifi DAC and amp - over $10k system. That Ifi has very cool features, quite expensive though. Next time I am going to try Ifi itube2 tube buffer, similar cool features.
  13. You already have a pretty good systems. It's impossible to answer your question as the improvement is a very personal thing. Some shops might be able to send you demo to try at home.
  14. Fair enough when it comes to DACs and personal preferences. What about "Also, do not get talked into high-end USB/RCA cables. Whatever comes in the box is fine. " Are you sure about it?
  15. I don't have anything against measurements but you said "The difference in sound between a well made (Topping, SMSL) low-end DAC and a high-end one is minimal (and objective measurements prove this) so don't get carried away there. Just pick one with the inputs you need. Also, do not get talked into high-end USB/RCA cables. Whatever comes in the box is fine. As long as they aren't made out of spaghetti they all sound the same (again plenty of measurements out there to prove this)."
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