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  1. Because it's hard to find amp with all those features and significant improvement over your Onkyo under $1.5.
  2. It sounds more like agreement then disagreement. Those 2 setups can only be compare when discussing particular type/model/brand. As examples B&W 805 bookshelf have better tweeter and midrange/bass driver then B&W 702 S2 3-WAY Floor Standing Speaker, meaning from 60Hz up 805 are going to sound better. The rest from 60Hz down depends on subwoofer/s quantity + integration, measurements etc.
  3. Of course standmounts + subs can reproduce any type of music better then floorstanders, it only depends on quality of speakers and subs. As example B&W 805 with subs is going to reproduce any music better then B&W 702 S2 3-WAY Floor Standing Speakers.
  4. You need HDMI for Atmos. If Sonos didn't bother to add at least 2 HDMI in then there are other options on the market.
  5. What if you get soundbar with 2 HDMI + 1 optical for TV. 1 HDMI for bluray player 2 HDMI for external Apple TV dongle. Something like Samsung HW-Q900T/XY
  6. Crown has been designed for professional/commercial purposes, not HiFi.
  7. Try to set up crossover to 120Hz to all speakers except centre (80Hz) and see how it work for you. Speakers usually make bigger difference than amp.
  8. Not easy to upgrade that system unless $15k+ budget.
  9. It looks like it's available on Schiit's website. https://www.schiit.com/products/loki
  10. I agree with those PMC 25.21, small bookshelves with sub will handle congested music better then many floorstanders under $5k. When it comes to accuracy in normal volume they can compete against B&W 805d3. But PMC with class D amp is getting very close to active studio monitors.
  11. I think you should upgrade CD player + better class D power amp + speakers B&W 805
  12. Yes, we are blessed with a large range of options available. Do you have any particular type in mind (class D, AB, tubes), integrated or pre pro, colour, size, where it was made or by who, extra features?
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