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  1. Agree with above, although I am in Rel camp. Competition to SVS sb-1000 is REL HT/1205 (for HT) or T7i(for music).
  2. I would add 3rd sub for HT only or upgrade to 2 x REL S/510. Saying that I wouldn't upgrade anything before moving to new room, T7i might be more than enough in new space.
  3. If brand new I would be struggling to choose between: Rega Elex R Exposure 2510 March audio P252 + Topping Pre90
  4. I would say the most common reason to get separates under $5k is when guys decide to get ncore or purifi base power amps and then connect to preamp. Many are using DAC/digital pre/streamer for volume control so there are not many analogue preamps left under $3k. Parasound Musical Fidelity Schiit Weston Acoustics Topping pre Gustard Stereo coffee
  5. I have been using over a year now 2 x T5i + bookshelves Kanta no1, I can agree with "it allows me to use standmount speakers, which fit my room better, while getting the benefits of the massive, full-range speakers I have used in the past" "as you dial in the sub, you can adjust the bass to coincide with your tastes, preferences and the kind of music you enjoy, as opposed to 'taking what you get' when you use those big full rangers. The value for money depends on particular speakers and sub. Although I really like my system I wouldn't recommend
  6. Other options around $1k: Topping pre90 Gustard P26 Shiit Saga +
  7. If everyone would practice blind testing than half of brands would have to close business.
  8. Yes, they are crazy about distortion and measurements but they have some good points as well. As example if 2 DACs or preamplifiers have almost identical measurements it's going to be very hard to hear any difference during auditioning even if there's significant gap in prices.
  9. Agree 100%. Different reviewers are paying attention to different details. I like: stereo.net.au Thomas & Stereo audiosciencereview
  10. One of many options: For 2.0 you can run optical from TV to DAC (like Topping E30) + integrated like the new Rega.
  11. I think you either need second subwoofer or better subwoofer. Active crossover might help as well. + the popular REW + Umik.
  12. It depends, sometimes there might be compatibility issues. Saying that, maybe/probably/very likely adding subwoofer will be more beneficial.
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