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  1. Irek

    First Home theatre

    Hi, I would say 5.1.2 is the way to go in your room.
  2. Irek

    Recommended upgrade?

    Hi, there need to be space between speakers so in average/small room it doesn't make sense to go 7.1.2 or 5.1.4. 5.1.2 is a good solution. If the system is only for movies I would upgrade center speaker.
  3. Hi, Rel comes with dedicated cable for stereo amplifier. Also quick bass requires quick speakers+quick amplifier.
  4. Improvement over Yamaha 483 AVR is certain but I never heard rn803 so it's hard to say.
  5. If you don't get those screws from BL you can try Bunnings.
  6. Hi, is it suppose to look like that?
  7. Hi, Yes , Rega is worth the extra money but... Rega is fast, very good timing and high details. Very good sound but not really relaxing, in other words it's a great amp but not for everyone. BTW Rega Elex will be a huge improvement over your AVR.
  8. I think you have to manually switch AVR to surround every time you watch movie except when the movie is from bluray player.
  9. Hi, most movies have surround sound. Connect whatever to AVR by HDMI or optical and select on AVR straight or surround.
  10. Hi, both Elicit and Elex will sound 10 times better than your Marantz AVR. Never heard Mira.
  11. Irek

    High end bookshelf around $2K - $4K

    Hi, in my opinion you should build another system (speakers + amp) and keep your existing one. 2 system are always better then 1.
  12. Hi, under $2000 my choice would be Yamaha or Marantz.
  13. When it comes to streamers probably the most popular are Yamaha WXC-50 and Blusound Node 2i. + RCA cables for around $50. When it comes to Rega amps I would try to save for Elicit-R. Great timing, dynamic, impressive sound but sort of opposite of relaxing sound. Integrated amp should last 20+ years. Streamers 5-10 years (probably).