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  1. Not sure if there is a queue for these but I would like to join the one for out of towners. Your price is fine - and as you suggest a steal.
  2. Regarding the calibrated mic. My DEQX is older than this, but DEQX (i.e. Alan) calibrate the mic themselves using the same impulse response the system uses for calibrating speakers. In this way, DEQX corrects both the speaker and the mic (and then the room) - it's a great system. I doubt that non-DEQX provided mics will provide a mic calibration file in the format that DEQX uses. Current mics from DEQX are either Behringer or the more expensive Earthworks - but getting them from DEQX is necessary for full fidelity. GLWS
  3. I have a pair of 604 drivers that I am fixing up, that will need a cabinet, and I live locally. I was going to play with alignments and construction technique before settling on a final build, but your cabinets are drop dead gorgeous. Is it possible to view?
  4. Hi all, I am a relatively experienced hifi guy, but new to Australia, and Brisbane, and loving it here. My system is split across two countries, but the stuff that made it here is a DEQX express II. I use some cheap Polk RT60s that are surprisingly good, a sony AV receiver (to use the multichannel input for active duty), and the DEQX or TASCAM DAC/Chromecast for listening to Spotify. I have just acquired an old Denon turntable, but my record collection did not travel with me 😞. My current project is restoring a pair of altec 604s (and building cabinets) to run with the DEQX (great Aussie tech). I organise the West End Music Club (WE.MC) downstairs at the Burrow café, 52 Russell St, West End, Brisbane every other Monday from 7pm-9pm (the other Monday is taken by the folk group). It's like a book club but for music. On club nights we share our current favourites, usually through a Spotify playlist (using the café wifi), that we then publish on our facebook page. See us here. Some nights we might also run a theme. Our next night (following a mix-up) is 25th June - Monday, and the theme is hat-tricks (three best songs of any artist) in celebration of the world cup. The idea is to share our passion for music, learn, and hear something new. The Burrow also serves great beer and food. If you are local or in town please come join us!
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