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  1. not really a beer or even like a beer i came across these at the Brissy food and wine event. like a finely done ginger beer. dangerously refreshing at 5%, i have a carton coming
  2. big fan of slipstream and ballistic which is also in that direction
  3. loving this. went on holiday and got a carton to help the days ease away
  4. this is a similar budget set up but without a DAC. old ipod, $40 amp from Jaycar, cradle with remote support, power supply and audio out, old surrounds from 2004...
  5. actually no, i just put the top on the shaker to pour it. easy that way and otherwise the Mrs asks question about why only use half the shaker and then the strainer and why is the music up and....
  6. 2xLP @ 45rpm taken me to a new understanding of dynamics. plus wall dissolving bass
  7. https://www.bmwblog.com/2019/09/25/new-pictures-show-the-bmw-m135i-xdrive-in-melbourne-red/
  8. Bought last week arrived today. Birthday gifts for my special lady friend Trevor Jones , Randy Edelman - The Last Of The Mohicans (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Url: https://www.discogs.com/Trevor-Jones-Randy-Edelman-The-Last-Of-The-Mohicans-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack-/release/6687890 Jack Johnson - En Concert Url: https://www.discogs.com/Jack-Johnson-En-Concert/release/2243569 The London Symphony Orchestra And The Royal Choral Society - Classic Rock Url: https://www.discogs.com/The-London-Symphony-Orchestra-And-The-Royal-Choral-Society-Classic-Rock/release/7643502 Enya - Watermark Url: https://www.discogs.com/Enya-Watermark/release/9097932 Shared from the Discogs App
  9. looks far too normal to be trusted even with his whole Mono Lisa smile thing going on
  10. nice, very nice. is the artwork as good as they say? (very envious) did you see this regarding Lateralus? https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/tools-secret-mind-blowing-album-the-holy-gift/
  11. so, say you have 2 amp options you are really keen on. you're not able to do a listening comparison in your setup but based on research, trusted feedback/opinions, experience with similar units or the brands, marketing, technical details, etc. you think you'd be happy with either. features and costs are comparable but there's a difference in output wattage at what point would/should the difference start to influence the decision? 40w vs 80, 40 vs 200... ?
  12. Very easy to drink. Earthy back tones. Not much forward bite for a "hoppy" ale
  13. https://diyaudioprojects.com/Phono/DIY-Turntable/
  14. several months back i saw a nice DIY TT project where the tone arm employed magnets to float it at the pivot point. I'll see if i can find the web links later tonight (if someone else doesn't beat me to it. the finished product utilised a lot of red stained wood if that prompts anyone's memory ).
  15. my brother got me 3 items a few years back when they did a similar sale. They were all legit releases and without fault. AC/DC - Back In Black Album, LP, Reissue, Remastered Columbia - 5107651, Albert Productions - 5107651, Sony Music - 5107651 2009 Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night 2 x Vinyl, Album, LP RCA - 88697 32712 1, Sony BMG Music Entertainment - 88697 32712 1 2008 Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. Album, LP, Reissue, Remastered Columbia - QC 38653 2015
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