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  1. so in this instance we have a hard floor with isoacoustice feet? i can't see how they could be as effective with their spiked cups for carpet use. I'm finalising plans for a new build. limited need for heated slab in QLD. and there seems to be a bit more effort and cost than what you'd think for polished concrete vs a floating floor.
  2. so rather than the spikes pushing into/thru the carpet for a tight connection, the blocks (and board depending on how much the carpet compresses) sit or almost float on the compressed carpet and the speaker spikes grab the bamboo? not disputing the positive listening effect just trying to understand what's going on. i thought eliminating any movement at the speaker was the aim. so i ask how this set up is more stable than the spikes? i might have to look into this myself, its probably easier to play with placement too as there's no risk of ripping up carpet threads as you "dance" with 30kg spiked speakers
  3. If given the choice whats your preference, and why, for flooring as it applies to speakers, stands and equipment racks not just room acoustics? I ask as I figured while carpet helps tame higher freqs it seem to me that a lot of marketing for floor standing speakers and accessories (like GAIA isolators etc) feature hard floors. would it make sense then to have hard flooring immediately under gear but the rest of the room carpeted?
  4. I dont't understand this and it makes for a questionable precedent: Ms Brushett was on her phone as she crossed and failed to see Mr Hazeldean approaching. He apparently sounded a horn to warn her, but the woman panicked and tried to retreat — however, in a split-second decision, the cyclist also swerved in her direction in an attempt to avoid her. Mr Hazeldean was travelling at a maximum speed of 24 kilometres per hour at the time, and Ms Brushett was left with a minor head injury, which resulted in her legal claim for compensation. Judge Mauger said even though the lights were on green for Mr Hazeldean, Ms Brushett had right of way
  5. https://www.news.com.au/finance/money/costs/cyclist-who-knocked-over-pedestrian-on-phone-must-pay-up-to-184000/news-story/45a8f3c5a59d0b9bac95ae111110e6d9
  6. next for tonight had big expectation for this. a bit too polite and refined for my liking. not much on the nose, subtle pine, then hints of your usual ipa tropical aromas. lovely mouth feel really nice, smooth and round with no edge or overly bitter twang, and while not crisp it refrains from getting soapy or thick. the 6.5% does not hesitate to introduce itself against the gentle nose, but it quickly takes a back seat and..... you're not left with much after that. polite to the point of being dangerous 3 or 4 tins later
  7. this was yesterday - big on complex yet mellow flavour - Bourbon driven but not tacky. actually went well with sticky date pudding.
  8. MTF:.. rather nice, its like - here's an nice IPA, got subtle cloudy zest, nuff said
  9. ^^ have seen around, will put on the try list
  10. ^^ very nice I've been tempted to grab that cartridge, but I'm enjoying my 2M Blue for now and not sure my current set-up/room would do it justice anyway enjoy!
  11. these came in the post today spinning Wolfmother as I type, very clean and tight but nothing a bit of volume can't sort
  12. still coming to terms with this album i'm liking it but not sure how to describe it or compare it to the other releases by Black Mountain
  13. not quite a novelty beer, its serious and done well, yet i don't really know what to make of it. like a martini in no other way in that you're drawn in for another sip after what could be perceived as a face slap. the noise is the best part and colour - it reminds me of good ice wine or "noble rot" style wines. rich complex exotic fruit - lychee, guava, mangosteen, but also spicy with orange zest and that subtle vanish or polish edge. taste: flavour is not subtle but not beer, not wine. an extremely polite beer and fresh (closer to larger than ale) yet it can't hide the fact its 14%. simple mouth feel almost no mousse. leaves the mouth dry with buttery biscuit finish and want for more not sure if the helps anyone... I wouldn't mind seeing what a few months ageing does to round out the flavour
  14. just about to start of 2nd glass and finish off the bottle will relax into it, read the lable etc. and share thoughts soon...
  15. first spin Black Mountain - Destroyer
  16. Interesting, i am familiar with the name, she gets a bit of air play on 3xJ and 2xJ but can't say I've sunk my teeth into an albums worth. will put it on the to-listen list thx!
  17. Shadowboxer by Mansionair (March 2019) "leftfield electronic" - discogs
  18. again - arrived today not necessarily bought today and Shadowboxer by Mansionair Destroyer by Black Mountain
  19. not so much those day experience things (I got my brother 6 laps in a V8 super car a few years back) but more an open day of sorts, BYO car and insurance measures to suit your risk appetite. Nürburgring style. one of my buds is always going on about his "track" car, not saying i want to show him up, but it sounds like a good day out.
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