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  1. looks far too normal to be trusted even with his whole Mono Lisa smile thing going on
  2. nice, very nice. is the artwork as good as they say? (very envious) did you see this regarding Lateralus? https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/tools-secret-mind-blowing-album-the-holy-gift/
  3. so, say you have 2 amp options you are really keen on. you're not able to do a listening comparison in your setup but based on research, trusted feedback/opinions, experience with similar units or the brands, marketing, technical details, etc. you think you'd be happy with either. features and costs are comparable but there's a difference in output wattage at what point would/should the difference start to influence the decision? 40w vs 80, 40 vs 200... ?
  4. Very easy to drink. Earthy back tones. Not much forward bite for a "hoppy" ale
  5. https://diyaudioprojects.com/Phono/DIY-Turntable/
  6. several months back i saw a nice DIY TT project where the tone arm employed magnets to float it at the pivot point. I'll see if i can find the web links later tonight (if someone else doesn't beat me to it. the finished product utilised a lot of red stained wood if that prompts anyone's memory ).
  7. my brother got me 3 items a few years back when they did a similar sale. They were all legit releases and without fault. AC/DC - Back In Black Album, LP, Reissue, Remastered Columbia - 5107651, Albert Productions - 5107651, Sony Music - 5107651 2009 Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night 2 x Vinyl, Album, LP RCA - 88697 32712 1, Sony BMG Music Entertainment - 88697 32712 1 2008 Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. Album, LP, Reissue, Remastered Columbia - QC 38653 2015
  8. what is the price range here? i ask as i've enjoyed my onkyo tx-8150, the tx range is similar to the onkyo you have shortlisted but with addition network and streaming options baked in. very versatile for just a bit more coin, even just the entry level options that don't do as much power or skip on wi-fi.
  9. Baarrpp! good fun to be had indeed
  10. any examples of integrated stereo amps? besides Redgum
  11. yamaha mxa-50 tidy integrated amp with network streaming and DAC. its got Spotify backed in but you could run a digital connect from TV so you can still "watch" spotify https://www.audiotrends.com.au/audio-trends-brands/yamaha/yamaha-wxa-50.html
  12. I'm having myself some grave digging thread action here wanting to see where things are with Australian amps now in 2019 unfortunately it seems a few of the options listed previously are no longer on the scene. and i dare say more digitisation and streaming trends have had impact
  13. my wife grabbed this 2 years back on a trip through BC, Canada. this is exceptional. one of the better reds I've had in a good while. you really noticed the lack of any preservatives. has this lovely toasted nut noise to it, its positively bursting with matured berry flavour but not at all dominated by tannin. soft and polite yet so full of sophistication and charm. the barrelling has yielded a sweet creaminess which sits in there with usual hints of leather, pepper, etc. Highly recommend.
  14. intuitive ease of use is having big impacts across several aspects of life now, why should hi-fi be exempt? currently my main system is based around an integrated amp that has most of your sources built-in including digital streaming. most of the time you turn it on, select the source and away you go. the only separates are the phono pre-amp which is always on when the system is on, and a basic BRay/DVD player. plus the TV for "2.1 HT" I'm looking to build a second system that will be a few rungs up the audiophile ladder. I'm fearful of the wife saying :so i need to turn on then set-up the streamer, DAC, pre-amp, plus the main amp just to listen to radio station X? and this is better because?
  15. Measured the 3/5 nark if the week with this Bne nth side item. Nice, quite light despite %abv n style. Followed that by sharing a Chimay Blue. Will b putting a few more of them in the list
  16. yes, a year or so back i did a research "deep dive" into roller bears and air-bearings... found thread in the US where as a community they designed and had a chap machine a bunch in bulk as a semi-pro DIY project that only costed a fraction of what a similar retail item would. definitely something i'll revisit. but for now i was after thoughts regarding flooring options. we're close to finalising design and plans for a new build home with a 6.3x4.8m music room on the lower floor, so a concrete slab floor to begin with. I have 30Kg VAF floor standers with the stock spikes and have been entertaining the idea of replacing them with something like Gaini iii units. i thought i'd see what how people felt carpet vs tiles vs wood vs vinyl planks etc. and also the interface with the speakers.
  17. isolation vs coupling aside, after some additional reading (blogs, forums, reviews, advice articles and marketing...) it seems spikes on the floor, either carpet or hard, is the least preferred option.
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