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  1. farout Bob, that sounds real bad and no doubt put several things into a new perspective for Christmas
  2. one of my fav late night spins (good test of system synergy also) MCA Records ‎– MCA-37072, 1981 (USA)
  3. earlier just getting towards the end of this
  4. cheers have added to the listen list don't mind me some Dark/Synth Wave
  5. welcome to the light my fav album of their is Aenima, tho for many its Lateralus
  6. another top 2019 release getting good rotation on my table
  7. ^^ really liked Astronaut so got the album just on that track alone it get a weekly spin. mines a bit noisy in places - particularly thru the transition into said Astronaut. C/D is cleaner than A/B
  8. https://www.soundtrack.net/album/bombshell/
  9. much appreciated, your technical knowledge and approachability both how you went about the reviews and interactions with us all here i got more out of a good read on your threads than most of the other sources out there on the subject cheers! have a fab summer holiday
  10. late start to proceedings for a friday night in
  11. the rhythm of MJ's Wanna be Starting' Somethin' has a complex interplay between instruments/sounds at opposite ends of the freq - bass and chirpy percussion etc. If the system is not cohesive, the shekre (i think they call them) on far right of sound stage can "feel" out of sync. like the player cant quite keep up. On other systems it adds s nice degree of tension.
  12. I grabbed these last night from JB with 25% off (yet to be delivered) CAT EMPIRE, THE Stolen Diamonds MARK RONSON Late Night Feelings TEMPER TRAP, THE Conditions (Limited Edition White Vinyl) And I found and so had to grab this on pre-order! I hope its been worth the wait and the re-mastering doesn't unravel any of the original rawness DAVID GRAY White Ladder (Limited 20th Anniversary Edition White Vinyl) https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/vinyl-gray-david-white-ladder-limited-20th-anniversary-edition-white-vinyl-lp
  13. Brenda: How do you go from this tranquility to that violence? Crockett: I usually take the Ferrari.
  14. hell yeah! I looove me some synthwave and darkwave, there's "battle outrun" also
  15. no I wont be modifying the MTB. we have an obligation to pursue any justification to add bikes to the stable.... I find drops too narrow and I feel more comfortable/confident being able to muscle the bike around. I 'm not trying to set a personal best or take KOM each day so being overly aero or efficient at hi speed is not a priority vs being responsive or stable enough to boost a traffic island or set of stairs.
  16. from May this year https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-05-09/man-dies-in-hospital-critical-lime-scooter-crash-brisbane/11098060
  17. nice, they were rather exotic and drool worthy i ride my HT mtb as my daily work commuter. at times with a head wind i feel like a sail pulling me backwards. next year I'll be moving further out of the city so a more dedicated urban commuter is in order. I'm thinking a wide pair of bullhorns anyone have experience with these? how wide do they come?
  18. 90mm?!?! that's some stem, careful 2003 doesn't call up asking for it back.... = p lol but back to dropbars - serious breaking more or less has to be done from the drops no? do the new disk options help?
  19. internal hubs, as with anything different take a bit to get use to - like a few hours, then after a week or so if you ride regular it will be second nature. there's pros and cons but again nothing that isn't acceptable - its a grip shift function vs triggers. but you can flick thru gears without needing chain movement - nice if you need to shift when stationary. the drive feels lag-free with the carbon belt. the weight re-distribution is such you need a bit more "body english" to boost off the ground - but not a problem if you plan on keeping both wheels on the ground, although clipless pedals prob help (I ride flat pedals). A belt and its hub is practically maintenance free and will last years offering consistent shifting - but like some you might like upgrading your drive train every other year = p
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