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  1. Grabbed a swag of 6! BLACK MOUNTAIN Destroyer WOLFMOTHER Wolfmother (10th Anniversary Edition) WES MONTGOMERY California Dreaming MANSIONAIR Shadowboxer ALEX LAHEY Best Of Luck Club, The JEAN-MICHEL JARRE Equinoxe Infinity
  2. yes having to split orders etc owing to store availability is frustrating. the 5% goes some way to cover postage
  3. this one end Wednesday 5 june 20% off vinyl further 5% off if you're on their mailing list
  4. chicken feed really for a great little unit that has punchy attitude. i you're thinking of dipping a toe in vinyl or have a basic phono built into your integrated amp this should be on your list. GLWTS
  5. interesting listening position someone looks set get to grab a great piece of Australian gear GLWTS
  6. ^^ this is my thinking but I lean towards digital streaming (Spotify, etc. @ 320kbps max) for background music and browsing. vinyl/physical for critical listening i think we're at an interesting point in the Hi-Fi journey where we're re-thinking the logic of which stages to group together. you've got integrated amps that don't do any digital (an still have tape and tuner labelled inputs). DACs that don't have the emerging streaming services. network streamers that are 90% of the way to being a pre-amp, some even have CD players. your bag of Chromecast, Airplay widgets. entry level (<$1,500) integrated units that do everything from vinyl to DLNA/local streaming, and Radio. smart phones, PCs, multi-room, Room, etc. etc.
  7. not that i've had either but to me its almost the typical German vs USA match off, think cars - BMW or Merc vs Ford or GM.
  8. if i could - one of them fancy options that bleed from one colour to another (but you never actually really catch it changing) = on / "action is go" you don't like blue? it will move on soon enough, everyone's happy a patient pulse = on but waiting (not actually doing anything - check chain) orange = standby state (powered but effectively off) nil = no power supplied
  9. i was recently listening to a mate's new system - Rotel ra1572 with LS50s, feeding it digital Tidal. I asked for some songs i was familiar with. the detail was their for sure (in spades), but it didn't have the same tension and drive in the rhythm, it didn't drawn you in with toe-tapping, head bobbing zeal. Particularly swagger in the bass lines. is this a speed issue? or lack there?
  10. Going down nicely. Not as fancy as some recent posts but a solid example of the style n what can readily be had in Oz at an everyday price. One of the better drops in is class Ive had in awhile
  11. released just 24 May mmm... good
  12. You assume anyone overtaking has no immediate intention to stop or dramatically slow. It does appear the driver was indicating to turn, maybe not early but at some point. I don't think the driver should have done the pass nor was there intentional malice but it also looks like a lack of expedience in 1 or 2 of those riders played a part, even needlessly taking his buddy out crossing wheels.
  13. a look at the upcoming M135i xDrive didn't realise is was a 4-pot with big turbo but does seem to be the trend https://www.bmwblog.com/2019/05/26/world-premiere-2019-bmw-m135i-xdrive-with-306-horsepower/
  14. These 2 have been getting a degree of rotation in my room of late. Sent from my ANE-LX2J using StereoNET mobile app
  15. how do you make your coffee/espresso and add it to the mix?
  16. You'll have the whole Eurofeel going with those plates
  17. You didn't pay in Bitcoin?
  18. evening in with the Don, he never disappoints
  19. I'm familiar with a few of the brands if not those exact examples. If they've been kept well I'd say you're in for a free nice treat with some hearty red meat dishes or rich tomato pasta. while nothing fancy and hi-volume producers they're not be be scoffed at. that BIN 888 catches my eye.
  20. not great but doesn't let the side down with regard to our Australia typical everyday standards
  21. bit of a fan of Jura and their approach. with other brands at times I feel I'm just carrying on that I'm into whiskey, but a tipple of this drop and I'm set straight.
  22. ^^ as film it sets a frantic pace with cinematography to match. not that I've been in a firefight but it comes across raw and we're spared the typical over done Hollywood approach to action, this not to suggest its anything but immersive as a story its scary to think its mostly based on true evens i was at a lecture by one of the Pakistani troop commanders involved in the rescue operation, this was before the movie release. the 1999 book by Bowden makes for good multifaceted account if you're into that
  23. wish this was released on Vinyl Japanese jazz-phunk ska-influenced fusion
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