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  1. hello looking for a small stereo power amp for my bedroom system that will use some JBL in wall speakers (link) and to feed it I have a Yamaha WXC-50 pre-amp, streamer, DAC, for mostly digital sources (Spotify Premium, net radio, etc) 15-30 watts for evening listening, morning news, business time, etc. $300 max (if justified) D-class or tubes are OK, new or 2nd hand, or even (first project) kit builds I see plenty of class-d units but they look geared more towards bung for buck wattage (some up to 150+ watts ) or there's gimmicky looking tube
  2. Item: shielded AU power cable for integrated amp Price Range: up to $175 Item Condition: new, prefer used Extra Info: used or small scale locally made to AU standards is OK. would consider lengths from 1.75-2.0m Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. looks nice n classy in silver anyone in the market at this price point should have this on the shortlist glwts
  4. Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba LP, Album, RP Verve Records 00602577089602 2019 Europe
  5. The Crusaders - Unsung Heroes LP, Album, Gat Blue Thumb Records SWX-6142 1974 Japan
  6. what a result you'll also get the track display on the TV (should you want) with the lyrics and back story if they have added this info ???
  7. i'm not sure if you are willing to add another device to the chain but with a HDMI to optical/coax adaptor you could use a standard Chromecast. in addition to spotify you also get all the other apps that cast - TuneIn Radio, ABC Listen (including the killer postcasts from triple and double J ). some units would even let you split youtube ( or the SBS tour tracker app! hurry just a week to go) into the amp and then a TV. I'm fortunate my app supports HDMI in (and out) so I kinda get a psedo-Chromecast/Spotify Connect $32 from dickie's so you know its good (stay away from his
  8. after being pipped at the post on a few sites by someone else putting their order thru, and several sites with flakey e-stores (check-out wouldn't work) I managed to find a shop in central NSW with an online front Mildlife ‎– Phase threw this is the cart as well Bird & Diz - Charlie Parker - Dizzy Gillespie
  9. Ratatat - Magnifique LP, Album + CD, Album Because Music BEC5156160 2015 France nice evening balance for dealing with Monday
  10. opp, got myself mix up, right you are (and i was in my head - just come out wrong)
  11. i getting a hit of that new car smell even from here!
  12. i've put a Remus axle back unit on my m253i, it uses the stock valve control connection so still benefits from the bimodal aspect - louder in sport and sport+ modes etc. So its likely there's other options that also maintain this feature. alternatively, even with the stock exhaust, if you switch to sport then disconnect the servo control interconnect (just don't have it dangling to cause trouble) you'll have the valves left open and it will be loud all the time - just encase you want to see how that goes for you (this is on the older N55 engines )
  13. nice "And I didn't have any idea what to do but I knew I needed a click.... ...My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio"
  14. yep, its a thing. even before 2020 bizarro set in i saw a thread comment a few years back, a quick google search brings up several points of reference on the idea, seems easy enough to do but I dare say for some/most of the 2M buyers its futurist appearance of the 2M that's most appealing, this hack does nothing for looks
  15. https://www.decibelhifi.com.au/jico-hyper-elliptical-stylus-for-ortofon-om-cartri $155 for just the stylus then you can whack it on the 2M cart body... (quickly, advert your eyes children!)
  16. i agree, looks compatible to the 2M carts i have also agree that those simple see-saw tracking force gauges are a low cost but valuable investment
  17. the wedge / shim approach is a viable option worth considering, some others may be able to talk to it more you may be able to get a similar change in VTA by increasing the tracking force - staying within the recommended limits or without compromising tracking performance if you have a test disk that measures this. this will rake the cantilever that little bit more and get a similar stylus-to-groove angle that dipping the tail would yield this assuming it is more tail down needed and that 20hrs is sufficient to bring it on song
  18. ^^ lovely gets hi rotation in my house. its a great 2-disk journey with never a dull moment. love how the the end just builds to an epic finale. it think Columbia are good with their pressings and with this one also enjoy!
  19. less is more i say also movies, TV shows, etc. generally all include stereo audio as this is what most viewers will be using, so it makes sense to do it well vs neglect it for the sake of surround
  20. i remember a similar thread on another forum. it concerned a yt clip of the GZ factory. I did a search and I think this is the vid below at the centre of discussion. if you watch carefully you might even spot who's hair and finger prints ended up on your latest GZ purchase. I also see in the comments there's another Thin Lizzy fan
  21. these helped my book shelf speakers that i had set on a 2.2m wide solid wood entertainment unit. just tightened everything up a little with a bit more attack, detail and focus. GLWTS
  22. love the title here by captain obvious so it should with 550HP... Video: 550 HP BMW M140i xDrive shows amazing acceleration https://www.bmwblog.com/2020/08/19/500-hp-bmw-m140i-xdrive/
  23. I have a sw515 - "High 270W Dynamic Power" i think you'll enjoy the step up from the Sony units and its a great price for a $1k+ rrp item. just keep in mind there's a reason REL and SVS etc. seem to hold their value more proper sub set up including placement, cross over, volume etc. is generally no simple task. there's plenty of good advise ( and bad probably) and tips out there so do your research and invest in some trial and error. enjoy!
  24. I think a new unit with streaming backed in is the way forward. The M10 being a solid contender. I've recently switched integrated amps and didn't use the physical remove on either but the app for each. If wife and daughter both have phones, then that's a remote for everyone.... or even use an old one that's just connected to wi-fi purely for managing streaming.
  25. streamer no DAC $2-2.5k Aussie made them hard to meet requirements there, even the first 2
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