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  1. ^^ where does "this Desert Life" fit into it for you? that would be my fav release of there's
  2. i had another good vinyl session of this Classe amp I've been lucky enough to have a trial on. over the week as i worked my way through some vinyls a few did stella others were a bit meh. I've kept coming back to this release by Kikagaku Moyo, a real experience, amazing production, tight musicianship, great soundscaping L+R plus depth. everything just sings. Kikagaku Moyo - Masana Temples I found it similar with the few CDs I put on - very revealing of the produ
  3. oww ahhh these shouldn't stay on the shelf long GLWTS
  4. neat whats the one with funky micro-triangle frame decals and what looks a Reba or Rev fork? I've been running Hope Pro's on Spank rims also (HT for trail duties). Pro 4s don't have the same buzz as the Pro IIs did...
  5. seeing that nice eye candy made my day. some serious street rigs (in my wee mind mind anyway) which is the Zircus?
  6. interesting i signed up to prime the other day (just to trial their movies during isolation) but i just took advantage of the JB 25% off promo so that's all my vinyl allowance gone for now I actually tried adding a CD into the mix but it complicated the delivery or something so pulled it out This Desert Life - Counting Crows try find that on vinyl for a good price!
  7. https://www.discogs.com/Ben-Harper-Fight-For-Your-Mind/master/48584 Ben Harper ‎– Fight For Your Mind I use to listen to it a lot in the 90s at uni. I had been wanting it on vinyl namely because of the "Excuse Me Mr" track. really nice bass playing and solid lyrics. I found the CD in a folder, the case is missing. I put it on as I've got a loaner amp and had been putting a lot of vinyl and Spotify thru. I figured I'd try some CDs so on it went. As I only had the disk I didn't realise it was the album i was after so had the surprise of "excuse me mr"
  8. sweet! you just won the internet, congratulations
  9. So I just listened to some Ben Harper for the first time on CD in like... maybe since last millennium? I was rather impressed. and at least on 3 fronts
  10. I can't make comparisons with other tonearms I'm afraid. Rumors are the PS-38 is based on a CEC unit, if that helps. Arm is likely a hi-volume affair supplied to several brands. (some one may know the actual maker) Cart is a clone of early an AT-VM8 which sits in the family from AT-10 up to AT-13 (i think) so it can take a Shibata stylus or the "legionary" ATN12X - plenty of generic examples out there, very few originals that are nude square ellipticals. I put on a new generic elliptical stylus, switched to an Ortofon 2M Blue and now a Bronze. You can readily tell the differ
  11. the arm seems to be on the short side even for 9in effective length - 220mm overhang - 15mm i had a quick poke round the internets with limited joy, found a Japanese eBay shop but it was a matter of looking thru his listing pics for smallish looking items then go in to check the length - bit too tedious just for curiosity at this stage. found 2 examples at 220mm, one at 222mm, plenty of 237mm. found this about vintage Hitachi motors it would be hard work for a new player in the business, i.e. faced a with a standing start, to justify the effort to come up wit
  12. https://www.petervis.com/gallery/Vintage Advertisements/jvc-high-fidelity-components/ql-y66f.html some funky progressive tech there and a spare tonearm to play with
  13. I do this for adhoc listening You need to consider the source and how much usage time you need it for. Its going to chew through your phone battery and I'm not clever enough to block message notifications interrupting the music. I've used an old phone to stream Spotify on the wi-fi then bluetooth this to the UE unit.
  14. fair enough Chris i'll keep an eye out
  15. hot diggity! that's a bunch of body work from the M2 yeah? Love the removal of the rear doors Maybe BMW do a "M2 Shooting Brake" none of this grand coupe business they keep doing
  16. sounds a really interesting project let us know how it goes (do you have a thread already maybe?)
  17. cheers so many options i'll be sure to start a thread one day. i read about using modelling clay to add mass and some dampening absorption. mine could do with new feat and a better tone arm but i don't even know if that's a possibility
  18. i "acquired" the Hitachi TT i have from my father in law, "was top of the line" he said when he bought it late '70s. he mostly ripper tapes off it, he switched to CDs and it hadn't been used in years I've upgraded a few bits and done the odd "back in the day" hacks. I think she really sings despite the odd age related features. i'll prob move it into a second system and grab a flash 2nd hand unit. I think around $2,000 (+cart which I have already) is the sweet spot when you see some of the good deals popping up here.
  19. trying to figure out the maths here in '83 you were earning the equivalent of $40k (so maybe like 13.99 Pacific Pesos), and dropped half of that on the stereo system - now that's commitment to the cause! sorry Batty, can't do an similar calc - too many variables to handle for the 6 brain cells I allocate to Friday arvo's
  20. even with increasing TT demand I'd say the volume is nothing like 30-40s ago so there's the economies of scale at play plus decade's worth of momentum as the go-to for play back. I'm not sure what price range you're referring to let's say $700 - roughly the cost of new mid range mob phone or the equivalent of a new ipod touch when they hit the market. in yesterday's money you may find today's new $700 mostly plastic unit with conical stylus and a phono plus A2D capability baked in would be worth just a fraction of the old unit which was built to last for a mature competitive market of buyers w
  21. are small cheap (sub-$300) class d mono blocks readily available? i have an OK streamer/pre-amp/DAC unit running into a very elementary *cough* jaycar *cough cough* power amp for a bedroom system with some surround satellites that were laying around. it does the job for now but i have a built in solution in the works, so was keeping an eye out for more "sophisticated" amps. awhile back i was looking at those, are they, T-class units? then i figured maybe give mono blocks ago, but i mostly find products for car systems.
  22. i have one, a handy little unit, easy to use unit and feature packed GLWTS
  23. holy towering grand acoustics Batman! GLWTS should make for a happy and hopefully a popular buyer
  24. this came in mail yesterday just released this week includes postcard style download code
  25. haven't heard one so can't judge QS but redgum are in the phono market https://www.redgumaudio.com/product-category/amplifolia-range/phono-preamp/ their ebay store for $$ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REDGUM-RGPH2-Phono-Preamp-/322935545439
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