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  1. Been chipping away thru these after investing in a case following the Bne food n wine festival. Tastes like Christmas said a mate who took some.
  2. First spin, just picked it up today. Beautifully done all round.
  3. that what i though but wasn't sure if 6.9% was overly high for a red ale
  4. ^^ well done on new PHO premamp hope you enjoy
  5. my bag: Home by The John Butler Trio Flamingo by Olympia A Bath Full Of Ecstasy by Hot Chip The People Tree by Mother Earth Jazz Samba by Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd Con Todo El Mundo by Khruangbin
  6. i was eyeing off a few of those, even had FKA Twigs in the basket. it passed the Discog quick reference but after i flicked through the tracks on Spotify I reconsidered.... it comes highly regarded but i didn't take to it
  7. anyone scratch their 20% off vinyl itch?
  8. moving on with the Aussie theme. Triple J have been calling it Oz music month so why not tag along
  9. ^^ is that Jimi a recent acquisition? I've seen several new items from his catalogue hitting the shelves in the last year or so.
  10. starting the day with a something solid
  11. his and hers not sure about the beer aspect of the pea blossom, doesn't really day but the WAF is high - a gateway brew?? really loving Black Hops lately. they have that nice balance - readily available at your local, doesn't try too hard, may not win a 5x shoot out, but its a tidy consistent performer. I like this "white IPA" its happily doing its own thing. makes you sit up and go "mmm... that's... well nice" then lets you get on with things. turning out to be a bit flat over time, but i can forgive that for now.
  12. 2 systems.... 1 for when s**t is getting real and the other for everyday listening which of course should be special in its own right i think you are on to something
  13. that was one of the more comprehensive reads I came across and that i could keep up with. I agree that the practical application of the theory and even proven test outcomes has many variables and this goes even beyond the flavour of noise to target. So i came away thinking a broad approach would be best. we are close to the crest of a suburban through road so while not a main road it gets steady traffic. the road is divided by direction outside the block with traffic going up the hill - and likely to still be gunning the engine for a little bit more - on the far side but 2m higher so at the level of the upstairs rooms. within the scope of our build project its often the labour not so much the material costs that add up. this extends to making the windows prior to delivery on site. with regard to the thicker glass the effort to make and install the windows vs 3 or 4mm panes was minimal vs making and installing double glazing. but back to the fencing - its seems my average Joe conclusion (assuming the fence material/construction can block sound in the first place) would be that unless it blocks line of site its not going to do much at all but even then the benefit is subjective. and to the point that there not be much at all.
  14. when its going/active the listed items have the discount applied and it shows how much has been taken off whether in your basket or not
  15. just curious - is anyone else is like me and only puts on a record if I can commit to listening to the whole release end-to-end. and then you fight any interruptions even if in the back ground while you read or internet like i occasionally do (not always of course) . you can't intentionally just listen to side C or skip it entirely. if you only have 45mins and its a +60min 2xLP that takes your fancy it will have to wait. etc etc etc its like I'm doing an injustice to the artist and more so the format, the brotherhood of vinyl. I put a CD or Spotify on and I'm happy to skip, replay, just do 2 or 3 songs.
  16. hello and welcome enjoy yourself, see you around
  17. hello and welcome enjoy yourself and hope to see you around
  18. welcome hope you still make the most of what gear end up with - you never you know what you'll discover. is there some secrete anti-bose club I'm missing out on joining? "first rule of Anything but Bose Club...."
  19. regarding the 100mm+ air gap in between double glazing panes: https://www.alwindows.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/AWA-AS1288-Glass-Guide.pdf A common misunderstanding is that double glazing is effective at attenuating noise. However, studies have shown that ordinary double glazing with a standard gap of about 12 mm does not substantially improve the acoustic performance. This gap is too small to provide any real benefit. The most effective solution is to increase the gap between the two panes to at least 100 mm. This is most commonly referred to as secondary glazing, as it often involves two separate window frames. https://build.com.au/window-acoustics-and-noise-control Double glazing The most effective barrier against noise is to install a secondary window, otherwise known as ‘add on double glazing’. With an ideal space of 100-200mm between the two windows, your noise problem will be significantly reduced. Note that such large gaps increase air movement and will reduce your window’s thermal performance. Another important consideration is the space required for secondary glazing may not be practical in a normal home. Standard double glazing with at least a 12mm gap is effective at reducing the transmission of medium to high frequencies (human voice). For low frequencies (traffic) using a different thickness of glass in each pane, or incorporating laminated glass, can help to cut noise transmission. https://www.stegbar.com.au/~/media/Files/Stegbar/Stegbar Data Sheet Downloads/Glass Glazing/Stegbar Data Sheet - Noise.pdf * Insulated glass units – the key to achieving significant sound wave disruption in an IGU is to have as large an air gap as possible (less than 12mm air gap will provide an STC no better than thick glass); and to have the two panels of glass vary in thickness by at least 50% (so a 10mm panel on one side and a 5mm on the other). * Secondary window – for heavy traffic and aircraft noise a second window with an air space of at least 100mm is the only viable solution to significantly reduce the noise
  20. my research suggested that if going double glazing there's a few variables to be across, otherwise you may not get sufficient benefit - the thickness of each pane and the gap. ideally at least 12mm gap and different thickness for each pane. while there's real benefit with 100-200mm air gaps, the framing etc gets complicated and costly. plus the style of window helps - awnings get a better seal as there's no need to accommodate a sliding interface. We are looking to go with 10.38mm laminate to most of the front windows (awnings) and the sliding door entry to the listening room. it had a good cost-performance balance. and if needed there's the option to retro fit double glazing, which is meant to be easy enough if the marketing is to be believed.
  21. We are looking at fencing options and some had literature concerning noise reduction. To my wife some investment committee members, this seemed worth further consideration despite the additional costs. I wasn't as readily convinced. I've added the applicable marketing material in pics below. I concluded the benefits were probably measured at ground level right up against the biggest 3m fence they do.... question - in your typical suburban setting, assuming the fence material is a good absorber/blocker/dissipater, etc., and we're dealing with a 1800mm fence are the claimed benefits (or any for that matter) practically going to be felt? I'm thinking that in the open air a good degree of the sound is still going to find is way to you / from you. and lets say you have line of sight to a busy road from an upper story room, would you maybe get clearer noise because its blocking that which would otherwise dribble along the ground and reflect up. We're mainly looking at a side boundary to neighbours, but also to the front for blocking traffic although here I was initially only looking at a fence heights of 1200-1500mm.
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