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  1. let the silly begin old meets new - very nice and well priced if you can find it. we had a case arrive today. "This is a sparkling wine from the Marlborough Region of New Zealand made with the "know how" of the acclaimed Champagne House, G.H.Mumm. With 18 months on lees the finish is long and structured."
  2. looks like they are coming out to Oz early next year
  3. my first spin very smooth, very cool, the bass is really at the forefront (maybe a bit too hot) possibly a little too relaxed this early on a Friday so time for something with a bit more fizz
  4. thanks all for input looks like i'll be able to post off my list to Santa in the coming days
  5. was just flicking thru the manual and found this which suggests fancy stylus cuts can be accommodated
  6. to offset some of the genX classics being suggested here are some more recent releases: Random Access Memories - Daft Punk Skin - Flume Eat the Elephant - A Perfect Circle Eternal Return - Sarah Blasko then this classic reborn (2017 repress) Kick by INXS 2xVinyl, LP, 45 RPM, Album, Remastered Enjoy the journey and welcome aboard! PS - discogs is also a good reference for a quick check on pressing reviews, although there may not always be any specifically for the release you're looking at
  7. my short list as a fan of belt driven options Polygon Path i8 Disc - Carbon Belt Drive City Bike | Fast Shipping WWW.BICYCLESONLINE.COM.AU Buy Polygon Path i8 Disc - Carbon Belt Drive City Commuter Bike at Bicycles Online. Only $1199.00 including Fast Shipping Free 14 Days Test Ride Amsterdam Elite NuVinci Series | The Ultimate Commuter Bike by Lekker Bikes WWW.LEKKERBIKES.COM.AU Shop the new Amsterdam Elite NuVinci Urban Commuter Bike. Striking design, premium components and ready to conquer your city. Shop yours today! Amsterdam Elite M2 8 Speed Series | Lekker Bikes WWW.LEKKERBIKES.COM.AU Reserve yours today with 10% reservation Discount. Rolling straight out of the LEKKER laboratories, the newest pinnacle of urban commuting has arrived. Crafted to be the very best, the...
  8. cool that's what I'm hoping I don't want to rubbish the Shibita unit, maybe its just not a good match for other reasons beyond the profile. I just didn't want a similar experience. maybe i should give it another crack or have it looked at. this shootout article (cause no other heading solves a slow day in the comments) they talk about the Black and tricky setup. Under $1,000 moving magnet cartridge shootout ,11 cartridges reviewed! – Sound Advice Vinyl SOUNDADVICEVINYL.COM
  9. SME arm... sorry was meant to say SME "lookalike" S-shape its the original
  10. thought i would take punt on this 2019 release after it was a double J feature album "one of the most inventive and exciting indie rock releases of the year" Olympia – Flamingo WWW.ABC.NET.AU One of the most inventive and exciting indie rock releases of the year lovely production and pressing (even if next level hot pink!) slowly growing me
  11. Hiya I’m eying off a 2M Bronze “fine line” stylus as an upgrade. However I have concerns that increased set-up precision needed for the more refined stylus will be beyond what my old Hitchi PS-38 TT (and maybe me) can accommodate. The PS-38 (late 70’s) is in pretty good nick having been in storage/not used since about around ’88. It has an OK medium SME arm, but it doesn’t benefit from VTA adjust or any azimuth adjust either. The stock cart is re-badged AT-VM8 (the AT-10/11/12 line) with a new generic elliptical and in addition to this I’ve mostly been running a Ortofon 2M Blue stylus on the 2M Silver cart. FWIW – the Silver was a special OEM item exclusively for Project TTs (I think). While the bonded elliptical stylus is essentially that of 2M Red, the guts of the cart is closer to the Bronze/Black with more exotic material like silver windings etc. I’d simply swap out the Blue or the Bronze stylus. Maybe re-do the alignment to be safe. My concerns comes from experience a few months back with a regarded cart with Shibata tip that I picked up 2nd hand. Reportedly in the area of 200hrs use. It was super quiet, rather smooth and sweetly delicate but the sound stage was noticeably more condensed and/or biased to one side. Plus it didn’t have the urgency in its timings or bass presence of the other carts. I went through the alignment exercise a couple of times but apart from centring the sound stage I found it a little meh, so I end up going back to the Blue/original cart. I’ve read the 2M Black with its Shibata tip is sensitive to set-up. I don’t mind taking the time to get the overhang alignment right (getting pretty good at it now) but I’m worried the Bronze will be similarly susceptible and I’ll get a repeat experience of not getting real benefits from the ‘superior’ stylus cut. Thoughts?
  12. first end to end listen, good option to ease into the night of the weekend
  13. i have interest that i would like to express PM on the way
  14. Been chipping away thru these after investing in a case following the Bne food n wine festival. Tastes like Christmas said a mate who took some.
  15. First spin, just picked it up today. Beautifully done all round.
  16. that what i though but wasn't sure if 6.9% was overly high for a red ale
  17. ^^ well done on new PHO premamp hope you enjoy
  18. my bag: Home by The John Butler Trio Flamingo by Olympia A Bath Full Of Ecstasy by Hot Chip The People Tree by Mother Earth Jazz Samba by Stan Getz, Charlie Byrd Con Todo El Mundo by Khruangbin
  19. i was eyeing off a few of those, even had FKA Twigs in the basket. it passed the Discog quick reference but after i flicked through the tracks on Spotify I reconsidered.... it comes highly regarded but i didn't take to it
  20. anyone scratch their 20% off vinyl itch?
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