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  1. this came in mail yesterday just released this week includes postcard style download code
  2. haven't heard one so can't judge QS but redgum are in the phono market https://www.redgumaudio.com/product-category/amplifolia-range/phono-preamp/ their ebay store for $$ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/REDGUM-RGPH2-Phono-Preamp-/322935545439
  3. those Krix units look good they're on the shortlist thanks for suggestions and info
  4. thanks for comments and suggestions thoughts on placement? it seems firing out from the in/outside boundary wall is preferred. it would keep the cable runs shorter, maybe add some bass boost if nestled into the wall/ceiling corner (handy considering outdoor units don't go that deep), and avoid messy reflections.
  5. Hello, I'm planning a music solution for a 3x6m upstairs balcony. Should I go with in-ceiling speakers or mount outdoor speakers in their place? it's just for light duties and background music. the balcony is part of the kitchen and dining open space. its high up so will dominate the houses adjacent to that corner of my block. I'll run speaker cables back through the roof and wall to an outlet i can plug the B-speaker outputs from an amp into. I'm thinking 2-way outdoor speakers on ceiling brackets at the balcony's edge firing back into the space. but in-ceiling units might offer a cleaner look and be less trouble in the long run. thoughts? recommendations? Any Big Daddy's tip of the day for young players?
  6. Making Movies would be my fav i wasn't ready for music when released so i was maybe several years late to the party, but as teenage lad I found Skateaway mesmerizing
  7. Many years / lives ago some how that MMM station was on n the introduction to a Dire Straits song claimed they had played live to over a million Aussies Thats a lot of straight leg acid washed jeans n mullets
  8. Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms 2xLP, Album, RE, RM, 180 Vertigo 3752907 2014 Europe
  9. i'm trying to remember the shift from cassette to CDs for me they were around but $20+ for a new album didn't help the transition, and the first players I came across where actually in PCs or Playstations and entry level all-in-one units. The family stereo remained cassette and vinyl, but my sister got a cheap CD unit and in the mid 90s got her hands on that Beatles Anthology best of compilation spread across 3 volumes and 6 disks. that got heaps of rotation, that and would you believe a Dire Straits best of CD borrowed from a mate. by the time I got to uni and had some cash flow, even tho Revolution CD (quality 2nd hand cheap CDs) had come along so had CD burners and MP3s....
  10. 1985, 35yrs ago Dire Straits released Brother in Arms. It's considered a pioneer of digital for mainstream music and kicked off the move away from analogue - recording and playback. https://www.insidehook.com/article/music/dire-straits-brothers-in-arms-compact-disc It would be interesting to know what people recall from their experience and thoughts at the time. did it change anything for you? I mainly remember the (what i though cool at the time) music video and the chunky riff for 'Money for Nothing'
  11. i don't think you can go wrong with Yamaha. some might turn their noses up at the brand but give it a listen see what you think. while not cutting edge, their eco system is reasonably progressive, reliable, easy to work with and pretty flexible - an old donk of a system wheeled out for rowdy nights can easily be retro fitted to be part of the wireless landscape, at the other end their micro-systems go alright.
  12. not exactly "Oz made" more "Oz customised" but I've seen @81Vintage do some pretty sweet looking work on a Rega TT
  13. brisbane hey...? now that you've consulted the Stereo.net community make sure you let the public know - "Stereo.net endorsed listening" 😄 +1 on considering acoustic treatment either commercial products or subtle use of decor, fittings, flooring covers, etc. this improves all acoustics and the customer experience as a whole, not just your music. I also understand that "technically" there may be music licencing aspects at play for public broadcast and commercial purposes. wish you full success - maybe I'll get to pop in some day and SOON! #overisolation
  14. very temping but timings just isn't 100% - give it a few weeks and if no one has made a move we can talk GLWTS
  15. good price to get yourself a great set of Oz made speakers GLWTS what will you replace them with you think?
  16. Can I go next in line if it doesn't go a head? Glwts either way
  17. Item: Redgum RGi120ENR (black series) integrated amp Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: Used Extra Info: happy to discuss shipping to brisbane
  18. definitely an item to have on your shortlist if you're in the market GLWTS how did you find it?
  19. are you looking to do the project in stages or all at once? "fresh start" and not wanting a journey on this leads me to think you're leaning towards a big bang all at once approach but the suggested staged approaches also have logic also are you (or would you be ) into "cart rolling?" easy enough when you can just swap out the headshell (followed by a degree of assurance tests on alignment angles etc ) the fact you have 1+ TTs running suggests you fancy a bit of variety. its not uncommon to have a 2-tiered cart combo - the daily driver + special occasion treat, one for old beat-up records, a rock, jazz or classical specialist etc. with that budget and starting point I'd take a staged suck and see approach starting with - phono stage with good input and loading flexibility ($1.5-2k) AND a non-temperamental MM or MC cart around $1k (perhaps the new top-end MM from AT if you like the 150MLX or a Denon MC). This gets you started and in a position to re-evaluate the sound without painting yourself into a corner, then go from there regarding the TT and arm if and as needed. finally look at an additional cart - around $2k for a MC that will match TT & arm and pull the sound in the desired direction. this 2-cart approach leaves "only" $5k odd for the TT+arm tho... enjoy the journey!
  20. hello and welcome enjoy yourself here and in the listening chair
  21. have send in an email cheers
  22. would you believe I come across this in Bunnings (that very afternoon i read thru this thread, just saw the pic again in phone and it reminded me to post) worth it just for the experiement at <$7. ( i didn't get one so can;t comment) https://www.bunnings.com.au/northcote-pottery-30cm-pot-accessory-cork-mat_p0138556
  23. @VAF i must have contributed to that last flurry of demand. And often when enjoying the listening I would find myself revisiting the webpage for the x63s looking through the specs and technologies. understandably the page has now been retired. However am I able to get a cut of this page - a pdf print to file or a one-off link to an isolated URL, so I can keep a local cut of the details on hand? Cheers!
  24. 1-series cross generational match off in the damp. hello xDrive... https://www.bmwblog.com/2020/03/17/video-bmw-m135i-drag-races-older-bmw-m140i/
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