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  1. thanks for input chaps, i spent a bit of time last week trying to get around the whole how power and matching amp n speakers.... then there's the marketing hype when they list the specs. figured at some point i'd just put it to the collective for thoughts I'm running an Onkyo tx-8150 http://www.eu.onkyo.com/downloads/2/8/7/0/8/ONKYO_TX-8150_datasheet_EN.pdf https://www.whathifi.com/onkyo/tx-8150/review GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS (on web and retail sites) Power Output: 135 W/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 Channel Driven, IEC); 140 W/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 2 Channels Driven, JEITA) but from deep in pdf specs - Dynamic Power 190 W (3 Ω) 170 W (4 Ω) 110 W (8 Ω) THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) 0.08% (20 Hz–20 kHz, Half Power) ** what exactly is half power? a few blog type reviews state RMS 55W per ch, and I'd hope that their "high current" WRAT tech delivers
  2. I'm hoping to get a set of X63s late this year / early next year, will have hands full buying house first. dedicated listening area mandatory the spec's state for power "up to 200W," any idea of the lower range? my current amp cam comfortably do 50-60W into 2 channels. they have good efficiency so hoping it will be right
  3. welcome hope you enjoy getting involved and contributing say hi to jane for me
  4. hello welcome, hope to see you around
  5. hello, I got some family in Orange - you probly know them! maybe not... see you around
  6. hello more BNE members - must be the rain keeping us in doors with tunes on
  7. well that was an 1.5hr well spend perusing their stock - thnx for posting link
  8. I order a lot of mt bike gear online but never from the US as the shipping is just plain stupid, more so when you consider outlets from Europe readily do free shipping out to Oz. and this is for bulky items like wheel-sets, helmets, suspension forks, etc.. you'd think posting a uniform set of flat squares in a reasonably cheap but purpose made box could be done at a similar price.
  9. I grabbed Exile and the live Winehouse release from JB. the Wife likes watching Amy Winehouse, but I didn't find all that moving. I enjoy Exile, it gets good rotation when vinyl's not spinning. Have to agree the Pure Audio could have positioned itself better. you ask JB staff if they have any in stock and you get blank looks. now more and more the stores have less and less, or you get pushed towards viewing focused live recordings. I considered Quadrophenia, i'll definitely grab it if I come across it again. Any other suggestions of alternatives & outlets - online, physical or otherwise?
  10. I’ve a play list for testing tweaks to my set-ups, I try to cover a range of genres. here are my bass focused picks Metric – Help I’m Alive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtA7YIFapnY Moonspell – Opium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoooX3OVGoI Ratatat – Cream on Chrome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlcywgEMuGI More Bob James with Nathan East this time - Oliver’s Bag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAfzafz4ouw The Jungle Giants – Quiet Ferocity (moments of good bass throughout whole Album) On your way Day (At 2.55 there’s a falling note my system can’t handle) https://youtu.be/NMVH_3EuFhw RHCP – Under the bridge Not “killer” bass Hz wise, but Flea is killing it
  11. tempting.... would have to move the current TT into the expected baby room - not sure how that will go down...
  12. This is a plug to support (as the title says) the Lifeline Brisbane Bookfest - https://www.bookfest.org.au/brisbane 24 June - 2 July the fest extends to vinyl and CD's, maybe even books about vinyl and CDs "And it’s not just books up for grabs at the Lifeline Bookfest Brisbane – you’ll also find magazines, records, puzzles, DVDs, CDs, vinyl, board games and much more!" This is a great opportunity to both, help the community work championed by Lifeline, and possibly score some great finds. might see you there
  13. so tempted... but just invested in new pre-amp, it hasn't even come in the post yet GLWTS
  14. that's awesome ahhh europe.... love Barcelona also (but that could be the rose glasses looking back 15yrs....) was in Vancouver a few weeks back (missed record store day by a week) and got to check out a few record stores, the misses could only tolerate so much however and we only had the 1 day, but still managed to grab a few LPs
  15. don't have a MC otherwise i would be all over this...
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