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  1. welcome hope you enjoy getting involved
  2. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
  3. hi enjoy getting involved
  4. great introductory phono stage, good pedigree with snappy solid bass but doesn't detract or colour the mid and upper ranges. if you are in the market at this entry level price do not hesitate plus you can readily rip vinyl to digital (which I've not yet) glwts
  5. put my order in last night yeah eta isn't too flash
  6. welcome enjoy getting involved while you dust off the old gear
  7. hello, hope you enjoy getting involved
  8. alright mate enjoy getting involved
  9. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
  10. I'll probably head into brisbane cbd to visit Rocking Horse, but i get the feeling it could be crazy busy in there so the couple in the valley are options on the way home
  11. https://www.recordstoreday.com/ https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases so less than a month to go now - thoughts? anything you're looking forward to or would recommend putting on the short list? believe it or not I'm eyeing off - Rockabye Baby! Lullabye Renditions of The Beastie Boys Rockabye Baby gets lots of air play with our new 4 month old lad
  12. my short list is pushing $400 now but if thats really $200 odd... happy days and i might have credit for April 21 (although nothing announced thus far is overly grabbing my attention)
  13. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
  14. Hello, just like Bill says - qld n vinyl is ok by me! welcome enjoy getting involved
  15. welcome have to agree that quality music shouldn't be something to compromise in the family setting. you'll always remember fondly what tunes filled the home and what it said about your parents at the time ditch the cable tv, netflex, console games, block buster movies, a new iPads etc - revisiting these in years to come wont take you back the same way
  16. hi, hope you enjoy getting involved, interesting bunch here more or less
  17. its over by that "Bee Gees Way" open museum near the pier
  18. hello hope you enjoy getting involved all the best with vinyl adventures see you like a....
  19. welcome to SNA hope you enjoy getting involved
  20. its hard to know exactly what release you are getting like when actually selecting the seller to add to basket, its a bit vague for my liking is there a way to readily find out? i use discogs
  21. Hello & welcome to SNA hope you enjoy getting involved
  22. welcome good luck with vinyl adventure - hope you capture them olden time feel good vibes there use to be a store in Caloundra I'd check out but it looks to have closed last yr some time, there's another in red cliffe where the markets are held - I've grabbed a few from there. see you round like....
  23. hello and welcome to SNA hope you enjoy getting involved
  24. welcome another sth side bne representative! hope you enjoy getting involved
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