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  1. OK Computer - Radiohead Thriller - MJ each track has its own production characteristics so with a revealing system you can really explore this plus the genus of Qunicy Jones on thrilla Random Access Memories - Daft Punk. they used mostly live instruments but keep their distinct almost over produced euro feel Brushfire Fairytales - Jack Johnson. simple production, sounds like you're there with the band in a garage based rehearsal, immersive.
  2. far out, i just found this thread on SNA I've been commuting on the pushie to work for the best part of 10 yrs now, pretty much every day for the last year i'm sure many would say they way i go about this is dangerous. like on the motorbike, my mind is never in neutral, i try to be 3-4 steps ahead, which at times can come across as aggressive or reckless. I wont apologise for being on the road or leave to drivers to decide if its safe to go round me, I wont allow a driver to be in two mind of my intentions. I tell myself I must be doing something right, as part from the odd honk and heated conversation at the lights, the worse that's happened has been the result of mechanical failure - chain snap at 90% max power accelerating thru 30km/h in 4 lanes of traffic! but that "life flashing before your eyes story" is for another time (off to bed for me now)
  3. hey hey, chipping in to keep the thread alive I hang out a lot on pinkbike i wouldn't openly call myself a XC rider but hey we're all out in the dirt! here one of my builds
  4. nothing overly fancy, but sounds good to me and visitors always take a second look when they realise its vinyl spinning - "but it doesn't like vinyl..." i figured I'd have a go at uploading / psoting some pics so I got a bit carried away thats a 2M Silver not Black
  5. mid to late 90's when I started moving away from the old "5th-hand" mixed tape ripped from FM radio, it was hard to find new or decent CDs less than $25 odd dollars if inflation is say 2.5% - 20yrs x $25 x 2.5% = $38-40 odd ( i forget how to do maths for rolling % )
  6. what about the various releases inn general? (ie not just dead bees)
  7. was there at IKEA the other day come across several items with audio applications - wife thinks i have a problem or something I had to go back against the flow a few times. i was looked upon as some time lord who could magically come and go as I pleased; not subject to the inescapable glacial tide that is your only hope to navigate the Gruen maze
  8. I've got about 5 on my shortlist with a few more to sample/audition to make up my mind is there a way to figure out if it will be available here? I don't want to be dooking it out with the hoards for something not even in the country...
  9. missed out on the sale, some of the prices sound amazingly sweet I've been eyeing off a 2nd hand sv236, a sv237 new would have been an easy decision - poo still 50:50 on 236, i prefer how it has no dac but ppl say the volume control is fickle and the mrs is telling me to turn it down enough as it is...
  10. nice den welcome, hope you enjoy getting involved
  11. welcome u speak funny - Just decided to start another hobby and thought, why not hifi ? enjoy getting involved!
  12. i listened to some of the jeff buckley, not usually my preference but its strong and intimate for just a dude and 6 strings. 4 disks is a bit too much for me
  13. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
  14. hi george from perth hope you enjoy getting in involved in the forums
  15. hello n welcome hope you enjoy getting involved on sna
  16. I've heard the facebook has a classifieds area that is getting traction. similar to here you're less likely to be suckered into a dud compared to ebay or gumtree cause you can dig thru the sellers profile and their social standing reputation could be further comprised by dodgy activities (or maybe not for some...) I'm not on facebook and I don't know if it has a decent hi-fi category it would make for a great source for more data harvesting
  17. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
  18. awesome stuff hope you enjoy getting involved with SNA as much as your addiction
  19. hello, hope you enjoy getting involved
  20. welcomes I take it you were involved with vinyl at some past point so you know what you are getting into - not overly plus n play like other formats
  21. welcome, hope you enjoy getting involved
  22. really enjoying passively watching this thread and visiting the vendors mentioned . hopefully around end of the year I'll be in a position to build a purely music focused stereo system. Its forming in my head already with local products featuring heavily. definitely will be looking to SNA for advices and good buys on the classifieds
  23. hello hope you enjoy getting involved mate
  24. hello @Michael Wamsley, a PS38 you say? what cart, etc. do you run with that and how you find it compared to other units in your experience? its the TT i acquired from the father in law about a year ago and it kicked off my vinyl adventures
  25. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
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