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  1. it was a local chap specialising in euro tow bars, he came to my work and put it on in the car park even it looks like his site is selling.... shoes of all things now???? eurotowbars.com.au it looks to be this one, but google showed a number of options https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Towbar-Vertical-Detachable-New-Car-Tow-Bar-for-BMW-1-2-3-F30-F31-4-Series-/171816396152 Thule have other racks besides the 3x bike tracks, including one where you can swap in different options like a cargo box, pet cage etc. https://www.thule.com.au/products/cargo-carriers-baskets/thule-backspace-938300/ bit $$$ but simple once set up up and better than them strap on things and 20kg of mtb dry humping your clear coat
  2. mmm.... trouble putting pics from other sites in....
  3. I'm almost at the opposite end on this car's spectrum compared to Mr Guy and others. I don't use it as a daily (i am able to cycle for that) but do make full use its practicability considering its a 2-door. We had a new addition to the family 6 months ago yet we're able to comfortably pack in Jnr, his pram etc. in the boot and take to the hills or coast for the weekend. Added to this I had a quick release/ removable tow bar put on for a bike rack. mods include Remus axle-back exhaust and wheels - Gram Lights 57Transcends by Rays
  4. welcome, enjoy getting involved
  5. welcome, hope you enjoy getting involved
  6. nice thread, just found it m235i's welcome at all?
  7. did you look into / grab the RSD release? i was tempted but was in a LP / album state of mind referring to public service broadcasting
  8. did you see that film, Midnigh Oil 1984, is touring cinemas? Douple J had the film maker for an interview - sounds powerful https://www.madmanfilms.com.au/midnight-oil-1984/
  9. no I grabbed it 2nd hand from @dennisjames1 about a week ago in passing he mentioned that he previously also had a 2m Blk. with firsthand A-B comparison knowledge he found the 2 comparable so progressing from a Shibata up to the FGS with ruby canti should not be a sideways step. plus you'd not need to worry about setting your preamp up for a MC - assuming your current unit can take a MC.
  10. so if its not locally ready to go they come in from the States? that would explain it. shipping from the sates always sucks. I can get free delivery on bulky mt bike parts from the UK and it only takes a week to get here....
  11. just acquired the less mentioned Optim S2 http://garrottbrothers.com/sites/default/files/optims_fgs_ruby.pdf only had the chance to put 1 and bit records thru it for now, the difference is not subtle compared to my Ortofon 2M blue and old AT carts - engaging, just pulls you in. I can kinda understand how some folk talk about the vibe and emotional impact left on them rather than tech details. I'm thinking its a bit beyond my current set-up so not in a rush to move up to the FGS when stylus needs replacing. i'll get in touch with decibel hi fi to see what they recommend, doesn't look like the s2 shibata stylus is all that readily available. But iI've hours to enjoy till then!
  12. I didn't have much joy with delivery they split the order up and i noticed some items would move around on delivery estimates. all up 12 items, most come last week, 3 arrived today and there's still one more with an expected arrival towards the end of the this month. not sure i'll use them again Not really happy with delivery times counting in the months, and I found it hard to figure out exactly what release you were buying on the site
  13. i'm in no rush at this stage, the plan is to build a second dedicated stereo setup once we move into a new home. I will keep an eye out for the 237 but preference would be those with the TOSLINK option into the DAC. If i did grab one i'd probably just display as chic retro item for the time being...
  14. if budget is a bit sensitive look at the AT95 it has several stylus options including a fancy vivid line http://www.decibelhifi.com.au/audio-technica-at95-with-vivid-line-stylus/
  15. i would suggest new cart. there are plenty of options and you'll get a whole tin of recommendations. the ortofon is entry item. try find a fine line / micro line that will compliment the TT or work with your current system and area, plus sits comfortably with your idea of value i like the idea of trying to pursue a really polished replica of how the TT would have sounded at its best in its day - showcase its design characteristics you can get a style upgrade for the cart you have or look at what the TT come with originally and work to that - maybe a AT 440 ?? this is were the fun really begins !!
  16. hello hope you enjoy getting involved
  17. sounds awesome - personally I've little idea what you are talking about ? but I'm 100% others will be well just as passionate welcome and enjoy getting involved
  18. I use to listen to madona's Like a Prey in the late 90's via my cherished Koss cans - was always blown away by the quality. i'd put Smashing Pumpkins on and I swear I could hear passing trucks and buses outside the recording studio or whatever shed they used
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