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  1. I saw about 25-30 Toyota 86s all parked up together today. maybe a hair dressers convention?
  2. 255-245 / 245 = 4% additional footprint so maybe.... i wouldn't kno, just stirring
  3. they're just round the corner from me, was in there yesterday in fact. I like a richer style to lagers, and IPA are every where so I had the Mainstay Amber. Yummo. but all their gear is good. I think they won some best brewery award
  4. Peroni can be had for $40-45 when on special for the full strength, most will be happy with that. the major liquor stores do there own "craft-like" IPAs which aren't up there with the best but will meet the budget - Lorry Bros, Steam Rail (steam rail do a 10 can box) +1 on Coopers but may blow the budget, their 3.5 %er is good too. the vogue these days has moved away from our traditional state-based Oz lagers. Not sure I would do a dark or stout beer like the Irish options, and they come in big cans. maybe Little Creatures Rodgers - its on the darker amber side and could be your mid strength option. There's Toohies Old if you must have a dark and should meet budget-drinkability goals XXXX Gold is the most consumed beer in OZ, so that could be the light option $10 / bottle is a tight budget. I would be tempted to sign-up with Virgin Wines and get a box of 12 delivered then cancel your membership. But J-Creek should be good. I'm seeing elegant cans of wine appearing so you could look at a 6-pack of that - also avoids finding 5 opened bottles with just a single glass consumed. No serious wine drinkers goes sweet especially if you have nice food going - that's an easy one to drop IMO. Good luck! and congratulations
  5. perfect riding weather of last up here in Qld, you can ride any time - all day if you want - without your brain boiling. anyone else been out? (or having anything to get our thread going again)
  6. so its not that extra 10mm each side giving you that extra shove? next change I might go a little wider, my r/rim is 9in so 255 or 265
  7. I was in one of the 3 BNE cbd stores, scanning bar codes into Discogs, (anyone else try doing that on the sly also?) and a sales chap asked what I was up to and we got chatting. He said they expected a bigger turnout, he had to let some of his staff go home. I have to take one LP back (Jamiroquai - Automaton) as one inner sleeve has had the top 5cm cut off. at first I thought is was some novel packaging gimmick, then released it wasn't even straight. a bit of net research and its not the normal thing so... weird
  8. it also works if you order online some items you can specify a shop for pick-up but sometimes delivery is the only option which it usually about 499c so that can off set the 20%
  9. do they tend (as a wide generalisation) to each favour a style of music? eg MM - rock, metal, pop, electronic, MC - jazz, classical, latin, folk or is it more down to each cart not this design aspect?
  10. 1.There is no official support for the registering of bicycles. State governments have said the measure would be unnecessary and a waste of money. This is based on conclusions reached by experts who have studied the issue in depth. Motoring organisations such as the RACV, RACQ and the NRMA also don't support bicycle rego. how is this an opinion? or point 18. No nation in the world has bike registration?? how about we reverse it then? what will introducing the only cycle registration program on the planet do?
  11. pretty sure we have in QLD now, they did the trail and i think it stuck 1m not sure about the 1.5 at +60kmph
  12. you chill, be thankful its not another car on the road, you try contributing to making it normal where cars let each other in
  13. don't forget they should probably be walking single file
  14. http://www.executivestyle.com.au/18-reasons-why-registering-bicycles-is-a-bad-idea-1m23gh
  15. it's best to try set a good example, share the love but still call people out when their behaviour isn't helping did anyone look into the group who actually pulled together this petition - "drivers for registration of cyclists" i thought this frankly backward idea was put to rest years ago. any group based on this notion can't be taken seriously. just another slow news day so let's run a beat on the cyclists story. we seem to be only country that thinks more cars on the road is a good thing
  16. been chipping away but I did skip thru to Oct last yr and take it from there, really keen on the Sonneteer then I randomly picked a page i missed and saw you reviewed the rega and knew there was no short cuts... I really dig your writing and communication approach. I'm relatively new to hi-fi / mid-fi and as a details person its frustrating when much of people's review content goes over my head and I find it hard to grasp what they mean. the slap and tickle. basing judgement on the portrayal of the chunky raw unpolished guts and emotion from a distorted power-chord sticking to it the man. i get these things. you must be a writing machine to sit down and smash out so many consistently concise yet informative reviews that pass muster with fellow SNA'ers PS - did you get round to writing up on a NAD 3020?
  17. I'll keep half an eye out for the next BOGOF, similar for when JB hifi do 20 or 30% off vinyl next otherwise i'll try some of the alternatives mentioned in this thread
  18. @Hensa good point but in this case mine is a readily available album (DSOM) I can easy get at similar price and quality
  19. order when in 28 march - 10 LPs. 1 still to be delivered and for the last 4 weeks was dispatch for this week. got email today to renew dispatch date to..... 20 July order cancelled for that LP boo
  20. yeah I found it odd the M2 got neither a new B58 or a proper S55. I get the feeling product mgt didn't wont to crowd in on M3/4 territory and now releasing the competition with all the solid the press the M2 got in the first place sees a 2nd wave of buyers, more so when following on the coattails of that new M5 monster as an alternative. what is the M2 competition's engine again?
  21. I found it tricky to get a straight answer on that - also what do we mean by "better" from memory, this is going back over a year now.... the PSS are more focused on track work and go OK for daily duties the "club" (PSC2 is it??) varieties more so focused at track work with less regard for std road duties possibly to the point that by some jurisdictions they are only just legal or unsafe in wet / nth hemisphere winter conditions the PS3s while still "performance" they lean more towards std road and daily duties, my PSS wore a bit too excessively for my liking esp the front left (a common thing i think??) so I went with PS3s with a bit more profile on rear. The PS4's are the evolution on that brief and really lifted the bar. They wont match the PSS in track applications but outside that they're a strong contender. has features like a lip to help protected the edge of your rims, they balance mileage, economy, wet weather, etc. pretty sure PS4s are available for 18in. the dealership tried talking me into a set a few months back (another story altogether) and it would be silly not to offer 18in
  22. i replaced the PSS with S3's actually, about 3 or 4 months before the S4's started popping up, would have gone S4s otherwise
  23. @Cafad just joined thread - up to page 6. keep up the great work!!!
  24. i wouldn't expect this to stay on the market long GLWTS
  25. cheers was thinking of replacing the chrome edging on the kidneys with black or carbon and doing the same with mirror casing and also found some replacement ///M badges in monochrome greys, but then i got into stereo and vinyl...
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